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  1. Well done world team, absolutely battered us. Thank you @FuddledFox for organising the event, some excellent challenges.
  2. I think I am about to be battered by @hhooo😂 Good luck everyone on GB!
  3. Not sure tbh, I assume transfers were probably similar though. I think the problem was our team choice, as the Spanish second division is very competitive.
  4. Just submitted my score, bit of a busy week sorry!
  5. Very interesting challenge this week, looking forward to it It is crazy how attacking the formations were in the past, no wonder Dixie Dean and others scored so many.
  6. Total So Far - 45 Italy 1 vs 2 England Round Total - 0 Tournament Total - 45
  7. Great write up Foxy, Mbappe is insanely good, he had 19 shooting, 20 movement and 20 pace by the end! Let's hope Britain can stay in the lead.
  8. Wow, an absolutely insane achievement hitting 100 goals with a strikerless system, incredible work!
  9. I believe Part-time training is only when the club is semi pro or amateur, so just check the general info tab and that should tell you. In this case, you should turn professional when you reach league 2 As for training, train them in the roles you are going to use them as, so if your tactic has an AP, train the players you are going to use there as an AP and so on. Young players just train in the role you want them to be, but key attributes for most positions are teamwork, decisions and technique. Make sure your staff are as high level as possible also.
  10. Does no Transfers mean no Transfers out as well?
  11. Total So Far - 45 Italy 2 vs 1 Spain (45) England 3 vs 1 Denmark (45) Round Total - 0 Overall Total - 45
  12. Great first season mate, very impressive to get >1GPG at age 16! Very intrigued to see how good he gets.
  13. Surprising how close some of those groups were!
  14. Thanks mate, you are indeed correct, Fekir cost a lot of money for some reason. I think there are only 1 or 2 frenchmen with surnames beginning with F in my game who are strikers, maybe because I loaded Argentina to see what happened 😂