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  1. Just play with 1 or 2 at the back, usually works, or move to Freiburg!
  2. My problem is that I aim to take them off when they get to 80%, but then often keep them on too long by accident, particularly if they haven't scored yet, which leaves them dead for the next game. I don't particularly like starting players with the slightly tired message, as they seem to perform worse with it. I might give your method a go, as it definitely seems to work! I usually run with 2 starting 11s as well, just makes life easier with relationships as well this year, which seem to actually have an impact.
  3. Another great season mate, well over 100! Very impressive in the league as well, 34 wins from 34! I imagine playing 4 fewer league games helps out with resting players, is it noticeable compared to trying something like this in a 38 game league? Obviously fewer games = fewer goals, but I wonder if the extra rest compensates somehow? The lads are looking very solid, keep it up 👍
  4. Great work mate another very good season. The older they get the more consistent they will be hopefully, younger players always frustrate me when they miss everything! Fingers crossed for the 20 aerial 🤞
  5. Well done on getting the ITN job so early, the players are looking very good. Big seasons to come!
  6. Good work on getting the Ajax job, the correct move in my opinion, as who knows when another one would come up. Dimata looks like a real gem, sure he will smash the record next year!
  7. Allegri must have played my 39 yr old striker, or everyone got injured 😂
  8. So, I have moved, leaving Juve for pastures new. I decided that France was overrated, so I completely bypassed it, ending up at my first 2nd tier club, in Freiburg! Proof of miles 326+14+21=361 miles, 2 more than necessary Here are my chosen milers, all released from Juve 😂 That's right, Mo Salah's regen is playing for Freiburg. The squad is very strange, has 10 AMs, but only 1 goalkeeper and a lot of unhappy players. Proof of date I'm happy as I pretty much used all my miles, and the three players have huge potential, so hopefully this will go well!
  9. Thanks mate, I pulled it back with a few clean sheets late on, but even conceding two goals in a game messes you up! Thanks mate, got to decide which league I am going to choose!
  10. Another great season mate, 54 for Badji at his age is very good! A great run to the final of the Europa league especially with a Brugge team in the second season, fingers crossed a job you want comes up soon 🤞
  11. Well, one of you was correct about the team, and that person was... @Rich! Season 1 The Wanda Metropolitano shall play host to this challenge, as I wanted to manage in Spain, as I haven't managed there much this year. It was between Sevilla and Atletico, but in the end I wanted to go with Atletico, and they have a very good squad! Transfers The first bonus points come from signing players from 10 or more clubs: We managed it, although I thought I had done it in the summer, luckily I realised before January! Some very good signings, Diego Carlos was probably the worst, as a replacement for: The huge sale of Gimenez! He was grumpy, and I would need to sell him this summer anyway, so I was very happy. Atletico have a huge squad, so there were a lot of sales to get to the 25 limit. Part exchanges were, and will continue to be my friend. Most of the players I sold I was not too unhappy to sell, as Atletico are loaded in midfield and defence. I replaced Cardenas for Valera in January, and Martinez got recalled So Bonus complete = 20pts Task - Get a GpG of 2.0 or above and a GApG of < 0.5 I originally thought that this would be tricky, and I was not wrong! I started off with my 4231, thinking the 0.5 Goals against wouldn't be too bad, and I was very wrong. I switched to a slightly more defensive 41221 in the second half, but it was too late! So no bonus for the first season sadly, but an unbeaten season none the less! Competitions A Clean sweep! I loved some of the players, and will be sad to have to sell all of them this summer, but that's the challenge! The squad The squad as a whole played very well, with only 5 players averaging less than a 7. Morata was fantastic, which I was not expecting (and scored at least 10 offside goals) and Suarez was good too. I even bought the other Luis Suarez, just to add to the confusion 😂 . Oscar was probably my favourite signing, purely because I was not expecting him to be any good! Some awards Points Transfer Bonus - 20 pts Season Bonus - 0 pts Wins - 51 x 3 - 153pts Draws - 8 pts Goal Difference - 146-34 = 112 pts So a total of 293 points for season 1, not bad for missing the Bonus I now have to say goodbye to Morata, Felix, Saul etc and bring in new players from another league, which is going to be hard work! Next season's task is Have 6 or more players score 20 goals or more in all competitions. A maximum of 3 of the players can be strikers but at least three cannot have any green in the striker role. Thanks for reading.
  12. I did see a bit of a drop off, and you are describing exactly what is happening with my career. He will score for 3-4 games, then not score for a few games. I have messed around with it a lot and not much really changed. some of the changes seemed to have worked, but the pre update tactic doesn't seem to be as effective.
  13. Good start mate, I'm sure they will pick it up next season as they already look great. Good luck!