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  1. This is a little in game challenge I thought of. During the season, there are international breaks. Normally these are skipped right over when playing, but not now! The aim is to get as many players on International duty at one time, so much so that the training ground should look like this Rules No in game editor No managing international teams and calling up your whole team It is players at any one time Has to be full international side Need a screenshot on the team page of the players No cheating That's essentially it, just gives you something to look for during the international breaks Your score is the number of players on ITN duty If any ties the greatest number of players for one national team is the tiebreaker Highest scores will be recorded on the leaderboard (highest score each only) Thank you and good luck!
  2. Well on the way to the 150 league goals! Very impressive so far.
  3. Great work, just another 154 points to go 😁 . Well on your way to 150 goals in the league.
  4. Expecting 150 goals in the league minimum with that formation! Good luck.
  5. Season 2 With a limited number of games last season, the deadly duo still produced a decent return. So how would they get on in a much longer season? Transfers We picked up some awards as well Competitions Kane Son Final Total Kane Season 1 Season 2 Goals 52 54 Assists 14 12 Total 66 66 Son Season 1 Season 2 Goals 21 26 Assists 25 31 Total 46 57 Overall Total = 235 So Badge 01 is complete, and I am decently happy with the total, considering the most goals by a player i had got in a season before was around 40. But my tactic really slowed down in season 2, and the lack of games in season 1 cost me a few extra points. Thanks for reading!
  6. A problem I found with player personalities is that often when you set a player with a better personality to mentor a young player with a bad one, they often end up disliking the player, which ends up making everything worse, which stopped me from trying it. Has anyone else had this or have a solution? Also speaking of bad club cultures, I think mine was four f's and a c at one point 😬
  7. Thank you, still a long way off your total though! I might actually need to buy some players to get through the champions league. Thanks guys, let's hope they stay fit for season 2!
  8. Welcome to my first ever attempt at a career! Apologies for any mistakes. I thought the logical place to start would be badge 01 with Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son. Individual goalscoring has never been my strength, but these two score goals and assist for fun. Here we go! Season 1 Transfers Only one transfer in, as I quite liked Tottenham's squad to start with, and Williams was fantastic for me, and none of the players that we could afford massively improved the squad in my opinion. Competitions The season didn't start well, losing to Rangers before the group stage 😬 , and the cup competitions didn't exactly go to plan, with an early season injury to Kane damaging our chances and limiting the amount of games. The league on the other hand didn't go too bad 😁 . But what about Kane and Son? Kane Son Overall Total Goals Assists Kane 52 14 Son 21 25 Total 73 39 So we should complete the challenge especially with guaranteed champions league games next year, I am aiming for 120 at least next year. Thanks for reading!
  9. One of the best young players I have used is Marcos Paulo, 16 yr old at Fluminense, always ends up with 20 in all advanced playmaker stats. Used him for three different careers and only costs £2-5m