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  1. Great work George, that is one good tactic you have put together!
  2. I reckon because people will worry the curse will follow their new club
  3. Team Name - Inter Dudley Team to Replace - Leicester Desired Players positions - 1 GK, 2CD, 1RB, 1LB, 1CDM, 2CM, 1AML, AMR, 1FC Home Kit Colour - Brown Away Kit Colour - Pink And Green Third Kit Colour - Orange Looking forward to this!
  4. Would have made Spain and Southern France a lot more competitive!
  5. What about points per game and goals conceded per game? just need to divide the number by games played?
  6. I don't mind the highest scoring draw, mainly as I finally got a good one this year, and I think most league draws would encourage not winning, which feels strange to me, but that might just be me
  7. Sounds good to me! That is not good 😬 At least you will be moving on by the end of the season!
  8. Here are the players Serrano, who I actually sold to Juve a while back, but it went through as a bosman after I left Zirkzee, who always looks good but I have never used him And one @Scratch would be happy with, Esposito! Even managed to exchange some of the whiners to get these boys in, an added bonus!
  9. Well, after having to settle for a much shorter move than I wanted last time, I have the exact move that I wanted A grand total of 253 miles, using the 200 miles I had, plus Rich's 20 mile bonus, plus this : Another 43 miles, giving me 263 miles (10 more than needed) we arrive at Juventus (or Zebre, as they are known)! I am still in the process of finding players, but I was so excited I had to share this. They were 2nd, then went on an awful run, I declared interest and got the manager sacked, and here we are! Also, side note, I must apologise to Sottil, he played very well this season after I switched systems I have 4 days to find players.
  10. Between certain positions relationships don't form, someone can correct me if I am wrong, but strikers and Central midfielders don't develop relationships, and often strikers take a bit longer to develop relations in my experience, as well as Goalkeeper to defenders.
  11. Lyon was a team that I was considering using, ah well! Some good attributes there, and will definitely improve. There is one club in mind this season, but they may be too good for me to get it. Also speaking of relegated and promoted clubs, Spezia, who I was aiming for, got relegated twice in 2 seasons and were unplayable.
  12. 184 miles for @hhooo, with 66 assists for his main player! What are you feeding them in Grenoble, particularly impressive having been promoted last season Great write up George, I feel as if I am being a little bit too defensive at the moment, but its not my fault, its Sottil's because he is awful 😁
  13. Thats a really good season, high numbers, and a great GpG, keep it going
  14. Great work George, the staff are often very delusional, often the "set piece specialist" never do anything. Great GpG ratio, on the way to the top of the leaderboard!
  15. It often depends on where I am starting. For lower reputation clubs, Evan N'Dicka is a great buy, becomes relatively cheap a few seasons in, great development, with high pace and high attributes for a centre back, and Ivan Ilic and Yangel Herrera, two man city players at the start, are always very cheap (<8m) and have decent all round stats for a central midfielder. Bruno Fernandes is brilliant, as everyone knows, and is often relatively cheap a few seasons in, around 70m, and he keeps going well into his 30s Jerome Onguene is one of my favourite centre backs, usually around 30m, comes in with incredible stats. The one in my Delap save has 20 tackling and positioning, and is decently quick at 14 pace Finally two goalkeepers. Andre Onana, the man who took his wifes medicine, and Unai Simon, are both incredible sweeper keepers, which I like to use, and they are often available on a bosman a few seasons in.
  16. Great season mate, unlucky to hit 99. I have Ander on my Delap save and he is one of my best assisters, with 18 or 19 crossing, and still potential. Keep it going!
  17. Thanks mate, that won’t be a problem anymore because Southgate got found out for assault on Liam Delap and was sacked. (England lost in first knockout round of WC)
  18. thanks mate, I don't have a clue because he was virtually injury free the first few years. One of the injuries was on ITN duty, so I think Southgate heard I was coming for his job and injured him. The team is mostly hitting its peak now, will be good for a few seasons. Cheers mate, thank you
  19. Another fun, injury riddled season 😁 Season 6 Transfers Heard good things about Nianzou, so brought him in as my centre backs were ageing a little. Bellingham came in with Castrovilli going the other way and he was immense, and I think Villagrasa is an Iniesta regen, if that is even possible. Simon is really good, and Onana is coming in next year. The large sale was a regen who I was never going to use Competitions Won everything except the carabao cup, in which I can never get past the quarters for some reason, always losing on pens. Only lost one game all season, and won the league with 8 games to go. Delap A really good season in GpG terms, but he missed so many games through injury, so he should have got more. However due to the injuries he is now showing as great potential for the future, so he may improve further. Injuries yup, 3 months and 10 days out of action, even missing the champions league final Best Performers Dilro still with the most assists, but Bynoe-Gittens is really good now. I always sign Ajer and he is always good. So overall, Delap has scored 185 goals in 239 games, at a rate of 0.774 GpG, and only 95 goals left to go Hopefully the England job will appear this summer as it is a world cup, as that will add to the 1kc attempt, so I actually want England to be bad for once, knowing FM they will win it. Thanks for reading!
  20. 1000 in 4 seasons, that's insane, well done Ian! As long as he gets no major injuries, Fernandes could definitely reach that 500/500 challenge.
  21. I think if we had Bilic all season we would have gone down, purely because the transfer business he did was shockingly bad. He signed Grant and Diangana for a combined 40 mil and they have done virtually nothing, even under Bilic. Meanhwile allardyce's signings have had an instant impacts, with yokusulu, AMN and Diagne all being excellent and having an impact. The squad was just not good enough, as I discovered playing fmm, and we weren't solid at the back even in the championship. I still have no idea how we got promoted. The best we can hope for now is probably to enter the championship with momentum, as to try and come back up. Also watching them, they have looked more solid and better going forward under Allardyce than Bilic, and we probably would have stayed up with Allardyce all season
  22. You have a habit of finding and producing top class forwards, thats for sure I'm still recovering from the West Brom Brighton game, especially as West Brom won, which never happens!
  23. Well done foxy, a great season, particularly with the relative lack of money you had to spend, and congrats on the the bonus.