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  1. lethie

    Scoring problems

    Yeah, really, This season before the Big change i played 5 games lost 3, won 1, and drew 1, now i have played 13 games with the New set up, 12 wins and 1 loss. So Im Loving it
  2. lethie

    Scoring problems

    Tried your suggestion, and it really helped as you can see from my last 5 matches, even with these stats i would have lost 1-2 games before and drawn a couple also. But i dont get how having players further back, and creating the same amount of chances, can make a team more clinical. But thank you a lot for your help! oops the First pic isn’t supposed to be there
  3. lethie

    Scoring problems

    This is from the last match, we had like 10 chances Where you would expect a team like mine to score, but i will try your suggestions and see if it helps. Thank you
  4. lethie

    Scoring problems

    It varies a lot, some matches i have 3-4 clear cut, some matches i have stopped counting by half time, but the stats in most of the matches is heavly in my favour, but i often lose/ get a Lucky equalizer in the last minute anyway. Even When i put it on, work into box
  5. lethie

    Carles Aleña

    how did you train him so good? my players progress page is just straight lines
  6. lethie

    Scoring problems

    no i dont have shoot on sight on, but i mostly have work into box on
  7. I play with New York red bulls, have a great team, who creates a lot of chances, im in need of a new goalkeeper but thats the easy fix. Like i said i create a lot of chances 10+ shots on goals almost every game, i have great quality up front in Carlos Rivas, and i play with two adv. playmakers AM C's behind him and two wingers. But i can't seem to score? can anybody help me with this? should i get another striker up front and play with two strikers? is it bad if they play the same role (recommended roles ex. both poachers).