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  1. Lol .. That is mad, well done πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ You smashing it πŸ‘ What kind of players you are using πŸ˜ƒ
  2. I don't know what players you are using mate. I had a run with PSG and it was easy - scoring for fun. Apart from some good players, you meed the right rotation and developing so your squard stays fresh. For begining try to buy Upa as CB and new IWB. Train Mbappe as Target Man and pur him as a right poacher. Buy few strikers as well...
  3. First season Rodri then bought De Jong. Think Merino, Fabian, Elmas could do good job as well. I think depent on your team. I had much more domination and playing better with Rodri rather than Kessie. When i rotate the squard and used 2nd team they played much better with Kessie rather than Rodri. It's a tricky one that maybe have something to do with the overall qualities of the squard.
  4. That is some start πŸ‘The main thing for me was to keep the squard fresh and when you have the right players is simply unstopable.
  5. Because my goal was to create a goal scoring tactic. I have my system of developing and rotating the squard, having young players and in the mean time to score for the records. That was the goal of the tactic - scoring for fun.
  6. This is how is going: Not that bad. If you are using the tactic or have different ideas for the setup, feel free to share any suggestions.
  7. Hi all, I have posted my tactic in the previos two years. Here we go again this year with few changes : Be aware that the tactic require good players. Pace, Tackling, Stamina, Shooting are the most important. In my case as i am a manager who like to develop players i get the best from the tactic always after the first season but still manage to score 260 goals across all competitions even rotating the team a lot so players can be developed. Corners are near the post with the CF atacking near the post. All players trained for the position they are playing. I train all strikers as Target Man. All are on shooting apart from IWB (pace) and CB (tackling). General assistant and 3 fitness coaches. 1 rehab and 2 prevention - all should be gold. The last year setup still working fine sometimes but i decide to play around this is what i am using at the moment. Feel free to add any sugestions to make it even better.
  8. Great stuff mate !! Amazing job with insane goalscoring results !! I have never been that one concetrated to 1k instead i love seeing my team scoring overall tons of goals with all players involved. Well done πŸ‘
  9. Okay guys. Formarion and roles remains the same But i have changed defence and attacking instruction. The tactic became much much better. Very important the tactic to work is pace and mostly CB. Really beautiful and dominating football from my team even is such a young team.... Scored 240 goals which is not bad for first season. And also i start with theese instructions middle season. Before instead of mixed GK pass i was using short and wasn't bad also. But with mixed gk pass the team look much better.
  10. Hi guys, The tactic will bring you really beautiful and domination football and loats of goals πŸ™‚ Important stats - Pace, Strenght, Stamina, Taclking and Shooting. NOTE: Your CB should be with good pace ! General the pace and shooting from IF, AP and strikers makes the tactic a killer πŸ‘ Coaches - General Assistant, Attacking, Defensive, Fitness. You must to be attacking also. 1xRehabilitatin 2xPrevention physios Training : CB - Tackling IWB - Pace DLP / AP - Passing IF, P, T - Shooting All strikers training as TM Of course you need create a good team, to rotate well, develop players and the tactic work just amazing for me. Here we are.. Feel free to make it even better πŸ‘
  11. @Mr Tree ... Yeah for me the game is fucked and this way is not playble. SORRY πŸ˜‰
  12. Winter break two weeks ... Played against amateur club for the cup and this game is 4 days after. As you can see the condition is crazy and of course you can't win the match. Also as you can see you need to make substitute to prevent injures not chalenge the game. This is just to show you that condition tweak is far away from the true... And of course this eleven will be not abble to play in the next 10 days...
  13. This starting line up was playing for last 11 days ago. I think is very goid time to get fresh... Now i have game after 3 days and i need to change all of them to have fresh eleven to chalenge the match.. is that real ? And the condition stats are after the game is finished ...
  14. Yes of course ... This condition screw up everything. πŸ˜‰
  15. I try to play with PSG to see what is going on ... When CL start, you have to play different eleven every game to prevent injures and have fresh squard which can challenge to win the match ... Sorry, for me that is shite. Before the update i was rotating also but was for developing players or make subs when the game is not going by plan... That update killed the desire !!