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  1. FrAn4eSc0

    The Rondo [EME]

    What else did you change to get to work like that ? I am trying to tweak it but is far away from the scores which i see here ..
  2. Run a test with City to see that monster... with the same players can't get even 100 goals ..How you manage that ?
  3. Big well done ..Waiting to see how you manage this and tweak the tactic during this awesome chalenge ...
  4. FrAn4eSc0

    The Rainbow Challenge -Celtic OME

    Well done mate ! Could you post your tactics ? How you manage to score so many goals ... Would like to see this and the tactic from your Boston save with average 6 goals per game ..
  5. FrAn4eSc0

    FMM 18 Books of Records

    Insane ... Waiting to see what tactic and instructions you are using ?! You are the new Crouyff mate ..