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  1. Oh great ..another club I’m just not good enough to join. Isn’t gaming supposed to be about escaping real life inequality?! 😂 Excellent challenge write up @Rob2017 👍 was a good read 👍
  2. LenTheWelsh

    Super 4-2-3-1

    Been trying this tactic out as mine from 2018 isn’t cutting it no matter what tweaks I make and it’s a very solid tactic 👍 it’s doing wonders for my players fitness too as it’s not too demanding on them 😍👍
  3. LenTheWelsh

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Lads what’s the deal with training this year then? Why do so many players either stop progressing after one season or just simply don’t progress at all? Ive bought Callum Paterson (Cardiff City RB) in 5 saves and all but one of them he’s stopped progressing after the first season but in one save he just kept progressing every game/season and developed into the kind of player he would in 2018. Also, I bought a 17 year old player with current of 1.5 stars and 4.5 star potential. He played 10 games that first season but after his first ‘level up’ from game progress he stopped progressing and he changed to 3 star current & potential. I also get an insane amount of player that make zero progress ever despite them being young and a massive step up in facilities, staff and level of football. Their potential stars 4+ when scouted but within a couple of months of buying them their potential goes down to 3 stars with no development. I just can’t get my head around it. I’m actually starting to like the new training system and agree that last years was just too effective but it just all seems so random.
  4. LenTheWelsh

    FMM19 Bug List

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Thanks man!👍 I swear I skimmed through that list and didn’t see either of those listet. I just re read it and you are totally right 😂 They worded it a bit weird but yeah ok FM is back on 😂
  5. LenTheWelsh

    FMM19 Bug List

    Tbh I’ve not played since last weekend and updated game with .5 yesterday but noticed there was nothing about those two bugs on the list of fixes listed on the iOS update. But these two issues I’ve had non stop on every save since release tbh. Hell, if it’s been fixed I’ll put a proper session in this weekend but I assumed it was because it wasn’t listed?
  6. LenTheWelsh

    FMM19 Bug List

    So this latest fix hasn’t resolved the bugs with training (constantly changing the position training and individual stat training we set to whatever it likes) or contract status (FM ignoring what status is agreed on contract and choosing whatever squad status it feels like for the player)? Is that in the pipeline? These two alone are making any long term saves unplayable at the mo.
  7. LenTheWelsh

    Pellegri in Madrid - Season 7

    I started a RM save on Friday just to try out having a second team that actually plays games. Stupidly easy though. 3 seasons in and first team not lost once in a season and 2nd team top of Spain’s league2. Funny thing similar to yours though is that first summer Chelsea came in and bought half my squad. They spent over 600mil on all my old fading stars 😂 but if we choose Chelsea to manage in that first season you don’t get over 100mil transfer kitty. AI getting all the breaks like usual.
  8. LenTheWelsh

    FMM19 Bug List

    Any news when .5 will be release on iOS? Game still too buggy to play on my iPad 👎
  9. LenTheWelsh

    4-2-4 Grande Torino - GTO

    I’ve never really thought about it I like that before but it totally makes sense. I’ve always used a minimum of 2 at any time but been trying out your theory with my tactics and a world class team and my shot to goal ratio (which is always terrible compared to AI) has massively improved 👍
  10. LenTheWelsh

    FMM19 Bug List

    I’m still finding FMM19 beyond frustrating to play. Training is so bugged and gets more and more bugged the further you get into your save. It all seems such an unfathomable dark art with some older experienced players surprisingly continually progressing yet young inexperienced players never progressing once ever. Literally 19 year olds with zero progress despite a massive step up in league, training facilities, coaches etc and when you decided it’s a total mess and just let your assistant handle the training he literally doesn’t change one thing once over 2 seasons. Such a total mess. The long shots it makes us concede in the last 10 minutes just isn’t realistic. It’s like you can guarantee at least one in every game in FMM19. I understand it might be the correct result for the game simulation but when it always presents it as a 40 yard screamer in the last 10 mins with their only shot on goal it gets real boring quick. then on top of that squad status is still bugged. You offer some exciting young player a contract as a ‘hot prospect’ and 2 days later when he’s signed the contract FM has decided he should be a ‘rotation’ player and forever hampering his enjoyment and development. My guess is SI fully knows about these issues and couldn’t do an easy fix so just went with it. It’s unimaginable that they could have missed so much in testing yet again but instead just knowingly realease another cash cow of a broken game.
  11. LenTheWelsh

    FMM19 Bug List

    Unless I can send it directly from my iPad then no. My old PC still runs on XP and hasn’t been turned on in years tbh lol its happening the same on all 4 saves I’ve been playing since the game released though and on my current save which I started after the latest updated. also, on a side note, I’ve noticed since this latest update (didn’t notice before update but was focusing on other stuff so not 100% it wasn’t before either) training seems to have a mind of its own also. My current save I went through every team member at the start of the 3rd season and set it up exactly how I wanted it for each player. I went back through them all 2 months later and half had changed their individual stat training I had set and even a few had changed the position and role too. I didn’t have assistant manager controlling training at any time and they were my players, not loaned in players. Im on an IPad Air if that makes any difference. I’d love to know if other are experiencing this on other devices too or if it’s just me. edit: added two screen shots showing a youth player I 100% signed as a hot prospect but FM had other ideas which will affect his progress in the long term.
  12. LenTheWelsh

    FMM19 Bug List

    Like I’d offer first team and it gives key player or squad rotation, I’d offer hot prospect and it would give back up or youngster. It’s not everytime but I seem to end up with around a 3rd if my squad on different statuses than what was agreed and that’s just when offering new contracts to existing players. Also. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought a youngster and as squad rotation or first team member and he just doesn’t advance from any kind of training until I offer a new contract on a lower squad status or if they have key player as their squad status and are playing every game they are fit for but they are saying they are unhappy (yellow thumbs down next to squad status) saying they aren’t getting enough game time so I offer a new contract on lower status and he’s suddenly happy again and is progressing in training at last. Theres a definite bug linked between the squad status bug making players unnecessarily unhappy and it’s then affecting their training.
  13. LenTheWelsh

    FMM19 Bug List

    Thought I’d repost this as no response first time around. Is this not really an issue for anyone else? @Sebastian Szlenkier
  14. LenTheWelsh

    FMM19 Bug List

    Is there any fix in the pipeline for the squad status bug? Was so excited about being able to control squad status finally but the game ignores what you agree with a new contract and puts whatever squad status it fancies. Also the issue where a player has a squad status of key player, is playing virtually every game and has a thumb down next to his squad status saying he isn’t getting enough game time. This is also having a knock on effect on training as it’s acting like the player is unhappy.
  15. LenTheWelsh

    FMM19 General Discussion

    1 or 2 weeks? That’s very hopeful. We are still waiting on fixes for FMM18 ...and 17 come to think of it 😂