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  1. LenTheWelsh

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Has a new update dropped for anyone yet? I know iOS is usually last one to get it. Was really hoping there would be one in time for this Easter weekend ☹️
  2. LenTheWelsh

    European Football

    I’m praying your boys win the league tbh Klopp probably my favourite person in football atm 👍
  3. LenTheWelsh

    European Football

    Feels pretty odd as a gooner celebrating Man City getting that last goal scratched off but come on you Spurs!!
  4. LenTheWelsh

    Funny FMM 2019 Moments

    Was messing around with a save and saw OGS got sacked 6 months into the first season so went to check out who’d got the job and..... 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
  5. LenTheWelsh

    Winter Update

    Sorry to hear that @Marc Vaughan hope everything works out ok 👍
  6. LenTheWelsh

    What would you like to see in FMM20?

    Realistically I just want them to fix all the bugs and focus on getting what’s there already working right ....then we can talk about new features/improvements.
  7. LenTheWelsh

    FMM19 Bug List

    I’m having same issue. I played first 6 months of the second season of a Bayern save I posted about a couple of days back and literally every week a minimum of 2-3 players a week are going to the press complaining making me respond. They are complaining when they get rested for one game when they are jaded, complaining when they aren’t playing during an international break and some are even complaining when they have played the last 6-8 games in a row without a rest. It’s nothing to do with squad status as half the complainers are on rotation status. It’s affecting the save so much with 3 of them complaining so much and requesting transfers their squad status is now outcast. The save is totally ruined and the game is literally unplayable atm ....and all of this is compounded because of this ridiculous conditioning update.
  8. LenTheWelsh

    Most challenging team?

    I meant going a team in the Welsh League but if you wanted a welsh team in the English leagues then Newport County or Wrexham would be a waaay better challenge than Swansea or Cardiff 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿👍
  9. LenTheWelsh

    Requesting advice from the experts!

    I’m in the same boat of you on this. I can win everything no problem but when it comes to these insane challenges I just can’t get the consistency and goal to game ratio that others seem to. One thing I’ve picked up from lurking in countless challenge threads that hasn’t been mentioned here is your supporting players teamwork stat is very important so they’d naturally want to pass the ball to your striker instead of trying to take the glory themselves.
  10. LenTheWelsh

    FMM19 Bug List

    Why is it if you start a new save with a good team AI clubs will come in with ridiculous transfer bids for multiple players before the first transfer window closes but after it closes you’ll be lucky if you get a bid close to their value every again. An example of this is recent Bayern save were I had multiple £149mil bids for Thomas Muller, him being valued at £50mil, plus many other massive bids for my good players of which I accepted most except for the Muller bids. No fast forward to the January transfer window and I was getting the same teams bidding for Muller but now they were bidding £45mil despite him having an amazing 6 months of first team football.
  11. LenTheWelsh

    Chelsea Tactics

    I’ve found on FMM when I’m trying to create my own tactic it’s hard to find out where it’s going wrong and often I’ll be dominating teams but they will have a crazy shots on target to goal ratio (like 2 shots 2 goals when I getting 20+ shots and no goals). I think that’s just FMM’s way of telling you it’s not quite right.
  12. LenTheWelsh

    Chelsea Tactics

    There’s a few really good tactic setups on here that work well and the one I’d recommend trying is the link below. It’s an incredibly good tactic imo 👍 https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/43203-2-2-1-2-3-unbeatable-winter-update/
  13. LenTheWelsh

    2-2-1-2-3 Unbeatable (WINTER UPDATE)

    Here’s the promised screen shots of a season using this tactic. One of my favourite tactics I’ve tried in here. Pretty much all the games I didn’t win were because of squad rotating and being the first season my back up 11 weren’t quite good enough against tougher opponents. Still amazes me how good defence is and I’d never think of having 2 APs and 2 AFs when I’m creating a tactic so it’s definitely got me thinking 👍 Screen shots of my 1st team and other stuff.
  14. LenTheWelsh

    1759 - Shane Long (Completed)

    I tried an unofficial go at this a week or so back just to check out Southampton and see what their strengths and weaknesses were. I took the save to December and Long had managed 3 league goals 😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️ So yeah thats impressive stuff mate 👍
  15. LenTheWelsh

    Most challenging team?

    If you want a real impossible challenge then try and take a Welsh club to European glory 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿