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    LenTheWelsh got a reaction from Beckham2 in FMM19 General Discussion   
    Lads what’s the deal with training this year then? Why do so many players either stop progressing after one season or just simply don’t progress at all? 
    Ive bought Callum Paterson (Cardiff City RB) in 5 saves and all but one of them he’s stopped progressing after the first season but in one save he just kept progressing every game/season and developed into the kind of player he would in 2018. Also, I bought a 17 year old player with current of 1.5 stars and 4.5 star potential. He played 10 games that first season but after his first ‘level up’ from game progress he stopped progressing and he changed to 3 star current & potential. I also get an insane amount of player that make zero progress ever despite them being young and a massive step up in facilities, staff and level of football. Their potential stars 4+ when scouted but within a couple of months of buying them their potential goes down to 3 stars with no development.
    I just can’t get my head around it. I’m actually starting to like the new training system and agree that last years was just too effective but it just all seems so random.
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    LenTheWelsh reacted to ManLikeRobbieBrady in Super 4-2-3-1   
    Are you okay?
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    LenTheWelsh reacted to Ashez in FMM19 General Discussion   
    Yet people say FMM isn't realistic 😂😂

  4. Happy
    LenTheWelsh got a reaction from TheServant in FMM19 Bug List   
    Thanks man!👍 I swear I skimmed through that list and didn’t see either of those listet. I just re read it and you are totally right 😂 They worded it a bit weird but yeah ok FM is back on 😂 
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    LenTheWelsh reacted to Lillywhite Dean in FMM19 General Discussion   
    But that's it isn't it... we're good at FMM because we're experienced FMM players. A lot of people who struggle with the game just need to take the time to learn how to play it. Once they have done this, they will be experienced enough to achieve the same level of success as we do. I've often responded to posts on the official SI forums from newbie players who are finding the game difficult. I give them a couple of pointers, nothing overly complex, and soon enough they start to see a difference in results. Some players just want to sign lots of expensive players, put them into their starting XI and then expect to see 3-0 victories. Football Manager isn't about that - not even the more casual mobile version of it.
    I think FMM is fine game. I think SI have done a fantastic job with it. There isn't anything else out there that comes remotely close to simulating football management on a mobile device in the way FMM does. But the issue I have is that as soon as latest version comes out, I purchase it, play a couple of careers and think to myself "well what else is there left to do?". 
    I'm not sure I agree with your figure of 90% of their fan base being the causal gamer. I think FMM has a large following of experienced players who started off playing the old Championship Manager / early Football Manager games but now don't have the time to invest in the PC version. I do agree that it must be a difficult balance for SI to achieve. I'm not a developer so I'm careful about making outlandish requests but a difficulty option, if at all possible, would be a win-win in my eyes.
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    LenTheWelsh reacted to Nucleus in FMM19 General Discussion   
    You’d all probably bitch it’s too hard if they changed it anyway
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    LenTheWelsh reacted to Rob in FMM19 General Discussion   
    Anyone else get completely thrown by the 2022 World Cup being in winter? I was all ready to go on the bugs thread when I said I didn’t have a domestic game for 63 days and then...doh!
  8. Favourite
    LenTheWelsh got a reaction from DutchTony in FMM19 Bug List   
    I’m still finding FMM19 beyond frustrating to play. Training is so bugged and gets more and more bugged the further you get into your save. It all seems such an unfathomable dark art with some older experienced players surprisingly continually progressing yet young inexperienced players never progressing once ever. Literally 19 year olds with zero progress despite a massive step up in league, training facilities, coaches etc and when you decided it’s a total mess and just let your assistant handle the training he literally doesn’t change one thing once over 2 seasons. Such a total mess.
    The long shots it makes us concede in the last 10 minutes just isn’t realistic. It’s like you can guarantee at least one in every game in FMM19. I understand it might be the correct result for the game simulation but when it always presents it as a 40 yard screamer in the last 10 mins with their only shot on goal it gets real boring quick.
    then on top of that squad status is still bugged. You offer some exciting young player a contract as a ‘hot prospect’ and 2 days later when he’s signed the contract FM has decided he should be a ‘rotation’ player and forever hampering his enjoyment and development.
    My guess is SI fully knows about these issues and couldn’t do an easy fix so just went with it. It’s unimaginable that they could have missed so much in testing yet again but instead just knowingly realease another cash cow of a broken game.
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    LenTheWelsh reacted to zaangie in FMM19 Bug List   
    I'm getting tired of this game. This is getting unplayable for me. 
  10. Favourite
    LenTheWelsh reacted to ExhilaratingEriksen in Leaking defence   
    I'm actually playing as Spurs in this save, sorry if I didn't make it clear enough.  But you pointed out why this year's comeback system feels like it's just unrealistic some times.
    Southampton had three APs on the pitch while also remaing on defensive still, exploiting thier midfield like you said. Thier collective team stamina were in the mid to low 70s, which I tried exploiting by subbing in new players and focusing down both flanks. Yet they still managed to score three goals in 10 minutes to complete a seemingly not existent comeback, despite the tweaking I did to my formation and tactics. This also doesn't take into account the difference in player quality here either.
    I'm not trying to say that this is happening every single game, or that it's completely unrealistc and unejoyable to play against a smarter AI this year.It just feels cheap when they usually do so by scoring a screamer or corner in 74+ minute, followed be a peroid of your defence just all of a sudden going brain dead and shipping in 2-3 extra goals.
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    LenTheWelsh got a reaction from dansut93 in FMM19 General Discussion   
    1 or 2 weeks? That’s very hopeful. We are still waiting on fixes for FMM18 ...and 17 come to think of it 😂
  12. Favourite
    LenTheWelsh got a reaction from dansut93 in FMM19 General Discussion   
    1 or 2 weeks? That’s very hopeful. We are still waiting on fixes for FMM18 ...and 17 come to think of it 😂
  13. Favourite
    LenTheWelsh reacted to BatiGoal in FMM19 Bug List   
    It's yes and no for me tbh. Like you, I like the implementation of things but I dislike the "instant" boost of growth. Take Phil Jones for example, with Aerial and Decisions both 13 he's not good enough to be a CD starter in my formation. After a season or so into training + retraining him as a DR coupled with regular sub appearances, at the end of the season his Aerial jumped to 20 and Decisions to 16. He's now a pretty good CD, but I much rather see gradual improvement over the season than this instant jolt of skill points. As if he became a new man overnight. Must've been some night 😂 
    100% these Big 3 is what it's all about. It's the very core of the game and it's ultimately imo what makes or breaks FMM. I don't want to speak for everyone else here but I think a lot of us would so much rather see upgrades on these 3 features of the game than anything else, even if it meant zero additions to an earlier series. Quality upgrades over quantity anytime pls. 
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    LenTheWelsh reacted to Nucleus in FMM19 Bug List   
    Doubt you’ll get one as you’ve hit the nail on the head there
  15. Favourite
    LenTheWelsh reacted to Ashez in FMM19 Bug List   
    I've got to say I'm really disappointed with this training system, especially in regards to older players as it makes them next to useless. I'm actually in love with how it's implemented even if it's time consuming and fiddly but with it having limited effects on older players I've lost interest. Tbh it's not made me want to use older players at all. Obviously I understand the concept of peaked players and ones who've reached their limit but FMM is a game and older players being as they are day one until they decline has sucked the life out the game for me. I've never really been one for wonder kids as I like taking average players and making them stars which this training puts a stop to as older ones don't develop and then the leagues quality stuff takes effect. I built a pretty handy side in China for example but this training meant they stagnated and no-one improved. Sure this likely happens in real life but again this should be a game first and foremost. 
    China was highly requested to be a weak league with big players and financial muscle yet FMM has missed this completely as the money is next to worthless as no-one wants to go there and when they do they stagnate. It feels like the whole game has been rebalanced to ensure China isn't a broken mess but in that process everything I've ever loved about the game has gone. 
    FMM to me has been about three things since the very first release which are tactics, player development and transfers and 2019 has ruined all of them. My complaints about the engine aren't new (long shots, DMC bug, set pieces, lack of control, stats) but losing player development outside of just kids and this bizarre work permit transfer restrictions nonsense has broken me. This is usually when I'd rant until my fingers bleed but I'm past the point of caring. All I've ever wanted is personality and uniqueness in FMM which I thought this training would deliver but if anything it's taken that away as it's wonder kids or bust. 
    Yeah it makes sense, apart from in Bobby Firmino's case anyway but that FMM magic is gone. When squad building you have two options, you go for the big names or the ones the PA lists suggest or you use your gut and find hidden gems and build a squad that's truly yours and watch them develop as a group, or if they're 24 plus in a mediocre league watch them stagnate. 
    Tbh i don't even want a response, maybe like normal I'm just the odd one out with different views to everyone else but I needed to say it. 
  16. Shocked
    LenTheWelsh got a reaction from TheServant in FMM19 Bug List   
    I remember trying to report a bug on your forum for last years version. It was like a ghost town in there and no one ever did respond let alone any SI staff. Maybe I should go back if it’s been resuscitated. 
    So Apple tell me it’s definitely you and you say it’s definitely not you. Fact is for the second season in a row my lengthy factual review has been deleted within 2 days of it being posted. Only time I’ve ever seen a review of mine disappear 🤔
    added 0 minutes later Don’t worry mate I don’t think it’ll be for long 😂
  17. Favourite
    LenTheWelsh reacted to zaangie in FMM19 Bug List   
    It's seems almost impossible to loan out young players. 
  18. Funny
    LenTheWelsh got a reaction from Neavsey in Does Fm Not Want Me To Win   
    I’m getting exactly the same issues game after game, often them scoring with their only shot on target. Pushes me so close to smashing up my iPad at times 😂
  19. Favourite
    LenTheWelsh reacted to DutchTony in FMM19 Bug List   
    100% agree. I definitely think a tweak is required in the next update. Training young players to reach their full potential is probably my favourite part of the game. No point looking at the progress bar anymore as it's basically always horizontal. Such a let down...
  20. Favourite
    LenTheWelsh got a reaction from DutchTony in FMM19 Bug List   
    My current ‘annyoning me’ list -
    top players seem to want a 6mil sign on fee when signing new contract. I have 300mil transfer kitty left and 4.5mil pw wage budget left but no matter what I do certain player demand a 6mil sign on bonus when the maximum I can offer is 4.8mil. I even increased the wage he was demanding by an extra £150k pw to make up for the 4.8 instead of 6mil bonus but he refuses. Looking like I’ll lose him on a free. I’ve only won everything for last 2 seasons. It’s with Arsenal btw and it’s Leon Bailey.
    When changing squad status when offering a new contract it just gives whatever squad status it fancies and ignores what you’ve asked for. In season 3 of my save when testing this it didn’t give one squad status I had asked for. It changed them all to something different. On a side note I signed a 23yr old 5 star CD and played him as key player for 2 seasons all the while there was a thumbs down next to his key player squad status and he was saying he wasn’t getting enough playing time (played every game he was fit for btw) he didn’t progress once during this time from playing matches. I then renewed his contract as a key player again but it chose him as a rotation player and now he is suddenly happy with green thumbs up next to squad status and is progressing from match experience.
    why does everyone’s progress just stop? I personally think it’s bugged. Or training is far less useful in 19 compared to 18. I like the changes but if it means we can’t develop players as much as in 18 then what’s the point?! It’s just a downgrade surely?
    Please for the love of FM don’t tell me this is what they wanted FMM19 to be? They’ve actually made it more frustrating to play than 18.
    edit: wanted to mention also, like others have said, not one of my coach or me have any players listed as being influenced or aided in training. All 5 (including myself) are gold, natural and cover all areas yet no influence on players training.
    also, transfers seems even more unlikely in 19 and loaning players out has suddenly become really tough. World class youngsters getting no offers for loan. Danny Welbeck valued at 60mil so I offer to clubs for 20mil and not one single offer. Surely there’d be all sorts of offers from all around the world in reality.
  21. Shocked
    LenTheWelsh got a reaction from TheServant in FMM19 General Discussion   
    I’ve not been demoting them. They just sit in my first team squad never playing and no one ever interested.
  22. Favourite
    LenTheWelsh got a reaction from _LoGiC_ in GÖTZE RISING : A Tale Of Redemption   
    He’s too slow to play out wide 😜 I’ll be following for sure.
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    LenTheWelsh got a reaction from Titjes in The Vibe Olympics 2018   
    Damn! Haven’t been on this site long and already been found out 😂 was planning on taking my time but couldn’t resist 😜
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    LenTheWelsh reacted to Nucleus in The Vibe Olympics 2018   
    Be honest, you would have finished last night anyway mate 😂
  25. Favourite
    LenTheWelsh reacted to Titjes in The Bad Boys from Brazil Challenge by me   
    Good luck