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  1. Yeah, I figured as much, thanks! Edit: isn't it strange that the board is worried that I might not command enough respect when my reputation is world class?
  2. Can someone please explain to me how can I stop my younger players from the national team continually being taken to the Under 21 squad, playing there and returning with ruined condition right before the main team's games? This is incredibly annoying and as far as I can tell I have no control over that second team. So what can I do?
  3. And second bug: Another player disappearing. This time opponent player, as it happens again in a game against Dortmund. Haaland appears on the field, he is number 17, and is playing, he also appears on the players' list but not on the tactics screen.
  4. Two bugs I found: First, Wallace, one of my CBs, was injured so I substituted him for Beiger. But Beiger never actually entered the game and I continued playing with one man less. See images. You can see he is missing in the SS of the field.
  5. I post this here as I consider it an issue that maybe needs fixing, even if not necessarily a bug. I just played a CL final, with Kaiserslautern, against Real Madrid. I won 2-1 after ET. The issue/bug is that Real played the entire game with mentality on "contain", even after me going 2-1 up. It went on like this: Real started "defensive", they quickly went 1-0 up, changed immediately to "contain". I managed to equalize in the 2nd half, they remained on "contain"... Went into ET, I scored for 2-1 in the 95th minute, they still remained on "contain"... only in the 2nd half of ET, around the 105th minute, they started playing more offensively, slowly going to "counter", "balance" and in the last 5 minutes "overload". I find it very strange that they played like this because, for instance, in all my previous games this season against big/bigger teams, like Dortmund, Bayern, Arsenal (yeah, don't make fun of them, they actually won the title in the last two seasons of Premier League...), PSG, Benfica and others, they all played offensively against me. At least "control", if not straight "attacking" mentality. Also, some other teams in the Bundesliga also played "control" and "attacking" against me, regardless of the fact that I was fighting for the title and they were mid-table. I have to mention here that I promoted to Bundesliga only two seasons ago, so my team's reputation isn't too high. In my first season I finished in 4th. In this 2nd season I actually managed to win the title and the German Cup. Both these were won before the CL final. While me winning these two competitions probably had some influence on my team's reputation, I find it hard to believe that Real would play so defensively against me. And especially continue to play defensively, on "contain", after I equalized and even after going 2-1 up. This behaviour by the AI seems wrong to me and, to be honest, kinda spoiled the fun of winning the final.
  6. There are instances where scouts can be useful. For instance, I needed a GK and found this Venezuelan guy Wuilker Farinez, 22-23 years old. His important skills were all pretty mediocre, around 12-13, with the exception of reflexes at 17. I didn't think he was too great but my scouts kept recommending him and rating him at four stars. I kept an eye on him for another season, his skills remained the same. In the end, still in need of a decent GK and with my scouts continuing to rate him so highly, I bought him. Played him for a full season and, to my disappointment, his stats didn't improve at all, not one frickin point. Nothing. After another half season in which he became my reserve GK and played only one or two games I decided to sell him. So he was sold but remained in my team as we were between transfer periods. After a couple of weeks I get a message from my assistant manager telling me that this guy deserves to play more, especially after his amazing progress and training and stuff. Imagine my surprise when, after checking him out, I see that all those skills at 12-13 were now 14-15. And I assume that had I actually continued playing him that season he would have developed even better. Basically, his stats completely stagnated for one and a half seasons only to suddenly improve by 2 points despite not playing in the last 4-5 months. TLDR: sometimes scouts see thing we don't, especially when it comes to potential. So, just like in real life I guess, they can be useful. Sometimes.
  7. Why does my scout only rate Martin Odegaard as merely "useful"?! He has gold badge and natural aptitude. Should I sack him?!
  8. I think they may have been called up to the main squad but didn't get to play.
  9. Yeah, I try to do the same as long as I have the required players. Mix their skills to complement each other. Unfortunately for Puig, he started the season poorly and, based also on his fragile physique and the shitty previous season, he was the first to be shown the door. 20 millions to Southampton. I know he is supposed to have max potential but he never really showed any of it. Capanni, as fragile as he is, at least has good pace for when I play him on the wing. Puig is so far my biggest disappointment. I think it's interesting that none of these players performed well when used as APs in a flat three midfield. Maybe it's my lack of a really good forward or it's my tactics, I don't know, but all of them played worse than I expected. And it's the same this season. Many times, even when playing really well, the AP has the least amount of passes, not to mention key passes, of which there are usually none. The other two midfielders, one BWM and one CM, both have more passes and usually more key passes as well. And it doesn't matter if I try two APs + 1 BWM, or 1 AP + 1 BWM + 1 CM, it's the same. The APs usually play poorly compared to the others and have fewer passes. Last season, Curtis Jones had the most assists of them all, and the best average rating, while playing mostly as AP on the wing. So now I just play one BWM and two CMs..... And after every game the AI complains about the lack of forward runs from midfield..... and I barely score any goals, a mere 15 in the first 13 games..... But overall the team plays pretty damn well since I am currently sitting in 3rd place... so I probably shouldn't complain...
  10. After playing FM2018 I really hoped one of the things they improved over the next two games was the AI's behaviour when buying players. Unfortunately it doesn't appear to be any better. Case in point: Lyon just bought their 6th forward! And all of them are pretty damn good. A similar situation is happening at Real Madrid, who bought no less than three GKs, all very good, even world class ones, in the last three seasons, only to never ever use any one of them, because Courtois is still the undisputed number 1. And now all three GKs are up for sale. These are two situations I noticed because at some point I was looking for players on these positions but I am sure it happens elsewhere too. What on Earth is the working logic behind such purchases?! How can the AI look at the team (Lyon), the existing players and decide that four excellent forwards are somehow not enough and buys a fifth (Werner) and a couple of months later buys a sixth?!
  11. Also, they sometimes have requirements about the cup. I am playing with Kaiserslautern and have "battle bravely against relegation" but also "cup success". There are many factors to consider, not just your current league position.
  12. What the hell is this?! I signed him less than a week ago... Played one game, scored two goals, now wants to leave...🙄 After less than ONE week...
  13. Oh, how the mighty have fallen...
  14. Yes, I play with two IF and one striker. Or sometimes one IF and one AP on the other side. And no, it's not for a challenge. Maybe one cause for the lack of assists from my APs is that I didn't have a particularly good striker. At least not one that played consistently well. Of course, it is also possible that the reason why my strikers failed to perform consistently is because none of my APs performed well enough... hmm...🤔 Unfortunately I cannot test this in the coming season as I lack the necessary wage budget to get a really good forward. Still, I am a bit disappointed, I hoped that at least one of these APs would stand out more, it would have been easier to choose one or two to focus on and maybe sell the others. As it is now, they all seem about the same, not too bad but also nothing to write home about. I had an idea regarding the "teamwork" skill. I went through all the possibles offensive roles in the "focus role" section of training, like AP/BTB/DLP/CM, and none of them highlighted the "teamwork" skill (in the Settings section the "player attribute highlight" is set to "trained role"). So I guess it isn't considered so important for a midfielder after all...
  15. As far as I know if the match goes into extra time you are allowed to make a 4th substitution. Yet I could not do it in this game and I had in injured player, so I was down one man until the end.