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  1. What you're saying here makes sense to me too from a "game logic" POV. But from a "real life/football" POV it doesn't. What I'm saying is that the dribbling skill should not be higher than the technique skill. It doesn't really makes sense, so if you give a player 13 dribbling then he should also have technique at least 13. I'm going to post this on SI forums as well, maybe Mark Vaughan can chime in on this thing.
  2. This is something that has been bugging me for quite a while and this player reminded me of it. How can you have technique 8 and dribbling 13? The way it works in my mind is that you shouldn't be able to dribble well unless you were a technical player in the first place. Good technique is a requisite for dribbling skills. Good technique means stuff like being able to receive and control a difficult long pass or being able to run with the ball at your feet without tripping over yourself and losing it. Also being good at dribbling is like the next level in technical ability. We see many defenders with decent technical abilities but that doesn't mean they can dribble successfully. What do you think? Am I understanding this completely wrong?
  3. I am currently managing Harrogate in EFL League Two. Why am I unable to offer a contract, to sign for free, to players with less than six months left on their current contract? This seems to be an issue only when said player is from a team based in England. I have no issues offering contracts to players from foreign leagues, like Spain or Italy. This is my second season and in the first one I had the same issue, though at some point later, not sure when exactly, I was able to do it, maybe when they had less than three months left or something.
  4. Do you guys think that the update we got a couple of days ago will be the last? IIRC, last year, with FMM2020, the update with the January transfers was also the last one to fix some bugs. Nothing after that. I am asking this because I usually don't have time for more than one long career and I prefer to start it after the last update, hoping that most bugs will be fixed by then.
  5. It goes away when you change seasons. And indeed, it happens after a certain game no matter how many times you reload and replay.
  6. Yep, I know about the Professionalism attribute. I was just thinking that you cannot be a lazy bum in training and be considered as having a "professional approach". So, maybe, on some level, a "professional" does imply at least a decent level of work rate. Anyway, is it possible to overwork a youngster? My "regen Ronaldo" is "jaded and in need of rest" over at Aston Villa but they still play him in every single match. Should I be worried that it might stifle his development in some way or am I simply overthinking this and the game isn't actually that complex?
  7. Thanks for the detailed answer! I know about the unselfishness and work rate thing but since we can't see them like that I tend to assume low teamwork equals selfish player. Though that is probably a mistake. Now that I think back to some midfielders that I had that all had low teamwork, maybe their performances were so disappointing, despite their great potential, because their actual work rate was low, and not because they were selfish players. You can't be a selfish player and play in midfield, it wouldn't really make sense, right? As for that player, I also suspect he is regen Ronaldo. I only discovered him recently and took advantage of a surprisingly low release clause in his contract, 29.5 millions, so he was already 19 years old when I bought him. When he returns from his loan I guess I'll play him as AF. I think we can partially judge wether a player has good or bad work rate by what the training section tells us, if he trains hard or not. There are also the "hard working" and maybe the "professional approach" qualities that we can use to judge a player's work rate.
  8. Would you use such a player, with very low teamwork, as an Advanced Forward? His creativity and passing are decent and may improve but, with such teamwork, he doesn't seem to type that passes to teammates... On the other hand, his skills are quite varied and seems a waste to play him as a Poacher.
  9. For the first time in seven seasons I had a goal validated after checking with VAR. Every single one until now was disallowed and I had gotten used to this, so imagine my surprise...
  10. I read the first page of this thread and it seems this is a known bug. Sorry for bringing it up again.
  11. A new bug that I've never seen before. The match stats are completely messed up. As you can see, my last game was a 2-0 win against Sassuolo. But if I load the match stats it displays something from a completely different game and even more than one. On the overview screen the two goal scorers are both from Chievo, probably from a game they won 2-0. But if we check the players stats screen we see they are from the Chievo - Inter match I played a bit earlier, with one of my defenders scoring the winning goal. This bug affects all games on the fixture list. Some even load stats from the games I played with Serbia, who I'm also managing, or from the Inter Reserves games.
  12. I can usually fix the morale issue if I win the first game. Problem is the morale really affects their performance so a win is not guaranteed even against weaker opposition. And then it's just one bad game after another...
  13. Gotta love international management... It was mostly the same thing when managing Portugal. Is this some sort of bug or am I just incredibly unlucky? I'm talking about my players' morale.
  14. This bug it really starting to bug me. Again a player (Aouar) gets injured, I substitute him as seen in the team screen (Brozovic) but he doesn't actually enter play (see field SS, the empty space in midfield).