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  1. Before and after, always victorious
  2. I usually do both, manual and scout, ps. Sorry for the late reply, and BTW for the second question I don't know.. Sorry
  3. Only lose has been against OL away, but had problems with injuries, as for transfers I bought just few players, I guess I can say this tactic works on eredivisie as well.
  4. I'm testing it on my Psv save, promising start , always OME, I'll post something later in season, also tested with Chelsea and Tottenham as well as Man city, doesn't seem to perform very well there.
  5. Sorry to hear that mate, maybe it's suited for good teams only
  6. If I'm not mistaken it's July 2017
  7. Yep still doesn't seems to be him, only playable role is central striker Make sure to have enough stamina for Bbm, alternatively u can switch to CM
  8. What qualifies a result to be legit? Just to know, I'm kinda new to fmm. I just play the game like it is, I don't have editor or something tho I unlocked things like big daddy, loan rules, foreign players rules and so on, does that mean it is not legit? Anyway thanks mate!
  9. Just to show another record broken the next year..same team same formation
  10. Hi guys this is my first tactic I made and maybe because I have a good team or dunno, I managed to win everything with ease at some point in Scotland and Europe, let's see what it is. I managed to score like crazy and not to suffer goals as u can see here, plus I had my personal record destroyed this year, unbelievable. Plus I'd like to ask a favor, I had probably many regens, dunno cause I m not looking for them on purpose, tho I know I have messi's one which is canteros, I have this guy but I don't know who is, any ideas? He popped out in 2021.
  11. Wetrter

    No strikers winning tactic

    Ended season undefeated in Serie A, 31W 7D 0L, won all other competitions with ease as well, thanks a lot bro
  12. Wetrter

    No strikers winning tactic

    Update, finally lost one away in CL but was a good match, they were lucky. BTW I forgot to mention another change when I want to push for victory, I'll post screenshots. Bye
  13. Wetrter

    No strikers winning tactic

    I'd like to say thanks for this tactic, used with Juventus and got amazing results, in terms of dominance I mean, I m used to play and win quite good with 4-2-3-1 as well but wanted to try this and.. Wow, amazing, I'll post some on them, hope you don't mind Italian language inside. Plus I'd like to add that I made a little tweak, I found a bit hard to score especially versus high defensive teams so I went overload in shape settings when that occurs. Another change I made is to set cautious tackles because I suffered a bit too much yellow cards. Thanks again bro VID_20180514_173622.mp4