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  1. MrRitchTea

    Youth Stamina Issues

    Okay well I think that covers everything. I'll change the regime now and post results in a few days or so. I'm sure this thread can help others reading
  2. MrRitchTea

    Youth Stamina Issues

    Assuming you mean this? This only affects players currently set to fitness right? So i can just take goalkeeping off totally for the time being
  3. MrRitchTea

    Youth Stamina Issues

    By fitness do you mean this? Which i have just changed from general although i had him on fitness for 6 months with little to no changes
  4. 8 Really didn't want to waste forum space with this thread I just feel like I need some outside information in stamina in youth etc.. he was scouted in my first ir second season from a youth scout. So here's a few pictures.. As you can see he is an absolute machine developing into a world class player. My issues is he's worth a lot of money and is a player I'd love to continue to develop but he is very injury prone and no someone I can rely on. Shall I just offload him or is there anything I can do to raise the bad stats. Edit; I feel I may have overplayed him and destroyed his fitness?
  5. MrRitchTea

    Could this be Petr Cech?

    Seems so like for a guy that ain't played one match cost 23 mil. Even tho valued at 8m cheers
  6. Been lurking this unreal forum since I got FMM18 taking in as much info ad possible Reading guides on discovering regens I saw Petr Cech retired so set out to find his regen.. Was searching for a few months nothing came up then this, what do you think?
  7. MrRitchTea

    Clean Sweep!

    Will be trying the first tactic for both home & away as I love that formation. Will report back in a season, since you've done so well and mine is similar but not cutting it Utalizing Ndidi for big games swapping the AM for DM ...