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  1. Yeah they've nicked this off Fifa Ultimate Team by the looks of it.
  2. I don't think the game really cares or takes into consideration the fact that the players got attacked at training or the president left. All the guys are saying that on the whole, Sporting have a decent team and player for player would be up the top half/challenging in FMM. Certainly by 2024/25 you would expect to be winning the league regularly (in the game). That's not to say it's not a good tactic by any means. It would be interesting to see your results in season 1, that's all.
  3. Ooofffttt. Pretty impressive! Not sure how that would work on my current Cove Rangers save but would be interesting to find out. Although Marcus Rashford's shot stopping attribute is probably higher than my best striker's shooting one.
  4. Were these stats produced with your 3-3-2-2 tactic?
  5. Ok will do, will be later this evening though.
  6. Hi Dan, No, he has pretty much started every game for me this season.
  7. I've found an absolute stinker although it may have already been mentioned somewhere. One of my players has scored 16 goals this season so far but when you click on his form tab it shows that he has only scored 2. Happy to provide screenshots if this is something that hasn't already been brought up.
  8. Good to see. Keep posting the results if you don't mind. Would also be keen to see if this worked with lower league sides. I am relatively content with my set up with Cove Rangers (Scottish League 2) at the minute but might try your tactic with them to see if it would work on that level.
  9. Wow, I'm surprised that tactic works, especially for West Ham. Overload, expressive with fast tempo and closing down all over are tactics you would normally throw up when pushing for a win in the last 20 mins. Not something I would imagine playing for 90 mins, every game. Defence can't be that bad either considering your goals against tally. Good effort. I would imagine if you used that tactic with Man City for example, the game would collapse!
  10. Thing is, I really really want to start a game. It's one of these things in life where you get this massive urge to start a career with someone in Football Manager and lose weeks of your life. However if playing it becomes a total pain because of bugs it's enough to put you right off.
  11. Anyone else watching this thread like a hawk to see if it's worth buying the game or not? The bugs raised last year was enough to put me off altogether.
  12. First time I've logged onto this forum for ages. Completely avoided FMM19 due to the number of bugs reported at the beginning. I'm actually shocked that there are still these horrible bugs being found in 19 just prior to the release of FMM20. This doesn't fill me with any real confidence for the new game. Absolutely loved this game too but this shouldn't happen!
  13. Thanks for the replies. Really appreciate it. This is actually the first year I also have a dilemma on whether to play it on my (older) iPad or on my new Android phone.
  14. I've been an avid fan of the Football Manager Mobile Series for a number of years however this season is the first I haven't bought it on release. What does my head in, as I'm sure it does for many is the fact that from release, it feels as though we are playing a Beta version of the game until all the bugs are addressed. Looking at the update history, the last major update for 2018 was carried out in March 2018 and the 2017 version was very similar. What this really means is that it is taking around 5/6 months since the release date for the game to actually be in a position to be ready for users to enjoy without encountering a host of issues that make the game frustrating to play. In previous versions I had done my share of the initial testing and submitted bugs, but I just don't have that time now. All I want is a game to pick up and play, but at the same time be ready. I see that there are still a pile of bugs posted in the forums. In your opinion is the game actually in a comfortable position to be played or are there still a number of these issues out lying that requires the user to test and report back on?