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  1. Favourite
    Ran7777 got a reaction from smoggy90 in The Almada & Bonfiglio Double Trouble Challenge S14   
    Another cracking seasons mate. Good luck for double 1kc👍✌️
  2. Favourite
    Ran7777 got a reaction from smoggy90 in Smog in Madrid - S26 - TT, 1.5k goals, 1k assists   
    Wow!!! Great work mate👏
  3. Favourite
    Ran7777 reacted to Woody in When The Pope Is In Rome.   
    .When the Pope is in Rome.

    Welcome to a little one season challenge for you all to get you're teeth into before this seasons game comes to an end.
    The Premise.
    The Pope is in Rome. He has been on his travels spreading the word of love and forgiveness in the Catholic name.
    Pope Francis is the top guy in Rome and runs the whole of the Catholic church.
    Its your job to make sure the Pope is doing his job.
    You will be accompanied by 3 of the Pope's deciples during your 1 season tenure.
    The Pope.
    During the season your main striker will be the Pope. 
    He is an old man and needs the support and the protection you can provide throughout the season.
    Your Pope will be...
    There are 2 clubs based in Rome and they both play in the same stadium, they are...
    It is up to you which club you choose.
    The Disciples.
    Your 3 disciples will be chosen from the 3 countries with the highest percentage of Catholic followers.
    They are...
    You must choose one player from each nation and must consist of a protector(goalkeeper) and two helpers(assisters).
    Points will be awarded for clean sheets but only games your chosen goalkeeper plays in. Assists from your two helpers and goals from your 'Pope'.
    Domestic competitions only will count towards your tally.
    If by some Catholic miracle the Pope scores a hat-trick there is a bonus 10 points on offer.
    Own tactics only.
    No cheating as in no reloading and no use of any editor.
    You must choose one of the 2 clubs on offer
    You must choose one player from each of the nations offered.(1 Gk, 2 Assisters)
    No other signings allowed.
    2nd nationalities not allowed either.
    And above all enjoy yourself.
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    Ran7777 reacted to Mr Tree in Tree tries a DT in Poland (11 seasons done)   
    SEASON 5
    The tricky winter world cup season - started well but it got tough in the middle, before a nice end got us back to the 70-goal mark at least.
    Banked a decent amount this year:

    Smashed the league, even with playing a load of my exciting kids after the title was secured:

    Europe was frustrating though - cos of the short season, the Europa League matches were one-offs, not two legs, although I was pushing for a goal anyway so the result was deserved:

    More competition details here:
    Zjawinski won this season, breaking Rosolek's run of three in a row. But in Rosolek's defence, he had a couple of injuries, keeping him out for about 6-8 weeks in total (the chart below shows 14wks, but incorrect dates too)

    So the final verdict:

    They still have some fitness struggles, especially with that hectic season, so I didn't get to use them together too much. They were both on a goal a game for a long time, encouraging. Hopefully more to come.
    A few highlights:
    Target 1200
    Total 300 - bang on!
    AT THIS RATE THEY'LL REACH THE TARGET IN... well, 300 every 5 years will take 20 overall, so 2037/38... But 71 a year from here shaves a couple of years off, more like 2035/36.
    Thanks for reading, and all comments are always greatly appreciated!
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    Ran7777 reacted to Rob in Doku chasing 2k goals. EME   
    Commenting on and supporting other people’s threads yourself may help.
  6. Funny
    Ran7777 reacted to ZS Lee in FMM19 General Discussion   
    It’s ok to dream big isn’t it? 🤨🤨

  7. Favourite
    Ran7777 reacted to Ashez in Is FMM too easy?   
    That's the key line and why FMM CAN be easy, we have countless threads from new members/players who find the game brutal, we're essentially alive as a site as 90% of people find us while looking for tactics/help/guides and so on. FMM is a casual game for casual players, unfortunately that does make certain things suck for hard-core fans and those that learn the game but we're a very tiny niche. 
    That's why myself and many others have took it upon ourselves to incorporate our own challenges to increase the difficulty (a casual difficult also means we can go wild with challenge ideas without the game limiting us), I also personally think there is a very fine line between difficulty and cheapness in a game like FMM and history shows when SI attempt to increase the difficulty FMM becomes a frustrating mess. 
  8. Funny
    Ran7777 got a reaction from Rob in English football   
    United Logic🤔
    Beat chelsea 4-0 on matchday 1, end up with the same point as chelsea on matchday 3.
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    Ran7777 got a reaction from smoggy90 in Smog in Madrid - S26 - TT, 1.5k goals, 1k assists   
  10. Favourite
    Ran7777 reacted to Ashez in Looking At Dong's With Ashez   
    Looking At Dong's With Ashez
    Recently I made a joke in response to a bizarre comment here on Vibe which ended up with our very own @Foxy saying he'd be doing a dong article, I however had little faith in this claim and decided to call his bluff as I look at all the dong FMM can offer! A dot dong is a very unfortunate problem to face unless it's on the green green grass of FMM so sit back and relax as we go on a journey to see what dongs FMM will allow us to have our hands on. 
    You may expect a game like FMM that has thousands of male names to have a crazy amount of dong's but my search for dong only brought six players to the table, I'm sure there is a joke there with that figure especially but let's stay classy, hey Vibe....We're not FMMVibrate after all......A joke for the old timers right there, boom! Anyway let's reveal those dong's! 
    Didier Ndong

    First up is the former Black Cat Didier Ndong who brings a pretty balanced spread to the table, however the Gabonese international is still fairly youthful so with the right training he could do a satisfying job in multiple positions. Having high stamina is always nice for those long nights on the pitch but his other attributes could round out nicely to make him a solid mid table option as it doesn't take much imagination to see him with green tackling, positioning, dribbling and movement which would make him a nice box to box player. 
    Ji Dong-Won

    Next up we come across Ji Dong-Won who is a striker come attacking midfield who's teamwork stat stands out instantly, I'm sure everyone on the pitch would appreciate his hard work and graft around the box. His dribbling stat also raises eyebrows as who doesn't like a player who can carry the ball into the box and potentially provide a Messi styled finish? The South Korea internationally is entering his prime years while also being the second most experienced player on our list based on age and with some training he could be a hidden gem as his creativity, movement, shooting and technique could easily develop into that desired green territory. 
    What a climax at the Stadium Of Light as Dong-Won gives the home fans a happy ending! I bet @samhardy found great pleasure in that moment!
    Dieumerci Ndongala

    Dieumerci Ndongala is the fastest player on our list which can come in handy in a head to head, especially for his position as the right winger could skip passed any opposition obstacle to abuse his dribbling skills. The once capped international is on the verge of greens in various areas like technique, crossing, passing and movement with the only real concern being his teamwork as no one likes a selfish player once they're in the danger area. If I was being picky I suppose his heading ability could also use some work as it would only lead to more finishing opportunities but for the market value I'm sure Ndongala could do a job for you. 
    Ciré Ndongo

    Next up is Ndongo who's the only player on our list to feature in his own box with gloves on, the nineteen year old goal keeper still has alot to learn however. A number of his stats are low but it's important to remember he's only been an active professional for a few years so he'll be expected to learn on the job and develop with time. His handling especially is impressive however as he's already mastered how to grasps the ball while his decision making stat should help him decide when that's appropriate and when he should try another technique like punching. Like I said he's only young but his technique, teamwork and physical attributes leave something to be desired but for a man between the sticks he has reasonable potential. 
    Kim Dong-Min

    The South Korean Kim Dong-Min is an available player at the start of the game but I'm not sure he's a player I'd commit too, the 25 year old is already experienced yet he's failed to stand out in key areas with his stamina especially being a cause for concern, the winger should be expected to run the line until the final whistle blows but I'm not sure he's got that in him. Good technique can however make up for other short comings and his ability to cross the ball shouldn't be overlooked but I think this lad is only suitable for those shopping in the lower division's. 
    Odong Obem

    The last player to feature on our list of six Dong's is Odong Obem who just so happens to be the oldest on our list, the midfielder is available as a free transfer at the start of the game but is he worth picking up? Physically the African is middle of the road with okay at best stamina, strength and pace but I'm sure it's work able, other wise his stand out traits are his ability with his head, his positioning and his decision making attribute, unfortunately however the player is lacking in vital areas for his role as his on ball attributes are very underwhelming. 
    That brings my list of six Dong's to an end, hopefully you enjoyed the read and please feel free to tell me your favourite Dong, or your past Dong experiences or anything at all really, thanks for reading. 
  11. Favourite
    Ran7777 got a reaction from darlingtonvii in 1K with Greenwood​✅ 1K club goals✅ 1.5kc (Season 13)   
    Well done on the 1kc mate👏👏
    That regen = Messi+Ronaldo🤔
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    Ran7777 reacted to Kanegan in Stateside Duo - DT- Sargent 1.5KC (Final update - Completed)   
    Season 21
    So, with the last season on the cards, Sargent required 34 goals for 1.5K.
    Season History

    After 9 successive CL triumphs, we finally lose in the final to Real Madrid which also broke our run of 65 unbeaten games. This is my score now for the Champions Streak Challenge. We also managed an unbeaten league campaign.
    Cup Runs
    No hattrick this time around for the old man Sargent.

    Gold Cup
    Another impressive 13 intl. goals in his last season which takes his total int. goals to 382. Freaking impressive which means i take the top spot in the 200 International Goal Challenge although @Rob's Geubbels is going insane so my spot may well be very short-lived. 
    It also meant that he needed 21 goals from his club season to achieve the 1.5K. Can he do it??
    First, let us look at his final attributes:
    Josh Sargent

    Ouch, it was painful to watch Sargent like this but he still lasted the entire season. Amazing.
    His final stats:

    He bloody well does it. 27 goals was enough to cross the 1.5K. Take a bow mate, take a bow.

    So, here is the final stats. He finishes with 1506 goals and 382 intl. goals.
    @Foxy, mate, if you can add it to the respective leaderboards.
    Final Manager Profile & Trophy Cabinet

    This was my first DT attempt and i am pretty happy with the score posted and also i managed the 1.5K with Sargent. If anybody is looking for a candidate other than Fabio Silva, Geubbels or Pellegri for a 1.5K or even 2K, Sargent is the man, provided you get the USA job as he is a beast in international tournaments. 
    Also, in hindsight, if i would have left him alone at the top 2 seasons earlier instead of trying to retrain my son to fill in Wright's boots, then perhaps 1.5K would not have been that much of a struggle as it became in the end but the more you play, the more you learn i guess. In the end, all's well that ends well so everything came good at the finish line.
    What's next
    I have my eyes on the Triple Crown. So, i have completed 1KC with an Asian player in Holland & England and now the DT with North American players in Portugal. So, continuing my continental diversification, next up will be an African TT. The wheels have already been set in motion but expect a sizeable gap before i start again.
    Thanks to everyone who followed and commented, especially @Ian, @smoggy90, @Ran7777, @darlingtonvii, @Rob, @Mr Tree Sorry if i missed anybody.
    Thanks for following again and any closing comment is appreciated.
  13. Favourite
    Ran7777 got a reaction from smoggy90 in The Almada & Bonfiglio Double Trouble Challenge S14   
    Consistency👍👍 Great work mate👏
  14. Funny
    Ran7777 reacted to Rob in The Transfer Thread   
    If that...
    ..is done on..
    ...purpose that...
    ..is impeccable. 
  15. Happy
    Ran7777 got a reaction from Ashez in The Transfer Thread   
    “Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass!”😂
    Even after all these years, Austin still gets the loudest pops than anyone else
  16. Funny
    Ran7777 reacted to Ashez in The Transfer Thread   
    Austin announced at 3.16 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  17. Happy
    Ran7777 reacted to Woody in DJ Woody’s Record Store   
    Yes mate. The current record is 9.
  18. Funny
    Ran7777 reacted to Ashez in The Transfer Thread   
    Dybala looks to be happening now 😮
    I'm not entirely sure we need anyone but now deadline day is here I'm jealous lol. Spurs are doing what we did last year while we're doing what they did last year 😂. 
    These Mbappe 2020 rumours must be true if we're saving up 😂😂
  19. Favourite
    Ran7777 reacted to russy in FMM19 Bug List   
    I find my players get loan offers but me offering them out doesn't help most the time.. Harsh saying it does jack but I have amazing players for lower leagues but no interest
  20. Funny
    Ran7777 reacted to Rob in The Transfer Thread   
    Arsenal are still rubbish though. 
  21. Favourite
    Ran7777 reacted to Foxy in Double the Foxes, Double the Trouble: The End   
    Seasons 6 and 7
    In season 5 the lads got within 6 goals of 200 for the season as they made a huge dent in the DT total. If these next two seasons follow suit we will be within touching distance of the DT after only 7 seasons but it could be that seasons was just a fluke.
    Season 6
    This promised to be a long season as it ended with a World Cup but this gave plenty of opportunities to smash in loads of goals.
    We didn’t play as many games as usual though as we crashed out of the FA Cup in the 3rd round to Chelsea although we won everything else on offer.
    World Cup
    With the Euros won two years before I was hoping we could add the World Cup to the trophy cabinet as well.
    We certainly looked good on the way to the final as everyone we faced were swept aside to set up a meeting with Brazil.

    The Lads
    The guys had set a high standard the season before and they simply couldn’t live up to it this season as they scored 40 goals less than last year. Foxy Jr had the biggest drop, although injuries were a factor with only 52 club games played, having scored 89 for club and country the year before he “only” managed 62 although that keeps him on course for a 1k. Adams had a drop as well with 94 his final total.
    I don’t thinking’s is a great worry as 156 goals is more than enough but it would have been nice to get near 200 again.
    Season 7
    Another 150+ goal season he could leave the boys one season away from the DT and that was the aim even if 200 seems a bit of a one off after last year.
    We only lost one game all year but as with last season it was to Chelsea and it stopped us lifting a trophy as they beat us in the Community Shield. We did get revenge in the FA Cup final though.
    Just the International League Finals this year and we retained the title by beating Spain.
    Last season was a drop from the season before and worryingly this was another drop from last season and this time it was Adams who’s numbers dropped from 94 to 76 goals this season, of course we played less England matches but he also missed the final month of the season with an injury. Foxy Jr did better this year with 70 goals.
    In total they scored 146 goals which again is perfectly acceptable for the purposes of the DT and the lads totals were good for there individual 1kc attempts but still another drop in numbers isn’t great and Foxy Jr in particular needs to keep getting 60+ goals a year if he wants to get that 1k.

    Maybe the 196 goals season was a massive blip and 150 is much more a par score for these pair. What is positive is we only need 167 goals to hit the DT total so possibly we will do it in season 8 or maybe a couple of games into season 9 and then the focus can switch to those 1kc’s.
    Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated. 
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    Ran7777 reacted to Ashez in The Adventures Of Batmaz & Robin   
    The Adventures Of Batmaz & Robin

    Hello ladies and gentlemen! Today I introduce you guys to my latest adventure! You may have noticed I've been quiet since my "Squad Numbers" save entertained the masses but you should of had faith that I was working on something behind the scenes.....Even if that work was slow going and needs to be continued. You see I've been playing this save for months on and off as the desire to play comes and goes but I feel now is the perfect time to open the book and read you a tale of adventures, of highs and lows and of triumph and heart break before I discover how the final chapters play out myself. I won't lie to you guys as I'm currently 12 seasons deep into this journey with the ending still to be written, however I feel I've plenty of hard miles left to climb so what better opportunity to get you guys involved to push me through these final chapters. 
    What are "The Adventures Of Batmaz & Robin" I hear you cry? Well my dear fellow listen up as we jump into how this story came to be. 
    The Inspiration
    I've been known throughout the years of Vibe to run gimmick saves and the like and I do this because I think laid back and fun saves can be a great way to reinvent the game for yourself, especially when you're in a position like mine where you've played the game to death and completed the go to challenges multiple times. Another trait of my is I like to take my other passions found outside of FMM and bring them to the Vibe community, with my "Lower League Rogue" save being a great example where I introduced Rogue-like elements to FMM, or the "Nationlocke" challenge where I borrowed challenge ideas from the Pokemon community. Inspiration can come from anywhere and usually it can be a fantastic approach to mix your passions into saves wherever possible. 
    When FMM19 first released and I was looking through the game I discovered a club called Batman found in the unplayable leagues in Turkey, obviously as a massive DC fan this peaked my interest but after hours of trying to get them promoted it just didn't seem possible. I thought the dream died here but then I found someone, he called to me like a signal in the sky! 

    Now we're talking i thought as I knew I needed to use this lad for something which is why he showed up during my Squad Numbers save. That however wasn't enough for me as I knew I could do more with the Turkish international but if only there was a challenge where I could unleash the gimmick dream. 
    Then it hit me like a Batarang to the face! 
    In an excited frenzy I booted up the game and jumped databases like Harley Quinn on a pogo stick trying to find what I needed. I checked more databases than I ever had before looking for a special someone, or in truth for multiple someone's so I could pick the best but unfortunately only one option even existed 

    The Dynamic Duo are here baby! That's right I'll be unleashing Batmaz and Robin on the footballing world! Yes it was indeed vital to me that Robin's second name was Robin, going by first names would have beaten the point completely, and this way the commentary call them Batmaz and Robin. How cool is that? Come that's pretty bloody cool!
    Is This A Goal Challenge?
    The answer from day one has always been yes and no, obviously the dream is to take these two to the Double Trouble leader board but it's not the be all and end all of the save, this save is all about the adventure. The carrot of the accepted target/total will always be there and I'll keep a running total for you guys, if we make it fantastic but if not hopefully the journey was still worth your time. All I'll say is at the time of writing I still have no idea if we'll get across the line in any of the goal challenges but I'm hopeful at least. 
    The Club Of Choice
    When it came to deciding on a starting club I had two options, I could continue the theme and use somewhere in New York (Gotham City), or maybe somewhere like Valencia (The Bat) and finally I could go the typical big club in a small league route. I ran a fair few test exploring the above options and clubs in Poland, Russia, Turkey and Portugal but in the end I settled for an old favourite of mine......

    Celtic are just a club I enjoy playing as and in the end I decided it's where I'd have the most fun and where I thought my duo could thrive the most. After all my very first goal challenge success started in this Scottish city and I thought I'd need all the good omens I could find! 
    You should have noticed by now the two ******* incredible pieces of artwork @Foxy created me for this save and I simply can't thank him enough, they're simply incredible! Seriously if he comments below throw some +1's his way as he bloody deserves them, like I seriously love these! I'm heavily tempted to get the Celtic one printed off as a poster as it's just awesome, I get giddy just looking at it! Thank you so much @Foxy, these images alone have been a massive motivator as they need to be seen! 
    Anyway that brings my opening post to an end, hopefully you enjoyed the read and that you're on board for the rest of the adventure! As always any comments are encouraged and appreciated! 
  23. Favourite
    Ran7777 reacted to Rob in Rob’s Geubbels 2k - Season 20 - The End   
    Along with Haaland and Silva, Willem Geubbels is one of the best young strikers in the game. He is also the player I have chosen for my attempt at a 1.5k in this year’s version of the game. I’ve hit 1kc last year with a striker and 1kc with a midfielder twice this year, but never managed 1.5kc.

    I’ve been working on a methodology for this for a while...trialling a few tactics, teams, player countries, and transfer strategies over a few months as I wanted to make the transition from Strikerless careers to striker careers.
    I’ve chosen Geubbels and PSG for the obvious reasons that Geubbels is young and excellent and PSG are wealthy and in an easier league, but also because in most of my saves the France job becomes available after a few games so I will be in a good position to get it. I’ve never gotten 1.5kc before so I wanted to give myself the best chance.
    I also want to apologise to Kyle for posting a career similar to his, but I’ve had this in the works for a while and a few guys on here have known about it for a while. I’ve actually just finished Season 9.
    Thanks for reading. Season 1 to follow shortly.
  24. Happy
    Ran7777 reacted to Ian in Ian - The Terrifying Trio - TT - Tekin 1kc - S23 (Completed)   
    Season Eight
    Our beautiful trio powered through the 100 goal barrier last season at long last and it’s fair to say they proved a few people wrong as many had started to seriously doubt their ability. 
    I won’t let them rest on the laurels though as the job is far from complete and they’ve shown previously that they can follow up a great season with a poor one as we found out when in season four they combined to score 98 goals only to come back next season and only muster a disappointing goal tally of 83.
    So let’s now see how they got on.
    The Terrifying Trio
    Our boys are more or less fully developed now and although they have weaknesses in certain areas I can’t help but be proud of the progress they’ve made as they’ve turned into fine players. 
    How many goals did they get?
    Jan Thielmann
    Jan the Man blasted home 40 goals in 50 games in a fabulous campaign for him.

    Fabio Lorenzini
    Fabio scored a respectable 37 goals in 48 matches to keep the boys on track for a decent total.

    Emincan Tekin
    He had a decent season too as like Jan the Man he scored 40 goals but it took him 52 games to manage it.

    Notable Matches
    So that’s a fantastic total of 117 goals which is a decent step up and the way things are going I’ll have a fight on my hands to keep them as surely some of the bigger European clubs will start sniffing around.
    All incomings are regens now with Yan Matheus Defendi being a nice Brazilian wing back, Ragnar Nottbeck a promising striker and Mansour Demeyer a new back up goalkeeper. Some promising players graduated from the academy and some might make the first team in a few years but if not we should be able to get a few quid for them.
    Full list of all transfers below.
    Team Performances
    A clean sweep of all trophies available with just three draws in the league and a hefty goal difference of 113. The Champions League was also fairly plain sailing with Dortmund defeated in the final in a one sided match.

    A more detailed look below.
    We missed out again on the Gundogan Victory challenge as we couldn’t manage a 9-0 victory. 
    Poor transfer acumen as I have been guilty of buying a few back up players that never got the chance to play in recent seasons.

    This Season/Overall (Goals)
    Jan Thielmann: 40/215
    Fabio Lorenzini: 37/222
    Emincan Tekin: 40/237
    This Season Total: 117 goals
    Triple Threat Total: 674/1500 goals
    Our boys have had another fantastic season which is easily their best yet and also the team now look like they are going to dominate European football for years to come. We move onto next season now with things looking rather good.
    Thanks for reading and all comments are greatly appreciated.
  25. Favourite
    Ran7777 reacted to Foxy in Double the Foxes, Double the Trouble: The End   
    Season 3 (Season 16 of the save)
    Last season, my first at Man City, was a real success as Foxy Jr and Adams smashed in 128 goals between them but the aim is for more than that and now they are into there early 20s I want to start pushing for 150 goals a season from the pair. Simply the quicker I can get the DT completed then the quicker I can focus on getting at least one of them to the magic 1k goal mark as well before we reach the end of season 30.
    Of course we are in regen territory now so these names will mean nothing to you but as I have the England job a big aim for me is to get plenty if young English talent in it the club that I can develop and then use both to benefit Man City but also England.
    With that in mind I signed 4 potential or current England players this summer.

    Just get on player left for any money and then Gavin Bazunu went to Spurs as part of the Brian Andrews deal.

    This season could not have gone better on the pitch as we never lost a game in any competitions all season on our way to a clean sweep of trophies. Liverpool will be sick of the sight of us as we beat them in 3 major finals and they finished 20 points behind us in 2nd place in the league.
    England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 
    We had to defend our Nations League title again which we did emphatically by beating Spain in the final. The hope now is that we can take this form into qualifying and then the Euro’s next summer and get some international glory.
    The Lads
    Both lads have just about maxed out there attributes I think but they both look very good players now. If either of them is going to improve anymore it will most likely be Adams but Foxy Jr looks well capable of scoring goals as well.

    They both played more games this season than they managed last year although Foxy Jr missed a few more games than Adams thanks to a knock and his lower stamina which also means he plays less minutes in games as well.
    Adams is the better player although there isn’t much in it but his extra playing time helps as well to get him more goals. Both scored well this year but it was again Adams who stole the show scoring 86 in all competitions compared to Foxy Jr 63. The way it is shaping up Adams will easily get to the 1kc mark and beyond if I let him but 60ish goals a year won’t see Foxy Jr hit the magic mark. This means that I may drop Adams if and when we complete the DT and put the effort into a son 1k but that is all in the future with the main focus being the DT at the moment.
    So we just missed out on a 150 goal season by one goal but it is an improvement again and again the bar has been raised for the boys so hopefully next season we can improve again.

    Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.