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    Ran7777 reacted to samhardy in Gundogan's Victory Challenge   
    Instantly upon seeing this the other day I knew it would make an enjoyable challenge for vibe, or maybe even a side challenge to a challenge you're currently playing.
    Many challenges here are long and complicated but it doesn't get much simpler than this one.
    Aim - Sign or use a German midfielder for any club in any league and try to match Gundogan's feats, by having the player play in 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0, 5-0, 6-0, 7-0, 8-0 and 9-0 wins in one season.
    You can take charge of a nation as well if you wish as Gundogan achieved this playing for both Manchester City and Germany. A bonus achievement would be for your player to score in each of the victories as well.
    Take over at any club you want and sign a German midfielder. You can use one already at the club if you wish. You may manage a nation as well. You must complete all 9 games in one season to complete the challenge. It's a simple pass or fail one, no points system. Either database. No cheating, reloading, editing etc. Own tactics only. Evidence will be required. Leaderboard:
  2. Happy
    Ran7777 reacted to Kanegan in Bad Boys at Celtic (Season 2 - Final Update)   
    Season 2
    Transfer History
    Season Performance

    Again missed out on the Scottish Cup but had an unbeaten campaign in the league and won the Betfred Cup for the second year running.
    League Performance

    I had asked the team to give their best in this season and perform they did with an unbeaten campaign to boot for
    League Points = 104
    GD = 58
    Total = 162
    Cup Runs

    45 goals in 58 games @AvR of 7.87.  He scored two more goals and played 2 more matches than last season.
    Junior Moraes

    He played 5 less matches but broke the 40 goal mark.
    Soares = 45
    Moraes = 41
    GD + LP = 162
    Total Points for Season 2 = 248
    Total Challenge Points = 248 + 222 = 470 points.
    Nowhere near the points posted but a decent effort from my side. Perhaps the choice of league was wrong.
    @samhardy, mate if you can add me to the leaderboard.
    Final Manager Profile

  3. Funny
    Ran7777 reacted to Ashez in Vibe World Cup 2019 The Final: Scotland v Japan   
    @Foxycarrying me into the final

  4. Funny
    Ran7777 reacted to Woody in Vibe World Cup 2019 The Final: Scotland v Japan   
    Possibly or him and Mrs Fox broke the bed again! 😉
  5. Funny
    Ran7777 got a reaction from Ashez in European Football   
    Chelsea have announced Kepa as their new player-manager😂😂😂👌👌👌
  6. Happy
    Ran7777 reacted to Mr Tree in Tree's "Goal A Mile" Challenge - 30 seasons completed!   
    SEASON 28
    Not long to go now. This was another strange season that almost had me rage-quitting before it picked up well.
    The obvious start-point is Bobson. As mentioned last year, his understudy, big Reg, was banging down the door for a spot in the first XI:
    I was trying to keep Bobson as the main man in my 4-3-2-1, mixing in big Reg for tougher games etc to keep fitness good. But it just wasn't working
    I had a good long think in the sauna (true story - we were away on holiday this week, lovely stuff) and decided to switch to 4-4-2. I have a couple more decent youth strikers coming through who can act as reserves, and I'm a bit overstocked in midfield but we'll see who's worth keeping I guess.
    I smashed Kilmarnock 5-0 in the first game after the switch, but I beat them 6-1 earlier in the season anyway and they finished bottom, so that was inconclusive.
    Then Inverness got an injury-time equaliser and Gretna (bloody Gretna, they won't give me anything now) got an injury-time winner. We went to Celtic and of course they smashed us, then we had Rangers away where we played fantastically (IMO) but didn't take our chances while they did, so we lost 3-0.
    All this meant we were 9th in February, while the increased expectations after last year meant the board "felt" that I "should be doing better".
    The lads did alright in the league:
    Although the biggest difference in the run-in was my old mate Shea, who Motherwell had inexplicably not been playing since I left:
    Speaking of old friends, one eliminated us from one cup:
    But we got revenge in the Scottish Cup:
    Our Champions League run was fun too - we battled through to the group stage:
    After all that, where are we? The manager profile after 28 years:
    And the challenge? Bobson had a shocker overall:

    Leaving us on 109 goal-miles overall. From here, it's 32 to Inverness, 33 to Elgin or 44 to Ross County. 
    I'd jump elsewhere but there's nowhere else to go - the area in-between is a barren wasteland (in football terms).
    So I'm going to stay at Dunfermline and try and win the title, as I've not won the SPL. Bobson's my penalty taker, so hopefully we can be an attacking force and he can play his part and we'll see where it takes us...
    NEXT TIME: Germany's grip on international football loosens as a shock winner is crowned World Champions...
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    Ran7777 reacted to 1759 in Ian’s Young Gems   
    Welcome to my first ever article. I’ve put in a lot of hours playing this years game and have completed multiple challenges which has seen me manage in a good few countries and manage a wide variety of players.
    I thought I’d share a few of the younger players I’ve used that have exceeded my expectations and turned into decent players. Whilst these boys are not wonderkids or superstars they have all done a good job for me and a few I wouldn’t hesitate to place in a top team right from the off.
    Obviously this would appear to be solely about the players in question but I have a slightly different motive as with the game now being old in its yearly cycle sometimes we the user can lose motivation to play and I’m trying to get you thinking and hopefully give you a few ideas for potential saves you could do.
    I thought I’d present the players in a team line up and then go through each player individually so here goes.
    Please note that to get all these players to appear in your game you will need to select the top two leagues in England, Germany, Portugal and South Korea and depending on which club you choose to manage you may encounter work permit issues on a few of them.
    Ian’s Young Gems

    Aaron Ramsdale - Goalkeeper
    Team - Bournemouth
    Cost - £3-6m

    This lad is the least tested of my boys as I’ve only actually used him in one short save which was actually a challenge where I had to try and get him to score goals. Although I had the option of using him outfield I mixed it up and he was impressive when I had him in goal and he actually scored five goals in half a season with Portsmouth in League One. Three of those five goals were from free kicks so he may make a good choice of goalie for the Rogério Ceni challenge. You can see he’s got decent attribute numbers in Aerial, Handling, Kicking and Reflexes but his Throwing at only 3 is poor so might be a good idea to focus your training there if you take a punt on him.
    In the real world he’s currently employed by Bournemouth but hasn’t played a competitive game for them as he’s had a couple of loan spells away from the club. Firstly he went to Chesterfield in January 2018 where he scored a horrible own goal on his debut but he followed that up with a clean sheet in his next game which shows he can bounce back after calamity.
    Fast forward to January 2019 where he was loaned out to Wimbledon for the remainder of the season and performed really well for them in winning the clubs Young Player of the Year award. It’ll be interesting how he develops over the next few years and whether he can go on to being a decent Premiership level keeper.
    Lewis Travis - Right Full Back
    Team - Blackburn Rovers
    Cost -  £3-6m

    Lewis actually played for Liverpool in his younger days but left the club in 2014 and joined Blackburn Rovers where he’s so far made 31 first team appearances. He’s a versatile player who can play in midfield or at full back. I signed him on my Queen’s Park career where I took the club from amateur status all the way to Champions League winners and he was an important first team player in that side.
    Here he is in 2025.

    So we can see he’s a decent player and it looks as if he’s still improving. He has a lot of attribute numbers in the 13-14 range which could quite easily rise to 15 green level with better facilities and then he’d be rather good.
    Josh Earl - Left Full Back
    Team - Preston North End
    Cost - £3-6m

    He currently plays for Preston North End having spent his entire youth career at the club where he actually played in defence, midfield and as a striker.
    On FMM 19 his starting attributes aren’t anything special but you can see he has some promise with his Pace already at 14. I used him at Queen’s Park and on my first save of FMM 2019 whilst managing Sunderland and he turned into a great left wing back with all green for the key attributes needed for the role in Crossing, Dribbling, Positioning, Pace and Stamina.
    Scott McKenna - Central Defender
    Team - Aberdeen
    Cost - £3-13m

    I wasn’t sure whether to include this lad as I’m sure a few of you will have used him but I felt I had to because he’s an absolute steal as he usually only costs a few million at the beginning of the game.
    He has great attributes to play centre back with 14+ in all the main attributes needed for the role in Aerial, Tackling, Decisions, Positioning and Strength. He also has green level for pace which is great if you are planning on playing a high defensive line and with his Passing, Dribbling and Technique all being decent he can play the Ball Playing Defender role pretty well right from the off.
    In real life he’s currently playing for Aberdeen where he’s made 70 first team appearances and scored 5 goals. Celtic came calling in August 2018 with a bid of £3.5m which was rejected and later in the same month Aston Villa had a larger bid rejected so it looks like Aberdeen are going to have trouble keeping hold of him in the next few years.
    Luka Racic - Central Defender
    Team - Brentford
    Cost - £1-3m

    A young Danish defender who came through the Copenhagen Academy and played for the club at youth level until he signed for Brentford in 2018 where he’s made 2 appearances so far.
    He doesn’t look fantastic on FMM 19 but I think he’s one of those players that plays better than you’d expect when looking at his attributes. His Strength attribute at just 9 stands out as a weakness so that’s an area to maybe focus your training on if you do decide to try him.
    Here he is in 2025.

    You can see he’s improved a great deal and even though he still doesn’t look fantastic his season average rating of 7.29 in a Champions League winning side shows he usually performs well on the pitch.
    Matheus Jesus - Deep Lying Playmaker
    Team - Estoril
    Cost - £5-10m

    I really like this player and he always shows up in my searches. I used him in my Sunderland save where he became a top player. At 21 you can see the potential as he’s already got good numbers in most of the key attributes to be a decent midfielder. Good numbers in all the Physical attributes, Passing, Decisions, Creativity, Movement, Positioning and Tackling. Even his Technique and Teamwork are high which is great as it’s difficult to get those to rise on this years game. The only annoying thing for me is his Leadership at only 5 as I generally like the players at the base of midfield to have a good number there but it’s an attribute that should rise as he gets older.
    He’s currently contracted to Estoril of Portugal but hasn’t played a game for them as he’s been loaned out a few times over the last couple of years. In May 2019 he joined Corinthians on loan until December with a buy out clause added into the deal so I’ll be watching with interest as to what happens with him over the next few years.
    Lewis Ferguson - Box to Box Midfielder
    Team - Aberdeen
    Cost - £1-4m

    Lewis Ferguson currently plys his trade at Aberdeen and has played in 33 competitive games and scored 6 goals. He actually began his youth career at Rangers before transferring to Hamilton Academical in 2013 and eventually graduating from their academy in 2018. After impressing in his first few games in the first team Aberdeen showed interest and with him being out of contract in the summer of 2018 they offered him a deal and snapped him up.
    His first goal for Aberdeen was a fantastic overhead kick against Burnley in the second leg of a Europa League tie which they unfortunately went on to lose. In May 2019 he was nominated for PFA Scotland Young Player of the Year award which was eventually won by Ryan Kent but it shows he’s certainly one for the future.
    On FMM 19 he looks like a decent prospect with some good starting attribute numbers in Stamina, Aggression, Passing, Decisions, Movement, Technique and Teamwork and you can easily see him developing into a fantastic player.
    I used him in one of my earlier saves where I took Fleetwood Town to the top and he was an important squad player in that side.
    Bruno Costa - Advanced Playmaker
    Team - Porto B
    Cost - £2-6m

    This lad was the main playmaker in my successful Queen’s Park side a few years into the game but looking at his starting attributes at 21 years old and you just wouldn’t be able to predict what kind of player he would go on to become.
    Here he is in 2025.

    He’s now a nice player with some good attribute numbers in Pace, Passing, Decisions, Crossing, Movement and Technique and he’d make a great first team player in a weaker league or squad player at a big club in a stronger league. I played him mostly as an Advanced Playmaker in the CM strata which is why his average rating is nothing special as that role can be funny in my opinion but trust me he did his job. He can play on either wing and may be even better in those positions.
    In real life he plays for Porto B but you’d expect him to break into the A team over the next few years.
    Che Adams - Right Inside Forward
    Team - Birmingham City
    Cost: £8-15m

    This lad currently plays for Birmingham City having started his senior career in non league football at Oadby Town. He’s a pacey player and can play anywhere in the final third. For City he’s scored 34 goals in 116 games at Championship level.
    On FMM 19 he’s usually available for a reasonable fee and I wouldn’t hesitate in bringing him straight to a decent English Premier League club to ease into the first team over a few seasons.
    Here he is in 2025.

    Some rather nice attribute numbers there with great Physicals, Dribbling, Movement and Shooting. I used him as an Inside Forward on the right and he was the main man in my Champions League winning Queen’s Park team.
    Here he is scoring a brace in the Champions League final against Milan.

    Tim Handwerker - Left Winger
    Team - FC Köln
    Cost - £5-10m

    Tim is just one of the many decent wide players available from the German leagues. I bought him in my Double Trouble challenge attempt whilst managing Ajax and he was great for me. He can play in any position on the left flank and could probably be retrained to play any position on the right without much trouble. He doesn’t look amazing at the start of the game by any stretch of the imagination but with attribute number 14 for both Pace and Crossing there’s plenty of promise there.
    In the real word he’s currently playing for FC Koln but hasn’t properly broken into the first team yet and has just had a loan spell in Holland at FC Groningen.
    Jun Se-Jin - Poacher
    Team - Suwon
    Cost - £1-2m

    I just couldn’t create this team without including this boy. He was one half of my successful Double Trouble duo that combined to score 1200 goals at Ajax in the Dutch league. Not content with that he also went on to score over 1000 club goals himself in a fantastic career that’s still ongoing.
    I was looking for a player I hadn’t heard of or seen anybody else use for the challenge when my searches put this lad up. The main selling point for me was his Pace at 15 and decent numbers in Shooting and Movement for a youngster.
    Here he is in 2028.

    He’s now got big numbers in Pace, Strength, Shooting, Movement and Aerial which basically means he’s a beast. He’d scored 575 club career goals at this stage and wasn’t showing any signs of letting up as you can see below with him knocking in seven goals in one game in 2031.

    Well that’s the team and I hope you enjoyed reading through my choices. As I said at the beginning my motive for creating this wasn’t solely about showcasing the players it was more about hopefully getting you thinking. Maybe this will give you an idea of a save you might want to try and get you to play the game slightly differently which can often reinvigorate the game.
    Anyway, if any of you have used any of the boys I’d love to hear how they performed for you or maybe you’d like to share some of the gems you’ve found so feel free to do so in the comments section below.
    Thanks for reading and thanks you to @Foxy for creating the tidy header graphic.
  8. Favourite
    Ran7777 got a reaction from smoggy90 in Smog in Madrid - S18 - My Son's 1k Attempt   
    Welcome to the 100 club smog junior. Well done mate👏👏
  9. Favourite
    Ran7777 reacted to Foxy in FM on Google Stadia: What does it mean for FMM?   
    That’s a very good point but it still leaves the question of where will FMM be in say 5 to 10 years.
    If FM becomes more available on mobile devices that is a good thing for people that love that more in depth experience but does it leave FMM as even more of a poor relation that would gradually be phased out.
    I’m not trying to scaremonger and say FMM is going to be dead as I think it will still be around for a good while yet but it is an interesting question as gaming changes in the next few years because of faster internet both broadband and of course 5G is here now as well.
  10. Favourite
    Ran7777 reacted to smoggy90 in Smog in Madrid - S18 - My Son's 1k Attempt   
    Season 17
    Season 17 saw Rashford and CHO retire/leave.
    Rashford finished his Real Madrid and England career with 911 club goals, 211 assists and 181 international goals.

    Hudson-Odoi finished his Real Madrid and England career with 413 club goals, 304 assists and 102 international goals.

    It also saw a season best in goals scored for this career, Smog has turned into a superb target man.
    Team Performance
    Player Profiles and International
    Season 17 Summary
    A massive 105 club goals for the season!  He is really hitting his peak and the beauty with this is i am able to sub him earlier as he usually has a couple of goals by the hour mark so that keeps him fresh for the next game.  I have early crosses on and it works a treat, the number of times my full backs cross from deep for him to head in gets him loads of goals. This takes some assists off Foden but Smog isn't blessed with pace so through balls etc don't really work for him, Foden still picks up enough assists though with another 52 this season.

    So Smog is really cracking on and well on his way to 1K, Foden needs 105 more assists to reach 1k which is my main target in the next few seasons.

    Thanks for reading.
  11. Favourite
    Ran7777 reacted to Kanegan in The Continental Conqueror Restart (Season 4 - Scotland)   
    Season 4
    Transfers Out
    Transfers In
    Incoming Players Development
    Lewis Morgan seems pretty talented and he justified his inclusion in the playing XI with 13 goals and 14 assists from 54 matches @AvR of 7.57.
    Season Performance

    And we go from strength to strength with yet another treble winning season and on top of that, we win the Champions League so, crossing out my 1st trophy of the challenge. 
    League Performance
    Harper and Docherty at the top of the goals and assist charts respectively.
    Cup Runs
    Champions League
    The semis against Real Madrid was a real barnstormer. The first leg ended 2-2 with Madrid taking 2 away goal advantage to their home. But what followed in Bernabeau was a dream as Lewis Morgan became the star in the absence of Harper as he scored 2 and provided 2. The final was another fantastic game as we bit the mighty Bayern by 3-2.
    Greg Docherty
    Docherty keeps improving with 15 goals and 20 assists this time.
    Jack Harper
    He could only hit 7 goals but he crossed the 50 goals mark for the season for the first time.

  12. Favourite
    Ran7777 reacted to Foxy in FM on Google Stadia: What does it mean for FMM?   
    FM on Google Stadia
    What does it mean for FMM?
    Last weekend it was announced that “full fat” FM20 would be a launch title for Google Stadia in November.
    If you are unfamiliar with what Google Stadia is then obviously Google is your friend but here is a brief description. GS will allow you to stream games in a similar way that Netflix allows you to stream movies and tv shows. This means that you will be able to play any game on the platform from a multitude of devices including TV, tablets, phone (only Google’s own Pixel devices to start with but no doubt that will change over time) or PC/Laptop. A big advantage of this is that if you have a low end device such as an old laptop you will be able to still play the latest games so long as your internet is up to it as all the heavy work is done on Google’s servers. At the moment it remains to be seen how well this will work and it will depend on the quality of your internet speeds but the talk is that about 10mps will allow you to stream at the lower end of quality with 35mps+ being top end. I guess this will depend on the game and of course FM is much less graphic heavy and fast paced than say a FPS. 
    Of course none of this comes free and if your only goal is to only play FM then it would be an expensive way over time to do it compared to simply buying the game and a laptop. 
    What it does mean though is that FM is going to start encroaching into FMM territory simply because as long as you have a suitable internet connection you could technically play full fat FM anywhere but also it gives access to the game to people who perhaps don’t want to buy a laptop or pc simply to play 1 game as they can now play on there tv.
    So the question is where does that leave FMM?
    This is a tricky question to answer because as we know many of us play FMM as a preference because we enjoy the quick game play that allows us to rattle through seasons. That isn’t the case for everyone though and many will play the game due to a lack of a device quick enough to do FM justice but if they are will to buy the kit required for GS and pay the monthly subscription they can from the autumn play FM on an old laptop or there TV and if GS performs as advertised should be able to play FM to the equivalent performance of a high end gaming PC. It also opens up FM to people who may play in free time during the day such as lunch breaks at work because all that’s needed is an internet connection. 
    The worry is that this causes a drop off in sales for FMM which in turn makes SI question either the amount of investment they put into FMM or the product as a whole. As discussed in the past FMM walks a fine line between a “pick up and play” experience and having enough realism to keep people engaged in the game and SI have always said that they want FMM to be as accessible as possible. This leads me to believe that FMM will be around a good while yet but will it get more and more marginalised over the years if FM starts to eat into its sales. We already have FMT available on tablets and that inevitably puts a ceiling on developments with FMM because there needs to be a distinction between the 2 “mobile” products. Of course none of this is a major concern to SI as a company as in an ideal world we would all own all 3 of there FM products and I expect they would be happy enough if sales of FMM dropped if sales of the flagship product grew but I would like to feel that there is still a desire from the company to see FMM as a successful product in its own right.
    My own hope is that SI won’t forget about FMM as they pursue these new avenues for the full fat game and that they will use the extra exposure they will get by being on GS and the new Xbox PC game pass to boost all the products in there range. It’s clear that SI have big plans at the moment and I sincerely hope that FMM remains part of that for many more years.
    How does the news of FM being in Google Stadia effect you? Will you be buying into this new gaming system and if so will a big reason be to play FM and if so will you continue to play FMM? Comment below with your feelings on this subject and the future of FMM as a whole.
    Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.
  13. Favourite
    Ran7777 reacted to 1759 in Vibe World Cup 2019 The Final: Scotland v Japan   
    Vibe World Cup 2019
    Group Stage Challenge 2 - Results Reveal
    Last week Scotland took an early lead in the group stages as they just came out on top in a rather close three way battle between Japan, England and themselves. It’s all still to play for though and at this stage all teams could still qualify for the final.
    For this week’s challenge we had to take over a mid table Russian club and bring in replacements of the same nationality as some of the stars of last season’s World Cup. These players would gain points based on their performances and with league points not counting towards points it could turn interesting.
    I’ll start by going through all of team member 1’s results.
    Team Members 1
    Club: Akhmat
    We’ll start with the first member of current league leaders Scotland.
    Scotland - @samhardy
    Sam sounded quite confident earlier in the week as he declared that he had a rather nice tactic that would work well here. He went for goals with the Croatian, Frenchman and Englishman up top. His Frenchman was Mbala Nzola and he banged in a massive 39 goals to give him 78 points. The Croatian was Ivan Santini and he scored 28 times which give him 10 POM’s for another 30 points. Englishman Eddie Nketiah hit a nice 23 goals and the Belgian goalie Sviliar kept 8 clean sheets for another 16 points and add it all together and you arrive at a fantastic score of 147 which will take a lot of beating I feel.
    Scotland Team Member 1: 147 points
    Next up is the first member of Japan who are currently in second place at the start of play.
    Japan - @Ashez
    Ashez also went with Nzola for his Frenchman and he scored 25 goals to give him 50 points. Englishman Nketiah managed 13 goals with the vast majority of them coming towards the end of the season which seemed to culminate in a lack of goals at that time for the Frenchman much to Ashez’s disgust. Croatian Santini scored 11 goals which helped him win 2 POM awards to add another 6 points whilst 8 clean sheets from Belgian goalie Sven D’Hoest added another 16 to give Ashez a total of 82 points.
    Japan Team Member 1: 82 points
    We now have the first score from third placed England. 
    England - @Rob
    I had a feeling Rob would do well with this challenge and a good score here would give England hope of getting one of the top two scores this week. Rob went with Samuel Essende as his choice of Frenchman and he banged in a tasty 41 league goals to give him 82 points. He went with winger Myles Hippolyte as his Englishman and he managed 3 goals and Croatian forward Darko Bodul scored 10 goals to help him get 4 POM’s for another 12 points. Belgian goalie Logan Bailey kept a nice 13 clean sheets as well to add 26 more points which gives Rob a great total of 123.
    England Team Member 1: 123 points
    The last score of the first team members comes from Brazil.
    Brazil - @Kanegan
    Kanegan like Rob went with Essende as his choice of Frenchman and he managed 20 goals to give him 40 points. Englishman Jayden Stockdale scored 10 goals and Croatian Karlo Lulic won himself 1 POM award to add 3 more points to his score. Belgian keeper Merveille Goblet kept an impressive 16 clean sheets to add another 32 points which gives Kanegen a total of 85 points towards Brazil’s total.
    Brazil Team Member 1: 85 points
    So after the first members totals we have the following scores.
    Scotland: 147 points
    England: 123 points
    Brazil: 85 points
    Japan: 82 points
    You would think just a steady score from myself would give Scotland maximum points for the second week running and a guaranteed place in the final but stranger things have happened.
    Now I’ll go through the scores of the second team members starting with myself.
    Team Members 2
    Club: Rostov
    Scotland - 1759
    I was always going to go for my double trouble tactic here with the Frenchman hopefully replacing the Korean with most of the goals. I went with Nzola as the Frenchman and he did well scoring 35 league goals to give me 70 points. I decided to sacrifice the POM’s as I felt the team needed improving in midfield so Kristijan Bistrovic came in on loan but did manage 1 POM to give me 3 more points. Osayamen Osawe was my English player and he chipped in with 17 goals while my Belgian goalkeeper Davino Verhurst kept 14 clean sheets for an extra 28 points. Total it up and it equals 118 points which you’d think would be enough to give Scotland the maximum points this week and a guaranteed place in the final.
    Scotland Team Member 2: 118 points
    Member 1: 147 points
    Scotland Total: 265 points
    Next up is the second member of Japan Foxy.
    Japan - @Foxy
    Foxy also went with Nzola as his choice of Frenchman and he didn’t disappoint as he scored a nice 37 goals which gives him 74 points. Winger Andre Green scored 7 goals and Croatian midfielder Lovro Majer managed 2 POM’s for another 6 points. Belgian goalie Frank Boeckx kept a whopping 18 clean sheets to add 36 more points to the total which all adds up to a great total of 123.
    Japan Team Member 2: 123 points
    Member 1: 82 points
    Japan Total: 205 points
    So that puts Japan into second place as things stand but if Woody can get at least 83 points then England would leapfrog them and into second place.
    England - @Woody
    Woody like a lot of others went for Nzola as his Frenchman and got 31 league goals out of him for 62 points. Englishman James Bree managed 1 goal and Croatian playmaker Josip Misic won 1 POM award for another 3 points. Belgian keeper Silvio Proto also kept an impressive 17 clean sheets for 34 more points which gives Woody a total of 100.
    England Team Member 2: 100 points
    Member 1: 123 points
    England Total: 223 points
    So that puts England into second place this week and unless DutchTony can come up with a magnificent score we’ll be looking at Scotland top and guaranteed a place in the final with England and Japan level on points going into the final group stage challenge.
    Lets see how Tony got on.
    Brazil - @DutchTony
    Tony went with Nketiah as his English choice and he scored 17 goals. Frenchman Georginio Rutter scored 11 goals to add another 22 points to the total. Tony like myself sacrificed the POM’s and went for a Croatian defender in Filipe Uremovic who couldn’t manage any POM’s but Belgian goalie Jari De Brusse kept 4 clean sheets to add 8 more points to give DutchTony a total of 47 points.
    Brazil Team Member 2: 47 points
    Member 1: 85 points
    Brazil Total: 132 points
    So with that here’s the points for this week.
    Scotland: 265 (5 points)
    England: 223 (3 points)
    Japan: 205 (2 points)
    Brazil: 132 (1 point)
    Here is the group league table with Scotland top on 10 points and guaranteed a place in the final. England and Japan follow up on 5 points each with England taking second place having accumulated 503 points to Japan’s 473 during the tournament so far. Brazil are in fourth place and unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’ll have any chance of seeing them in the final.

    Golden Mobile
    Sam’s great performance this week has pushed him into a decent lead in the Golden Mobile running. Foxy is in second and Rob and Woody aren’t far behind in third and fourth respectively.

    Now all that’s left is to have a look at Team Members 1 and 2’s total scores to see the difference between the clubs used this week.
    Team Members 1 - Akhmat: 437
    Team Members 2 - Rostov: 388
    Based on that you’d think Akhmat was the easier of the two challenges but it’s always difficult to work out and I personally thought the two were more evenly matched than on say last weeks challenge.
    Thank you to the main man Foxy for inviting me to be your co-host and to all participants who’ve made this all run smoothly.
    The last group stage challenge will be posted by Foxy and i think it’ll be up sometime tomorrow.
  14. Happy
    Ran7777 reacted to Ashez in The Final Third Conundrum   
    The Final Third Conundrum

    Recently a comment about the final third instructions caught my eye and sparked a thought process which turned into a can of worms in my mind. Let's be clear no-one here knows the inner workings of the game bar the staff at SI so 99% of the things posted here are theories or opinions, in some cases they're backed up by evidence and in others they're more opinion or speculation....This is purely speculation. 
    However most of the tactical instructions we have available are pretty cut and dry and easy to understand. How high your defensive line is or if you play an offside trap is clearly a style of play implemented by the manager, we have those options to dictate the play in a way we see fit. These options are clearly visible on the engine and easily enforced by your side, sure mistakes will happen and your CB might break the offside line from time to time but the core principle of the order is in effect. Some instructions are a little less obvious however like an intelligent player may decide to time waste late in a match by taking a slow throw in or running the ball to the corner flag, this might not be a clear order from the management but a smart player could take advantage of the situation, just like a goalkeeper on short passing has the option of booting the ball up field if he's under pressure. I think these examples are pretty clear and obvious for why they'd be used or why a player might go rogue and do what's best in the current situation. 
    So what about the final third instructions? In my opinion I think this is where the water gets murky, I think we all assume that every option is on the table regardless of if they're selected or not. For example if you don't have shoot on sight selected it's within reason that if the opportunity presents itself a player might take a pop at goal. In my opinion these instructions are more preferences than options set in stone as no team could rely on a handful of these options, as every opposition and every attack is unique requiring a different approach in that moment. So that leads me to believe while we set preferences the actual decision is made by the player on the pitch, that players stats in areas like decisions, creativity, leadership and various hidden stats will dictate how the play unfolds and if your preferences are followed or not. 

    I think that's a logical trail of thought which leaves plenty of things open, however if this is the case what happens if you have an elite team? If we can assume the players stats will help them make the correct decision surely we'd be better off turning these final third instructions off and trusting the elite players to make the right call? Perhaps the players might do as instructed more often than not but what if that means we're making the wrong call? Let's be clear the information available to us is extremely vague and offers hardly any insight but in that moment the player in question will see the full picture, he'll see his options and if his stats are good enough in theory he'd make the right pass or take the shot on instead of trying to please his manager. However this could also already be the case as we've already discussed how all options are always on the table so what if your players just ignore you anyway and trust their judgement making these options redundant? I've never had shoot on sight selected but we all know certain roles like the ISF are basically designed with that trait as their main focus, their entire role is to cut inside and shoot regardless of the options we have selected. Then every player has their own stat spread and player traits which we can only assume impacts how the player performs in his role, so what if they contradict the final third options we've selected? 

    Finally I wonder how much our manager reputation feeds into this discussion as in theory if you're the top rank manager the players would listen to you more than if you were a rookie, so are these instructions useless for novice managers with big reputation players? Yet if you're a world class manager with elite players would you be better off trusting their decision making? Would average players listen to a superstar manager and in fact produce the purest implementation of your ideas and philosophy? 

    Personally I've found speculating on this subject in my own head fascinating so I decided to bring it to the table and see the communities thoughts. Do elite players listen to us? Should we encourage that when they have more information available than us? Do these final third instructions mean anything at all? My head hurts and I'm in deep!
    As always thank you for reading, all comments and discussions are massively encouraged. 
  15. Happy
    Ran7777 reacted to 1759 in The Final Third Conundrum   
    An interesting article this and it’s something I often think about. I’m with foxy in that I see it as the style of play you are trying to implement but players are not robots and they will at times go against the instructions.
    With top teams on FMM I’ve often took the approach of leaving them all off as quality players with good decision making should make the correct decision most of the time and have the ability to implement it.
    Of course if I’m going for a goalscoring challenge then I’ll try to select the ones which will hopefully get me more chances for the goalscorer.
    For example in my double trouble attempt I’m going with Work Ball into Box to hopefully stop the midfielders from going for goal and Through Ball to try and get the strikers in on goal as much as possible. I left the Early Cross or Look for Overlap off as I can see a time and place for both. 
    I’ve got a few more theories on the workings of the instructions but it might all be hogwash so I’ll leave it there for now.
  16. Happy
    Ran7777 reacted to Foxy in The Final Third Conundrum   
    Interesting article that.
    Decisions should impact it a lot as a player won’t in a split second think “what would the manager want” he would just do what seems best and it would be instinctive.
    I see them as more of a pattern of play that you want the team to implement but in the heat of battle the players will make decisions that may go against that and if they have good decisions they are more likely to be the right choice. Then it’s down to there other attributes if they can successfully do what they intended.
    I know you won’t want reminding of this but Pep famously doesn’t like his players taking too many shots outside the area but the other week Kompany used his initiative and cracked in the goal that basically won them the title against what his manager would have wanted. This was an elite player taking it upon himself to try and make something happen outside of any “game plan” and he had the talent to pull it off.
  17. Happy
    Ran7777 reacted to 1759 in Ian - DT Done - Jun Se-Jin 1K - Season 17   
    Season Eleven
    We are closing in on this now and both of the boys have long enough left on their contracts so I’m now confident we will be able to do this.
    Just the one incoming this year with Stélio Fouley arriving from the mighty Liverpool to battle it out for a position in midfield. Left winger Dennis Jastrzembski decided to leave and a few youngsters followed suit.
    First season where we managed to win every game. Our team is just so strong now and the other league teams have kind of destroyed themselves from a squad building perspective so it’s easier than ever domestically.
    Super Cup
    A one sided 2-0 win but would’ve liked more goals to show for our domination. 
    European Super Cup
    Bangoura knocked in a rare hat trick to help us overcome Inter in a 5-1 drubbing.
    World Club Championship
    We beat America 4-0 with a brace coming from Bangoura.
    Dutch Cup
    We could only beat AZ 3-2 in the final as we had a poor day in front of goal.
    Champions League
    An extra time brace from Jun Se-Jin won us the cup as we were much the better side.
    Full fixture list for those interested.
    I’ll get the youth policy up above 10 before this is done don’t you worry.

    Double Trouble Duo
    Jun Se-Jin
    No decline yet but it’ll be interesting to see how quickly he declines after he gets into his thirties.

    How did he perform?
    He only scored 67 this year but played a few less games. Will need to get him back up into the 70’s next couple of seasons to have any chance of the 1k with him.

    Mohamed Bangoura
    No real changes here either and whilst he’s not as prolific as the Korean he’s still playing his part.

    How did he perform?
    He got 34 goals in 49 games.

    Jun Se-Jin: 67 plus previous goals = 642
    Mohamed Bangoura: 34 plus previous goals = 327
    Total: 969/1200
    Slightly lesser season for the Korean but Bangoura got himself back up into the 30’s to give our duo a combined season total of 101. We just need 231 goals now so hopefully we can get there in just over two seasons.
    Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.
  18. Happy
    Ran7777 reacted to 1759 in Ian - DT Done - Jun Se-Jin 1K - Season 17   
    Season Nine
    We are flying through the seasons now and we can almost see the finish line.  If we can grab another few 100+ seasons I may be able to have a go at trying to get a 1k for the Korean but we have to deal with the double trouble first.
    I'll start with the transfers.
    We offloaded a few boys and brought in a few young prospects for the future. Dries Defour is a young defender that cost £100m and Fabian Teichgraber and Michel Taza are both good looking young midfielders with Taza graduating from the academy.
    Full list below.
    Jun Se-Jin's Early Season
    Jun Se-Jin started the season like a house on fire and I was actually thinking he could maybe get 100 goals himself. He scored 24 goals in his first 11 games and I just couldn't see him letting up but then unfortunately he got a little 3 week injury which put pay to those 100 goal thoughts. I'd been trying to get him signed up on a five year deal since the beginning of the season and finally managed to get that done during his injury so maybe it was blessing in disguise. He wasn't back five minutes from his lay off and then suffered another little injury and by the time he got back to fitness it was just about time for the mid season break. Only trouble is I had totally overlooked the Asian tournament that South Korea were playing in of which they ended up winning with our Korean performing well so that kept him out until nearly mid February. I suppose we were always going to have at least one frustrating season so hopefully this is the only one.
    As usual no problems here but still drew and lost one game. A nice 119 goals scored but 16 conceded this year.
    Super Cup
    We beat PSV 6-0 with Jun Se-Jin netting a hat trick and Bangoura getting a nice brace.
    European Super Cup
    We could only manage a 2-0 win here against Napoli but at least one of our boys got a goal.
    World Club Championship
    No problem here as we beat LA Galaxy 5-0 with Se-Jin and Bangoura getting a brace each.
    Dutch Cup
    Not our best showing here but a goal from Bangoura saw us lift the cup.
    Champions League
    We fought through to the final where we played PSG and it was a one sided affair but our duo only contributed one goal.
    Full fixture list for those interested.
    My youth policy has dropped to 7 this season as I got rid of some unwanted youth.

    Double Trouble Duo
    Jun Se-Jin
    I don't think we'll see any improvements now apart from maybe an increase in leadership.

    How did he perform?
    After a torrid season he still managed 57 goals in 39 games. To be honest I think I was guilty of overplaying him towards the end but we can put this season behind us now and move onto next.

    Mohamed Bangoura
    No change in attributes for Bangoura either as it seems he has hit his peak too.

    How did he perform?
    He stepped it up a bit when Jun Se-Jin was missing and got 47 goals in 50 games. I'm thinking that after the update the boys can maybe hit about 50 games a season whereas before it was more like 45.

    Notable matches for our duo
    Jun Se-Jin: 57 plus previous goals = 492
    Mohamed Bangoura: 47 plus previous goals = 268
    Total: 760/1200
    A bit of a frustrating season this with Jun Se-Jin having a troubled year due to injuries and international requirements. The good thing was Bangoura stepping it up a bit in his absence and hopefully we can get Jun Se-Jin firing again next season.
    Thanks for reading
  19. Happy
    Ran7777 reacted to Rob in Rob tries the Bad Boys Brazil Challenge - Complete   
    I wanted to try a challenge that:
    a) Was short;
    b) Used strikers;
    c) Hadn’t been tried this season yet.
    So I opted for this one:
    In short, and in case you can’t be bothered to click the link (I wouldn’t), you take over a club and buy two Brazilian strikers. One must be 30 or above. You play two seasons, with your total points being the sum of the goals scored by the two players, league points, and goal difference.
    Last year I boarded the Eurotunnel and headed to PSG, spending my weekends at Disneyland or trying to climb the Eiffel Tower like that nutter the other weekend. But this year I will be packing my swim-shorts and heading over to Portugal, to Benfica:

    It is a 34 league game season, but it’s  a relatively easy league and has easyish first few cup rounds to get goals. I don’t have a massive budget, so the players I have gone for are...

    Soares is the kinda player I like. Good aerial, shooting, and strength, with decent aggression, movement, and stamina. At the age of 27 he should have a year or two of improvement left.
    My over 30 player is a callback to my attempt last year, as I have gone for Tardelli for the second year running.

    I have never met Tardelli, but he just seems a cool bloke... cos he has a cool name. He is 33 so he could decline.
    (Not going to lie - I wanted to sign Luis Adriano, but he was injured)
    Thanks for reading and please wish me luck.
  20. Happy
    Ran7777 reacted to 1759 in Ian - DT Done - Jun Se-Jin 1K - Season 17   
    Season Eight
    Evening all
    We've managed to get our boys to score over 100 goals combined in the last couple of seasons so just more of the same would be nice here.
    We did a good bit of business this season as a few older players left as I started to plan for the future. Weston McKennie and Josue Kherradji were brought in to play in midfield with Mckennie expected to feature right from the off and Kherradji a prospect to ease into the side. Randy Philips looks like he will go on to become a decent left winger while Jorg Goderz and Hans Boenisch are both left wing backs so hopefully we'll be well stocked up on the left side for a few years. These's also a couple of graduates who look decent so we'll see how they develop.
    Won as usual with just a couple of draws. We scored 111 goals and only conceded 7 so we are rather dominant as you'd expect at this stage.
    Super Cup
    A nice 6-0 win over Feyenoord with a hat trick from Jun Se-Jin and a goal for Bangoura.
    Dutch Cup
    We made it to the final where we met and beat Utrecht 3-0 with a brace from Jun Se-Jin.
    Champions League
    After last seasons disappointment we were determined to win this and win it we did but it was a little closer than we'd like as we beat Real Madrid 3-2. We were 2-0 up at one point and they came back to 2-2 before we got the winner towards the end. 
    We had a good run all season with just one defeat against Seville in Europe but we went through in the tie anyway. We just need to get our rotation right during the run in as the Champions League games can be a little difficult at times.
    I will get that youth policy attribute above 10 before this career is done.
    Double Trouble Duo
    Jun Se-Jin
    He's at his peak now and its just about keeping hold of him now.

    How did he perform?
    His best season yet with 74 goals in 44 games.

    Mohamed Bangoura
    He's getting to his peak also and is a decent player now. 

    How did he perform?
    He had a similar season to last year with 29 goals in 42 games. He's generally sticking around the 30 mark and it'll do at the moment.

    Notable matches for our duo
    Jun Se-Jin: 74 plus previous goals = 435
    Mohamed Bangoura: 29 plus previous goals = 221
    Total: 656/1200
    Decent enough season for our boys with 103 goals combined. This is all going to plan so far but we've been fairly lucky with injuries and you’d expect us to have at least one frustrating season so I'm not getting too confident yet.
    Thanks for reading
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    Ran7777 reacted to Foxy in Foxy is the Boondocks Rogue: Club 11   
    Club 8
     I was eager to get straight back to it after my Northern Irish nightmare and the perfect opportunity came my way in Scottish League 2.
    Berwick is actually in England but they play there football in Scotland.

    Berwick aren’t too badly placed in the league just outside the playoffs albeit 9 points adrift. In the end I need to not lose games so I can overcome that deficit if I can keep winning.

    Form isn’t exactly promising but they didn’t have the Gladiator in charge.

    This is the kind of form I like to see as we win our first 9 games in charge. This leaves us with 10 games until the end of the season and we are now into the playoff zone. If we could maintain this form we may even catch Peterhead at the top of the table!

    Another 3 wins made it 12 in a row but then we started to draw matches with 4 in the next 5 games. The Cowdenbeath game we had to come from 3 down and then against Annan we came from 2 down so it has been very nervy the last couple of matches.
    This does still keep us going at Berwick and with 2 games of the league season left we could potentially win the league and go up automatically.

    This is the situation at the top. We sit a point behind Peterhead who we play next so a win for us and we go top and have a good chance to win the league but lose and Peterhead win the league and I have to resign.

    It was a tight affair but our goal scoring form deserted us as we fell to a 1-0 defeat which cost us automatic promotion and my job 😞

    We gave it a damn good go but ultimately fell short so close to what would have been a glorious promotion.

    That looks like it is the end of season 2.
    Teams Managed So Far
    Season 1
    Shelbourne - Ireland: W:6 D:1 L:1 Goals Scored: 29 Conceded:6
    Woking - England: W:4 D:2 L:1 Gls For: 13 Conceded: 7
    Wrexham - England: W:3 D:3 L:1 Gls For: 19 Conceded: 13
    Cowdenbeath - Scotland: W:2 D:0 L:1 Gls For: 4 Conceded: 1
     Slough Town -England: W:14 D:3 L:0 Gls For: 48  Conceded: 15 Promoted playoff
    Season 2
    Slough Town - England: W:2 D:0 L:1 Gls For:3 Against:2
     Dover - England: W:3 D:0 L:1 Gls For:10 Against:6
    Ballinamallard - Northern Ireland: W:0 D:0 L:1 Gls For:1 Against:2
    Berwick - Scotland: W:13 D:4 L:1 Gls For:38 Against:18

    Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.
  22. Shocked
    Ran7777 reacted to Foxy in Foxy is the Boondocks Rogue: Club 11   
    Club 7
     I have been avoiding it but it was going to happen at some point 😢
    I didn’t last long at Dover and my aim was Scotland or Northern Ireland for my next job. As it happens I got a job at 2nd tier Northern Irish club Ballinamallard Utd and no I had never heard of them either.

    They were in mid table but this league splits in two after the next 5 games so if I could go on a run we could get in the top half and have a shot at the playoffs. Form was very dodgy with only 2 wins in the last 7 games.

    Our first fixture was against Larne and a quick look at the table shows they are 2nd 9 points ahead of us but a win could narrow that.
    Except we didn’t win, in fact we lost and that was it. One consolation is that my team mate in the VWC @Ashez will be happy and hopefully that will transfer into our team performances.

    We obviously didn’t leave them in a better position than we inherited.

    And that was the end of our short Northern Irish adventure or at least till next time.

    Teams Managed So Far
    Season 1
    Shelbourne - Ireland: W:6 D:1 L:1 Goals Scored: 29 Conceded:6
    Woking - England: W:4 D:2 L:1 Gls For: 13 Conceded: 7
    Wrexham - England: W:3 D:3 L:1 Gls For: 19 Conceded: 13
    Cowdenbeath - Scotland: W:2 D:0 L:1 Gls For: 4 Conceded: 1
     Slough Town -England: W:14 D:3 L:0 Gls For: 48  Conceded: 15 Promoted playoff
    Season 2
    Slough Town - England: W:2 D:0 L:1 Gls For:3 Against:2
     Dover - England: W:3 D:0 L:1 Gls For:10 Against:6
    Ballinamallard - Northern Ireland: W:0 D:0 L:1 GKs For:1 Against:2
    Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.
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    Ran7777 reacted to 1759 in Ian - DT Done - Jun Se-Jin 1K - Season 17   
    Season Seven
    Our duo scored a tidy 108 goals combined last season so more of the same will do over the next few years. This season was played on the latest update so we'll see if that has any effect on the save.
    We brought a few players in to keep things ticking along. Zaniola and Han-Noah Massengo were brought in to improve our options in midfield and Meret will hopefully be our new number one goalkeeper for the next few years. We brought through a few players from the youth system for the future and Nigel Rutten in particular looks a decent prospect at right wing back.
    A good few outgoings who were mainly midfielders and wing backs and hopefully my transfers in have improved upon those positions. 
    League won as usual with 114 goals scored and just 8 conceded.
    Super Cup
    We won the season curtain raiser 3-1 against PSV with the main man Jun Se-Jin getting a nice brace.
    European Super Cup
    PSG were beaten 2-1 but none of our duo could contribute to any of the goals which was disappointing.
    World Club Championship
    We faced off against Jun Se-Jin's first club Suwon and won comfortably 3-0 with our boys scoring all of the goals.
    Dutch Cup
    Jun Se-Jin could only manage one goal as we beat PSV 3-0 in the final.
    Champions League
    Disaster struck here as we go out in the semi final against Man Utd. The tie was close but the games come thick and fast at that time of year and we were hammered with injuries so the boys on the pitch were all tired or jaded which didn't help. Even though we've been dominant domestically the Champions League games have always been a lot trickier but I have another system thats still two up top that I think will be better from a results perspective. I think it'll take a bit away from our duo but I think I might throw that one in for the bigger games next season in Europe as I really want to win this most years to get those tinpot cup games.
    New Stadium
    I know you're busy this week @Foxy but when you get the time I have another stadium for the stadium challenge. Not the best name actually but I'm going to have to hopefully put up with it for a few years yet.

    Decent run of fixtures until towards the end where we ran out of gas and suffered a load of injuries all at once.
    My youth policy is on the rise and the rest is fine by me.
    Double Trouble Duo
    Jin Se-Jin
    Not a lot if any change as he's getting into his peak years now.

    How did he perform?
    He got the same amount of goals as last season with 72 but this season he only played in 43 games.

    Mohamed Bangoura
    His physical attributes have increased a good bit this season so hopefully that'll help him get more goals in the next few years to help out his Korean pal.

    How did he perform?
    He could only manage 30 goals in 44 games this season but the Korean is still doing his stuff so we take it and move on.

    Notable matches for our duo
    Jun Se-Jin: 72 plus previous goals = 361
    Mohamed Bangoura: 30 plus previous goals = 192
    Total: 553/1200
    Our boys got 102 goals this season and whilst thats down on lasts season I’m happy with it as a few more like this will help see us home.
    Thanks for reading
  24. Funny
    Ran7777 reacted to Woody in English football   
    Would be good to see a secent Leeds side again.
    Its 100% true...been reported on Al-Jazeera news too.
    Wether it will go through is another thing altogether. Ashley is a P@#$ so who knows! In charge
    Same chap who tried to but Liverpool last year and wants to keep Rafa in charge.
  25. Favourite
    Ran7777 reacted to Foxy in Foxy is the Boondocks Rogue: Club 11   
    Club 5
    I left my very brief spell at Cowdenbeath in late February and this focused my mind on the type of job I would be going for next. As we move into March we are getting into the business end of the season and although beggars can’t be choosers I was looking for a job at a team that could challenge for a cup, league title or playoffs.
    There was in fact only 3 jobs available and the jobs at Altrinham and Weston Super Mare would both be fighting against relegation affairs but the third job was intriguing and that was the one I went for and got.
    We we’re heading to the county of Royal Berkshire and the town of Slough.

    I took over at a club within touching distance of the playoffs due to all the way down to 7th making the playoffs in the NLS. We do need to make up 6 points and looking at the squad the players are a bit shite but then all the teams are shite at this level.
    I can only assume that the manager left of his own choice as the club is in good form as well.

    Sometimes you need some luck and we got it in the 2nd game with an 88th minute equaliser went in. These 2 goals were Andre’s first in senior football as well as I give the youth a chance.

    The longest we had spent at any club in this save so far is 8 games at Shelbourne but we matched that here and in style only dropping 2 points along the way and all but securing a playoff spot. 

    The next game we beat St Albans and our playoff spot was confirmed with 3 games to spare. I now needed to make sure the lads didn’t take there foot of the gas in those games and we end up losing one as someone else would get the pleasure of managing Slough in the playoffs if that happens.

    The final 3 games went without much incident although I was sweating towards the end of the Truro game as at 2-2 anything could happen. We would play Wealdstone in the first round of the playoffs.

    We needed to win 3 games to get promoted and keep my job and we made a perfect start as we hammered Wealdstone 5-0 and cruised into the semi finals.

    The semi final would be a trip to big spending Billericay in Essex and despite us making most of the running they scored 3 minutes from the end and after an uneventful extra time it went to penalties.

    Former Oxford winger Sam Deering ballooning one over (at least in my minds eye) and we go to the final where the jet setters of Concord Rangers we’re waiting for us.
    This was a tense affair as we couldn’t make our domence count for most of the game. We did get a goal in the 53rd minute but into the last 10 and Concord won a penalty!
    Up steps Jack Parkinson to get Concord back into the game.......AND THE KEEPER SAVES!!!
    The Rebels are going up to the Conference!

    This spell at Slough could not have gone better as we only drew 2 league games and then topped it off with promotion in the playoffs having climbed from 10th to 4th in the space of 14 league games.

    I signed one player who made a big difference with 10 goals in 11 games and proved £4K well spent.

    This technically means I could end the save here as my goal was to win something but I’m enjoying this too much and we still haven’t been to Northern Ireland, we haven’t won a cup competition and maybe even win a league.
    This is why I’m going to carry on the save into season 2 and see where else the game takes us.
    Season 1
    Shelbourne - Ireland: W:6 D:1 L:1 Goals Scored: 29 Conceded:6
    Woking - England: W:4 D:2 L:1 Gls For: 13 Conceded: 7
    Wrexham - England: W:3 D:3 L:1 Gls For: 19 Conceded: 13
    Cowdenbeath - Scotland: W:2 D:0 L:1 Gls For: 4 Conceded: 1
    Slough Town -England: W:14 D:3 L:0 Gls For: 48  Conceded: 15 Promoted playoff

    Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.