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  1. @NguyenDucAnh hey I had a quick question - do you have an idea on how to change the following characteristics of a club: reputation, training facilities, youth facilities & financial state?
  2. Hey thanks for the reply! To be honest, I totally understand why you'd want to sell it - it's a ton of work trying to decipher this file 😅 You should consider setting up a way for people to donate towards your project btw; would love to contribute
  3. @Scratch@NguyenDucAnh I have been learning programming in Python for the last few months or so and I thought what better way is there to practice than by doing so on something I love :). So I have been working on creating a script that goes through the save file and exports simply the following: Players Name, Players Club, Players CA, Players PA I was wondering how difficult you guys think this process would be? I have already started a bit - converted the file to hex, retrieved some really trivial data - however past that, I am really not sure where to start. Any thoughts? Oh and most importantly! I am planning on making the code open source on Github so anyone is free to add whatever they would like
  4. That's fair - I always wondered if you guys had some trick up your sleeves but it sounds like its just good ol' hard work. I am assuming the individual stats must be quite difficult to track down?
  5. Wow very impressive! Already 10 steps ahead. How were you able to figure out how to read the data in the save file?
  6. Would you be interested in creating a program that reads the FMM save file and provides behind the scenes information about the players? Even better with the ability of editing the data. It would be really interesting to export seasonal data and analyze it using Stata or R. I thought of this after watching Moneyball and was wondering how one could approach constructing a model that demonstrates the impact certain behind the scenes variables have on important statistics such as goals, assists, clean sheets etc. What do you guys think?
  7. Holy I am so taking England to a WC win (starting with the under 20s WC) Such potential wow!!!
  8. Yeah nah I'll wait for 12 more hours Excited tho!!!
  9. Tutor staff member is just a way to speed through the badges for your staff. Is there in 19’ too
  10. Then what’s the point? I mean wouldn’t it be cool if the better staff you bought, the more accurate those reports? I mean I tried using their suggestions and it was honestly useless. Reverted back to my deadly tactic and boom, steamrolling through the league, irrelevant of their suggestions.