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  1. SEASON 11.5 Well i really thought this would be THE season i would end it at, but it took me another half a season because of these: those two nearly cost me 20 games and potentially 30 goals. Well the season itself went pretty okay, not as well as last season though. Missed out on a Europa title, courtesy of FC Porto. Now on to the juicy bits. And that concludes the quest of Bartosz "Chewie" Marchewka. Looking to post one more time with my best XII of all time before moving on to my next career. Hope you guys enjoyed the read so far.
  2. As happy as 1000 goals would make me, i feel like it would be way too boring to push that far. Especially with most real players retiring and being replaced by regens with wonky attributes(i mean a limited defender with 20 technique and 5 passing?)
  3. Ouch that accidental delete must've hurt! Losing all progress in a transfer window always sucks.
  4. SEASON 10. well that took awhile but here's my 10 year anniversary, yay! My season went amazingly With me winning an astonishing 6 pieces of silverware. Won everything i could play in, bet i would've gone for that second division trophy if they let me. Had a pretty easy time, a real once in a career season there. Well that obviously means Chewie did well right? Let's take a look: Now on to my team, which I'd be nothing without: Alright with those out of the way, time for some me time. Looking to hit 500 wins, 1500 goals and a top 5 manager rank by next season. I'm rich, but not rich enough to even buy back Gumny or Jozwiak(remember them?) That about sums up this season, hope you guys enjoyed the read. I'm hoping to end this challenge by next season, wish me luck!
  5. Here he is! Well he hasn't really improved much from age 20/season 4 Looks like he got alittle beefy.
  6. Quick foreword: Since my seasons recently have become very bad and just plain unenjoyable, I've decided to skip ahead a few years and post a season i did have great success at. Who doesn't love a good little time-skip, right? SEASON 9. Yep, it took me 3 years to have a good season. How good? Pretty good. Took me 9 seasons to bring Lech Poznan to a Champions League title, although to be fair i didn't really face too many tough competition. With only one exception. While both legs were tough, i got through thanks to a miraculous performance from my Senegalese Mbappe(more on him later). My league campaign went well, scoring a little over a 100 goals. Now onto my assassin-in-goal: Here's a look at my now world class team: Some manager stats: Woo Hoo! World Class reputation and over 1200 goals! With just a little over 500 games played, that's me getting 2 goals a game consistently.(although to be fair i am sort of in a farmers league, with there only being one farmer )
  7. I took a short break from updating after suffering through a couple of absolutely horrendous seasons(well they weren't that bad, but i felt i could've done better.) SEASON 6. First up, i want to say that i made a HUGE mistake in this season. See, after some lackluster games late last season, i thought maybe i could reinvent myself. You know pull a Conte and breathe some life into a side that was running the risk of becoming stale. I also sold about 1/4 of my first team and forced the team to use a tactic i had only so far used in my head. Well that went not so well, really affecting the goals i managed to get for that season. Still managed to win the usual domestic trio and did as expected in europe. Now onto the season! Nice. Group of death...yada yada...you know the story. Two losses to, yep you guessed it!, Real Madrid! Bastards are just plain unstoppable in Europe. And then my run got cut short by AC Milan(that really sounds like a air conditioning brand. Sorry ) Alright, now on to my star striker. Now on to my team.(had some busy transfer windows.) Here are some manager stats... And I'm joined by friends! My man Messi still pulling 20s even as a manager. At 18 temperament, he clearly can keep his head cool. Unfortunately, can't seem to keep his wallet full. (strange he's an attacking manager, maybe he got tired of defending?) By far the best man manager of the lot, really knows how to talk to the boys. That's all for this season, thank you for reading, hope you have a wonderful day.
  8. Ha! Szymon Zurkowski. I've picked him up in my Lech Poznan career, here's a quick look at him in about 8 years. You're right, he does turn into and absolute tank. A decent BBM, really appreciated seeing his name pop up here. :)
  9. SEASON 5. A season that's pretty similar to the previous ones, except for one thing. Before we get to who i sold, let's have a quick overview of this season. Won everything domestically. Now on to europe. Whelp, looks like another group of death. Really terrible luck. That was close, really happy to have managed get through that. And the only game i lost was this madness However my dreams ended there as Man Utd(again!) killed and buried my hopes across two legs in the Ro16. Now how did Marc do?(spoiler alert!: not so great) Now onto my team and some key players: Here are some boring manager stats: Around another 150 goals. Oh, and I also managed to get the board to max out training and youth facilities, talk about a miracle. That about sums up this season. As always your feedback is always welcome.
  10. SEASON 4. Boy these seasons do go by quite fast don't they? Anyway, here's a quick overview. Domestically did quite well(as usual, maybe I should just skip my domestic results...). Was hit by two league losses though, so not perfect. Europe was... Well what can i say. Group of death and all that. Not even Europa League for me. Oddly i was still the leading scorer at the time i was kicked out. Thanks to all those qualifying rounds no doubt. So how did my main man Chewie do?(Finally got a pic of his attributes, they're great!) Now here's a look at my team and its key players: Some (useless) manager stats. Another 150 goals, although i'm not too happy because it seems like I'm not really improving. That about sums up this season. Thanks for reading, and i would really appreciate any feedback that could help me get better at this.
  11. SEASON 3. Still missing some screenshots, really sorry about that. 😞 Once again this was a pretty good season domestically, with me winning the league unbeaten and getting two trophies. My European run was great, making it to the quarter-finals before being kicked out by Man Utd So how did Bart Marc(two first names!)do? Now how about the rest of the squad? Here are some (almost) pointless manager stats. Added another 150 goals! As always, any guidance/tips & tricks you guys want to share is always welcome. Really sorry about the missing player attributes screenshots, i promise that when you guys see their attributes next season you'll all be blown away.
  12. Ignore this.(how do i delete posts?)
  13. SEASON 2. I was going through my screenshots when i realized i was missing quite a few pictures. So this will be a pretty quick update since i have nothing to flesh out this season. Overall my team did pretty well domesticall, winning two cups and the league Was kicked out of Champions Cup by Inter... And then Roma kicked me out of Europa league. So how did chewie do? Manager stats. 150 more goals in! Some key players He was transfer-listed and i wanted a world class keeper.(in about 5 seasons.) My rock in defence is still solid. In fact, he's better!.
  14. Ah i see, thanks a bunch! I was thinking it was some kinda bug.
  15. SEASON 1. Don't trust the picture above, for some weird reason i could only see how the league tables were until the table got split into championship and relegation tables.(Which is a thing in poland where the top 8 and the bottom 8 teams get seperated in to two groups to play the last 7 games of the season.) League season went pretty well, with me winning one cup and the league. So enough about that, how did Marchewka, or Chewie as i like to call him, do? Here's a quick look on my team and some of my key players this season. And of course here are some manager stats, a 100 goals in 1 season is not too bad. i think that about sums up my first season. If there's anything i could improve on i would love to hear some feedback from you guys on how to do things better as this is my first career I've posted on here. Cheers.