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  1. 2014 MyClub Creator

    While it is easy to use, for iOS users it can be a hassle to attach iDevice, find file, bring it over and then upload (I'm not saying it cannot be a hassle on any other device) - so a creator would be very useful for people such as them, speeding up the process. However, a PC creator may encourage some to make a half-decent team, slap it up and it would waste space - the onces made so far are great, with badges, in game screenshots and real planning. If it is made easier, then people won't mind if they deliver a poor job, as it was quick and easy. They could also do it again, which leads me on to the next point. It is likely this MyClub editor would be beneficial as any mistakes made by our visionary community to be easily changed - no requirement to reload it on to the game (yet MORE hassle for iOS). I think it is a great idea - though I wouldn't be able to use it, as I use Mac. Great work!
  2. 2014 Sugar Daddy?!?

    It took 4 for me with Liverpool - so presumably not too far off.
  3. 2014 Back to the Future - QPR

    A 4-2-2-2 I used - Wing Backs, mixture of CM tactical roles, an Inside Forward and Winger, then a Poacher and a Target Man.
  4. 2014 Sugar Daddy?!?

    It takes longer than 3 seasons.
  5. I have a Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 - pretty poor. Play on iOS though mostly.
  6. 2014 Back to the Future - QPR

    Season 3 Transfers Me FA Cup League Cup Europa League Summary Very very disappointed about the league. So close! I drew 2-2 with Everton on the last day of the season, and had many other close matches or matches where I should have won and we threw it away. The FA Cup was a nice consolation, gaining revenge on Chelsea. Our first foray into Europe was also a grand success, and was remarkably easy too. Esmael Gonçalves was a massive flop, so I'm glad I took a punt on Kane, who, with Obika and Rémy, had a great season. Obika scored 15 in 20 - not bad for a third choice striker! Pleased but not quite there yet! A 'competent and workmanlike performance' as the game would put it. Champions League is going to be fun (hopefully will get some big cash to play with too)!
  7. 2014 When do you sub?

    Depends on next fixture. I've subbed at 84% before, and 91% last year.
  8. 2014 FMH Funnies

    I did think that. Though Barça last year would buy half decent strikers every time who weren't even good and were almost always different - once I saw them buying Defoe, another time Lewandowski, another Alvaro Morata. It can be annoying though when you want a good player and have to compete with huge clubs to get him with way more financial power.
  9. 2014 Cracking the regen code

    There seems to be many more nationality changes. A team in Argentina AmyDS Rafaela, has a full squad in 2016. One of those players is naturally on the game, and the rest are all regens - and all Argentinian. More nationality changes it seems. I've still found Ze Luis, Ronaldinho and Rogerio Ceni (who is a beast) though, based on positions and stats.
  10. 2014 FMH Funnies

    I swear Arsenal always buy Vela. Like last year, there were regular signings that would happen every time - Vermaelen to Barça/Real, Kaboul, Sandro, Walker, to Barça/Real, Dedé to Chelsea etc. etc.
  11. 2014 My Club - Logo and Player Pictures

    Thanks! That's useful to know.
  12. 2014 My Club - Logo and Player Pictures

    So that's the ID for the created club?
  13. 2014 Back to the Future - QPR

    I noticed. Thanks! Obika has been amazing in season 3 (spoiler - too late)
  14. 2014 Vibe $tars- Second season Update!!

    Obika Oman SC Current: 1 Potential: 5
  15. Spurs? Below Liverpool? Despite buying Lamela for big cash and Soldado and so many others, we are still the poor man of the rich teams. In fairness, so much money came from Bale - I'm pretty sure they made a profit overall.