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  1. It's a great guide that explains how things roughly are meant to function, but it's hard to judge whether or not it actually has any effect based on the match stats available. I turned off the visualizations a while back, I'm gonna try enabling it again and see if I get more clues that way.
  2. Hey! How do you guys figure out tactics and roles that work for your team? I don't feel like there's enough data exposed for me to make good decisions from. I can't really make out much difference from the choices and settings I make. Any tips to share?
  3. Alright! Well I'll do that, I'll look more at what the match ratings and attributes are, and listen to the coaches less. I bought a new winger with great attributes. According to my coaches he's almost the worst player in the squad lol. Board ain't happy either. He seems to be performing though, 6-7-7-8 so far!
  4. Thanks for responding! When you mention star ratings and roles, will the coach rating relate to whatever the recommended role and position the player currently has?
  5. Hey guys! Been playing and loving the game for the past few weeks. Have managed to bring Triestina from Serie C to Serie A, though I'm most likely getting relegated. One thing I haven't been able to understand is what exactly makes a player good. Let me give you a few examples to illustrate. I have a midfielder with great attributes, lots of green and the rest blue. Judging by this alone, he looks like an amazing player. However my couch only rates him 2.5 stars, perfectly average. He mostly gets 7 in match rating, often 6 and sometimes 8. I have an inside forward that I acquired in Serie C, with good enough attributes, lots of blue but nothing amazing. Just looks like a useful player. This guy has by far been my best player through 5 seasons, it's not even close. He is rated 3 or 3.5 stars by my couch. He never drops below 7 in matches, regularily gets 8-10. He has won player of the year every damn season since I got him, usually ending up with 7.8 average rating or something. I have plenty more examples, but I think this should suffice. So, what exactly should I be looking for in a player? Attributes? Coach/scout opinions? Average match ratings? Maybe a combination? I have no idea... but to me it looks like attributes matters far less than I thought. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this for me. Bonus question: what exactly do the match ratings mean? If a player scores an 8, does that mean he's doing great in general, or does it mean he's doing great in relation to his own abilities? Is a 7 rated Messi performing at the same level as a 7 rated sunday league player? This got pretty long, sorry about that. I've just been wondering about this stuff for so long now!