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  1. Varinhemantar

    Changes.txt help

    Those are the changes for the next season, with the new clubs in Premier League.
  2. Varinhemantar

    Neville Wears Prada - Trying for FM Mobile

    The team's getting better with the tactic. I changed passing style to direct and goalie distribution to long By the way also thinking of doing the unstoppable attacking for FMM
  3. Varinhemantar

    Neville Wears Prada - Trying for FM Mobile

    First few games. The tactic is working OK, but still not quite happy with it.
  4. If you've played the PC version of Football Manager, you may know about this famous tactic. It was created by The Reckonist and it is a superb tactic, it managed to get Stoke City to 2nd position in EPL. So I thought of creating one for mobile version, obviously it's going to be different. This is what I've come up with. It still needs a bit of work and I would appreciate it if you could help me with modifying the tactic: