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  1. Varinhemantar

    Attempt: The Scoring with Pensioners Challenege

    Striker for second season: Now a free agent.
  2. Varinhemantar

    Attempt: The Scoring with Pensioners Challenege

    Hi Aicis I'm doing this save on FMM 17 not FMM 18...but if you want I can show you the tactics.
  3. Varinhemantar

    Attempt: The Scoring with Pensioners Challenege

    Sadly I forgot to take a screenshot. I remember all his attributes when I bought him, but he degraded a lot by the end of the season.I started the second season, he's still in the game, but he's degraded further ATTRIBUTES AT BEGINNING Aerial - 15 Cross-9 Dribble-12 Pass-13 Shoot - 17 Tackle-8 Technique-13 Aggression - 13 Creativity-13 Decisions-15 Leadership-15 Movement-15 Posit-12 Teamwork-16 Pace-12 Stamina13 Strength-13
  4. Varinhemantar

    Premier league and English comp logos

    You can download it from this link:
  5. Varinhemantar

    Attempt: The Scoring with Pensioners Challenege

    START OF SEASON: Bought Aduriz and played two friendlies against Leverkusen and Villarreal, drawing and winning respectively. Aduriz scored in both games. Our first game of the season was against Villarreal and we lost to them 4-1.Disappointing and our stale form continued for the first 8 games till we somehow managed to get an unbelievable 24 games unbeaten streak and we were top of the table. Coupled with a 4-3 win against Barcelona and knocked out Real Madrid in the semifinals of Spanish Cup. It seemed that we could've won the title but then heartbreak occurs. It all started with Atletico Madrid. They defeated us 2-1 after which we drew against Gijon and then the biggest shock of the season as Las Palmas defeat us 4-1. We recovered a bit with a 4-0 win against Seville and 4-2 against Eibar but Barcelona got their revenge by defeating us 3-2 in the league. Due to this Real Madrid managed to get to top of the table. In the Spanish Cup despite our brave attempts we lost to Barcelona 4-3. Performances: Aduriz was outstanding and with the help of Fede Cartabia was able to score lots of goals. He scored in nearly every game except for six(yes I keep count) Good season for us, outstanding season for Aduriz. Too bad he's leaving now...
  6. Varinhemantar

    Attempt: The Scoring with Pensioners Challenege

    Thanks. Just finished a season, I will update soon.
  7. I recently found a challenge made by Peely. You'll have to score 1k goals in your career with strikers aged over 34. Each season you'll have to change your striker. You've got 30 years in which you can finish the challenge or retire in disgrace. Some of you might ask why I'm doing this on FMM 17 instead of FMM 18. When I got FMM 18, I was playing a career on FMM 17 with Oxford City. So I'm addicted to FMM 17. So my chosen club and player
  8. Varinhemantar

    The Scoring With Pensioners Challenge

    Can I do the challenge with FMM 17?
  9. Varinhemantar

    FMM 2016 attribute graph

    I don't know how it can be done in-game, but for fmm 2017 there was a player predictor excel file created by Dec. It can be used for fmm 16 as well. But the graphs are different there. They show defending, physical, passing, shooting, technical and mental stats there.
  10. Varinhemantar

    Random name funnies

    I remember a Hazard Regen called Fi Six (Physics) and a Crouch Regen called Harry Potter.
  11. Varinhemantar

    Changes.txt help

    Those are the changes for the next season, with the new clubs in Premier League.
  12. Varinhemantar

    Neville Wears Prada - Trying for FM Mobile

    The team's getting better with the tactic. I changed passing style to direct and goalie distribution to long By the way also thinking of doing the unstoppable attacking for FMM
  13. Varinhemantar

    Neville Wears Prada - Trying for FM Mobile

    First few games. The tactic is working OK, but still not quite happy with it.
  14. If you've played the PC version of Football Manager, you may know about this famous tactic. It was created by The Reckonist and it is a superb tactic, it managed to get Stoke City to 2nd position in EPL. So I thought of creating one for mobile version, obviously it's going to be different. This is what I've come up with. It still needs a bit of work and I would appreciate it if you could help me with modifying the tactic: