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  1. malekhit

    Funny FMM 2019 Moments

    no comment 🤔🤔
  2. this is my first full season in Mielec(season 23/24). Tactics are very good. I passed Mielec after the nineteenth round of meetings in the first division at season 22/23. With the achievements of eleven points they occupied the last (eighteenth) place in the table. in the next fifteen (that's how much until the end of the games) we won over thirty points (we were the best scoring team) and we took the eleventh place. I recommend the tactics to everyone, very good job! greetings
  3. 286 good luck, 6 season each 50 gooals and GG!
  4. SEASON 20/21 three seasons, many great results and cups won. Will this time be the same? Will Werner, Asencio and the company play another great season? Or will they forget how to play football? I invite you to read TRANSFERS we have made cosmetic changes. Three transfers to the club and five from the club. I think that this team can afford to win everything in turn HISTORY 2020/2021 Win Community Shield(4:1 vs Spurs) Win Euro Super Cup(6:3 vs Spurs) Win Carabao Cup(4:0 vs Chelsea) Win Club World Championship(3:0 vs River Plate) Win Champions Cup(extra time 4:2 vs Juventus) Win Premier League(98pkt) Defeat at Fifth Round English FA Cup(1:2 vs Huddersfield) The 1,000 Goal Challenge another good season by Werner, but it's far to your achievements. I feel that 1000 goals in career will not go away. Is there any point in continuing this challenge? season games goals 17/18 53 39 18/19 48 29 19/20 57 64 20/21 56 62 total games total goals 216 194 The Assist Challenge I thought that the previous season of performing a Spanish is an accident at work, but for the second year in a row, it has cosmic numbers. I think 500 assists can get in a career season games assist 17/18 48 20 18/19 55 28 19/20 61 54 20/21 59 38 total games total assist 223 140 The 200 International Goal Challenge nine meetings, six additional goals. Not bad. At the age of 20 he has already 40 goals in the national team LIVERPOOL
  5. nice, exelent start. keep going that
  6. Season 19/20 after successful two first seasons, we finally aimed to win the Premier League. There were no more excuses that there was not enough time to strengthen the team, establish good tactics, etc. I would consider compromising places apart from the first at the end of the season. In the Champions League we wanted to show off the best side, we aimed at the semi-finals. In terms of three players - I had clearly set goals for them: - Werner over 60 goals, - Asencio - over 40 assists, - Abraham - finishing 30 goals in the national team . Have you succeeded? I invite you to read TRANSFERS Two months is a lot of time to complete the transfers. I wanted to strengthen competition in the CM position, to attract competition on DM / CB and an alternative to TAA and Clyne. Everything went well and I was able to enjoy the entire team of players We also did purges in the team. I decided to sell Salah, who would have been a substitute this season, Sturridge for which the amount was very attractive. Solanke and Wilson also said goodbye to the club HISTORY 2018/2019 in Carabao Cup we lost again with City, but this time in the 1/4 finals. in the FA Cup, after Werner's concert, we defeated Tottenham 4: 1 in the final, while Sadio Mane was the king of Liverpool from the semi-final of the Champions League, thanks to whom we first made 3 goals from the first half of the final match (City 4: 1 Liverpool, rematch 3 : 0 after three goals Mane), and then another three goals he made in the final with Real! in the Premier League from the beginning we dictated the pace. The only team that wanted to push us on the heels was Tottenham, but in the last five lines they scored as much as 3 defeats. We will finish the season in very good moods winning 4 trophies The 1,000 Goal Challenge Finally, a very successful season for Werner, who crossed the border of 60 goals in the season! in addition he won numerous awards: Best Player in Europe and all individual titles broadcast in England. season games goal 17/18 53 39 18/19 48 29 19/20 57 64 total games total goals 160 132 The Assist Challenge Asencio does not expect such a season like this. He was the brain of a perfectly oiled machine. These statistics are some kind of space, he played the whole season as a shadow strike season games asisst 17/18 48 20 18/19 55 28 19/20 61 54 total games total assist 162 102 The 200 International Goal Challenge Abraham had a lot of games to play, starting from the elimination to the European Championship, ending with the ME. At the beginning, a slight compromise of England we finally finish the group in second place and check in at the European Championships in the championships alone, it was not colorful at first. We lost to Switzerland in the inauguration, then the victory against Albania, and finally we are defeating the tape in the group France and leaving the first place. Finally, we succumb to Spain in the 1/2 final. At the age of 19, Abraham has 34 appearances and 34 goals in the team. For the goal of two hundred shaves still far Liverpool
  7. malekhit

    Funny FMM 2018 Moments

  8. Season2 After the successful first season, the appetites for the second season were even greater. The goals for the season are again worth presenting in Europe, the fight to the very end for the championship. Have you succeeded? I invite you to read! TRANSFERS Liverpool's reconstruction is in full swing. It will take some time to complete the team, which every year will count on all trophies in the old continent without hesitation, I sold Lallan to United, 60 million walk does not go. A very interesting proposition also influenced Robertson, who lost the competition for the LO with a new acquisition. Henderson was only the third choice at DM (Can, Fabinho) we broke the bank for a young Englishman whom I saw in the team's concept. 200 million maybe too much, but I was hoping in Alli.Szymanski is the melody of the future, I hope that I will develop like in my other career, where every season has a double-double HISTORY 2018/2019 we won half of six possible trophies, it's a pity that both Premier League and Champions League was not our way.3 place in the Premier League is equal to the odds, we lost 8 points to the City. In the Champions League we were eliminated in the 1/8 finals with Bayern monachium. The final success was achieved by Milan The 1,000 Goal Challenge after a very average first season, I hoped Werner would start. What was my surprise when he scored ten fewer goals than in the first season. Maybe we'll change 1000 goals to 500? I do not think they would even make it season games goals 17/18 53 39 18/19 48 29 total games total goals 101 68 The Assist Challenge until December Marco had as many as 20 assists, I hoped that he would sustain his form. After December, he scored only eight assists, which gives him 28 assists in 55 meetings in the season. The number is very pleasant season games assist 17/18 48 20 18/19 55 28 total games total assist 103 48 The 200 International Goal Challenge a lot of meetings, which resulted in a large opportunity for the young Englishman to score goals. very interestingly started at the World Cup, where we scored in the group stage many goals. In the next round we lost after extra time in Portugal. Another tournament was the European International League where we disappointed. 3 points in 4 meetings speaks for itself. 21 goals at the age of 18 are a great result, let me only hold Timmy in the national colors Liverpool I was very surprised by Woodburn, Gomez, and Sturridge. Gomez will be the first choice for DC next season. Woodburn should bite from Salah, and Stu will be ace in the sleeve!
  9. SEASON1 Hello, Vibe, as you know from the introduction we have three challenges in one career. How did the heroes deal in the first season? I invite you to read! TRANSFERS we're very active in the transfer market. In the end, you had to earn funds for transfers Werner, Asensio, Abraham and other players who joined us. Without a second thought, I sold Milner, Origi, Matip, Moreno and many other players five reinforcements that were crucial to me. In addition to the above-mentioned three, Fabinho joined the club, who was supposed to be the primary DM and Sessegnon, which is the melody of the future HISTORY 2017/2018 the season can be considered as moderately successful. we're eliminated by Manchester City in the third round of the Carabao Cup, then we succumbed to Brentford in the FA Cup. A series of weak matches at the end of the league season pushed us to the fourth place in the league table with nine points behind the new champion - Manchester United.In the Champions League there was an English final. Again fate wanted us to face forces with Manchester City! After extra time we won the most prestigious club cup in Europe! The 1,000 Goal Challenge the young German scored a nice progression. I hope he did not reach his full potential Thirty-nine goals in fifty-three meetings can be considered a disaster. However, I hope that with time players will understand better on the pitch will be more effective The Assist Challenge the young Spanish season was under little injuries. He often went to the end of meetings, or was changed in the first half. He is very glassy, and I have no idea how to help him I consider twenty assists a good prognosis! It should only get better from season to season The 200 International Goal Challenge The biggest mystery is Timmy, who in the 24-game club in the season did not have a single goal in his account, and in the pre-World Cup team he had twelve goals in eight games. He shoots as if on a call in the national team! Squad Appearences: Squad Goals: Squad Assists: MANAGER:
  10. 2000 goals will certainly be, but whether 2,500? If Kane can withstand six / seven years, maybe this border will be exceeded excellent results, great career, may it last as long as possible
  11. Introduction to a career: Time for a small revolution in the Liverpool team. A new manager came, he observed the players and came to the conclusion that new faces are needed in the team. I will give you three players who are key in this career. We will start with a player who has to cross the barrier of 1000 goals in the club. Finally, malekhit decided to hope for the German football, the pupil of VfB Stuttgart the player who wants to get the most assists is a twenty-two Spanish player. He is a pupil of Mallorci, and today he defends the colors of Real Madrid striker - 200 goals in the team. The names Rashford, Solanke, Sturridge appeared, but none of them. The choice for you may be surprising, but I bet on a player about which the whole world will soon find out. I am sure of that before you, sixteen-year-old Timmy Abraham!
  12. As for Rashford, I wanted to buy it, but I decided to go in a different direction. Liverpool stand in the game for Marcus, the initial budget of 118 million, in addition transfers from the club, and changed the budget of wages I love Daniel, I think he would have done it if he was not like glass. in half an hour he'll find out everything
  13. This is my first established topic in which we will try to perform three challenges. Sorry for my English because it is on the average level. For the most part, I will use a translator Three Challange: a) The 1,000 Goal Challenge, b) The Assist Challenge, c) The 200 International Goal Challenge. We start in England, exactly in Liverpool FC, as a national team, of course, I chose the sons of the albion. Do you like gambling? Who will win will have satisfaction! Who will I choose as the England striker?
  14. can u share this monster tactic? I see for the first time that such numbers reach two players
  15. Hello all. Today I will present to you some good, cheap players from Poland for one really worth a look, see for yourself Majecki - GK Szymański - i put him at CM Żurkowski - AMC(AP) Klups I hope that someone will benefit from the services of the players in the weaker league or in the weaker club