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  1. we are starting another challenge, this time we will play only one season. You already know the team - it is written in the subject. The question is will you guess three players who will try to beat 330pkt which @smoggy90 scored. This is a very good result, it will definitely be hard. I choose worldclas players
  2. SEASON 4 the fourth season in FMM20 is the most twisted. World Championships at the turn of November and December, lots of matches played every 3 days. Busy schedule... Fortunately, this season only happens once in the game. In the previous three seasons, we scored 300 goals with our attackers. This season I would like to maintain an average of 100 goals per season TRANSFERS three transfers from the club, none to the club. I trust the same players all the time. However, I have to start looking for central defenders. COMPETITIONS Community Shield - win 4:2 vs Arsenal London, Euro Super Cup - win 5:0 vs OM, Champions League - defeat 2:3 vs Real Madrid, Carabao Cup - defeat 2:3 vs West Ham at Quarter Final FA Cup - defeat 1:4 vs Burnley at Quarter Final Premier League - win. THE STRIKERS Mason Greenwood Rhian Brewster Eddie Nketiah CHALLENGE
  3. I see a heavy start in Triple Threat. Have you ever done this chellenge? will any of the attackers be able to cross the 50 goals barrier? 7 challenges in one game, great idea
  4. I do everything on the phone and the photo editor does not allow me to crop screens. thank you very much for your feedback!
  5. SEASON 3 After a very successful second season, we felt like an even better season for three magicians who are trying to score 1500 goals. The assumption is that each season, Brewster, Nkietah and Greenwood score a total of 100 goals. We need fifteen seasons then. TRANSFERS only two transfers. Both from the club. I decided to trust the same team as in the second season. Mane, Sancho and Bailey fought invariably for two places on the sides of the wings, and Origi was a substitute for the strikers COMPETITIONS Community Shield - win 2:1 vs Chelsea London, Euro Super Cup - win 4:1 vs Inter Champions League - win 3:1 vs Real Madrid, Carabao Cup - win 4:2 vs Huddersfield, Club World Championship - win 3:1 vs Barcelona, FA Cup - defeat 3:4 at 5th round vs Leicester City, Premier League - win. THE STRIKERS Mason Greenwood Rhian Brewster Eddie Nketiah CHALLENGE
  6. SEASON 2 The second season is over. We decided together with the owner of the club that we will sell Salah, who scored a lot of goals. It turned out to be good for us, because the three Englishmen scored more goals than in season I. In addition, England fell out in the 2nd round of the European championship. I entered the action. TRANSFERS the club's policy has changed. A dozen or so young, perspective players came to the club. Including two transfer bombs. Players said goodbye to the club and couldn't count on the minutes on the pitch. COMPETITIONS Community Shield - defeat at penalty (2:2) vs Manchester City, Euro Super Cup - win 4:2 after extra time vs Napoli, Champions League - win 1:0 vs Bayern Momachium, Carabao Cup - defeat 1:3 vs Tottenham Hotspur, Club World Championship - defeat at penalty vs America, FA Cup - win 4:0 vs Chelsea London. Premier League - win. THE STRIKERS Mason Greenwood Rhian Brewster Eddie Nkietah CHALLENGE
  7. u play 4/3/3? France is amazing at this game
  9. Hello. Could someone from the administration delete the topic? I changed my phone and did not copy Save ... I'm going to start again.
  10. SEASON 1 Hello all in the summary of the first season of the challenger. In the first post you have transfers and selection of players, so now I will skip it. COMPETITIONS Community Shield - lose 2:2 after penalty vs Manchester City, Euro Super Cup - win 4:2 vs Chelsea, Champions League - win 2:1 vs Barcelona Carabao Cup - win 2:0 vs Tottenham Club World Championship - win 2:1 vs SIP FA Cup - defeat 0:2 vs Manchester City at 1/2 finals Premier League - win THE STRIKERS Mason Greenwood - Rhian Brewster - Eddie Nketiah - Challenge
  11. we have no influence what tactics the assistant will use. It seems to me that he chooses it on the basis of players who are able to play in reserves. I may be wrong, but I infer these observations by looking at my assistant
  12. I always have no more than 19 players in the first team. Then it rotates the squad, and for the needs of a challenge I watch over my three attackers so that they have not less than 68% of condition