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  1. Great score @Rob. Didn't took long for you to get off the blocks
  2. Season 2 We continue in the Mexican Expansion League with Venados FC or the Bucks whose claim to fame is finishing 14th in the former second divisions Apertura in 2018. Once again forgot to do screenshots of transfers but again brought in freebies, this time around 5. Apertura The early going were tough and we never really recovered fully finishing 8th but managing to qualify in the playoffs. Playoffs We managed to go all the way to semi-finals before losing to the eventual winner of the league Atlante. Clausura Clausura was much better as the dynamics started getting connected between players and we eventually finished second. Playoffs And we took the long route but eventually ended up winning the Clausura making it 2 Clausura titles in a row. Becoming a late bloomer eh!! EL Champions Trophy We pick up the Champions Trophy again and this time we defeated the Apertura champion Cancun again. This is becoming a bit of tradition, Cancun winning the Apertura every season and losing the Champions Trophy to my managed club every season. Either there is a bug or the Expansion League doesn't offer any awards as i have not seen anything so far. Top 3 Players Cardozo our roaming playmaker was instrumental in our team scoring so many goals with 15 assists and 10 goals. Palma, one of our freebies who was brought in by the previous manager but didn't really get a chance last season flourished under me with 14 goals and 13 assists. He also developed nicely over the season. And Lara, our lone striker was fantastic with 42 goals from 43 games, almost a goal a game. He also led the league in goals. Manager History & Profile So, finally i am respected and also my reputation rise to regional. Challenge Points Not yet decided on my next club but hoping to get a different league. Thanks for viewing and any feedback is appreciated.
  3. Great idea and @Rob would start with challenge regarding Spurs, that's a given isn't it. 😁
  4. I almost had a hunch to fully load freebies in my team but then i saw the relationships getting developed and cut short my aspirations. It worked well in the end. Thanks mate. Thanks mate.
  5. Season 1 We start this career with Universidad de Guadaljara who is currently in the Mexican Expansion League. It is divided in two stages: Apertura or Opening Stage and Clausura or Closing Stage. 15 league games are played in each stage with the top team in the league going on to semi-final while the next 6 teams facing each other for a spot in semi finals. I brought in just 2 players on free and forgot to do the screenshots. Apertura We started slowly with 3 draws but then we picked up the pace and finished 1st. Playoffs We lost in the semi-finals to Morelia undoing our good work in the league. Clausura We couldn't do the same in Clausura as Atlante pipped us to the top spot which meant we had to take a longer spot towards the finals. Playoffs And we stormed to the league after winning the finals taking our revenge. The winners of the Apertura and Clausura faces off each other in the EL Champions Trophy. EL Champions Trophy We pick up the Champions Trophy as well defeating the Apertura champion Cancun. Top 3 Players Diaz, our right winger did the job with 9 goals and 6 assists even though he missed a couple of matches. Reyna, our freebie left winger did his job as well. And our Panamian striker did his job with 15 goals. Manager History & Profile Challenge Points NEXT STOP We stay in the Mexican Expansion League with Venados FC or The Bucks. Thanks for viewing and any feedback is appreciated.
  6. You can still get points from your league points and GD and if you find it difficult to move clubs, you can stop.
  7. Thanks @RichD @ScottishFMM @broodje kip @George Traistă @DIRECTFX @Mr Tree As rightly predicted by @George Traistă, we go to Mexico to manage: in the Mexican Expansion League.
  8. Ok, so with new game already out, it's time for a brand new career from yours truly. After wondering for a while as to what i should do, i thought i should go back to the same challenge which brought me fame: and a Vibe Award in the form of Career of the Year in 2020: I wanted to do something conventional yet a little offbeat. So, i looked at the things i have not done in the past and one of the first things is i have never delved into the new leagues in the last 2 editions at the start. So, i wanted to change that. So, here's presenting: THE INSANE JOURNEYMAN - AMERICAS EDITION where as manager of unknown reputation, i travel across USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina to manage 30 clubs in 30 seasons and etch my name amongst the footballing legends in the Americas. Hope you will all support me as you have done in the past. The 1st season will be up soon. Any guesses as to where do i start??
  9. Careers coming thick and fast from you. Best of luck.
  10. TT in just second day of release?? Well Prof. Sandwich, I expect this one to go the distance without losing the save. Good luck.