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  1. Thanks. Yes, that was a pleasant shock. My tactics from China days started working once I got the right players. So let's see how European campaign holds up.
  2. Kanegan

    You Win or You Die

    Great job on winning the title.KIU
  3. Nice job with Ireland. Best of luck for the qualifiers
  4. Ok thanks, will keep that in mind.
  5. Season 7 Transfers Out Sold the players who did not gel with my formation so Muto, Zouma, Chambers and Ristic all had to go. Transfers In Got some much needed younger players so Sanchez (as BWM), Pereira (as W), Elsnik (as AP) , Gerhardt (as FB) all were brought in and now the squad was looking much better. Season Performance Unbelievable season. In my first foray into Premier League with Newcastle, The Magpies lifted the title, their first since 1927. And we also won the FA Cup, our first since 1955. Amazing season. The league went down to the wire with us and Spurs equal on points going into the last day but where Spurs could only draw their last game against Brighton, we won ours against West Ham to win. League Performance FA Cup Incredible run in the FA Cup. First time i have seen winning against big teams being awarded by additional transfer funds. Is this new to FMM 19 ?? Carabao Cup Awards Benedetto wins the Player of the Year while we get three representations in the Team of the Year. Award for Me Main Man So, 36 goals from 48 appearances in my first Premier League season is a good return from Benedetto, much better than the last two seasons. 296/1000 -> 704 to go. So, next season Champions League. Europe, beware the Magpies are coming, and the man who would lead us in our quest.
  6. OK another noob question I have as the players not willing to join and wanting to retire is persisting even in the premier league so instead of transfer can I loan in my next player?? I think that can solve this problem
  7. Don't fret too much. Alvarez seems to be developing nicely.
  8. Thanks @Ashez and @Cockers2505. Premier League is a steep curve from China definitely but i think that's a challenge i will enjoy as China was becoming too easy and the lack of players wanting to join us was hindering the progress.
  9. So, little bit about the next player that i have chosen for this challenge: Name: Dario Benedetto Clubs played: Tijuana, Club America, Boca Juniors. He has been playing for Newcastle since 2019. His current profile: When i took over Newcastle, we had just 6 games left with them sitting at 16th. I managed to steer them to 12th with Benedetto playing only one match as he was injured: So, hopefully he brings this challenge back to track next season.
  10. Ok thanks for clearing that. So, off to Premiership now.
  11. Kanegan

    Late Arrivals

    Great score mate. A very fun challenge and you really shined in this one. Looking forward to your next 👍
  12. So, i bit the bullet and here i present my new club: So, i have a question. When joining a new club, can i use an existing player from that club for this challenge or it is only restricted to first season?? @BatiGoal @samhardy @Cockers2505 can you clear this??
  13. I have the standard England, France and Spain as my other 3. So far, Bournemouth and Gijon had offered me job but I could not take it. Now, Man city job has come up and I have applied.So let us see or it is another season with Shandong
  14. Kanegan

    4-2-4 Grande Torino - GTO

    Love the look of this tactic. Will give it a try.
  15. Season 6 Transfers Out Amartey was sold back to Leicester for 24mil as he was creating a mess in training and breaking harmony. Transfers In Again got some decent players in Gnabry and Mbemba who would give us more options in midfield and defense. And Cheng Shilong graduated from our youth academy and he is the finest to come out. More on that later. Season Performance Forgot the screen this time but we won the usual League and Champions League and lost the CFA Cup just like last season. But there is one major change from the last season. We won the Club Worlc Championship for the first time. Yes!!! We are the world champions. League Performance We won the league in dominating fashion this time conceding only 19 and going 21 points clear of our nearest rivals. Since Witsel didn't want to retrain as striker, Guo Tianyu was given his first full season as a support striker to Witsel and look at him shine. Super Cup CFA Cup A crazy crazy match. We were leading 2-1 going into this leg but this was a goal fest and a Tianyu hattrick was countered by a quadruple from Wu Lei. Champions League Another crazy couple of games. We led 4-1 coming into the away leg and Huaxia held us to a 3-3 draw. The big games have literally been goalfests this season. Club World Championship Tianyu was on fire in this tournament. He notched up a hattrick against Saitama and then a quadruple against Juventus to take his tally to 7 goals in the tournament. He finished with 38 goals due to missing some matches due to injuries. What a breakout season!! Awards Courtesy of his goal exploits, Tianyu picked up a couple of awards while Liu Binbin and Kingsley Coman retained their awards as the Best Asian Player of the Year and Club World Championship best player. Awards for Me Now, as i was mentioning the graduate that i picked up this season: Wow, have you seen a better profile of a youth graduate. Look at those physicals. I am getting an itch of completing a 1KC with him now. Main Man My attempt at retraining him as a striker fell through but still he managed to almost match the tally of Aspas from last season and also got a solid 23 assists to his name. 260/1000 -> 740 to go. Now, i have not selected any players for the next season so far because of one reason, i have won the World Club Championship and so my self imposed exile of being in China has been lifted. Since I am facing so many problems in recruiting good veterans, should i move to a different nation or should i continue this challenge in China only ?? Guys, what do you think??