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  1. This edition looks fun. And great week 1 results as well. I am betting on @Rob to guide his world team to victory in Rd. 2
  2. Quick two goals from Germany has send them right back in the match.
  3. At this moment it looks like Joe is not cleared to compete so he will be in the GM's enforcer role for a while.
  4. I hope Germany wins and Werner scores
  5. Thoughts on Portugal vs Germany game that is to come tonight?
  6. Joe should have refused and go to impact or AEW. This is a bad move.
  7. Schick's second goal was a thing of beauty.
  8. I am supporting my team Germany. They need a big tournament after fiasco of the world cup.
  9. We are getting Tommy End back so
  10. I enjoyed this year's WM. Bianca's win in Night 1 was a standout but every match was good, except as you all pointed out the women's tag turmoil. Such a waste to see Fiend lose, I mean why build him up so much if you only let him take losses. His character has been reduced to a joke. And the interferences completely ruined the Universal match for me. They should have gone for a clean match.
  11. This is quite a tough challenge. Good luck Tree and you are off to a great start.
  12. Well I couldn't be part of this week due to my RL schedule but from the looks of it, everybody suffered except a couple of them. Though it looks suspicious, I would rather congratulate @George Traistă and @broodje kip for their efforts although as George admitted, he messed up in the database. Overall another fantastic event @samhardy and @FuddledFox and once again happy to be part of this although I struggled a lot this year.
  13. Great start from both of you and congrats @George Traistă for completing the everyone's a goal scorer challenge.
  14. Brilliant career mate. The challenge with Bruno was especially nuts. Enjoyed it throughout.
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