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  1. Well, i am dipshit. I accidentally overwrote a different save over this one and this challenge has come to a bizarre end. Real fucking disgusting. Well, i will definitely attempt this challenge again but before that i need to console myself for the shit thing i have done. Especially when Immobile hit 57 goals in Season 3 to beat his own record.
  2. Kanegan

    The Latin Europe Challenge

    Ok, fair enough then.
  3. Kanegan

    The Latin Europe Challenge

    I have a question. I have started a career thread taking on this challenge here. While i am trying to improve my overall tally in a particular stage, can i choose a different player to do that. Suppose, in Season 1 in Italy, i have broken the record with Player X. Now, in Season 2, can i choose Player Y to better that record??
  4. Season 2 - Lazio (Italy) This season was a forgettable one. First, the shipping of star midfielder Sergei Milankovic Stavic to Man Utd created a riot in the team. Forgot to take screenshot but i picked up Andrea Bellotti from Torino and Gianluca Mancini from Atalanta. Secondly, most of the regulars got injured at critical times which meant we spent half of the season at below strength. Ciro Immobile at the beginning of season Highlights Performance: Awards: Team of the Year representation again: Ciro Immobile performance: Challenge Update Stage Nation Club Player Goals 1 Italy Lazio Ciro Immobile 45 Ok, so one more season to finish high with Lazio before i move. So, season 3 coming.
  5. Season 1 - Lazio (Italy) So, Ciro Immobile stats at the beginning of the season Some highlights: Unfortunately, we lost in the semis to Sevilla where our former player Felipe Anderson put up an inspired performance to defeat us, maybe as a revenge for shipping him off. We won just one cup and finished 3rd in the league while exiting the Italian Cup and Euro Cup in quarters and semis respectively. It is my first proper season in FMM so i am quite happy but now the most important part , how did Immobile perform?? Well, He smashed it with 45 goals. I would have been happy to reach 50 goals but it is still a record breaker. He also won some awards in the way. Awards We were also handsomely represented in the teams of the year Even though i have crossed the first stage but i want to win all the trophies in Italy so i will stay with Lazio for the time being. So, onwards to season 2. Challenge Update Stage Nation Club Player Goals 1 Italy Lazio Ciro Immobile 45
  6. Hi, this is kanegan. I am fairly new to the FMM and only started playing a month ago. I went with Six States Challenge but that was a dire fail. So, after practising some time i am now attempting the Latin European Challenge here So, first stop Italy and i signed with Lazio. My chosen player - Ciro Immobile Stay tuned for further updates
  7. Season 1 Finished the first season on 6th and managed to go all the way to semis before being ousted by rivals NYCFC over two closely contested legs. Some entertaining matches 2018 Records 2018 Club Top Scorer
  8. Kanegan

    The Six-State Challenge

    I am also playing MLS for the first time in FMM 2018 and ironically i started with New York before i saw this challenge. So, now this will be my go to challenge. Expect a career thread.