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  1. Both of them going great so far, Silva moreso though, which is expected.
  2. Thanks Rob. No, I will stop here. Need to move to other challenges. 😁 Thanks Ian. Yes, that pleased me the most.
  3. I will stop now. This is my final attempt. Final Attempt Transfers Out Transfers In Season History So, a clean sweep. Tactics So, i went with a flank heavy formation with only a single BBM in the middle. Cup Runs League Performance So, GD + LP = 98 + 76 = 174 points Mane 72 points for Mane Salah 82 points for Salah Firmino 91 points for Firmino Total = 174 + 91 + 82 +72 = 419 points. Finally crossing the 400 barrier. What pleased me most was the 166 goals scored between the front three. @Rob, if you can do the needful. Cheers.
  4. @Ian going for the known warriors, though I have never heard of or used Postema so will be looking for a surprise
  5. Well played @smoggy90 and @samhardy and commiserations to @Foxy and @BatiGoal. Another fantastic tournament comes to an end. Congratulations to everyone who took part and made this a memorable one.
  6. Nice choice of players @Woody. And nice challenge.
  7. Wow, that was insanely close. Well done @Rob and @Woody. @broodje kip, mate we did great and hopefully next edition, we go even better.
  8. Good start with two very talented players. KIU
  9. Thanks guys. @Kun Aguero, you read my mind mate. 😆
  10. Attempt 3 So, for my 3rd attempt, i decided to add 2 more challenges to the mix, @Foxy's Goals per game and @broodje kip's Overkill Transfers Out Transfers In Season History Tactics So, i had to go for 5 strikers as per the Overkill challenge so Alli and Son joined the front three as IF's. BBM is a role which i am a fan of and have been using extensively. So, Gundogan, Tolisso and Fabinho were my three main players given that roles with Chamberlain, Keita and Milner my alternates. League Performance We hit 3.5 goals/match in the league but also concede a lot bringing our GD down. Notable Matches & Cup Runs Mane He got injured for a month so only 45 points. Firmino 82 points for the Brazilian. Salah 88 points for the Egyptian. Total points for Front Three = 102 + 69 + 45 + 82 + 88 = 386 points. Not quite the total i was expecting so again falling short of 400. Will probably try again. Goals per Game Challenge So, 3.31 goals/game. @Foxy, if you can add it mate. Overkill Challenge Alli 27 points by Alli Son 39 points by Son. Points by competition won = 5 x 20 = 100 Total points by 5 players = 39 + 27 + 82 + 88 + 45 = 281 Goals conceded = 104 x 2 = 208 So, total points = (100 + 281) - 208 = 173 points @broodje kip, if you can add this mate.