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  1. Me too. And the way the season has started, i will be happy if i save getting the boot.
  2. Kanegan

    Hi I’m Rishi

    Welcome mate. Nice to know you better now.
  3. Good challenge @Foxy. Will get to it tomorrow.
  4. Thanks mate. It's your guidance early on which helped me so i am thankful for that.
  5. Thanks mate. I enjoyed writing the post season conversations and am glad that it got well received.
  6. Season 20 (Final) Season Performance So, after winning 15 straight Premier League titles, we finally lose one as i played overload for the whole season without caring for results. League Performance Notable matches I won the World Coach of the Year after a long time. Manager Profile Trophy Cabinet Internationals 3 international goals for Lee. Final Stats Challenge Updates Single Season Strikerless - 220 points Park Ji-Sung Challenge (Complete) Kangin Lee - Club goals : 1079+36= 1115 Int. goals : 109+3 = 112 Total = 1227/1000 331/500 assist So, finally finished. @Foxy, mate, if you can add Kangin Lee's 1227 goals to the Strikerless 1KC and normal 1KC leaderboard. Thanks. Thanks to everyone who followed this and supported me. This has been a really rewarding experience getting my 1st 1KC after my last two attempts were lost due to overwriting.
  7. So, an Indian and a Dutch who is not so Dutch apparently are representing Team Brazil?? Wow, @DutchTony, mate hope you pull us out of every tough spot we will be??
  8. I understand the pain mate. I lost two saves in FMM 19 due to overwriting.
  9. Kanegan

    Next Career Thread

    Thanks for everyone who voted. It was very close but The Continental Conquerors win. Expect a new thread in the coming days. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks. He went on a goal-less spree for a no. of matches but come any match against any big side and he would score a brace. He is a genuine big match player.
  11. Season 19 Season Performance League Performance Notable matches & Cup Runs He is rapidly declining now. Internationals World Cup Qualifiers Confederations Cup Lee got injured after converting the penalty and missed the entire tournament but we made it to the finals where he played again and the legend struck a beautiful free kick and we stifled the Spanish for the remainder of the match to help us defend our title successfully. 10 international goals this season. Challenge Updates Single Season Strikerless - 220 points Park Ji-Sung Challenge (Complete) Kangin Lee - Club goals : 1049+30= 1079 Int. goals : 99+10 = 109 Total = 1188/1000 322/500 assist Just one season remaining in the save. Korea is 2 times Confederations Champion now. Thank you to everyone who has supported this so far. It felt so good to finally get my 1st 1KC and a strikerless one, nonetheless.
  12. Good start. Stengs is a player who has always turned world class whenever i have used him.
  13. Great season for your son in his first full season. KIU mate and Foden continues his amazing run. Life is beautiful.