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  1. Season 10 Transfers Out Transfers In Pereiro was our marquee signing. He can play in either wing so will be an important player going into the future. Season History The clean sweep continues. League Performance 42 goals this time but again only 4 assists. MLS Playoffs He adds another 5 goals and an assist in the playoffs. Cup Runs & Notable Matches Awards Main Man He storms to 76 goals this season. Now, that's what i want. Assists France Nations League Some poor results in the Nations League where we lost in the semis to Italy via a Pellegri hattrick and then the 3rd place to the mighty Germans. Euro Qualifiers We qualify for the Euros with a cent per cent record with Geubbels scoring 12 of our goals. Friendlies Challenge Update Both Geubbels and Duke hitting their stride with Lassiter continue to contribute even with his advancing years.
  2. Great couple of seasons mate. Geubbels is really smashing it out of the park. KIU
  3. There lies the real problem as he has peaked and i don't think he is gaining stats very very slowly.
  4. Thanks mate but i just can't get Duke beyond 60-65 which is starting to haunt me though he still has atleast 10 years left.
  5. Season 9 Transfers Out Transfers In Picked up the son of the great Jurgen Klinsmann, Jonathan as our backup goalie. Season History Finally the clean sweep including the Supporter's Shield and also managed the "Invincibles" season winning 26 and drawing 8 without losing a match in the MLS. League Performance 38 goals for the season but only 4 assists. MLS Playoffs He adds another 6 goals and 2 assists in the playoffs. Cup Runs & Notable Matches Main Man Just a bit down than last season but still hovering around 60's. Just can't get him up further. Assists France World Cup 2026 After winning it for 2 consecutive editions, France exited in the semis to an inspired performance from Paulinho but bounced back to take the 3rd place. Brazil takes the world cup after 14 years. Geubbels had a fantastic tournament winning both the Golden Boot and Golden Ball. Nations League We qualify for the semis after a bit of scare with Geubbels scoring 4. Friendlies He adds another 2 goals via friendlies to take his tally for 2026 to 13. Challenge Update
  6. Cracking couple of seasons mate. Progressing nicely.
  7. Some great scores posted in the first round. @Foxy will laugh all the way to the win though. Go Reds.
  8. Season 8 Transfers Out Transfers In Ryan Irvine is an young Australian BBM who joined us from Fiorentina. Others were depth signing. Season History Clean sweep of all the available trophies except the Supporter's Shield which we lost due to a dismal run in the last couple of months. League Performance Duke bags the Golden Boot back with 8 more assists. MLS Playoffs He scores a massive 9 goals including 2 hattricks and 2 assists. Cup Runs & Notable Matches Awards We got two international awards with Duke winning his staple US POTY and YPOTY while Ryan Irvine, the young Australian getting the Asian POTY. Duke also makes a place in the World XI. Main Man Duke back into the 60's but his assist goes up. Assists Again the best season in terms of assists with 29. Best season from Kobald as well. There was a major change this season as i got my first int. job and no sadly, it's not USA: Matches So, since USA job is not forthcoming in the near future, i nominate a new candidate for 200 Int. Goal Challenge: Before i took up the job, he had 2 goals in 3 matches. He scored 4 goals in the remaining year. Challenge Update So, great season in terms of challenges. Except the assists, all challenges completed in the Landon Donovan while Lassiter eclipses his portion in the triple threat. Also, Geubbels get included in the 200 Int. Goal Challenge.
  9. Season 7 Transfers Out Transfers In Haksabanovic is a pretty good talent to join us from West Ham and he gives us a great option in the left wing. Season History Our second Supporter's Shield on the bounce and we continue winning all the available trophies except the CWC. League Performance For the first time, Duke misses on the Golden Boot after a very poor season where his levels dropped due to injuries. He only scores 23 goals and 6 assists. MLS Playoffs He scores another 5 goals in the playoffs. Cup Runs & Notable Matches Only 2 hattricks in the season. Bayern destroyed us in the final of CWC. Awards Duke misses out on the Golden Boot for the first time but continue winning the POTY and YPOTY while i finally win another Coach of the Year. Main Man Realy bad season. Assists This man puts in his best season netting 25 goals and 27 assists. Challenge Update So another 2 sub-challenges completed in the Landon Donovan Challenge. Unlocked my 2nd stadium of FMM 19 which has already been mentioned in the Challenge post. Also got lot of job offers, from Arsenal, Olympique Marseille and Olympique Lyon but rejected all of them. Thank you for viewing. Any comments will be appreciated.
  10. Kanegan

    The New Stadium Challenge

    Unlocked my second stadium from the Guardians of the Galaxy career: @Foxy, pls add this.
  11. Season 6 - Return to Normalcy Transfers Out Transfers In Marcinkowski was the first proper GK is signed as he will fit perfectly as the no. 1 since David Bingham is well into his 30's. Season History This time we didn't mess up and won the Supporter's Shield and all other cups, only missing out on the CWC against a mighty At. Madrid side. League Performance Duke strikes back after a dismal last season with 43 goals and 9 assists. MLS Playoffs We destroyed our city rivals LAFC 5-1 in the home leg of the Western Conference finals before lifting the MLS Cup comfortably. Duke hits another 4 goals but fails to add to his assist tally. Cup Runs & Notable Matches Six hattricks in the season for Duke, his highest so far. Things are looking up now. Awards He hits his highest tally in both the MLS and Champions League. Main Man No real improvement in stats. He has peaked and will not develop further. I sincerely hope he stays in his peak for atleast another 5 years. He is back into the 60's with 63 from 49. Assists Lassiter is back too as he puts his highest assists with 26. Challenge Update Huge leap towards finishing the Landon Donovan Challenge with 5 out of 9 sub-challenges completed. The critical one will be the assists. Also, he is already 1/5th of the way towards 1KC having completed 200 before the age of 20. We just re-upped his contract to another 5 years after fending off offers from Tottenham, Man City and Werder Bremen. Though Duke was unhappy at first, he signed the extension and then performed brilliantly throughout the season. Thank you for viewing. Any comments will be appreciated.
  12. Great work on completing the challenges. Well done mate. Fantastic work with The Boros
  13. Season 5 - Injury dogged Transfers Out Transfers In Samuel Ayala, a very young Mexican midfielder was picked up for free and he is the one i am most excited about. Season History We miss out on the Supporter's Shield again but continue winning the MLS Cup. Also, we reclaim the US Cup and since this was the year of the Qatar World Cup, no CWC was held. League Performance An injury dogged season meant the morale was very low for Duke who could hit only 29 goals and 7 assists in the regular season. MLS Playoffs He followed it up with 4 goals and 1 assist in the playoffs. Cup Runs & Notable Matches Two hattricks in the season for Duke. Awards Main Man Again, an injury dogged season meant he played less matches and goals came down drastically. Assists This man also got riddled with injuries which meant he had to be substituted often. So, only 14 assists. Challenge Update Got snubbed for the US job. This has now happened second time in 5 seasons. This is really frustrating.