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Everything posted by Kanegan

  1. Salah and 4 please. Sorry I missed the last round.
  2. I will change a bit. Let's go with Jovic and 5 goals
  3. Fantastic career. You are sure to wrap this up next season.
  4. I will cross off 2 and 12 and swap Salah for Joelinton.
  5. A great start to this career. You have got hold on some real bad boys this time. 😀
  6. Kanegan


    Currently I think MJF is the best asset that AEW has. He needs to just improve his in ring skills to match his promo work and AEW will have a figurehead set for the long term. Moxleys reign with the title has been disappointing and I am hoping they put the belt on MJF soon.
  7. Great attempt here Aaron. I completed the Mario Balotelli challenge a while back and it was quite fun using him.
  8. Great attempt here Titjes.
  9. Quite an interesting set of players. Good luck with this Smoggy.
  10. Almost on the verge of TT. Great work done here Dave. Amazing career.
  11. Still getting some great numbers here Scratch despite the injuries. Well done.
  12. What a career mate. Congrats on the 1.5K. I have not been active in the forums recently but I just read through all the seasons I missed. Fantastic achievement. Very difficult to whoever tries this next.
  13. Sticking with Lukaku and 5 goals for me.
  14. Undoubtedly Mane, the only top performer who remains pretty much injury free.
  15. Another season for 2K. This career has been brilliant right from the start. Well done.
  16. Great work on the TT mate. Pretty well deserved.