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  1. Well done on the 100 goals. It took me 4 seasons to achieve it but you have done it in three. Great going mate.
  2. Season 6 Transfer History Transfer Out Transfer In Iwobi - Another explosive winger who has shined in the EPL was brought in Busio - As part of my side project of developing American players, Busion joined us as a 21 yr old midfielder. Akpoguma - German full back who gives depth to our defence. Polom - A young goalie who will be deputy to Ederson. Season History We once again lost our way in the Champions League with a Round of 16 knockout against Juventus and also failed to win the European Super Cup against Chelsea which was a crazy game. League Performance In the absence of Sargent who missed around 2 months due to injury, Wright stepped up and finished with Golden Boot and Highest Assists. We also hit 121 goals and a GD of 87. Cup Runs Notable Matches Awards USA Friendlies Gold Cup Confed Cup Playoff Sargent hit a staggering 26 international goals. Haji Wright Another great season from Wright with 46 goals and 31 assists. Josh Sargent He had a 2 month long injury so his goal tally came down with only 35 goals. CHALLENGE UPDATE Sargent made up for his poor club tally with a staggering international tally going past 60 again. We hit our highest tally so far with 115 goals. Thanks for the views and any feedback is appreciated.
  3. The recent success of the USWNT in the Women's World Cup has put the spotlight firmly on them. The most successful team in the history of Women's football, they have won the pinnacle event four times, including two back to back. The same can't be said about the men's team though, who have qualified for World Cup just 10 times and their best record is 3rd place in the inaugural world cup in Uruguay in 1930 where they had a better goal differential and they actually didn't play any third place match. So, now is the time to turn the spotlight as i capture two young Americans and put them on the road to glory. Now, which club do i choose?? Well, since this is a tribute thread (atleast, in my head), why not give a tribute to the other great footballing nation, Portugal who just became the inaugural Nations League Champions. And, since @1759 is using Benfica, and i just used Porto in my last challenge, it's only justified that i use the lesser of the Big Three, My Chosen Duo: So, i will try to do the following: 1. Score 1200 goals 2. Score 600 assists 3. Win every trophy on the face of Europe multiple times and the World Club Championship 4. Get the USA job and make them world champions and try for the 200 Intl. Goal Challenge 5. Write a career full of insanity The first season will be up by this weekend. Cheers guys and thanks for following.
  4. Great job on passing 100 goals. 1/3rd of the target crossed as well. KIU
  5. Thanks. Sargent is getting better each season and Wright is turning into an assist machine. His corners are so accurate that it's scary.
  6. Season 5 Transfer History Transfer Out Transfer In We badly needed a good goalie so Ederson was bought from The Gunners at the expense of Elvedi & 35 mil. Oyarzabal is one of the top wingers in the world in my current save which has eluded all the top clubs and so we had to shell a lot of money to buy him from rivals Benfica. Neto was another young Portugese who joined us to bolster the midfield. Season History Finally, the clean sweep i was desperately craving for. We won the Champions League on my 5th season. League Performance Cup Runs Finally, after 4 attempts, we win the UCL on 5th attempt getting past Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Liverpool and finally Arsenal. Notable Matches 4 hattricks for Sargent and three for Wright. Awards This time our representation in World XI is Haji Wright with four representations in the League XI. USA Friendlies 5 goals for Sargent and 2 for Wright. World Cup 2022 We stayed unbeaten in the league stage but went out in the second round to a talented Dutch team which had the partnership of Van Dijk and De Ligt manning the defence. 3 goals for Sargent and 4 for Wright Haji Wright A major drop with 33 goals but a staggering 40 number of assists. Josh Sargent He tore the season apart with 61 goals. CHALLENGE UPDATE 100 goals is the norm now every season. We would like to increase this tally. Thanks for the views and any feedback is appreciated.
  7. Thanks guys. Next year is the World Cup so hoping for a good showing there.
  8. Nice returns. They are still pretty young so it's just a matter of time before they start scoring tons.
  9. Ya surprisingly tough. In my last career with Porto, I won it within the first 4 seasons but here no luck yet.
  10. Just need to keep faith mate and they will be back in business soon.
  11. Season 4 Transfer History Transfer Out Transfer In Season History The domestic quadruple is again captured by us but crashed out in the quarters of the Champions League again. League Performance The league was a pretty close fight with Porto but in the end, we prevailed. Cup Runs Notable Matches Awards We get our first representation in World XI in the form of Josh Sargent with three representations in the League XI. USA Friendlies 5 goals for Sargent and 3 for Wright. Confederations Cup 4 goals for Sargent in the Confed. Cup as we lost in the semi-finals to Spain. CONCACAF Nations League We win the CONCACAF Nations League with 3 goals from Sargent and a hattrick from Wright in the final. Total 18 goals with 12 goals from Sargent and 6 from Wright. Josh Sargent A drop in goals with 44 from Sargent. Haji Wright Wright matches Sargent's tally with 44 goals of his own. CHALLENGE UPDATE So, we reach 100 goals again. We are now 836 goals away from the challenge. Thanks for following and any feedback is appreciated.
  12. The tactic tweak worked well this season leading us to better goal return. Also, the USA job hopefully helps in the coming seasons.
  13. Season 3 Transfer History Transfer Out Transfer In Following Pellegrini is another Italian, Cristante who partners his country mate in midfield while Ziyech comes in front of the two as we change the tactic a little bit. Mor is a backup in the wings while rest are depth signings. Season History We do the domestic treble with the exception of League Cup where we lost in the finals. Still no luck in Champions League though League Performance Wright and Sargent finishing in the top two of both the goals and assists chart again. Cup Runs Notable Matches Total 7 hattricks between the two this season. Awards Four representations in the League XI. We also got the USA job this season: USA Friendlies World Cup Qualifiers CONCACAF Nations League Total 12 international goals between the two with Sargent contributing 8 and Wright 4. Josh Sargent He crosses 50 this season. Haji Wright Wright back in the 40's but his assists increase again with 35. CHALLENGE UPDATE So, with help from int. goals, we cross the 100 mark for the first time in this career. Thanks for following and any feedback is appreciated.
  14. Wow Foden at 40 is still amazing. You have just created an Inhuman Assist Machine. Great work and also congrats on Smog Jr. hitting 1K.
  15. Thanks. Yup, intl. goals do help in a big way.
  16. Sargent is scoring more from headers and since I have now got the USA job in Season 3, hoping for a handsome goal tally from here onwards
  17. Now that's more likely. KIU Ian. Fantastic returns after the first season.
  18. Season 2 Mike McCrakin' again and welcome to my PSAR - Post Season Analysis Report, that is what i look to call it and we look at the season gone by. Another weirdly successful season which is unbelievable as we look towards the workings of the insanity i.e Kanegan Transfer History Transfer Out Another wholesale player releases which goes to show how much the squad was bloated. Transfer In This time he brought in some quality players, first in the defense with Klostermann and Elvedi and then in the midfield with Under, Martins and Pellegrini. Season History A clean sweep of domestic trophies and also the European Super Cup which was another strong showing. We exited the Champions League pretty early though. League Performance The first half of the league season was immense with Sporting blazing all guns, 17 matches and 17 wins. Eventually we finished with 93 points, losing just once and drawing 3 games. Wright and Sargent finishing in the top two of both the goals and assists chart. Cup Runs We couldn't repeat our Europa histrionics of last season in the Champions League though as Juventus swept us aside over two legs. Notable Matches Awards Sargent won the North American POTY, USA POTY & YPOTY and we had three representations in the League XI. Josh Sargent A much bigger season for Sargent with 46 goals and 18 assists. Haji Wright A drop in goals for Wright but it was because he turned in an immense no. of assists this season. With this man on corner and free kick duty, his balls landed beautifully on Sargent's head throughout the season. CHALLENGE UPDATE So, both going at equal pace with 76 and 75 goals respectively while Wright takes a lead in assist with 44 to Sargent's 33. Thanks for following and any feedback is appreciated.
  19. Kanegan

    Chazza’s 3rd attempt at a TT

    Nice going mate. Lee is growing awesomely strong here. Your three strikers are contributing as well. KIU
  20. Thanks, Weah is a good option but I liked Wright's attributes and Sargent is someone I always wanted to use. Thanks guys.
  21. Steady goal haul. KIU
  22. Season 1 Hello, this is Mike McCrakin' and welcome to this report of the season that we had here at Sporting Club and what a weird season we had. With a shocker before the start of the season as Kanegan was recruited who was known to be a complete lunatic but a successful coach. He had apparently changed his nationality to American and started calling himself Kanegan the Great. We were apprehensive and so we got in touch with Kangin Lee who slammed the receiver down on hearing his name saying don't ever fucking ask me regarding him. Well, we frankly we didn't know what to expect. Transfer History Transfer Out And then he proceeded to butcher the squad which was unsurprising. The directors asked him what the hell he is doing and he said you can't buy horses for peanuts and the transfer fund offered was just that. So, he had no other option. Transfer In And then except for the two talented American strikers, he proceeded to fill the squad with a bunch of unknowns who we had neither seen or heard. What the fuck?? Season History And then he surprised us really as we won the Premier League and Euro Cup and turned this unknowns into cult heroes to the fans. League Performance It was a close fight with Porto but in the end we won our first title in 17 years, since 2002. Wright finished the second highest goalscorer. Cup Runs Our Euro run was spectacular as we defeated Anderlecht, Juventus, Tottenham, Man City and finally Bayer Leverkusen to win only their second European title and the first in 55 years. The whole city of Lisbon went mad and finally we found respect for Kanegan. He had done the unthinkable. Notable Matches Wright started the season on fire with 3 hattricks in three consecutive matches. Sargent missed a month of game time due to injuries but he finished the season strong. Josh Sargent Haji Wright CHALLENGE UPDATE So, 70 goals for the first season is a decent start for me. Thanks for following and any feedback is appreciated.
  23. That's a good start mate. Yes, i also think Almada should be the man to carry your Diego Maradona Challenge. KIU.