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  1. Season update should be fine as long as it's frequency is good.
  2. Need to be wary of that. Can't drink that poison😲 Thanks mate.
  3. Specifically chose this challenge as there's nothing to lose. There's no limit on trophies won or getting sacked, just need to submit your score. Completely in my alley. 🤣🤣🤣
  4. Well I thought to include their reigns into the scoring system. If it is illogical, then I can remove the multiplier and use only G+A. There are no trophies necessary, only the points.
  5. Now that's a challenge i like. Probably will be combining this with my Landon Donovan Challenge down the line as a new career.
  6. Playing with commentary only so no visual distractions. 😁
  7. Ok, so i am going crazy for challenges so i am starting one on the release day. Of course, it's a short 3 season challenge that i posted so i have nothing to lose here: I will be trying to get my Strikerless formation to work and of course the only club i can think of starting my FMM 20 with: First up, a Canadian kid:
  8. Yup mentoring is a very strong thing. I had VVD mentor TAA and there was a remarkable change by the end of the season.
  9. Well i have found an annoying bug. When playing with commentary only, the match screen is all messed up. Half of the scorers are not being shown in it. Also, it is skipping to half-time whenever i am starting the match.
  10. Well, i think you got it wrong. You need to manage all the clubs in a single save. So, for ex. you start off with Chelsea. After 1st season, you resign and get a job with Aston Villa. You may have unlocked the national team by that time so you can start managing them if opportunity comes. You don't need to start new saves every season. So, in short, you can start with any club in 1st season but not with any national team. You can start managing national teams from second season. Hope it clarifies.
  11. Of course you can. But you have to immediately resign after one season and take another club. National teams can't be started. You need to earn it.
  12. Ya this one is insane but the fun is you get to manage different clubs
  13. Krzysztof "Kristof" Ireneusz Warzycha born November 17, 1964 is a former Polish-Greek professional footballer. For the majority of his career he played for Greek club Panathinaikos. He joined Panathinaikos in December 1989 and won 5 Greek championships (1990, 1991, 1995, 1996, 2004), 5 Greek cups (1991, 1993, 1994, 1995, 2004), 2 Greek super cups (1993,1994) while he was the highest scorer of the Greek championship 3 times (1994, 1995, 1998). He is Panathinaikos' all-time leading goalscorer and an idol for the club. Warzycha is considered by many to be one of the best foreign players who have played in Greece. Can you emulate the Pole's success?? Challenge Set-Up: Load up Greece and take charge of Panathinaikos. You must sign a Polish striker who will become your new “Warzycha” You must win at least 5x Super League, 5x Greek Cup and 2x Greek Super Cup in 10 years. He must become the Super League topscorer for atleast 3 times. He must also beat Warzycha's record of 319 goals for the club in 10 years The usual other rules apply i.e no editing/reloading etc. LEADERBOARD
  14. Good to know about you Danish. A pretty versatile player I might say.
  15. This was one of the challenges that I wanted to attempt but never did. Maybe this year.
  16. I will start off with one of my own three season challenge to check how the strikerless formation holds and then of course I will go for my TT.
  17. Credit to @danovic78 for this one. If everything had gone exactly according to plan, Freddy Adu would have been in a football stadium in Europe on a Saturday afternoon, in his prime at age 28 starring for a big club, tormenting opponents with exciting bursts and preparing to guide the United States to the World Cup next summer. He was destined for superstardom. Instead, he ended up bouncing around the planet like mislabeled luggage: 12 teams in eight countries, plus countless tryouts and promising leads that never panned out. Once billed the next Pele — and once a co-star with the Brazilian soccer icon in a TV commercial — Adu never fulfilled the massive potential that he displayed excelling with U.S. junior national teams. He was, he admits, too young for a pro career. He became spoiled and didn’t work hard enough, and found himself in bad situations with various teams and coaches. This past summer, Adu was prepared to join a Polish team. The technical director wanted him but the coach didn’t. So he turned down the offer. Can you turn the ultimate FMM wonderkid into something still? RULES Load up the MLS and any other leagues (I think you need the MLS is order to pick Adu up) Sign Freddy Adu on a free transfer. Play as many seasons as you can with him before he retires. Set a target for the combined number of goals and assists with Freddy. Usual other rules apply. 2020 LEADERBOARD 2018 LEADERBOARD @kts365 319 Assists and Goals - Career @danovic78 318 Assists and Goals - Career
  18. Credit to @danovic78 for this one which i have updated a little for 2020. Michael Laudrup The word ‘brilliant’ is overused in talking about football’s greats. But if ever there were a player that encapsulated shades of Johan Cruyff’s technique, the journeyman status of George Best, and the vision of Zinedine Zidane, it was Michael Laudrup. The comparisons are bold, bordering on assuming, but they too are justified. The Danish midfield maestro is widely regarded as one of the best players of his generation and arguably the greatest player ever to hail from Danish shores. Laudrup belongs to an iconic yet unheralded generation of players that may not receive the prestige or superstar status the modern footballer today demands but could very well play amongst today’s mercurial talents in their prime. From his early days at Copenhagen club Kjøbenhavns Boldklub and their famed Danish rivals Brøndby, Laudrup displayed the poise, technical ability, and vision that would see him and a generation of Danish footballers take their talents to some of the most revered clubs in European football. At club level, Michael Laudrup’s magnitude as a player is perhaps best measured in the quality of the sides he featured in: Lazio, Juventus, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Ajax and even Japanese club Vissel Kobe. Having become teammates with so many era-defining players – Michel Platini, Ronald Koeman, Hristo Stoichkov, Pep Guardiola, Romário, Iván Zamorano, Raúl – only further cements his justifiable genius. Take up the challenge and follow Michael's career path. RULES Load up Italy, Spain, Holland and any Denmark. You can start in either of four countries listed above and manage any club. You must then either buy in or use a player currently at your chosen club. He must be a Scandiwegian born (Norway, Sweden, Danish) Attacking Midfielder/Playmaker/Winger. Your nominated player cannot be green in the striking positions and you cannot retrain him either. You must complete atleast 6 full seasons in Italy, 7 seasons in Spain, 3 seasons in Denmark and 1 in Holland. You can manage longer if an appropriate job doesn't come up but only set number of seasons will count as your score (e.g, you start in Holland and play 3 seasons before moving to Spain, only your first season score in Holland will count) All goals and assists per season will make up your total, 17 seasons in total. Usual other rules apply. Brian Laudrup Brian Laudrup is probably one of the greatest players Denmark has ever had, not only due to his technical skills but also due to his speed and elegant movements when he dribbles. These skills gave him a long and glorious career in FC Bayern München, ACF Fiorentina, AC Milan, Glasgow Rangers, Chelsea FC, FC Copenhagen and in the year of 2000 he finished his career at AFC Ajax Amsterdam. Laudrup was elected a total of four times as the greatest player in Denmark, which is more than any other Danish player has achieved. Furthermore, he was awarded the same title in Scotland twice as the first none-British player given that honour. Spectators respected him for his virtuoso dribbling and elegant break-through, as he also demonstrated in Sweden in July 1992 when Denmark won the European championship. On the national team, Brian Laudrup has played 82 games and made 21 goals. Take up the challenge and follow Brian's career path. RULES Load up Denmark, Germany, Italy, Scotland. You can start in either of Four countries you chose from above and manage any club. You must then either buy in or use a player currently at your chosen club. He must be a Scandiwegian born (Norway, Sweden, Danish) Attacking Midfielder/Playmaker/Winger. Your nominated player cannot be green in the striking positions and you cannot retrain him either. You must complete at least 4 full seasons in Denmark, 3 full seasons in Germany, 2 in Italy, 4 in Scotland. You can manage longer if an appropriate job doesn't come up but only set number of seasons will count as your score (e.g, you start in Denmark and play 7 seasons before moving to Germany, only your first 3 season score in Denmark will count) All goals and assists per season will make up your total, 13 seasons in total. All other rules apply. The Michael Leaderboard The Brian Leaderboard
  19. All credit to @danovic78 for this one. He is a record scorer in the K-League, and had brief spells in Europe with Werder Bremen and Middlesbrough. Lee has earned 105 international caps for South Korea since 1998, scoring 33 goals. He has played at two FIFA World Cups, two CONCACAF Gold Cups, two AFC Asian Cups and the 2000 Olympics. The 6ft 1in centre-forward joined Boro in January 2007. In Korea he had a reputation as a rambunctious, physical player with such a slack attitude to training and manifest love of beer the locals nicknamed him "the Lazy Genius". Following a drink/brothel incident at the Asia Cup in 2007 Lee – who is married to a former Miss Korea – was banned from international football for 12 months by the South Korean FA. Sadly for Teessiders the ban didn't extend to the Premier League. In 29 appearances for Middlesbrough he found the net just twice, in cup ties against Northampton Town and Mansfield. He was released without charge in the summer of 2008. How many more goals can you squeeze out of the 37 year old before he retires? He currently sits on 178 goals...can you reach 200? 225? 250? RULES Load up South Korea and any other leagues you like. Take control of Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors. Only club goals are counted. Usual other rules apply. 2020 LEADERBOARD 2018 LEADERBOARD 1. @Kanegan - 231 goals Career 2. @Cockers2505 - 103 goals Career
  20. Lovely career mate though you didn't post a total for the Insane Journeyman Challenge. Expecting a repeat in 2020.