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    Kanegan reacted to Cockers2505 in Cockers - Late Bloomer Challenge   
    Update for Season 2
    From season 1 Shane Long got 47 goals:
    Season 1 - 47 - 101 = 54
    Season 2 League 
    Again as expected I win the league and quite easily 

    Lost 2 all season, silly games to lose, but overall a very good season winning all the domestic cups also

    In - Included the likes of Raphael Varane to booster the defence 
    Lorenzo Pellegrini to add to the attacking Midfield
    Danilo Pereira to add to the strengthening of the midfield
    Out - Couldn't turn down the money for Kempembe and Gueye, the rest was tidying up the squad
    After the loss in November against Juventus (Zebra) I finished the rest of the season Unbeaten 
    Best Player
    All three players from PSG, a shame no Long

    Top Goalscorer
    Shane Long came second this season, not as good as his First Season, but 20 League goals is good for a 33 Year old

    XI of the Season
    8 Players from PSG make up the best 11 of the season, again Long misses out

    Stars Team of the Season
    5 Players make the Stars Team this time including Shane Long

    Most Promising Player
    Young Mbappe and my new addition Okafor make the top 2 places

    Team Stats
    Manager Stats

    Shane Long
    Not as much as Season 1, this time scoring 34 Goals out of 45 Games. A few more Injuries left him on the sidelines more than Season 1.

    Season 1 - 47
    Season 2 - 34
    Total - 81 - 101 = 20 Left for Season 3
    But Then - 
    I didn't realise we was in the Club World Championship where he clinched a couple more before the end of the Season

    So his Tally was now sat at 36 Goals 

    Season 1 - 47
    Season 2 - 36
    Total - 83 - 101 = 18 Left for Season 3
    Thanks for Reading as always
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    Kanegan got a reaction from AdamNufc in Adam attempt at The Frenchy Toons Challenge   
    Good luck.
  3. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from smoggy90 in The Forgotten Galactico - Two Challenges in One   
    Massive again. You really have Mariano shining. I could never do that as he would always be dogged by lengthy injuries. 
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    Kanegan got a reaction from Titjes in BiNgO with a twist   
    I will stick to TAA.
  5. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from Titjes in BiNgO with a twist   
    I will go with Neymar this time and for your answer, probably Trent Alexander Arnold??
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    Kanegan reacted to Scratch in Scratch Tries Frenchy Toons [S2]   
    Update - Season 2
    Season 1 was underwhelming, with only 58 goals and 50 assists, but we were building our squad to explode this season! We had a lot of younger players who've now improved and should be ready to take on the world this season.
    Let's see if they lived up to that...
    There were very few transfers this season (in contrast to last season's total overhaul):
    We sold the rest of our non-Frenchmen and bought two players (Mbeumo and Wissa) as cover for injuries. The other two coming in were both regens who might get game time in season 3 (at 16 years old they didn't play much this season).
    The Squad
    Here is the squad at the end of the season, showing we're entirely French now (except for greyed out players in the Reserves):
    Here are our results for this season:
    For the second season in a row, we were bundled out of the Carabao Cup early, this time in the third round, where Wolves beat us on penalties.
    We lost another penalty shootout in the FA Cup Quarter Final, this time to Tottenham.
    In the League we finished second behind Man City, with more goals this time (67), but still not as many as I'd like (though we scored more freely in Europe and the cups).
    In the Euro Cup we did really well, topping our group and ploughing through the knockout rounds until we met Chelsea in the Semi Final, who duly knocked us out.
    A decent season, but we want to actually win something next year. We're not too far off it, because we were the better team each time we got knocked out - we just need to be able to score an extra goal here and there.
    Injuries and Availability
    Of our 4 main players, Diaby had a 3 week injury and Saint Maximin missed the start of the season with an injury (I forgot to screenshot it):
    The 4 main players now look like this:


    A total of 125 goals, all by French players, which is a massive improvement on last season.

    A total of 107 assists, all by French players, likewise a massive improvement.
    Season French Goals French Assists Total 01 58 50 108 02 125 107 232 Total 183 157 340 After a terrible first season, it all clicked this season. Not unexpected, given that's always the pattern in my careers (a whole team of players levelling up a lot over two years), but welcome nonetheless.
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    Kanegan reacted to Rob in The Warriors: The Battle for Goals Begins   
    Season 12 - England - Rob
    Last year the boys got the TT, so that objective was done and dusted. Scraping 2,000 with a 1kc got Greenwood we’re our final targets.
    We won the World Cup - hurrah! - and continued our destruction of the Germans.
    Older players left, with replacements coming in. Like the other lads, we are at the point where we can buy and sell who we want.
    Team Performance
    Not great. The squad was transitioning a bit and I had gotten a bit obsessed with goals at this point.

    Player Performance
    Elliot got another 29 assists this season, taking us to 320 which is a number I’m chuffed to bits with.
    Our three strikers nabbed a further 158 goals, taking our total to 1,702. Greenwood bagged a further 72, leaving him with 239 needed for the 1kc. I had just bagged a contract extension with him, so that’s less than 50 a season which should be doable... if it wasn’t for the fact he’s now 29 and a few years from what appears to be instant stat reduction.  

    The Warriors
    Ian is comfortably sailing towards the TT, whilst being able to bathe in the glory of the Gundogan challenge. Foxy destroyed this season smashing the TT and setting a goal total top score. Woody is taking three lesser knowns and, for me, is having an exciting adventure trying to claw them towards a TT.
    Thanks for reading and all comments welcome!

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    Kanegan reacted to Ian in Ian - La Masia Double Trouble - Final Update   
    With just 207 goals remaining the end is in sight and it’s just a matter of keeping things going as I bring you the final update to this career.
    Season 13
    Fati decided he wanted a new challenge but then was happy to sign a new contract so with any luck we’ll have no issues with happiness from now on in.
    Bayern ended our Champions League hopes at the first knockout stage but we won everything else.

    This was probably the highlight game for our two superstars.

    Not the best of returns as they could only muster 79 goals although they did play a few less games than last year so can’t be too critical. It was Ruiz who let us down as he made a fairly poor start to the season albeit he did improve as the season went on so hopefully he’ll start next season in fine form.

    Season 14
    We failed to win all trophies but still had a somewhat respectable season. It was Man Utd who beat us in the Champions League final and old rivals Real defeated us in the Super Cup. We did win the CWC which also gave us a few extra games which helped our duo score a few more goals.

    This 7-0 over Malaga was the stand out game with both of our duo well in amongst the goals.

    Our challengers put up a great return of 101 to leave us on 1,173 goals and just a whisker away from our 1,200 goal target. Those extra CWC games really helped but it was still a great return so we can only be happy.

    Season 15
    With only 27 goals required going into this season we were very confident we’d be able to get over the line and that’s what we did as Fati scored the all important goal in this 5-0 victory over Malaga.

    Here are the two players at the end and although Ruiz is declining he still looks good and Fati is just at the end of his peak you’d feel. They’ve both done a fine job and I’m happy that they will be my double trouble leaderboard effort for this years game.
    The final manager profile.
    This was the tactic used throughout. I did experiment a little with instruction during this so I won’t put those up but the base ones don’t differ much from the ones I’ve posted to go with my Baros career tactic which can be found here. In fact having looked if you just move the balanced mentality to attacking then you have the instructions I used for the vast majority of this. There is a lot of stuff that helps this system work but I won’t go into it now as I’ve mentioned a few things on the Baros career and in other areas of the community so those things should be easy enough to find.

    Challenge Score
    Season 13
    Ansu Fati: 53 games, 41 goals and 14 assists
    Abel Ruiz: 53 games, 38 goals and 13 assists
    Combined Total: 106 games, 79 goals and 27 assists
    Season 14
    Ansu Fati: 61 games, 42 goals and 12 assists
    Abel Ruiz: 58 games, 59 goals and 12 assists
    Combined Total: 119 games, 101 goals and 24 assists
    Season 15
    Ansu Fati: 21 games, 18 goals and 5 assists
    Abel Ruiz: 21 games, 10 goals and 5 assists
    Combined Total: 42 games, 28 goals and 10 assists
    Grand Total
    Ansu Fati: 737 games, 563 goals and 228 assists
    Abel Ruiz: 748 games, 638 goals and 205 assists
    Double Trouble: 1,485 games, 1,201 goals and 433 assists
    I thoroughly enjoyed playing this save but ended up behind on my posting which meant it’s been weeks since I actually finished it. I remember when I got to the target the intention was to play on at least until the end of the season and I’d had the idea to maybe try and get their assist total up to a combined 600 but after time had passed by so did the motivation so I’m leaving it here.
    Thank you to all who followed this and apologies for falling behind on my posting but better late than never I suppose. If you could please add my 1201 score to The Double Trouble Challenge @Foxy I’d be very grateful.
    Thanks again and I’ll be back again with another career shortly.
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    Kanegan got a reaction from Titjes in BiNgO with a twist   
    Ah well drew blank. OK back to drawing board now. 
  10. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from Titjes in Kanegan's Greatest Hits Vol. I - Peak Years Challenge(S 1)   
    Monologues of a Time Traveller 
                                                                                                         Entry #4
    So, after finishing my latest project, i was weirdly happy. Sure, we did not exactly filled up the trophy cabinet like in the previous cases but there was a wild satisfaction in leading a bunch of unknown French players in Toons jersey to take on England's best, a feeling that satisfied me most. Now that my work was over, i had to get ready for my next mission which was suggested by one of the greatest minds of the Hall of Vibe-mortals, (a sanctuary dedicated to all things football) @Ian and when you get suggested an objective which has been dominated by Vibe's best, namely @Ian, @Rob, @Foxy and @smoggy90, you need to be afraid!!!
    Very Very afraid!!!
    But i got support from my ally and friend @Rob, also a legendary Vibe-mortal and the finest in the lands of strikerless with whom i share a strange fascination of playing with no strikers, i decided this could be my only chance at salvaging something out of nothing. I looked far and wide and scratched my head day and night trying to unearth some new gems and then finally i got it, in the beautiful country of Scotland.
    So, presenting the Scottish Invasion at Amsterdam:

    Challenge - Striker Peak Years by @Foxy
    1. I am going for the overall, non-striker and 3 players combined leaderboards.
    2. This will run for 5 seasons and the total goals & assists by all three players at the end of 5 seasons will count for the various leaderboards.
    Prediction Contest (for Season 1 & 2)
    1. Who will score the highest number of goals in the first 2 seasons combined and how much will he score??
    2. Who will get the highest number of assists in the first 2 seasons combined and how many will he get??
    Thanks for following.
  11. Happy
    Kanegan got a reaction from Foxy in Foxy’s Fijian Fantasy - Season 1   
    Great 1st season.
  12. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from broodje kip in The great Ander and Fabio, 1kc and 500 assist (Season 8)   
    Great season again.
  13. Favourite
    Kanegan reacted to broodje kip in The great Ander and Fabio, 1kc and 500 assist (Season 8)   
    Season 8
    lol I actually forgot about FMM for a while. Lets continue season 8. I’ve been playing 2 striker position this time cause I’ve got about 5 striker 😂.

    Manager Profile & History

    We lost 2 finals at club level and also 1 final at international.
    Ander and Fabio

    Slight downgrade in the totals mainly due to Fabio playing on a 2 striker position and Ander asking for a new challenge luckily we tied a new contract at the end of the season.
    Goals: 690 / 1,000
    Assist: 289 / 500
  14. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from Titjes in Kanegan's Greatest Hits Vol. I - Peak Years Challenge(S 1)   
    Was pretty busy with RL and Challenge Cup so couldn't find time for this. So, finally having completed this, let's move on to the last season.
    Season 3
    Transfers Out
    Transfers In
    So, one final shuffle in the squad in a bid to create the French Revolution
    Squad by Nationalities
    So, that's it. 100 bonus points incoming now.
    Season History

    Pretty forgettable season where the only highlights was picking up the Community Shield and moving to the quarters of UCL. A long list of injuries to all of my star players at different points of the campaign really dented any progression.
    League Performance

    We managed to at least retain the right to play UCL next season.
    Cup Runs
    We went out on away goals against Bayern, won via penalties in the Community Shield against Liverpool, got trounced by Arsenal in the Carabao and lost a close match against Everton in the FA Cup. That just about sums our performance.
    Top 5 Performers





    This time he was dogged by injuries, which impacted his performance a lot.
    Only 3 hattricks this season.

    His lowest tally and the first time he went under 50 goals and 8 Av.R
    It was Aye and Maximin again in the World XI with Aye also winning the French POTY in addition to his now customary Golden Boot.
    Squad Goals

    Total goals by French = 99
    Squad Assists

    Total assists by French = 86
    Total points for Season 3 = 99 + 86 = 185
    Total Season Points (Season 1+ Season 2 + Season 3) = 208 + 170 + 185 = 563
    Bonus points = 100
    So, total points = 563 + 100 = 663 points
    @AdamNufc, if you can add me to the leaderboard mate.
  15. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from smoggy90 in The Forgotten Galactico - Two Challenges in One   
    Mariano is really hitting them now. Hopefully he gets back on track IRL
  16. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from Titjes in BiNgO with a twist   
    Sticking with Origi and guess is Allison. 
  17. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from smoggy90 in The Forgotten Galactico - Two Challenges in One   
    Great second season as well. You are making Mariano a machine. Now i feel really stupid that he messed up for me. 😁
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    Kanegan reacted to Woody in The Warriors: The Battle for Goals Begins   
    Woody: Season 12
    It's been a right old slog this season as all 3 of my Padres have suffered from injuries throughout the season and haven't played anywhere near the amount of games i would of liked.
    Albeit we did the usual transfer business....
    We won almost everything only managing a semi-final finish in the Champions Cup in a tie with Juve. It was a very cruel way to go out to be honest.
    We won the World Cup again and to be honest it was quite easy as we have a fantastic pool of players to choose from.
    Onto our assister, Beltran.
    He is getting old now and is starting to lose his pace abit, it's down to 10 now but he still looks quality.
    He managed a decent 26 assists this term.
    Our 3 Warrior Padres as i have said have all struggled with injuries this season but that didnt stop them collecting a reasonable amount of goals.
    Pedro Ruiz had the biggest dip as he only managed 26 goals but he did manage 9 more for Spain giving him 35 for the season.
    Fernando Nino had a slight drop of only 3 goals but he did collect a respectable 24 and also added 10 more for Spain giving him 34 in total.
    Antonio Zarzana had the worst of the injuries but it didn't stop him knocking in 39 and another 9 for Spain giving him a nice 48 for the season in total.
    That gives the boys a solid 117 in total for the season. How much longer we can keep this up for i dont know as the signs of deterioration are starting to creep in but its going to been fun seeing if we can get there.
    Beltran: 186 assists.
    Ruiz: 358 goals + 28 int'l = 386 total.
    Nino: 290 goals + 23 int'l = 313 total.
    Zarzana: 390 goals + 51 int'l = 441 total.
    Overall total: 1140 goals.
    Thanks for reading 👍

  19. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from Titjes in BiNgO with a twist   
    I will go for Origi this month. And I am going with De Ligt
  20. Favourite
    Kanegan reacted to smoggy90 in The Forgotten Galactico - Two Challenges in One   
    Season 2 of this challenge and after a quiet first season in the transfer market we were a lot more active this season, some came in during the summer and some in January. Mendy, Davies and Asensio added some real quality down the left hand side and Dest, Okafor and Pavon to strengthen the right. 
    On the pitch we cleaned up domestically but unfortunately Bayern were too strong for us in the CL quarter final and snuck through on away goals. 
    Getting knocked out of the CL seemed to have a positive affect in a way as I was able to play Mariano for the full 90 towards the end of the season rather than juggling game time and he finished with 8 goals in 4 games.

    We also started to get some serious interest from elsewhere. 

    Here’s how our guys performed, a real improvement on season 1 and looking good for the remaining 3 seasons. 
    In summary providing we steer clear of injuries both are well on track to hit their targets as I’m hoping we can at least maintain these levels.

    Thanks for reading. 
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    Kanegan reacted to smoggy90 in Kanegan's Greatest Hits Vol. I - Peak Years Challenge(S 1)   
    6 hat tricks and 66 goals and I think you should go for that 1k 😉 great season mate. 
  22. Favourite
    Kanegan reacted to Ian in Kanegan's Greatest Hits Vol. I - Peak Years Challenge(S 1)   
    Some good quality hat trick action going on from Aye. He looks very good and I can’t say I’ve came across him previously.
    I’m going for 5 hat tricks next year and 68 goals please.
  23. Favourite
    Kanegan reacted to Rob in Kanegan's Greatest Hits Vol. I - Peak Years Challenge(S 1)   
    All those goals! 💖
  24. Favourite
    Kanegan reacted to Scratch in Kanegan's Greatest Hits Vol. I - Peak Years Challenge(S 1)   
    Yeah, that's a really good season. What did you do to deserve that CL group? I've seen tougher, but not much - that's a decent group of opponents and no smaller clubs. 
    As for Lascelles, he has always done well for me and I really think he should be allowed because of his French sounding name... 
    Aye goals for next season: 65; hatricks: 7
  25. Favourite
    Kanegan reacted to AdamNufc in Kanegan's Greatest Hits Vol. I - Peak Years Challenge(S 1)   
    Good Start and quite fitting that your star player is called aye considering a Geordie ( Newcastle ) saying is (whey) aye 😂
    Premier League and Carabao Cup is a brilliant second season , hopefully a progression into the Knockout rounds of the champions League happens next season 
    Well Done