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    Kanegan got a reaction from smoggy90 in ‘Hey Jude’ - A Strikerless 1k Attempt   
    Another bumper season. The intl. goals are surely helping a lot in Jude's case. KIU.
  2. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from BatiGoal in African Extravaganza 11-in-1(Final Update - TT​✔️ DT​✔️​​)   
    Season 16 (Finale)
    This save is making me absolute toxic of boredom so i just cannot play this save anymore. This will be the final season of this save as i just cannot handle another 30 year career even if the boys stayed. 
    Season History

    So, after 7 straight CL wins, we lose in the finals in the shootout to Atalanta of all people!!!!!
    League Performance
    Switched to a 2 man tactic and Mensah and Ofori both finished in the top 3 goalscorer.
    Notable Matches & Cup Runs
    Lost in the World Cup 3rd round again to our jinx team Spain.

    And finally in this career in the 16th season, i won the World Coach of the Year.
    and here is how my son, the goalie looks after 5 seasons with us, the only non-African in our team:


    31 goals scored for Ofori.

    33 goals scored in the season.
    TT, 1KC, DT

    So DT achieved and this save has come to an end. My first aim was to get the TT and achieve the Vibe Triple Crown which has been ticked off now. I am done playing long saves for now. I will be doing shorter challenges. 
    Manager Profile & Trophy Cabinet
    Thanks for viewing and any feedback is entertained.
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    Kanegan got a reaction from Gandalf in African Extravaganza 11-in-1(Final Update - TT​✔️ DT​✔️​​)   
    Hi, welcome to my latest long career as i take a mind-boggling 11 challenges after being inspired from @Titjes.
    1. Triple Threat Challenge   ✔️ (by 14th season)
    2. The Double Trouble Challenge  ✔️ (by 16th season)
    3. 1000 Goal Challenge
    4. Calendar Year Scoring Challenge
    5. Goal A Minute Challenge ❌
    6. Triple Threat Assist Challenge  ✔️ (by 11th season)
    7. Pride of a Continent Challenge ✔️ (by 3rd season)
    8. 200 International Goal Challenge
    9. The Assist Challenge
    10. The Champions Streak Challenge  ✔️ (by 15th season)
    11. The Manager's 1000 Goal Challenge ✔️ (by 8th season)
    More details to follow. Stay tuned
  4. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from smoggy90 in ‘Hey Jude’ - A Strikerless 1k Attempt   
    Good going mate. Bellingham looking a class act now.
  5. Favourite
    Kanegan reacted to Kun Aguero in The "Myth" in China - Scoring With A Goalie (Season 4)   
    Vanja - The "Myth" In China
    Key Players
    Abel Ruiz

    A very good debut season from Abel Ruiz, nearly a goal per game as he managed 39 goals and 13 assists in 40 games.
    Ansu Fati

    Ansu Fati was incredible as always with 21 goals and 16 assists playing as an Inside Forward. However, this will be his last and only season in Beijing, as we had accepted a bid from Wolves for him.
    Olaksandr Zinchenko

    I played him in the AMC position, and he did really well, netting 16 goals and 24 assists in 44 games.
    Vanja Milinkovic-Savic

    And finally, Vanja had more assists this season but conceded 4 more goals than last season. 
    The Goals
    Another 20-goals season from Vanja, which brings his tally up to 82 goals, only 47 goals left, hopefully can be achieved in 3-4 more seasons. He still wants a move away, and with 4 years left in his contract, hopefully he can continue scoring 20 goals a season to hit the target before his contract ended. Thanks for reading, and comments are appreciated.
    Total Goals : 82/129
  6. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from Gandalf in Champions Streak Challenge   
    The Champions Streak Challenge
    A pretty straightforward challenge. This is applicable for the UEFA Champions League. Real Madrid won it 5 times back to back between 1956 - 1960. Ajax and Bayern Munich have done 3 in a row. How many can you win??
    This can be done as a side challenge to your careers. You need to post your longest streak of winning the Champions League. Can you beat Real's 5??
      No cheating of any kind. eg. reloading, pre game or in game editors.
    Load any and as many leagues in any country's as you wish.
    You need to show me the trophy cabinet where it shows the no of successive CL titles you have won. This is only for the UCL so any other continental competitions don't qualify. Also you can post proof as a career (this can be a single post showing all the relevant screenshots) and remember to tag me so you can be added to the leaderboard.
    2020 Leaderboard
    1. @BatiGoal - Porto - 24 (2020 - 2044)
    2. @uhqa - Liverpool - 12 (2019 - 2031)
    3. @Kanegan - Bayern Munich - 7 (2027-2034)
    2019 Leaderboard
    1. @Ian - Ajax - 15 (2026 - 2040)
    1. @Foxy - Barcelona - 15 (2019 - 2033)
    2. VibeCommunity - Tottenham - 12 (2019 - 2030)
    3. @MikeF - Bayern Munich - 11(2031-2041)
    4. @Kanchelskis1878 - AC Milan - 10 (2024-2033)
    4. @Kanegan - Roma - 10 (2019 - 2028)
    5. @Kanegan - Sporting - 9 (2030 - 2038)
    6. @Mr Tree - Legia Warsaw - 6 (2033-2038)
  7. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from smoggy90 in ‘Hey Jude’ - A Strikerless 1k Attempt   
    Bellingham is really hitting well. Couple of seasons more and he can definitely crack 80's IMO.
  8. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from Titjes in African Extravaganza 11-in-1(Final Update - TT​✔️ DT​✔️​​)   
    Season 15
    This update took longer than expected as our country went into a 21 day lockdown, so mad rush to pile up things for home. Seriously, never seen like this before.
    Season History

    Missed out on the CWC as we were playing mostly with greyed out players with everyone away for AFCON which has already been updated in previous post and got dumped pretty early in DFB Pokal.
    League Performance
    Switched to a 2 man tactic and Mensah and Ofori both finished in the top 3 goalscorer.
    Notable Matches & Cup Runs
    Mensah and Ofori notched up a hattrick apiece for Ghana.

    41 goals scored for Ofori.

    47 goals scored in the season.
    TT, 1KC, DT

    So, 61 goals required for DT now which, barring any unfortunate incidents we should get next season. 1KC and Intl. 0.2K will be pretty difficult so we would see how close we can go.
    Thanks for viewing and any feedback is entertained.
  9. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from smoggy90 in ‘Hey Jude’ - A Strikerless 1k Attempt   
    Another great season from Bellingham. Really racking up the goals at the moment.
  10. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from Titjes in African Extravaganza 11-in-1(Final Update - TT​✔️ DT​✔️​​)   
    Season 14
    Season History

    Won our 6th CL so we are eligible for the leaderboard.
    League Performance
    Notable Matches & Cup Runs
    Ofori hits two hattrick in the season.
    I played until the next AFCON.
     And we continue winning the AFCON

    54 goals scored for the legendary striker Ofori.

    The youngest of the trio but the least impressive with only 19 goals.

    57 goals scored in the season.


    TT, 1KC, DT

    So, TT complete within 14 seasons and with this the Vibe Triple Crown is complete.
    Triple Threat Assists

    So, this is probably my final score as Harit is 36 years old and he will not be featuring regularly anymore.
    So, we are 149 goals away from DT and Ofori and Mensah is some way from their 1KC. By the time their current contract expires, Ofori will be 33 and Mensah will be 36 years old. It will depend on how long we can keep them playing but i will be taking a chance and from next season i will be switching to a two man tactic, shifting Oddei to some other position.
    Thanks for viewing and any feedback is entertained.
  11. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from Titjes in African Extravaganza 11-in-1(Final Update - TT​✔️ DT​✔️​​)   
    Had to work double hard as from next week we will be grounded for this corona virus situation so didn't have time to update this so here is a double update
    Season 12
    Season History

    Clean sweep again.
    League Performance
    Oddei wins the Golden Boot this time around.
    Notable Matches & Cup Runs
    3 hattricks for Oddei this season with Ofori getting one and Mensah grabbing one in the CL final.
    Dumped out of World Cup second round but not before my guys put on a hell of a comeback even with 10 men and we also went ahead in the ET but Italy then popped 2 goals in the ET 2nd half to crush our dreams!!!!!
    Season 13
    Season History

    Missed out on the European Super Cup but won everything else. CL streak is on 5 now. Just one more and i will be eligible for the leaderboard.
    League Performance
    Notable Matches & Cup Runs
    Oddei hits the only hattrick of the club season andalso we notched up our 17th straight Nord-Sud derby win against Hamburger SV.
    We had the AFCON again this year and in the last edition, it marked my sacking. So, can we bounce back??
    Yes!!!! we can. The boys were out on a mission to prove the board that they were wrong in sacking me as we hit a staggering 30 goals in 7 matches on our way to yet another AFCON title. Mensah picked up the Golden Boot with 10 goals with Oddei winning the Best Player.

    86 goals scored across 2 seasons and he also crosses 100 goals in intl. football.

    75 goals scored across 2 seasons.

    He leads in goal front with 101 goals across 2 seasons and also becomes the 2nd player to cross 100 intl. goals. Can one of them cross 200???


    17 assists for Diatta and 43 for Harit. Harit has gone on a huge decline now.
    TT, 1KC, DT

    So, we are just 123 goals away from the TT and 260 goals from the nearest DT.
    Triple Threat Assists

    Harit is rapidly declining and so this challenge doesn't have much time, probably a couple of seasons before he retires. He is already 34 now.
    Thanks for viewing and any feedback is entertained.
  12. Favourite
    Kanegan reacted to Scratch in Scratch Goes Crazy: 2KC✔️ + 1KC❌ + Assists 1KC✔️ [Done]   
    Update - Season 19
    Only an 11 month injury could stop Unuvar reaching the 2K mark this season... Hmm, why did I choose "11 month injury"? That's oddly specific, isn't it?
    Nothing worth mentioning:
    Club Results
    We won everything again this year, but look at those league results! 4 draws. Only 84 goals. That's what you get when you play 2 players who are declining. The 5-nils turn to 1-nils... There are moments when it clicks though, like the Betfred Cup final, where Vignato supplied 5 and Unuvar scored 5.
    ITN Results
    Another World Cup, another win, this time over Spain (1-0):
    Koita and Unuvar stayed injury free, but Vignato had more bad luck with 1 month and 3 week injuries:
    Not going to itemise the attribute loss this time. Here they are in all their glory at the end of the season:

    Still a bit of life in Unuvar, but not so much in the other two - and by the end of the World Cup, Vignato looked significantly worse than that, down 2 in Pace and Stamina and 1 in Crossing, Dribbling. Movement etc.
    Unuvar 2KC
    Unuvar scored 81 goals from 57 games, a great return, but the ratio slipping:

    At the ITN level, he started the season on 41 (+256) goals and scored 21 goals, ending the season on 62:

    That gave him the total of 102 goals this season, taking him back above the 100 mark, thanks mostly to it being a World Cup year.
    Koita 1KC
    Koita scored 11 goals from 57 games:

    Vignato Assists 1KC
    Vignato slowed right down, providing 29 assists from 42 games:

    First time since his very first season that he's averaged less than 1 assist per game, so it is quite a slow down.
    Season Club (U) INT (U) Total (Unuvar) Goals (Koita) Assists (Vignato) 01 44 N/A 44 24 29 02 65 N/A 65 56 76 03 73 N/A 73 62 78 04 78 7 85 50 81 05 82 20 102 46 72 06 89 11 100 49 76 07 106 29 135 41 77 08 96 16 112 40 76 09 106 20 126 26 77 10 104 10 114 34 71 11 126 34 160 34 99 12 107 16 123 26 80 13 109 27 136 37 82 14 104 9 113 49 92 15 108 34 142 32 80 16 99 21 120 20 64 17 95 29 124 10 62 18 83 14 97 12 50 19 81 21 102 11 29 Total 1755 318 2073/2000 659/1000 1351/1000  
    Wrap Up
    So there you have it: Unuvar's 2KC achieved, Vignato's 1KC achieved, but Koita's 1KC was a bust (he did play 1043 games for Celtic, which is impressive in it's own right).
    Vignato finally signed a new 5 year contract a day after his current one expired. I could possibly play on until he's 42, but at 20 assists a year tops, he'd still fall short of 1.5K. Unuvar could obviously play on for some time yet, although the serious deterioration is starting. I could probably get him another 200 goals over the next 3 years, but that'd be it.
    So there are still things to play for, but honestly, this save is done for me and I hear other ones calling. It's been fun, but I want to go somewhere new, where I can pull apart the squad and build it into something awesome. Right now I'm just making incremental adjustments and it's not fun any more.
    Thanks for reading all, I muchly muchly appreciate it....
  13. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from Titjes in FMM 20 Chairman Game (Matchweek 12)   
    This week marks the debut of two new managers, Gallardo at Man Utd and the legendary Wenger returning to Arsenal. Can this mark the start of something good for them??
    Arsenal @gunnersaur vs Bayern Munich
    Barcelona @Titjes vs Chelsea
    Borussia Dortmund @LTFC vs Manchester City
    Spurs @ThomW12 vs Juventus
    AZ Alkmaar vs Torino @BatiGoal
    Liverpool @Jsavfc vs Manchester United @Crashhart
    This week's featured match, the North-West Derby. Can Gallardo turn United's rapidly drowning ship around??
  14. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from smoggy90 in ‘Hey Jude’ - A Strikerless 1k Attempt   
    Good start mate. Sancho looks like he will be getting the bulk of assists in this career.
  15. Favourite
    Kanegan reacted to Kun Aguero in The "Myth" in China - Scoring With A Goalie (Season 4)   
    Vanja - The "Myth" In China
    Season 1 : Let The Scoring Begin
    Key Players
    Before we get into Vanja's goals, here's a few notable players this season.
    Cedric Bakambu

    How he did?
    Next on, we have this former Man Utd flop, often named as Sir Alex Ferguson's worst signing, 

    How he did?
    Jonathan Viera

    How he did?
    Matheus Cunha

    How he did?
    And finally, the main man ... Vanja Milinkovic Savic! 

    He progressed really well, turning into a decent goalkeeper, but that's not too important here.
    How he did?
    And now, the main show, how many goals did Vanja scored in his debut season?
    The Goals
    That's it, 20 goals in his debut season, 109 more to go ...
    Goals : 20/129
    Thanks for reading, and comments are appreciated! 😀
  16. Favourite
    Kanegan reacted to Mr Tree in The "Goal a Mile" challenge goes to Italy - 30 seasons done!   
    Many thanks @BatiGoal @smoggy90 and @Paul186 - your support has been highly appreciated, it wouldn't be the same without you guys
    So here we are...
    Season Thirty
    I'll do this as a stand-alone post for this year, and then follow up later with an overall summary of the career...
    I'd have moved as far as possible, but (with my limited knowledge of Italian geography) it seemed my only reachable option was in Serie D, so i was stuck in Salerno.
    Fortunately I was given a bit of a transfer budget to tool up for a title bid in my final season. I sold a few but spent around net 80-90m, with the biggest purchases being a half-decent Romanian keeper (best I could get), and a striker in Maggiore who turned out to be a total waste of money - he soon lost his confidence, and never regained it in the reserves. Fortunately I had plenty of other options...

    Otherwise Carterton (ST) and Rossi (DMC) were former Latina players who I could re-unite with, and Daf (AML) was a young talent I'd picked up there who was starting to blossom. My other loanees from big clubs proved useful, and the squad was building nicely...
    However, the cup came too early, so we decided not to participate any further:

    Costi grabbed an early hat-trick:

    And his good form earned him recognition, along with my right-winger and new right-back:

    Berto Bello ended up getting the player of the calendar year award, with Costi on the podium:

    And of course, another award for the main man:

    At the halfway point, we had only lost once and had a healthy lead at the top:

    And we were really rolling:

    Five 10's in a row for Costi on his way to Player of the Month honours:

    Unfortunately, winger Mandelli had his head turned by all this - I didn't see any point selling him (even though we were well-stocked for wingers), but then he started sulking and playing shit, so I stuck him in the reserves.
    Costi still wanted a big move too (I promised him I'd consider it at the end of the season) - he had some rough moments, but fortunately not too many:

    However, the game seemed intent on sabotaging my title charge - particularly memorable was injuring three of my centre-mids on the day before a big match, but we had an insane run that would've induced rage-quit among weaker men. Playing Juventus without half my first-choice team, including both full-backs having got suspended, was a special highlight - we lost as they won 11 games in a row at one point
    But young striker Vangioni stepped up while Carterton was out...

    And this disappointing late loss was mitigated by my old mates grabbing a huge win, even though they'd already been relegated the week before:

    That left us in this position, with three games left:

    My second-last game of the career, poignantly, took place at the ground where it all started

    And with Juve stumbling, that put me 3pts clear with one game to go. Only a defeat for me plus a Juve win in the Turin derby would break our hearts... (as they had beaten me in the head-to-head)

    It got a little nervous there when Cagliari equalised!! But comfortable in the end, especially as Juve drew anyway

    Only 8 of them are pleased?! Little sods...
    One last monthly award for the main man:

    And a clean sweep of the player of the season - Mandelli doing well considering he didn't play the last 10 games!

    And Costi smashed the top scorer award:

    He looked like this by the end:

    And here's my final manager profile:

    So we reached the end...

    Thanks for reading, and I'll be back later today or tomorrow with an overall round-up.
  17. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from BatiGoal in 1000 Goals With A Bunch Of Amateurs   
    Thanks Bati. Such an honour winning the award. 😁 Not too far away from the finishline now. 
  18. Favourite
    Kanegan reacted to BatiGoal in 1000 Goals With A Bunch Of Amateurs   
    - Update 36 -
    Regen Amateur: Dimitris Karelis "The Knife" 
    Just 140 gls away from the 1000 and our next guy is a Striker, finally. After playing a DM and a GK up top, we're expected to score a decent amount of gls with another first amateur of a new nation, Greece 🇬🇷 9th unique nation in our growing list..
    BG: The Knife? 
    Dimitris: The Knife
    BG: Your ferocious speed enables you to cut in front of opponents. 
    Dimitris: Pace 10
    BG: Ah f*king slow. Well, you unpredictably cut inside from the wing. 
    Dimitris: I'm no Inside Forward. 
    BG: Useless bugger. You're a top level Tackler cutting players in half. 
    Dimitris: Tackling 9. Get real! 
    BG: God's sake, what are you then? 
    Dimitris: When I power the ball it cuts thru the air into the goal and cuts right thru the net. 
    BG: 😍

    One of the better amateurs we've seen in this career, no doubt. The greens are nice altho Teamwork isn't necessarily a good thing. Decent Aerial, fine Shooting, delighted with the progress and having an OK man up front makes a massive difference to the team.

    7-0 and our guy produced a brace. We see much better performances and results throughout. Still, the large number of assists is most likely down to his unselfishness. 

    8-0 and once again more assists than goals. From Target Man to Advanced Forward to Poacher in the past months, but our guy kept assisting more than we'd like to see. 

    9-0 and unfortunately only one for "The Knife". Always disappointing when there's so many goals for the team and the main man gets just the one. It's been hard to pinpoint the best player role for this dude as there didn't seem to be a great difference.

    He ended up doing well (AvR 7.94) and along with several other Porto players he made up most of the Team of the Year 2036-37. 

    We end up with a fine number of 33 gls, but the large amount of assists (16) is perhaps a stat that shows we could've collected more gls had we put all the players in the right places. I feel I missed a handful of gls and with better preparation (as in opting for a lone striker formation instead of my usual 3 forwards - which basically played right into his Teamwork attr) I think we should've pushed closer to 40.
    Good news, "The Knife" brings us a big step closer to the chequered flag with now 107 gls left for maybe another 3-5 amateurs. 
    As things stand:
    Total Amateur Games: 1062
    Total Amateur Goals: 893/1000
    Amateur Gls/M Ratio: 0.84
    @Kanegan, congrats to you. You've won the Amateur Player #35 Nickname Suggestion Contest. Of all the suggestions, yours came out on top. The "unspeakable" nickname's been given and you're the 3rd! Viber this career to win my follow 👍
  19. Favourite
    Kanegan reacted to Kun Aguero in The "Myth" in China - Scoring With A Goalie (Season 4)   
    Ceni challenge it is!

    There's probably no goalkeeper as good in scoring goals then Rogerio Ceni, nicknamed "Myth", who had scored 131 goals for Sao Paulo, most of them from free kicks and penalties. 
    The Challenge
    First posted by @Lewiitom in the FMH 2013 section, and @Titjes in the FMM 2018 section. The challenge is to score at least 129 goals with the selected goalkeeper. 
    The Club
    The picture in the OP shows the Beijing Bird Nest Stadium, it's pretty obvious that the challenge will be played in China. 
    Introducing ... Beijing Sinobo Guoan!!

    Why this club? 
    First of all, the challenge is to score goals with a GK, it's not too realistic to be done in the biggest league, facing world-class GK's. So the Chinese Super League is a pretty obvious choice here, as almost all the GK's in CSL are Chinese, with no world-class GK there.
    In so many CSL clubs, why Beijing, part of the reasons is that I'm now living in Beijing, and they have a pool of world-class players already. Cedric Bakambu, Renato Augusto, Jonathan Viera, just to name a few.
    The Player
    I need a goalkeeper that can score free kicks and penalties. After doing some research, I cam across this video in Youtube.
    This guy in the video, Vanja Milinkovic Savic, the brother of the Lazio midfielder Sergej Milinkovic Savic, almost scored from a free kick for Torino, just denied by the bar. Well if he can do that irl, he can possibly do it in the game.
    Here's how he looks like, and most important he has the "effective free-kick taker" traits.

    A spoiler of how he did in the first season ...
    Wish me luck, and stay tuned for the first update coming soon. 😀
  20. Favourite
    Kanegan reacted to Kun Aguero in FMM 20 Chairman Game (Matchweek 12)   
    Let's start with the Vibe Gold Division matches, as Torino will play 2 matches this week, one against relegation favorites Monterrey and one against promotion favorites Espanyol. Another goalless draw for them?
    Torino @BatiGoal vs Monterrey
    Espanyol vs Torino @BatiGoal
    Chelsea vs Tottenham @ThomW12
    The London derby between Tottenham and a struggling Chelsea that haven't won a match.
    Bayern vs Barcelona @Titjes
    Juventus vs Liverpool @Jsavfc
    Man Utd @Crashhart vs Atletico Madrid
    And finally the match that only @LTFC believes that Man Utd could grab a win, and a possible last match for Poch in Utd.
    Vibe Challenger Division

    Here's how the league table looks like 6 games in, still Barcelona and Liverpool ahead, with Tottenham climbing up to 4th. Arsenal, Dortmund and Man Utd are all struggling just above the relegation zone. 
  21. Favourite
    Kanegan reacted to Rob in Rob tries the Race to 100 Challenge - Season One   
    Thanks mate, much appreciated. Although it’s a simple career compared to your mind-bender.
    I am tempted to the point of seeing if the tactic will see us through to a 1k. Thanks mate
  22. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from smoggy90 in ‘Hey Jude’ - A Strikerless 1k Attempt   
    Great player choices mate. 
    Best of luck. 
  23. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from Titjes in African Extravaganza 11-in-1(Final Update - TT​✔️ DT​✔️​​)   
    Season 11
    Transfers Out
    The academy graduates were all sold off along with Yilmaz who was stuck in the reserves for like forever.
    Transfers In
    Another gracious intake of African players. Eboa Eboa is another Cameroonian wonderkid who will be playing as BPD in a few years time.
    Season History

    Lost the Club World Championship due to playing with greyed out players as AFCON was on and lost both the domestic cups.
    League Performance
    Back with the Golden Boot after missing it in the last couple of seasons.
    Notable Matches & Cup Runs
    No stopping Mensah this season as he mustered a quadruple and a hattrick. 
    It was a strange season. We lost in the AFCON quarter finals:
    and i was sacked:

    but a 0-0 draw against lowly Burkina Faso and a 2-0 loss against Algeria in the WC qualifiers and guess what:

    I am back again!!! The new coach didn't last long, did he !!! 🤣

    Back in the 40's as he mustered 42 goals in total.

    He wanted to be transfer listed throughout the season and i kept on rejecting him so it took a toll on his figures as he could add only 35.

    What can i say?? The older he becomes, the more lethal he goes as a magnificent 13 intl. goals take his tally to 51 for the season. Too bad his valuation is only 1/10th of the other two.


    Harit back to his best after a dip last season with Diatta struggling a little.
    TT, 1KC, DT

    Normalcy restored as 128 goals scored between the trio
    Triple Threat Assists

    Yet another challenge in the bag as we notch up the TT assists in the 11th season.
    Thanks for viewing and any feedback is entertained.
  24. Favourite
    Kanegan got a reaction from BatiGoal in 2020 Vibe Premier League   
    Well done @Ian, a thoroughly deserved victory. 
    @BatiGoal, fantastic fight mate. You gave it your all. 
  25. Favourite
    Kanegan reacted to Kun Aguero in Turkish Delight - A Triple Threat Attempt (Completed)   
    Turkish Delight
    Hoşçakal , au revoir
    With the Triple Threat already completed last season, what remain now is the Double Trouble between Fehmi Koc and Ali Akman, they are now 73 goals away from the 1200 goals needed. This will probably be the final update, as the save is just so tedious now.
    Here's how the 3 looks like in the end of the 2 seasons.
    Ali Akman

    Only 2 greens now for the 36 years old, with his Stamina now dropped to 8.

    He did well despite his bad looking attributes, 46 goals in the final 2 seasons, bring his total goals to 494 club goals + 36 international goals = 530.
    Fehmi Koc

    Surprisingly, he haven't declined much, despite suffering more injuries in the final season. He still looks like he can go for another 2-3 years.

    He shows no sign of declining in the first season, with almost a goal a game. Second season was not as good, but still a good goal per game ratio with 37 goals in 49 games. 86 goals in the final 2 seasons bring his tally up to 687 club goals + 42 international goals = 729 goals. 
    1259 goals between Ali Akman and Fehmi Koc means the Double Trouble is now completed!
    Omer Beyaz

    And the last player out of the 3, Omer Beyaz looks worse than the other 2, and with his Personal page staying like this forever, I just hate playing him now.

    Only 18 goals in the final 2 seasons, brings his final tally to 406 club goals + 43 international goals = 449. His total goals count combined with Fehmi Koc was 1178, only 22 from completing a second Double Trouble, but there's no point continuing now.
    Final Manager Profile

    Here's how my final manager profile looks like. The '4' in Transfer Acumen may be due to the huge spending, 3.9 billion spent in the entire career, but why care about that when you are in PSG. 
    Triple Threat Summary

    Anyway that's the end of the career, 1708 goals scored by the 3, completing both the TT and DT, this should be the end now.
    Thanks for all the support throughout this career, all your comments are appreciated. Thanks for reading yet again, and see y'all next time.