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  1. Retro420

    European club football

    Hi @Fozz_Quaker, I was still using Maidstone. Thanks to everyone for the help. I carried on with the save last night and suddenly got a message that I was in group C for the Euro League, YAY! Lol. I didn't win a single group game, and lost to Barcelona 9-1 , but at least I was there 😁 Thanks everyone.
  2. Retro420

    European club football

    I didn't win the Carabao cup but definitely won the fa cup, I did rage quit in round 2 and when I went back on the next day realised that I got to do that game again and won. Could it have been that? Financially I was within all my budget and had about 1.2 mil transfer budget, stadium holds about 7000 roughly.
  3. Retro420

    European club football

    Sorry no screenshots as I didn't think I would need to ask anything about it lol
  4. Retro420

    European club football

    Hi. I am using Maidstone as I was born near there lol. Started in vanarama national, got relegated then promoted again after few seasons. Stayed in vanarama national for ages then finally started getting some results. Just don't know why I didn't get any Europe competitions for winning the fa cup.
  5. Hello. First post here, looking for a bit of help. I don't really watch football, don't support a team, but have always loved the manager games. I have a team in sky bet league 1. First season in league 1 after being promoted from league 2 I won the league and the fa cup. Now I am in sky bet championship. I am in community shield, Carabao cup and fa cup. My question is, shouldn't I be in a European cup as well for winning the fa cup? I don't know how it all works as I don't follow football so thought I would ask. Thanks.