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  1. Career wide. My bad I thought it was worth than it is. Just checked 1.68 gpg
  2. Yes. Plus if you replay it you can get your striker a 3 gpg while mine barely 1.5 My biggest consern now is convertion rate. I have very few games with 7-8 shots and 3+ goals. I'd say he is at about 15% convertion rate. The worst he had was 16 shots and 0 goals.
  3. Indeed true. Worst part of it- you can't replay in career to be eligible for leaderboard
  4. Well then first time ever I'm best at something
  5. This is my first ever somewhat successful career. So I doubt I can give people advises. There are plenty of "senior" players here on vibe who is much better
  6. Well hello everybody! I am back with another update for an exciting season SEASON 10. Lets just jump in to it Transfers in Transfers out Another clean sweep. That one draw with Monaco I believe ruined perfect season HELP me out please figuring out who is who's regen As I stated before this season was exciting and the only upset was a Silva's small downfall towards the end of the season (about last 20 games). He was clearly aiming for 150 club goals. But then a couple of dry games(with no goals) and low scoring games... So he stopped at 138 goals. No, I'm not complaining. Just when you see how great he is and he turns in WTF are you doing with 7-15 shots and 0 or 1 goal you get a bit frustrated. Anyhow this was an amazing season for him at his 25 years. And another ridiculous assist year from Pulisic. Most of his assists from corner. Silva is very good at it so every time I see a corner it feels like a penalty shot lol Felix, Paqueta and G Fernandes is the best midfield trio IMO. Only if I knew how crazy Pulisic is (never used him before) I wouldn't try him in previous seasons as WB while hoping to get some assists out of Mbappe and Dembele. 1017 club goals and 175 international goals by the age of 25 !!! This is crazy!!! 138+28=166 goals this season. Not the best result (if you remember he had 180ish goals in one of previous seasons) Always Thank you for reading. Don't forget to comment as it is very much appreciated!! 1192/2000 to be continued...
  7. Not to brag. I had 135 club and 45 for national team goal in 8th season
  8. Good stuff mate! Indeed a new world record to smash 2k challenge under 20 seasons! You can do it! Fingers crossed for no injuries
  9. Never mind he retired after 9 seasons 🤦‍♂️
  10. Oh ok. Will see if I get one after Neymar's retirement
  11. Feel so dumb right now... unlocked? Meaning found somewhere and believed in him even though coaches didn't?