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  1. Thank you! Great job mate! Glad your Silva had come to senses and stayed. Keep it going
  2. Hello everybody! Back with another season update. I was anxious to see what I can squeeze out of Silva this year. SEASON 7 Transfers in or out don't make sense no more. Lots of regen players but aside from CR7 regen I prefer real players. Transfer in Transfers out Nobody could take any of my trophies. Just couple of ding-dong matches, Silva's killed instinct against US Orléans and the only draw in Ligue 1 Conforama with Lyon. Draw in CL final? Nah... penalty shootout save the day Neymar finally agreed to be player-coach. Not a surprise he is Attacking coach and got Silver badge right away. Waiting to get gold and promote him to assistant Speaking of assists Neymar is back on high horse even though he has no greens other than Technique. 40 in 45 games Foden, Mbappe and Almeida(CR7) figured they'll score some but Silva was unstoppable bagging 119 goals in 62 matches. @Rob2017 can you update the chalkboard with 1.91 gpg Nowhere near was he good for Portugal 😔 even though we won European International League (whatever that is) manager profile yep, don't really give local players any credit. As for goals: I follow @BatiGoal recipe I've read back fmm17 I guess "outscore your opponents" 8 international goals make it 127 season goals for Fabio. Let's hope he'll be able to bag 130 next year. Too much? Thank you for reading and commenting! I appreciate it a lot 721/1000 to be continued...
  3. Sure thing, thank you! Why don't you do a side challenge of calendar year goals?
  4. Doing great mate! I'm really impressed with your defense, barely 0.5 goals a game against you. Would you mind posting team stats(goals, assists, av rating)? Just curious how is your team doing aside from Silva. KIU
  5. Thank you! It's giving me a headache though. Can't get him to score more
  6. Thank you ☺️ added 0 minutes later I hope now to go beyond it
  7. The problem is that I can't find The One formation and depending on the game or form of my players (which I have waaaaaay too many) I can change formation not only through out the season but through out the game as well. It might be the reason (1) I get that many or (2) I don't get enough goals. So for me to give anybody a tactic woulbe complete falce information since I use almost 10 different. Like I mentioned in season 6 update Like @Nucleus @BatiGoal @Ashez @Rob2017 @Scratch and a few more (no hard feelings if I didn't mention you)
  8. Is there a suggestion box somewhere here? A few things I would LOVE to see in game: a tactic for corners and free kicks. I've noticed that a corner taker would only aim for close post with expressive game regime. Sometimes on balanced and never ever on Disciplined another thing is a Transfer history through out seasons, kind of like pick year menu on transfer page i had something else on mind... it'll come back later 😂
  9. Hello everybody and welcome back!! Another season and the magic 💯 is reached!!!🥳🥳 First time ever for me. Even though it was a good season overall my brain hurts 🤯 I can't understand why Silva is much worse in final third of a season??? I get it, tiredness and stuff, but I give him time off. And even after A 1-2 games rest he gets tired quick... Any suggestions? Anyhow Season 6. Transfers in Transfers out No surprises with competitions Euro cup this year!!! Well I was excited till I started playing it... Club is looking good but not great, having troubles with tactics again (yes I'm not a tactic mastermind and I addicted whole buyer) Looks like Neymar is giving it up and his stats went down tremendously but still doesn't want to quit playing and become my coach. This guy thought is incredible!!! Stats wise no challenges regardless of my attempts to get his Aggression up 20 goals in 13 games on international arena and 109 for the club. I would say it is good but I deel and see that he can do better... We'll see, won't we? Some thoughts 💭... Starting to regret not loading Portugal league due to no new players to invite to national team other than CR7 regen and couple Defs. Plus, looking at other people's saves and realizing that either 1)Portugal league is freescoring games after few seasons compare to French League or 2) I just suck at this game 😂 Thank you for reading! 594/1000 to be continued...
  10. Soon)) halfway through season 6
  11. One step at the time 😉