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  1. VictorCostabile140

    Help Transfer Update

    when the harvest will update the cast as: Piatek in milan, higuain in chelsea? I'm sorry, I'm Brazilian
  2. VictorCostabile140

    Action Faces Megapack

    How to put the faces of paqueta the Flamengo and Pedro fluminense?
  3. VictorCostabile140

    Help Unlockables prices

    Can someone tell me the price of the unlockables? I'm in Brazil and would have to convert from the dollar to the real and I want to know how much is. if anyone does not understand put it in google translator, and if it got bad, since ja excuses. Thank you
  4. VictorCostabile140

    FMM Summer Transfer Update

    only the transfers of players worked, the promotions of the teams were not
  5. VictorCostabile140

    Help add player

    you have to add a player without it?
  6. VictorCostabile140

    Help face packs

    such as putting player image or swapping it already has. PS: I already have face patch
  7. VictorCostabile140

    FMM Summer Transfer Update

    but it's not even in the game, I create it over someone or it's just put in the line of text and it creates
  8. VictorCostabile140

    FMM Summer Transfer Update

    👍 thanks for brazil
  9. VictorCostabile140

    FMM Summer Transfer Update

    How to put lucas paqueta in milan?
  10. VictorCostabile140


    simm, tem 1,3 de ram livre added 0 minutes later my cell phone has almost the same specifications and smooth wheel
  11. VictorCostabile140

    Chat helpeeee

    I was playing fmm18 on the tablet in the enhanced game engine and it started to crash .. what can I do to make it run smooth without playing in the original game engine .. sorry the pessimo ingles, I'm using google translator
  12. VictorCostabile140


    Would not you have anywhere else you know to download? I do not find Brazil here.
  13. VictorCostabile140

    Help helpeeee

    hello, I downloaded the logos and the faces of fmm 16 because it is the only one that has how to play with the brazil league but the download does not start, can you tell me why? Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm translating for google translator.
  14. VictorCostabile140

    Off Topic Brazilian here, please help me

    Sou novo no fmm 18 e queria saber se você tem como criar jogadores antes de começar um save, como trocar de time de jogadores etc ... um PEG que funciona I'm new to fmm 18 and wanted to know if you have how to create players before starting a save, how to change teams of players etc ... a PEG that works