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  1. Yes, I was being slightly tongue-in-cheek about it, although I wonder if the reduction in injury time associated with a light training program helps to keep more key players on the pitch, and thereby improves the odds of winning more matches? I suppose the only way to figure that out would be to simulate a ton of matches, to see if the trade-off had that kind of impact.
  2. Thanks for submitting this. I'm always looking for ways to make the game more challenging, and I'll definitely try this! I do see that with NIT difficulty, your team actually improved its record to 12-2-7 (compared to 10-4-7 with the default training setting). Of course, I know that your real goal is to reduce player attribute inflation to a more realistic level (ie, -0.5% decrease with NIT versus +4.62% increase with default settings), but that fact that your team appears to have done better with NIT makes me wonder if you did anything different with tactics in the NIT simulation versus the default settings simulation?