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  1. Harsh. I won't stop playing the game. I love this game, it got me through some tough times the last few years. And I really enjoy this community as well. I still look at you as one of the most respected members of this community, I really like all the stuff you've done. Not much else I can say here. I wish everyone well. Cheers.
  2. I'll admit that me being as skeptical of myself as I have does seem suspicious, but I have always been my biggest critic. So kindly excuse the self depreciation. Like you say however, I have been steadily improving with every season so far. 41 to 81 to 90 to 97 to 168. But you see, I've never been this high up before nor have I seen anyone else so high up. So once again, excuse me for attempting to stay grounded at such dizzying heights. As for the world class team that would be necessary for all of this, They're no Barcelona, but they'll get the job done surely? As for the other FMM curve balls, I actually think I figured something out on it. Fitness + Motivational coaches. Motivational coaches in particular is something I have a huge inclination to. Fitness coaches help massively with injuries with improving players physical attributes, stamina in particular(which is linked to natural fitness, an hidden attribute that affects injury proness I believe). Although I am unsure on all that. And then Motivational coaches who I believe play a huge part in hidden mental attributes like consistency, determination, big games, etc etc. As seen here, I have built quite a team thanks to all that. If there's still any further hesitation to trust me, I'll post further proof with a reveal of my tactics and a new 500 goal career I'll start in Turkey.
  3. I understand the skeptism, and honestly i doubt I'll ever get results like these ever again. But I assure you, I haven't pulled any tricks here. In terms of consistency, I have nothing to say except I got lucky and Sezo didn't start off as an inconsistent player. But for fitness, Coupled with the "very rarely injured" and "possesses good endurance" I'd wager he has elite level natural fitness. In addition to that, I took great care of his physical condition.(I sub him out in nearly every single game, it's tedious but worth it) Despite playing nearly every game for the last 2/3 seasons, he has never started a single game with under 95% condition. So yes, it is improbable and rightfully unbelievable, but not impossible.
  4. SEASON 5. ( A Legendary Season.) Even as I sit here typing down this, I still can't believe it. Fun fact: We didn't lose a single competitive game the entire season. 149 goals for and 144 goal difference from 37 games. Surely that must be a record? First silverware of the season and it's a record-breaking performance from Sezo. The current vibe record for most goals scored in a game is 7(EME), yet here we are with a massive 8 goals. I've already submitted an entry and I'm waiting for either @Woodyor @Ian to update the ol record store. And the second domestic cup was won rather handily too. Now in Europe... Dortmund put up a good resistance, in the sense that Sezo didn't manage to score a hat-trick in either legs. What can I say except, you get what you deserve. And this, was a close one. The only game in the entire season where I didn't completely dominate the opposition. That about covers this season. Now on to... And that concludes today's update. Thank you all for reading and I wish you all well .
  5. 2 goals a game is enough for a perfect 10! It took a lot of skill and Iuck(mostly luck) with subbing to achieve it. This one game early in the season was the only game he scored less than 2 goals. Other wise it's been all 2s with a few high scoring games here and there to bring it up to 3GPG.
  6. I'm extremely tempted to do exactly that, but I fear that it'll get boring after a certain point where all the real players are replaced by regen. Just a personal preference, unfortunately. But I do have a plan for the future of this career which is...
  7. I've honestly never seen anything like this before in all my years of playing fmm.
  8. 8 GOALS IN A SINGLE GAME FROM KACPER "THE FIENDLY GHOST" SEZONIENKO!!! Whew, I got a little excited there. But this here is my submission for most goals in a single game(EME). It's from a goal challenge career I'm attempting currently. And it's the first game of the season too... Looks like this'll be a 100 goals season.
  9. SEASON 4. Went pretty alright, I would say. We somehow had a better league season than the last one, I wonder when we'll achieve 100% wins... The cup double was nice. We had a surprising good showing in Europe. Dominated by Real at the start of the season, But we blazed our way into the finals before being stopped just barely by Barcelona. So overall it's a pretty good season. Naturally Sezo would have had a pretty good season too, right? That about covers how this season went, at this rate I should have this little challenge of mine wrapped up in a season or two. After which I intend to start a new edition of the challange in Turkey. Here are some other minor stats, and with that I'm off. Thank you all for reading and I hope you all enjoyed it.
  10. SEASON 3. Back with another great season, here's a quick look: The most successful season so far! Domestically; League was a cake walk once again, and I don't even have truly world class players yet. I'm excited to see the kind of numbers I'll put up once I've improved my squad to the highest level. Both domestic cups were won rather handily.(sorry Jagiellonia) We got unceremoniously kicked out of the Champion's League due to a group of death that had Liverpool, Valencia, and PSV(who were very plucky and managed to force a draw for one of the games). But that didn't mean we weren't good enough for Europe. We pushed on. (Screenshots seem off here) Close games all about, won through defensive master classes. And a lovely goal from our hero who led us to lift the Europa League trophy. Speaking of our hero, Let's have a look at how he did. Here are some other random stats to close off with (Pretty obvious what kind of formation I'm using from that, worry not, I intend to share the tactic once I'm done with this save) Nice splashes of green there. And with that I'm off. Thank you all for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it.
  11. Indeed, the moment he turned 18 the growth restarted! To be honest it's written right there, "needs to mature to develop further".
  12. QUICK INTRODUCTION. Here's a little throw back to a career I ran a couple of years back. Rather than using the absolute best players and the absolute best teams to achieve the absolute best results(not a knock on those who do), I want to do something different. So here I am with the humble goal of 500. And I do intend for this to be the first of many in a series of careers where I go around the world(Denmark and Turkey seem tempting). Without further ado, let's get to it! THE CLUB. And continuing on with throwbacks, I'm back at Lech Poznan. One of the best clubs in the Polish Ekstraklasa. And a favourite of mine thanks to the previous challenge I overcame with them. A team that once had Robert Lewandowski, will now have THE PLAYER. KACPER SEZONIENKO! Or as I like to call him, Sezo! (Or Kacper The Fiendly Ghast) Scout report not so amazing. In fact, it's just average. And that's perfect for me! 14 aerials at just 16 years old, everyone knows where this is going to go. Otherwise, pretty average attributes across the board. Perfect. SEASONS 1 & 2. Now I wasn't so sure if I was going to really go through with this career so I kept to myself and kept playing through silently. But now, at the end of my second season, I'm confident. I've got this one in the bag. Overall results wise, First season was a close one with me winning the league on the final game of the season. And I was non existent in Europe for the first season. Now the second season on the other hand... It was a piece of cake. As for how Sezo handled the challenge before him, And that about concludes my not so short introduction. It's a bit of a mess since I wasn't sure if I was really going in for this, but here I am now. I'll be off to complete season three and here's me hoping for a triple digit season. Some useless manager stats and cheers fellas!
  13. That is really fascinating! @Scratch So a change(positive most of the time) in attributes when retraining is an actual feature. Hmmmm this is interesting and opens up a nice little reward of sorts for people who like to micromanage training. I'll post more updates with pictures soon. Personally I think this is a really neat and fun feature, and while some may argue it's broken I'll say it's fun.
  14. Yet another update to this(I hope this isn't considered as spam) This time I used another, older player. Someone who no doubt has already reached the ceiling of his potential. Here he is before(being retrained into a wing back in the dm strata) And here he is after(I have two ss because my game crashed once and I had to restart a save and went back to a save before the ass man message) In this save he went up: +2 dribbling +1 tackling +1 positioning While in this one he went up: +1 dribbling +1 tackling +1 positioning Now this is a player that had already reached his potential, but here we are with attributes going up despite that. So with that, I think it's safe to conclude that retraining players gives a nice free 3-4 attribute point boost. What do ya'll think lads?