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  1. RPA123456

    What would you like to see in FMM20?

    YOUTH ACADEMY! All I want is a proper youth academy. I mean look at the state of the YA right now... You get a batch of Youth players at the start of the season, and then what? It soo bare-bones! Here's what I want: 1. The ability to hire staff for your youth academy(scouts, HOYD, coaches etc...) 2. The ability to send out scouts to different regions and countries so that you'll get players from there. I have a dream of making a World-class Oceanic team 3. The ability to recruit and maintain your own youth team. I think using a FIFA like system would be good(even though I hate FIFA). For Example, you can recruit players from the age of 14-18(any player who has reached the age of 18 has to be promoted to your reserves/first team or released) to be in your youth team(this range could be lower) and you can promote them once they've become 16 years old. 4. The ability to influence how your youth players develop. For example, if I use a tactic that only has a lone target man up front then I want to be able to develop my youth players to fit that role. There is so much more I think can be added to make the YA more in-depth but I won't be listing them down now because I don't want to make this post too messy. Seriously guys, the youth academy has so much potential
  2. RPA123456

    Winter Update

    Good luck mate! I want you to know that you've still got our full support(at the very least mine)
  3. RPA123456

    Winter Update

    Sad but true... This version has already lost many fans it seems, fans that won't be back. But I also want to point out that there are still many madly devoted fools like me who will still buy and play FMM every year and post careers
  4. SEASON 11. Aww come on second team, this could've been a Spartak clean sweep! Just another normal season If it weren't for Quresma being injured for about 2-3 months he could've easily made a clean sweep. DOMESTIC. EUROPEAN. MAN WITH HIS BEST SEASON YET. And that concludes today's update folks. And I'll be back with another 100+ goals season soon.
  5. RPA123456

    FMM19 Bug List

    Hmm from what I've experienced, you need two things for a player to hit his peak. 1. play time in a 'top' league/competition(PL/LaLiga/UCL) 2. the best possible training facilities(State of the art) If you don't have both of this then it is expected that your players have stopped growing like this. If you do have both and they've stopped growing then it simply means they have reached their potential.
  6. RPA123456

    FMM19 Bug List

    Possibly because the Dutch league isn't competitive enough. No I'm serious, that's a feature. If your team doesn't play in a 'top' league then their development will be stunted.
  7. RPA123456

    Winter Update

    Well in this scenario it's a case of it going right through the head
  8. RPA123456

    FMM19 Bug List

    Hahaha wait until he gets 'shocked he isn't a first team regular' even though you've played him every game.
  9. RPA123456

    DJ Woody’s Record Store

    Oh I just remembered that I could have submitted this last season... Highest AVG Rating: 9.55 But I did better this season so oh well P.S Sorry @Jens
  10. Pelayo it is! BTW do you know what's the white kit?(far right)
  11. Ooohh boy! Trust me when I say that's going to get boring real fast. I play on commentary mode now because of how boring its become.
  12. RPA123456

    FMM19 Bug List

  13. Hmm I think I spot OL and Gijon's kits there so... Pelayo Morrila(I think I spelt that wrong) and Maxwell Cornet? Don't recognise the other kit though. Edit: Maxwell is probably completely off and the player you're using is one of the many talented players in OL reserves, but I am confident on Pelayo though.
  14. RPA123456

    Winter Update

    Key word I used was everyone. Before the poll it seemed like it was, the people who liked the new update were outnumbered 1 to 10. And I agree that the majority(myself included) prefer the old version, but it is not that much of a huge gap.
  15. RPA123456

    Winter Update

    Then this would prove the rhetoric that everyone hates the new update wrong.