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  1. So I was revisiting some old saves I don't play much anymore. And then I saw this guy: Look at this beast Surely he's at least a 4 star CA player right? Guess again! Really strange, And my coaches don't think too highly of him either... Maybe he just has shit hidden attributes...
  2. Same, I rarely ever pay attention to the coaches report and only take a look at it to see how some of his hidden attributes could be.
  3. RPA123456

    SS Tactic - Smashing Success (EME)

    Sorry to say but, holidaying doesn't do anything to help you test tactics. When you holiday what happens is your teams results will be decided solely by the CA of the players that played. It does not take your tactics into consideration when stimulating games sadly.
  4. RPA123456

    4-1-2-2-1 need tester!!

    Doesn't work, the game doesn't take your chosen tactic into account while holidaying... It only takes the CA of your team into account and stimulates a result based on that.
  5. Hmm, but on that same save I had another CM(Toby Deane's backup) with 4 star CA and yet he seems worse than Toby who has just 3.5 stars... Hang on, let me see if I can grab a screenshot. Hmm maybe I was too harsh, he doesn't look too bad either. But if I'm looking strictly at their Passing, Creativity, Decisions, Movement and Positioning Toby comes out on top. David Victoria does have the advantage in technique though, so I'll give him that. Overall, I may have been wrong and Deane might just be at the peak of 3.5 stars(135-145 CA) while Victoria could be at the bottom of 4 stars(140-145 CA). Although to be fair to Victoria his PA could still be at the top of 4 stars(155-160 PA), so he might yet grow to be better than Deane.
  6. TBF his mental and physical attributes are pretty good(18 positioning, 17 movement...) but I guess this is just what a peak 3.5 star player is like. Speaking of stars, do they correspond to the 0-200 scale too? So for example, a 3.5 star CA could be anywhere from 120/121 to 139/140? If say his CA was 140 then I suppose his attributes do kinda match up...
  7. RPA123456

    SS Tactic - Smashing Success (EME)

    By stimulating, you don't mean holidaying do you?
  8. I would go for Truro as they, interestingly, are the only Cornish team in-game. So that would be a bit of a challenge. A while back I wanted to do a 'Cornish Barcelona' career with them, but could not find the time... Hmm thinking about it again, I think I might just run it alongside my Russian 1.5k career... Haha! Now I'm inspired!
  9. RPA123456

    Condition on latest update

    Eh honestly I'm pretty used to this issue already. I like it as it is. Granted, I haven't started a LLM save since the new update so my opinion might change if I do that...
  10. Reasonably Priced Wonderkids-Goalkeepers in the UK Reasonably Priced Wonderkids-Central Defenders in the UK Reasonably Priced Wonderkids-Fullbacks/Wingbacks in the UK Reasonably Priced Wonderkids-Defensive Midfielders in the UK Reasonably Priced Wonderkids-Attacking Midfielders in the UK Reasonably Priced Wonderkids-Wingers in the UK[+POLL] Reasonably Priced Wonderkids-Strikers in the UK.(Part 1) Notice to everyone that the poll is still up(in the wingers page) and that it will close tomorrow. Also before we start, I would like to say my initial shortlist had 90 players hence why this took so long. Also my final shortlist still has 20+ players which is one of the reason I split this post up. (the other reason being I wanted to announce the poll result together with the last post in this UK series.) With all that out of the way, here are 10 players that have some good potential: (Note: I didn't use any attribute limits this time. I also added in another small detail called 'volatility'. What this is: Any player that has a PA range over 1 star will be marked with 'volatile' next to their potential. Volatile players aren't actually bad players, in fact they might even grow far beyond the potential I listed, but be careful signing them as their potential could also end up being far below what I listed.) 1. Allan Viral Potential: 7.2/10(Volatile) Asking Price: 230k Stimulated Growth: 2. Levi Gallimora Potential: 7.6/10 Asking Price: 210k Stimulated Growth: 3. George Membrillera Potential: 7.4/10 Asking Price: 350k Stimulated Growth: 4. Jacob Wakeling Potential: 6.6/10 Asking Price: 170k Stimulated Growth: 5. Henri Kumwenda Potential: 7.6/10 Asking Price: 170k Stimulated Growth: 6. Dapo Mebude Potential: 6.8/10 Asking Price: 28k Stimulated Growth: 7. Dimitri Sea Potential: 7/10(Volatile) Asking Price: 120k Stimulated Growth: 8. Micheal Fowler Potential: 6.8/10(volatile) Asking Price: 120k Stimulated Growth: 9. Nick Okoro Potential: 6.6/10 Asking Price: 110k Stimulated Growth: 10. Connor McBride Potential: 7.4/10 Asking Price: 120k Stimulated Growth: And that, concludes today's edition of Reasonably Priced Wonderkids. Really the best edition I've put out so far, I mean look at all those greens!
  11. I just give the players attributes a little boost with the IGE. I try to keep the growth as realistic as possible, but I can't say say it is 100% accurate. I suppose it's around 75-80% accurate at least however. Plus my stimulation doesn't take into account any other extra train you might give a player. Also, I take care to not boost their attributes too much and I leave some room for them to grow yet. So there is still a decent chance they might grow to be better than the screenshots I post, but that is entirely dependent on how you train them and if their potential had a good draw at the start of you game.
  12. Season 4. Went pretty damn well I would say. Finally made my mark in Europe with the Europa League win. (more on that later, I got some of the funniest draws on my way up) Predictably, we took top place when it came to scoring goals. Ah, but assists were kinda interesting this season. Because I finally found my main playmaker!(more on him later.) The league was a pretty easy win, But if CSKA didn't hate us so damn much we could have gone unbeaten... The first silverware of the season was won without too much trouble(minus the poor goalkeeping) The Russian Cup went smoothly as well(once again, some poor goalkeeping here. I'm starting to notice a pattern here...) We got a tough draw in the CL, and were simply unable to surpass either Chelsea or Real Madrid. We were not fated for Champions League glory this season... Now Europa League on the other hand... I ain't gonna lie, I was sure our run was over here. But the sons of bitches bottled it! We were down two man and they f***ing bottled it! How?... Come on Liverpool... Well, another English team... And I'm thankful for the away goals rule. And an incredible late game hat-trick from our hero led to us lifting the Europa League Trophy. Now, I know that I just made a post talking about my team but there is one guy I thought we all needed to take a second look at. Look at that! A world class winger if I've ever seen one. And that's just his stats playing only about 3/4 of the games... I can't wait to see what he'll achieve next season. Now that we've got the appetisers out of the way, on to the main course! I guess that about sums up this season. Here are some manager stats to wrap things up, thank you for reading and I guess I'll see you guys around.
  13. Introduction. It's a cold and stormy Tuesday night and we're fighting relegation halfway into the season... And our next match is against league leaders Atletico Mad- Oh hang on, Wrong career. See, now that I've ended(rather abruptly might I add) my Scottish RTG. I thought I could finally focus on the other career I had started, which was my Can't Win Anything With Kids-Extreme Edition career. However, due to the new update messing up player fitness I ran into a massive brick wall and now that career is basically impossible to play(in fact, I believe I'm a few games away from being sacked now). So now that both the career modes I had started have so suddenly ceased, I'm left feeling extremely bored... And so here we are! Now, we've all seen our fair share of goal challenges right? But no one has tried Russia yet AFAIK. And the thing about Russia is, they have a strong league with their own fair share of wonderkids no-one has heard of. So, I've got my jacket on and I'm staring this blizzard in the eye. I am gonna do this. THE TEAM. Spartak Moscow, Aka The People's Team. ALRIGHT I KNOW THE LOGO'S RED COLOUR AND THAT THERE'S A BIG C IN THE MIDDLE, BUT I SWEAR I'M NO COMMIE MR FBI MAN! I SWEAR! Okay, now that I've got that out of the way here is a link to their wiki page where you guys can do some catching up on these guys. TLDR:They are the most successful club in Russia with a huge trophy cabinet that I hope to make bigger. THE PLAYER. A tough little guy by the name of Danila Proshlyakov(I'll call him Danny-boy) who I hope to make into a tough big guy. Now I know he doesn't look amazing, but he is just 18 and I'm sure with a little bit of play time he'll go on to do great things. Originally I planned to do a 2k, but given how slow his first few seasons would start I decided that was being too ambitious and that a 1.5k is still a difficult enough challenge. But 2k might still be up, who knows... THE OTHER PLAYERS. And before I end this little introductory post I want to give you guys a look at the players who make up my starting 11 currently.(i also plan to give regular updates on my starting 11 every few seasons, maybe every 3 or 5 season?) Here they are: A somewhat decent keeper, but unless he improves significantly I'll have to replace him. At just 20 years old I have hopes of him becoming a mainstay in my defense. A little on the older side, but he is the best I've got for now. I have already scouted out his replacement though. Pretty decent looking fella, not really that interesting either but I suppose that's just the downside of being a defender... Slightly too old for my liking but I've a guy waiting in the wings who is almost good enough... Definitely a key player for this side. In fact, if you guys are looking for a decent all rounded(with some slight defensive bias) midfielder I recommend Zobnin. He should be able to do the job for most mid-top sides. Just bought him in for about 8.75m to be a defensive double pivot with Zobnin. Not amazing on the ball, but he'll get the job done off of it. Not the best right winger, but at just 21 years old I have hope he'll grow into it. I can't believe I bought him for just 5.75m, I completely robbed em blind!. Might not be at his best as a winger, but he's still the best I've got. Surely he'll be a key player for the next few seasons. Looks pretty strong, don't know much else about him but he looks like he'll get the job done. Surprisingly, Danny-boy ain't gonna start this season.(come on look at him, he's kinda shit) Instead we have ol' Luiz Adriano providing the goals. One thing in my favour however, is that Adriano tends to get tired quite easily which means our main man gets a fair share of games and goals too. And that's it for this season fellas, wish me luck against the cold angry night.
  14. For wanting to manage the Russian national team alongside my club side....
  15. Personally, I go for full high press if the tactic and team I'm using are good at it because if you're constantly attacking then you're constantly creating chances to score and ultimately win. OTOH, I find myself using using committed tackling and closing down all over with a balanced line often. Reason being, I don't want my team to be too risky tackling but I also want my midfielders to tackle hard in midfield. (for some strange reason my defensive midfielders almost never attempt tackles or interceptions...)
  16. MEET THE TEAM. Ah I remember I said I would look to replace him if he didn't show any growth. TBH he's still not that great, so I might get rid of him yet... Another familiar face who I said would become one of the mainstays of my defense. Looks like he did pretty damn alright! One of my best players, and he was sitting on the bench at the start of this career! Ah, boring ol Kutepov. Much like the guy he replaced(Gigot), he is a pretty uninteresting fellow. Ah left footed Kutepov! How nice to see that my two rocks in defense are so boring...Moving on! On to someone a little bit more impressive now! Can't spell key player without an.... A? Roman has a A! Only part of the team where I haven't really improved much on...Hendrix is worse defensively but better all-round. Can't really tell if better or worse than Sarr. My offense, however, is one place I have definitely improved on(even if just slightly). Here we have a Man U reject(I mean that in the nicest way, he's been immense for us but we bought him when he was listed...) Really great player who is the best mix of AP+W. Once again, a perfect mix of an AP+W. I only got him last season despite him being on my scouting list since day 1. Glad to see he's worked out great. Haha, embarrassingly I forgot to add Quintero in! Sorry JFQ! Interestingly, he started out his career as a winger in this club before moving to his more natural position as a No. 10. And, of course, the man who makes this challenge! I mean, you guys hear about him every season so surely I need not add anymore? Anyway, that's all for now. I also want to add on for all those who follow my Reasonably Priced Wonderkids series that the Strikers list won't be out today
  17. Reasonably Priced Wonderkids-Goalkeepers in the UK. Reasonably Priced Wonderkids-Central Defenders in the UK. Reasonably Priced Wonderkids-Fullbacks/Wingbacks in the UK. Reasonably Priced Wonderkids-Defensive Midfielders in the UK. Reasonably Priced Wonderkids-Attacking Midfielders in the UK. Reasonably Priced Wonderkids-Wingers in the UK. Before we start, you guys might have noticed the poll on top. It's for me to decide where to scout next as I'm going to end this UK edition soon. With that out of the way, on to the post. For this edition of Reasonably Priced Wonderkids we have a fine selection of Wingers to choose from(and some of them are even good enough to be PL quality!) Before I go into my shortlist of players, I want to point out that as usual I have put in a attribute limit. Which is 12 technique. With that out of the way, here is my choice of 10 players: 1. William Gould Potential: 6.4/10 Asking Price: 240k Stimulated Growth: 2. Aidan Fitzpatrick Potential: 6.2/10 Asking Price: 40k Stimulated Growth: 3. Colin Odutayo Potential: 7.4/10 Asking Price: 400k Stimulated Growth: 4. Kieran Smith Potential: 7.4/10 Asking Price: 500k Stimulated Growth: 5. Kian Makepeace Potential: 7.8/10 Asking Price: 130k Stimulated Growth: 6. Taylor Gardner-Hickman Potential: 6.8/10 Asking Price: 180k Stimulated Growth: 7. Luke Molyneux Potential: 6.2/10 Asking Price: 170k Stimulated Growth: 8. Trevor Clarke Potential: 6.8/10 Asking Price: 160k Stimulated Growth: 9. Daniel Armstrong Potential: 6.4/10 Asking Price: 24k Stimulated Growth: 10. Tom Smith Potential: 7.8/10 Asking Price: 230k Stimulated Growth: That's is all for today's edition, and I'll be back in a few days to complete the final post in my UK edition, strikers.
  18. Shout out to @Chris99for inspiring me to give this a go! I would first like to point out that this tactic is still in its infancy, so it may not be amazing yet. But despite that, I still wanted to post it here because how exciting it is! So, with out further ado here's what I came up with after a quick saviour cometh challenge with Southampton: While I did put a fair amount of thought into every role and instruction, I will not be explaining all of that boring stuff yet because like I said, this tactic is still in its infancy. So until I get everything sorted out, you guys will just have to make do with this three screenshots. Results-wise, I felt we did alright(having taken over 1 game before the Brighton game). Also, I only really figured out the tactic after the Liverpool game. Plus that Man U game was just one those games where you concede every shot on target... Anyways, that is all I have for now but I am putting all my other FMM stuff on hold to test this tactic with... Ajax! Hopefully I'll be back with a tactic that is worthy of the Johan Cruyff title.
  19. RPA123456

    Johan Cruyff's Total Football!

    it's one of the pages you can change to under the view/detailed option.
  20. RPA123456

    Condition on latest update

    It's all good! It's enough for me to know that you guys will take a look at it Something to do with how the season somewhat resets every season? Anyways, I'm just happy you guys are active on this forum. Really gives the playerbase a solid connection with the dev team
  21. SEASON 3. I had actually finished this season yesterday, but simply couldn't find the time to do a write-up(I've also finished my scouting for my Reasonably Priced Wonderkids series, which should be up soon after this.). Anyway, on to how the season went! Yet another easy campaign in Russia. Danny easily claimed top spots in the score boards. Impressively, my player's also managed to grab the top spots in the assists leaderboards, which they've never done before so well done lads! League might seem like a cakewalk, but Zenit put up a strong fight and were leading the league unbeaten halfway into the season. Unfortunately both their home and away games against me were in the second half of the season... The first silverware of the season came after an exciting game where both Danny and their RB scored a brace to win me the game. And the last silverware of the season came after a terrible game where we really suffered to get shots on target. Thankfully, we had a world class forward on our side We also managed a decent showing in the CL, making it to the Quarter Finals. But Real Madrid were simply too good here. I wanted to do a whole in-depth guide of my team, but not in this post. Maybe in a few hours or tomorrow, depending on how I feel. And that leaves us with... So that concludes this season's update, I'll leave you guys with some manager stats and I'll see you all next season. (or whenever I post something next, but whatever)
  22. RPA123456

    Condition on latest update

    Aye, I have a little suggestion! Although it isn't related to player fitness and condition, I want @Marc Vaughanto have a look at this. Can you stop the focus attribute I set for my loaned out players from being randomised everytime I loan them out. I mean, I like my winger and inside forwards to have good creativity(to create chances for others and themselves) so I set creativity as their focus attribute. But then they go out on loan and it get randomised and I can't change it because its now locked... To clarify, I have no problem with the training being locked once they get loaned to another club. That part is fair and realistic, but at least have the focus attribute I set to remain the same. The way I see it, the gaffer went out to have chat with the young Cristiano/Messi before he went out on loan and told him 'look here mate, I need you to work on your creativity during your loan spell. So start painting and doing some creative writing eh?' That's all I want really. Oh and also, any chance of 2 season loans being introduced anytime soon?
  23. RPA123456

    Condition on latest update

    I'm (kinda) with you on the conditioning part, but I honestly feel training this year was a step up from the last few years... I mean we all used to just set everyone to intensive and wait for the gains to come in. That was just plain boring and mindless. Now with the new training system I feel I can actually have some kinda uniqueness with the players I have. Before, if a player was a Inside forward at age 18 he would be an inside forward at age 28, but now with the new training system I can mould my players to my playstyle. Back then I would sell or release any player who didn't 'fit'. Now? No problem. Sorry if all this seems a bit rant-y, its late at night(where I'm at) and i thought it was BS that you thought the training was worse this year.
  24. Hmm, for some reason I feel like this challenge is calling out to me... But I have my plate full at the moment, so unfortunately I won't be doing this anytime soon. I will bookmark this though, see you in a few weeks!
  25. RPA123456

    1K Goal Challenge Tactics Help

    Honestly, there's isn't really a super broken tactic. It's just a simple attacking 4-2-3-1 that gets the job done most of the time... Can't say more than that Oof quick edit to say a 4-3-2-1 also works! Alright now I'm keeping my mouth shut.