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  1. THIS IS THE BEST OF THE BEST FROM THE BEST TACTIC EVER MADE SO FAR !!! I'm tested this on my last fmm 2018 and it's so PERFECT
  2. This tactic also work best in fmm 2018 too !!! Very love this tactic ....thanks for share
  3. This is absolutely the best tactic ever made !!!
  4. Amazing tactic anyway, i have tested ii with Barca and voila it's great and useful
  5. Yeah i have tested this tactic with fmm 2018 with Man.City and yihaaaa it's a good tactic Thanks for uploading this
  6. Best with ajax instruction with IWB and shoot on targets , but why on this version the DLP DM or Anchorman always poor performance ??
  7. So the main focus of passing area is "mixed" or "centre " ??