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  1. How does a Brazilian like you get obsessed with the K League?
  2. IMO you see enough during matches to build a tactic that works. For example in my current save I’m playing a similar tactic to yours but with 3 cm’s instead of a dm, the central player more defensive minded and the wider two as B2B. I noticed I was getting caught by teams on the break because the B2B’s pushed up into the box more, leaving my remaining cm isolated against a counter-attack. This led me to tweak my tactic and improve my team’s work on both sides of the ball. Long story short I saw this happen enough in matches to realize what was going wrong and change something. ps I’m a huge fan of the midfield diamond and hope you get it working for you!
  3. Can you sign a player at the beginning of the save for this or do you have to play at the club the player is currently at?
  4. I’m playing MLS too and am having the same issue. I’m in 2021 but haven’t seen the competition played. In the history it says the most recent winners were in 2018/2019
  5. The board expect me to stay clear of relegations and I’m in 4th place about halfway through the season. Why are they disappointed with this?
  6. Has anyone had any success playing a 4-2-2-2? Everything I try seems to end up too much like 4-2-4 when I’m looking for something where the strikers and attacking midfielders/wingers are more distinct from my frontline. Thanks!
  7. I’ve been trying to settle on a save since the game came out and nothing has stuck. I’ve tried a journeyman, an AC Milan return to glory, and what seems like everything in between but I can’t settle on anything. I’m not a huge fan of challenges but I’m open to any suggestions/help because I want to enjoy the new game. Thanks guys!
  8. I know I’ve seen this answered somewhere about past versions but I was wondering if it’s still the case that my reserve team plays simulated matches that don’t show up in regards to form or stats. More to the point I guess, do players in my reserve team get simulated reserve team football?
  9. Spot on. I played with AlbinoLeffe and once the playoffs started all the fixtures and info could be found in the Serie C that doesn’t have a group (A,B,C) after it. We won the playoffs and it listed us as winners there too
  10. Not just you mate. Before the update I was playing 433 with FL/R’s ISF, banging goals but after the update these players (and my team as a whole) struggled to get anything. I tried changing their roles but to me it was the entire FL/R position. Ended up switching to a 4411 and it seems like ML/R wingers are way overpowered now too
  11. Just substitutions, nothing in terms of player positions/roles
  12. I occasionally get the "players confused by unusual formation" message as part of the post-match analysis but I have not changed my formation or player roles from previous matches where I didn't get the message. Is this a bug and if not, what effect does it have/how can I avoid it?
  13. I just finished a couple really successful/fun careers (building an unbeaten Mönchengladbach team and winning the Europa League with Go Ahead Eagles) and am struggling to get into a new save. I’ve tried a few ideas but nothing stuck. Any ideas? Thanks!
  14. In my first season with Mönchengladbach I had the normal four friendlies, but in every season after that I’ve only had one friendly. Really annoying when trying to figure out starters/tactics
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