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Everything posted by lcutini32

  1. I’ve been trying to settle on a save since the game came out and nothing has stuck. I’ve tried a journeyman, an AC Milan return to glory, and what seems like everything in between but I can’t settle on anything. I’m not a huge fan of challenges but I’m open to any suggestions/help because I want to enjoy the new game. Thanks guys!
  2. I know I’ve seen this answered somewhere about past versions but I was wondering if it’s still the case that my reserve team plays simulated matches that don’t show up in regards to form or stats. More to the point I guess, do players in my reserve team get simulated reserve team football?
  3. Spot on. I played with AlbinoLeffe and once the playoffs started all the fixtures and info could be found in the Serie C that doesn’t have a group (A,B,C) after it. We won the playoffs and it listed us as winners there too
  4. Not just you mate. Before the update I was playing 433 with FL/R’s ISF, banging goals but after the update these players (and my team as a whole) struggled to get anything. I tried changing their roles but to me it was the entire FL/R position. Ended up switching to a 4411 and it seems like ML/R wingers are way overpowered now too
  5. Just substitutions, nothing in terms of player positions/roles
  6. I occasionally get the "players confused by unusual formation" message as part of the post-match analysis but I have not changed my formation or player roles from previous matches where I didn't get the message. Is this a bug and if not, what effect does it have/how can I avoid it?
  7. I just finished a couple really successful/fun careers (building an unbeaten Mönchengladbach team and winning the Europa League with Go Ahead Eagles) and am struggling to get into a new save. I’ve tried a few ideas but nothing stuck. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. In my first season with Mönchengladbach I had the normal four friendlies, but in every season after that I’ve only had one friendly. Really annoying when trying to figure out starters/tactics