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  1. i had a similar idea with this but instead of wide wbs in the left and right dm spot, i drop back the wbs to the actual fb spot to make it a REAL 5 at the back. Also making the middle cb a libero to act as dm. I haven't tried it yet but i will try it on an English lower league club like Tonbridge Angels FC in Vanarama South League.
  2. i never even have a "thought" where this forum is like reddit but its ok
  3. im pretty sure ppl use IGE when they sign a player and tweak their contract a little bit. I've met some ppl on reddit, they were open about it. LOL
  4. You can save your tactics. Go to your tactics page and there should be a button that says "action" at the bottom. Click on it and you can save it.
  5. just copy and paste what you see. not that hard
  6. How active are you, assuming that you would look to ppl's tactics and then decide if you want them to be put in this post because its good enough?
  7. 20 minutes to put together a post? And how many screenshots did you take and then to upload them to your post that you're "putting together" that makes a total of 20 minutes? So, If i plop down a 1 MINUTE video that it takes me "1 minute" to record my screen and then "put together" a post, would you assume that it would take me 25 minutes? Not saying that's what you're assuming.
  8. So at least 5 seconds to find what you're looking for aka "flicking through a video" is a pain? You can just pause and then "flick" OR do what most YouTubers and ppl in the youtube comments done: Timestamp or is timestamp a pain too?
  9. not gonna be rude but your comment is insulting and over dramatic with the whole "id be impressed if you find 3 ppl who likes video format." Not complaining of a text/screenshots, just tedious. Not complaining that 99% of the tactics posted are screenshots/texts. Not trying to defend and say i would prefer video format the whole point of my comment is not about ppl who would "like" video format. The point is me making a comment asking a simple question. You know, the similarities and differences. You know, can a video format or "GIF" do the same job of Delivering the tactics/your choice of team in a chosen league and showing the wins, lose, draws and league table/your team's stats (goals/assists), etc. like the screenshots? Or can it not?
  10. i think you misunderstood my comment. Main EXAMPLE: I never said it takes 5 seconds to make a 1 minute video. I DO NOT KNOW where you get that from. I just said it take 5 seconds to "find what you're looking for IN THE VIDEO. You know, takes 5 seconds to skim thru the video to find the league table or skim thru the video to find the tactics." Did i not say that? I was clear on that. your #1 and 2 point: What you just said can apply in a video format. There's really no drawbacks. Is pause button not exist? Can you not skip thru the video? Since we're on mobile, can you not use your finger and use the lines in the video and hold and slowing slide right? If i pause the video, same thing, it takes seconds to "read" like you just said. Is timestamp not allowed? your #3 point: FMM for a video format is "boring" is subjective, depends on the person suit of interest. Also, gifs are the same as video. A 1 minute video can be a gif. A gif is a video or image that repeat itself over and over. So is the video. Press play and once the video is over, press play again. Samething your #4 point: i do not believe you. How much data/battery drain to screenshot vs a 1 minute screen record video? Again, it takes 1 minute to record a 1 minute video and then create a post with timestamps and all that and all those paragraphs/sentences to explain your tactics and all that so how long is to screenshot 10+ images and manually upload them to create your post and type up paragraphs about your tactics and team and all that? "You'd have to jump around the video to find the bits you want" Is that hard? Is that time wasting as suppose to a long post of 10+ screenshots? Either one of them, both can
  11. So, you create a post, let's say to upload and share your tactics. How long did it take for you to screenshot the tactics, league table, stat table (player's goals, assists) and your club's resulted fixtures (all the resulted matches) AND create a post like this and click "submit topic". Once you have your answer, I want to give you a scenario. Let's say i record the tactics, fixtures, stat table and league table. It would take me around 1 min and the recorded video is 1 minute long. and i create a post like this and upload the video here in this post. together i think its under 2 min. The post will be small as suppose to the screenshots where the post is too long. so i create a post in just 2 min using the video format. SO how long did it take for you to screenshot everything and create a post and upload these screenshots? So, the QUESTION is: would you rather choose the video format, time saving and very easy to find everything in the video and it REALLY takes mere 5 seconds, not even time consuming to find (don't be over dramatic) and a clean short post or the screenshot method?
  12. im sry but didn't Biesla used 3-3-1-3 back in October at away vs Hull? I think it should look like this: (i know it looked like 3-3-3-1) st lam cam ram lwb cdm rwb cb cb cb maybe im wrong so i find this: (wrong game but i think this is actually Biesla's real tactic) 3: st + wingers (lam+ram) 1: cam 3: 2 wbs + cm 3: 2 cbs + dm
  13. i know this is a dumb comment because i am new but did you guys holiday the whole season or actually manage the teams like how ppl normally play the game when you buy this game? another question: is it a no-no to create a 2nd save before starting the match because that defeats the purpose of playing the game and takes the fun away?
  14. Has anyone tried 4-1-4-1 EME yet? or 5-2-1-2? if those are redeem failures then its ok
  15. YES. I always mix up fm19 with mobile version. I meant to say Holidaying. Holidaying. Weird word to say