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  1. same here. 4 different clubs, 2 different leagues. Might be the updates.
  2. fantastic tactic. Very solid. Won everything with Juventus and Atalanta. Currently trying with average team in Italian 2nd division and doing great. Try to buy the right players for each position and you'll see great results after few matches. Solid at the back and plenty of goals from IF's. Fantastic work. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, good tactic but not as efficient as it was. Tried with Borussia Dortmund and Man City for 2 seasons each with good results but too many 2-2. still very efficient if looking for loads of goals/assists or targeting certain challenges, but risky when playing matches that has 2 legs home/away done few adjustments without touching the instructions (Balance NOT Overload) as per screenshot 2 CM's (left footed on centre left and right footed on centre right) AP moved forward behind the 3 strikers 2 P's on each side and and CF Had more constant results, less goal scored and less goal conceded. Hope this helps
  4. Second season with Sassuolo and another success. Serie A champions and won Italian cup too. Got knocked out CL after a tight quarter final against Liverpool. Leaking too many goals at the back, but I think I need better and faster central defenders.
  5. ! Update ! Put my Juventus career in standby after reaching the 10th successful season in a row. Started with Sassuolo and I have just finished my second season with incredible results. Didn't win any trophy yet but results speak themselves with this tactic. Few bad results but I have a very young team, ready to explode and develop for the next upcoming season.
  6. Thanks @Schwantz34 Both great options but both over 120mln. I've managed to get Guedes and he's doing pretty well!
  7. First season I was playing with my tactic. Unbeaten but with too many draws. From 2nd season I've switched to yours and boom. I'm on 3rd season with 2 games left to play. Stunnings results. Waiting for some youngsters to join for the 4th season. Finger crossed it will go well as the previous ones. Cheers!
  8. Well done @Lynch! Great tactic, similar to the one I was using but yours brought my team to another level, thanks to team instructions I believe. I'll post some screenshots soon. CR7 as left IF works great but I'm struggling to find a replacement (D.Costa, Bernardeschi and Kulusevski are not delivering goals or assists) Timo Werner is a beast as DF but unfortunately Dybala doesn't deliver the same results. Also my DLP is often rated under 7 with little impact on a game (Tonali, Bentancur, Can) Few tweaks I've made in certain matches with different players: 1 (a left foot Wing instead of the high IF) 2 (a CF instead of DF) more assists than goals though 3 (double BBM and AP in the midfield) 4 (switched off Look for Overlap) against offensive teams Overall fantastic work! Thanks!
  9. Thanks man. In regards to manage the fitness of the BBM, which eventually get tired after playing 70mins or so, I very often substitute him with another BBM to play the last 20 mins. By swapping the 2 BBMs through the entire season, I ensured to have 2 fully fit BBMs. I have moved the BWM up around February. Did not notice much difference but I scored little bit less and conceded few more goals.
  10. One thing is for sure, this tactic is super good defensively speaking. Just terminated my full season using the domination variant with excellent results - won everything there was to win, unbeaten. Bit frustrating against teams 'that park the bus' coz I was struggling to score only 1 goal , even after switching to fast tempo. Training players seems to be very important, the 2 poachers (Kean and Barrow) converted as IFs and trained as AF did pretty well, not scoring many goals tho. I did a little change - moved the BWM up as BBM and the player improved his performance, helping with few goals and assists, without constantly getting poor match ratings, 6 or below. Cheers
  11. thanks for the tactic, which is working well so far. In my case, I was playing previous season with different tactical system (poacher and target man, which were fantastic, just below 90 goals in one season together) but now I have to bench them coz they are not ideal for this tactic. What would you do? Switch back to my tactic? or else? thanks
  12. Fantastic work again @BatiGoal I’ve tried for 2 seasons in a row now but I have done few adjustments. Season 1 - went great but too many goals conceded and some matches ended 0-0 (maybe I didn’t have the right players playing the right position) season 2 - I moved the IF backwards as W (left foot works great) the AF became IF and Dybala works well I’ve also swapped the AP with the BBM ( I have 3 right foot able to play AP, I thought it would make sense) It works fantastically also when I play Pjaca as IF but on the other side, with a proper W with right foot (only Cancelo can do the job at the moment) So far so good, even though I’m not entirely happy with my P and TM
  13. Hi all, can someone help with the FM18 update installation on IOS? I have downloaded the file and I want to move the .fmf files into the following location: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2018/editor data/ but I can't find it on my Mac