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  1. I used PF since he has to cover the right side of the pitch due to the lack of wing players on the right
  2. Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've been active posting here about my escapades in FM I need some advice or any tips to possibly improve the tactic either offensively, defensively or a balance in the side that I've concocted for this year's edition. Thank you! NOTE: I have used this tactic with big teams and smaller teams in the bottom tiers and it has helped me through promotion and smashing bigger teams than mine edit 1: added results of league
  3. What does the red color in the relationships shown own your tactic?
  4. Aren't there any facepack downloads here? Can't seem to find them here
  5. Hi I am currently running an experiment in which I am using a midfield trio composing of: DLP - AP DM In which I am having a mentality of Control, Fast Is it a viable trio if I want to play a possession based game?
  6. I am currently tweaking the tactic to be suitable for lower league teams if the posted version doesn't work ☝️
  7. I recently tried to use the tactic on smaller teams... So far, it has been going as expected. Goals galore and decent defense
  8. The coaches i have are motivational, attacking, defensive and youth
  9. I totally forgot to screencap the first season. I will update this part soon.
  10. Hi guys! I am back at it again with another tactic concocted for those who crave goals and maybe let in a few but the main point is getting the upperhand until the final whistle I present to you "Barangay Tibay" strats quick sidenote: "Barangay Tibay" means a strong community in Filipino with barangay meaning a close knit community while tibay means strong In this tactic, everyone in the front five consisting of the IF,T,AF,AP create, assist and finish the moves in which kind of stat pads each and every attacker. Results Stats of players and my trophies won I have tried this one with Deportivo La Coruña, a second division team in the Spanish League, and I have guided them to promotion and a Europa League place the following season but I got sacked due to a string of bad performances. I didnt get to screencap and I have lost the save file So far, this tactic did its best and even a lower league team. Go try it out! THANK YOU!
  11. Try this one with a lower league team. So far, most of the submissions are from big clubs that have a really high talent capacity to play.
  12. From the roles that are in the tactic, this needs good scouting and wheeling dealing to get the right players for the system. That's why the FM series is a great game. So much versatility
  13. Try this in the lower European leagues and work your way up... Keep up the good work!
  14. I think it depends on the device that you are using. Some show arrows in the IF centrally while some don't