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  1. IamGLVTRN

    3-1-2-2-2- good attack and possesion

    Try this in the lower European leagues and work your way up... Keep up the good work!
  2. IamGLVTRN

    Double Destruction!

    I think it depends on the device that you are using. Some show arrows in the IF centrally while some don't
  3. That's why I was here to share my tactic and to help me resolve this tactical conundrum. I am currently tweaking it as much as anyone would want to test this tactic out for themselves
  4. I placed the AP on the left as it was much more effective in the offensive end compared to the CM being on the left. I tried the WB to be FB but I still get shagged on the defensive end. Most of the goals conceded were from counters on the right side as I have noticed.
  5. Hello! I need your help! Been lurking around to test out some tactics posted here to refresh some ideas into mind. I created this tactic in mind of swarming the opponent in the box to obliterate the opposition. This has been my most consistent version that conceded the least goals. I tried to use the High Line, Closing Down All over and Committed Tackling but it yielded as many goals as I let past and scored. For this to be updated as an actual tactic article here in which I will post the completed version, I need you guys to help me determine the problem and what do I need to change for this tactic to work as plug-n-play. Notes: The main goalscorer of this setup is the Poacher, followed by the Inside Forward and the Advanced Forward then the Winger The main assist provider comes through the Advanced Forward and Advanced Playmaker
  6. IamGLVTRN

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Hi guys! Can someone explain the usage of "Time Wasting" as a tactic base to start games?
  7. IamGLVTRN

    [EME] Battering Ram Strat by GLVTRN

    I had Paredes sitting at the DLP role and he usually gains an average of 6.8ish.
  8. IamGLVTRN

    [EME] Battering Ram Strat by GLVTRN

    Quite interesting to see you using BWM as the base midfield role... what is its usual match rating and does the stats tell a bigger story ?
  9. IamGLVTRN

    [EME] Battering Ram Strat by GLVTRN

    Quite average actually. They usually average around 6-7
  10. IamGLVTRN

    [EME] Battering Ram Strat by GLVTRN

    When Dybala was not playing, I dropped down the AP aligned to the BBM and it was fairly fine but it started to punch harder thru the defenses when I pushed the AP further
  11. IamGLVTRN

    [EME] Battering Ram Strat by GLVTRN

    Might be switching the Dybala role now to AM
  12. Hi guys! I am back to share my exploits after a positive response from my first post months ago I picked 4-3-3 as a basis for it is balanced in attack and defense SIDENOTE: I pushed up the AP role up in the next picture because of a little experiment that may work in which I placed Dybala there to see if it works, and it did. Statistics I went unbeaten in the whole season and thrashed those who came to suppress the battering ram Other records
  13. IamGLVTRN

    FMM19 General Discussion

    I tried many times to reload the page and can't seem to get the file loading... Do you mind saying it in text? TY
  14. IamGLVTRN

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Hi guys. Have you found a way to retrain your player to play for a different position?