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  1. German National Team Save

    Android/Data/com.sigames.fmm2017/files/save_games This is the path. Enjoy!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is the German National Team & Bayern Munchen save. It is in enhanced engine mode and large database with 4 nations (Germany, England, Italy, Spain).
  3. Project Oxygen [Android] Sign Up

    Have a Android Nexus 4 Kitkat Own FMH 2014 Own a Core i5 laptop with Windows Familiar with file transfer between device and PC (USB, AirDroid etc) Location: Beirut Lebanon English educated (Near Native) Regular FMH 2014 player (daily basis) I can commit around 1 hr per day minimum Good testing experience (including modding and editing)
  4. Save Editor for FMH 14?

    Do you have any experience with coding? Hello AyKyle, No coding experience. But could help with the testing with the BETA version and open new international teams to manage for people in the future. Thanks.
  5. Save Editor for FMH 14?

    Hello Marvels, I guess I could be helpful with testing. I was able to manage national teams such as Germany in FMH 2013 and I did that by exporting the save file (Export feature in previous editor) and working on the .edt files then importing them again. If I could be of any use, I'm ready to help. Thanks.