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  1. FMHVibe United 2012

  2. Off Topic Ramblings

    What do you get if you cross a bottle of water with a fountain A wet bottle of water
  3. 2012 New 4-5-1

    So yeah, hi. I know most people probably don't play 2012 on PSP anymore but since that's the latest FMH game I have and decided to pick up that's what this tactic is for. I did in fact just whip this up in about 12 minutes but honestly this has to be one of the greatest tactics I've ever made for this game (shameless overselling right there) Stock 4-5-1, NO SET RUNS Team Instruction Mentality: Attacking Passing: Short Tackling:Normal Pressing:Yes Offside Trap: No Counter Attack: No Men Behind Ball: No Player Instructions: Passing: DC's are Long, Right MC and Left MC both Mixed, rest are Team Tackling: DC's and Right & Left MC's are Committed, rest Team Pressing: GK and Back 4 no, rest Team Pass To: All R/L/C Set Pieces (A): Normal; GK, Right MC, Left MC Back; DL, DR Rest are Forward Set Pieces (D): Normal; GK, ML, MR, Middle MC Forward; FC Rest are Back Free Role: All no Forward Runs: All yes except GK and both DC's Run With Ball: DL, DR, ML, MR and Middle MC yes, rest no Hold Up Ball: FC yes, rest no Long Shots: All MC's yes, rest no Through Balls: Right & Left MC's yes, rest no Cross Ball: DL, DR, ML, MR yes, rest no Marking: Zonal; DL, DR, ML, MR, Middle MC Man; Both DC's, Right MC, Left MC Rest are None So far I've used this tactic for a season with Bayern Munich, winning the Bundesliga in March, and I've started using it with Tottenham, so far I've played 6 matches in the premier league with 5 wins and 1 draw, 15 goals scored and 2 conceded, and my last 4 matches were: Tottenham 3-1 Liverpool (A) Tottenham 5-0 Swansea (A) Tottenham 5-0 Reading (H) Tottenham 3-0 Borac (BL) (A) So there it is, a 4-5-1 for you I guess
  4. The official WWE thread

    Breaking News: 3 WWE wrestlers are ready to make their return. Wade Barrett, who was in line for an massive push before Big Show inadvertently dislocated his elbow in the WWE Championship No.1 contenders battle royal held the night after Elimination Chamber. Mark Henry is now healing fast and making a quick recovery after multiple injuries to his legs. Rey Mysterio was sighted backstage at the 2/7/12 WWE Raw show, but was not used.
  5. The official WWE thread

    Just because people hate someone doesn't mean they are heel. It just makes a heel turn a more viable option.
  6. The official WWE thread

    Because he has LOST he can rebuild his character, and thanks to that he doesn't need to turn heel, he can just make himself edgier/different. If he won then there is no conceivable way to turn him heel.
  7. The official WWE thread

    Why are you so pissed off?! Seriously, it was just a joke. And I still can't see how a win would turn him heel. Now that he lost a heel turn is almost inevitable - just watch the promo he made before Wrestlemania, he said that if he loses, he loses everything. Because he has LOST he can rebuild his character, and thanks to that he doesn't need to turn heel, he can just make himself edgier/different. If he won then there is no conceivable way to turn him heel. He will lose at Extreme Rules, Brock is only on a 1 year contract and there's no point in ruining his return like WWE did with Jericho and Kane, so the only result possible is to give Brock the win, and in a convincing fashion. If Cena appears the next night on Raw it will destroy Lesnar's credibility, just like when Barrett threw Orton down a flight of stairs, Orton was supposed to have a herniated disc but returned on the Smackdown before the Royal Rumble. Barrett looked like an idiot and Orton looked like Superman. CENA DOESN'T SELL OR JOB TOTALLY CLEANLY (apart from against the Rock at Wrestlemania and Kane at the Royal Rumble, when was the last time he jobbed to another wrestler without outside interference or dodgy refereeing?) AND THAT'S HIS PROBLEM, A LOSS CAN TURN HIM HEEL NOT A WIN.
  8. Close to death?

    Nearly drowned, almost broke my neck, I was chased down and taken down by a hyena (joking) and almost got run over by two cars and a bus. Suffice to say, I need to be more careful.
  9. Off Topic Any Famous People You Know?

    Haile Gebrselassie, met him in his gym on the last day of one of my Ethiopia trips. Be jealous
  10. The official WWE thread

    I wonder how much hate I'll get for saying I told you so to both Ollie and Jayze...
  11. Off Topic English football

    Is it English football? The winner faces Chelsea or Benfica, so it's LINKED to English Football :cool:
  12. What is your favorite joke?

  13. Off Topic English football

    Barca vs AC Milan tonight!