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  1. Reyunitedfc

    Help Selling player

    Any tips for selling player/making profit. I always struggling to sell my player& end up selling them way lower their value
  2. Reyunitedfc

    FMM19 Bug List

    In that one page. You see in the earlier version when the player in not called to natl squad it supposed to be a red thumbs down/show the nation flag if player have 2 nationalities. But after i do the latest update(ver 1.2 or something i think) the thumbs down/flag dissapear
  3. Reyunitedfc

    FMM19 Bug List

    Yeah the morale thing is the main issue in this year game. In my save i always use the ige to higher the morale. Maybe you can do that way too. That's not really cheating tbf&not make the gameplay easier. Im still losing a lot game even after edit the morale.
  4. Reyunitedfc

    FMM19 Bug List

    After the latest update the thumbs down/flag in national squad selection is dissapear. Is this one actually a bug or just how it works in the new update. (Sorry if my english is bad hope y'all know what i mean)
  5. Reyunitedfc

    Sugar Daddy Unlockable

    I think you need to win ucl to unlock sugar daddy. It usually unlocked in season 3 when you win league&ucl consistently. In last year game i achieve sugar daddy only in 2season with manU bcause i win everything& unbeatable in 2 season. So just pick an overpower team to win everything easily& you will unlock sugdaddy asap
  6. Who is the best overpowered/underrated player in this year game
  7. Hey my team morale are always low ( in yellow/red arrow ) especially with small team/lower division team even though we have a good form. Do you guys have any suggestion how to fixed it ?
  8. Reyunitedfc

    Esalogos Megapack

    Austria swiss and netherland logos also not included