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  1. Amasing job mate ! Double 1ks are just around corner now. KIU !
  2. Hello again vibe ! Seasons 9 and 10 We are back with another update to our amasing career. Can our main boys do the same or even better they did last time ? Can we rock the football world once again ? Can Portugal be champions of world once again ? Lets find out. Firstly lets take a look at worldcup. We were drawn against Egypt and Costa Rica at group. Seems easy right ? Yes it also was, as we beat Egypt 3-0 and Costa Rica 5-0 and ease trought. At second round we got Iran. Another show match as we beat them 4-0. At third round we were facing Czech. Close game but we take our changes and beat them 2-0. At quaters we were standing against our old opponents Spain. Another close game, but 2 goals by Silva gets us semis. At semis we got drawn against Brazil. They are strongest itn team atm based on squad. But we did narrowly beat them 2-1. Once again final. Once again facing Italy. Its Pellegri against Silva. Its Conte against Fresh. Who comes out top ? Ofcourse we do as Silva and Felix why they are best in the world as they both got braces and we win our secound WC. 4-1 scoreline. So we had great summer at itn level. But what were the signings over two summers ? Lets take a look. We needed new GK. No regens were at level of Donnarumma so we went for him and payed massivly- 150m for him. Claes was signed actualy before season ending and was talked about at last update. Suprise signing of Morata was needed as i wanted get my 3rd striker upgraded. Gary Roberts is a left back, best at the world now at Barca. 114m payed for him Trindad was midfielder who can play AP and B2B. Payed his release clause of 90m. Kottan is another left back signed for us, but he can also play as left winger. Squad depth is needed. 80m payed for him. Kone is BWM. He fits straight into my starting XI. Again release clause was payed for him-71m. Lets take a look who left. Vigoroux left for 23m as he wasnt developing as i hoped. Juan miranda also leaves for 23m. Pavon and alena once again wasnt leaving but this game is bugged. Our squad is getting younger and younger. Some of those stars should stay us till the end. How was our team perfoming over those 2 seasons ? Another 2 unbeaten league series. We scored massive 136 at 26/27. Clean sweep of trophies also. Casual things at this stage. Now lets take a look at our main point. 1. 2500goals challenge Silva had 2 centuries last time out there. Can he deliever same ? First take a look how did he peform at itn stage. He gets 34 goals in 24 games. Not bad, but was hoping for better . Should be hitting near 2gpg ratio now. Now onto club. Can he his best season ? Yes ! Silva hits my personal best of 124 club goals at 26/27 season. He also adds another century at 27/28. He finally has arrived at level i was searching for. Total of 226 club goals aaded. Overall stats Portugal: 128 Barcelona: 820 Total: 948/2500 So we got allmost 1k of goals allready after ten seasons. But is this enough or our bad start is putting us down ? At this rate, Silva would need 11 more seasons to reach promised 2,5. Pretty hard target, but i promise to do my best. 2. 1000 assist challenge Sancho has been firing eith all cilinders over this career. Can he do the same this time ? Sancho hits career high 74 assists at 26/27. What a perfomance. He struggles with injuries over 27/28 season but still finds 52 assists. In total he added 126 assists over two season. Overall stats: Barcelona 527/1000 We are over half eay there with this challenge. Sancho needs another 8 seasons to complete challenge with this rate and he is 28 allready. Should be doable. Conclusion: We had our two great seasons. More of the same please and we can start believing. I promise to do my best and im really hopeful to reach setted targets. Thanks for reading ! Cheers fRESH
  3. Hello again vibe ! We are back with another update to our career. How can our main boys to this time ? First of all lets start with euros. We were drawn against Holland,Montenegro and Hungary. Our first game was against Holland and it ended as it started , 0-0. After that we demolished 7-0 hungary and 3-0 montenegro and we topped a group. At second round we faced France. Silvas brace gets us quaters as we beat them 2-0. At quaters we were drawn against Russia. Goals by Felix and Silva gets a job done and us to semis. At semis we go against Holland once again. And we also draw 0-0 and got lucky 8-7 penalty win to reach final. At final we are up against Germany. This game really wasnt even contest as we demolish them 4-1. Another itn title added to our name. So now onto club seasons. We have completed our 7th and 8th season. Lets take a look how did our team change. Kluivert,Jonny,Coutinho and Unai Simon leave on free as they werent willing to accept new contract. Semedo was also sold to Bayer for 11,75m. Alena once again wasnt sold, bugged. Vigoroux comes for massive 100m to bolster our midfield. Claes and Zuchi are cbs. Claes replaces Virgil at starting XI and Zuchi comes to play backup for him. 129m payed for two of them. Sergio Gomez comes for 81m to give more options at midfield. Also Joao Felix joined us for 89m (missing pic) Pampin comes 25.5m(triggered clause) to play backup left winger. As you can see manu changes are being made. Team was agening and change was needed. Can we transform our new looking team into results ? Perfect season. Clean sweep of trophies. And our record 132 league goals scored. Most importantly we didnt lose single game. I have reached into point of game when results are easy to achieve. Now lets move onto our main topic. How did Silva and Sancho deliever this time ? Can Silva start doing what he needs to do ? Can Sancho countinue what he is doing ? 1. 2500 goals challenge. Silva hasnt been what i was waiting from him. Can he deliever better this time ? Oh yes ! He does get 42 goals in 30 at itn games, which is big improvement. Im very happy with this return. Can he do the same at club level ? Finally. He did hit 2 centuries, best of them was 115 goals per season. Thats a way im hoping he can do. Silva at his best. 216 club goals added with two seasons. Overall stats: Portugal: 94 Barcelona:594 Total: 688/2500 2. 1000 assist challenge. Sancho was doing great over last seasons. Can he do the same this time ? Yes ! Two more season with over 60 assists to his name! Thats a way he has to do. Cant ask much more to be honest. 126 assists added over two seasons. Overall stats: 401/1000 neraly half way there. Should reach over 500 in two season. Im really believing we can reach our setted target. Conclusion: We had two our best seasons this far. Both our boys were firing in all cilinders. I really hope we can countinue this way. Thanks for reading ! cheers fRESH
  4. No, all honour for Black Pearl belongs to mr @PriZe. I have nothing to do with it.
  5. Thanks ! @Lord Danish @smoggy90 U will have nice career ahead of you. Im really curious to see players you have picked. @Scratch Yep, im very happy with Sanchos return. Bit worried about Silva, but he is getting lot better with some tweaks i made ahead of season 6. I will be posting new update tonight and then you all can see how did boys do this time.
  6. Seasons 5 and 6 Hello guys, we are back with another update on our amasing road. We were scoring pretty badly last time, can we make it better this time ? First, lets take a look who left and who comes in. Our only real transfers over those 2 seasons were Juan Miranda coming for 64m to play backup left back position. Grimaldo wanted to leave and Espanyol payed 25,5m for him. Alena again wasnt sold, so i guess its a bug again. How was our team perfoming over those 2 seasons ? Our only trophie loss was Super Cup loss against Atletico. Otherwise perfect seasons in terms of results. We didnt lost a single game over those 2 seasons at league. But now onto our main thing. How are our main boys doing ? Can they lift their perfomance and stand out ? 1 . 2500 goals challenge We entered with 250 goals to our name. How much can we add at itn stage ? And we got 27 goals in 28 games. Portugal doesnt seem to have right wingers for my tact, so im still looking to find right tactic for portugal And Silva to shine. But now mainly, how much club goals can we score ? only 152 goals for Barcelona. Our fifth season was injury plagued, Silva was crying about everything, but i did come out from that position and even he did sign new contract. But still we are very very dissapointed at those 2 seasons as we really need to be hitting centuries at this stage of our journey. 1 more failed season and we can call this challenge as failure allready. Overall stats: Portugal: 52 Barcelona: 378 Total: 430/2500 2. 1000 assist challenge So, Sancho was heading in right direction over last seasons. Can he do the same this time ? Oh yes! He hits his best 2 season so far. Now im really believing we can fullfil our target. This man will be assisting legend in now time. Overall stats: Barcelona: 275/1000 Conculusion Fabio Silvas career is going to be more and more failure. He is not hitting stantards we had at test seasons, he is moaning about everything. Next season will be do or die for him. In the other end, Sancho is doing great and surely is on the way to hit 1000 assists. Hooe he can stay injury free and countinue like that. Thanks to everybody who is following. Cheers Fresh
  7. Hello again my friends ! Sorry but i couldnt find time over the weekend to post so here we are now. First of all i wana talk about my first WC. At group stage we were drawn against China, Argetina and Switzerland. On our WC opener we won 5-1 against China. What a dream start to very first WC on this season. After that we were up against Argetina. We chocked this game and lost it 3-1. We were in need of win at our last group game. But it didnt come easy. We won 1-0 against switzerland by Fabio Silva 92th minute goal. So, were through group at second place. We got draw- France. Pshhh. Hardest opponent at this tournament to be honest. It was very close game and normal time ended 0-0 draw. Our hero Joao Felix scored 114th minute winner to take us next round. So we got to quaters... and we got tunisia. Couldnt be happier. We trashed them 5-1 and esed into semis. At semis we got Croatia and won them pretty easily aswell with 2-1 scoreline. So first WC, first final. I couldnt even dream of it. At final we were standing against Italy. Looked like a hard game, but it wasnt. We beat them 2-0 as Silva gets himself a brace and we take home our very first WC title ! I dont to make 1 post too long as i will give update with 2 next season aswell in hour. Cheers fresh
  8. Thanks mate, i went for 1 2k earlier this year and it felt too easy anyways. So i decided to go for 2,5 to push myself futher. I just like to brake borders. Im feeling confident on Sancho, as he is beast. Im ursimg pre winter version, i tried latest but i just couldnt make it. So decided to go back for older. Best i got in newer version at first season was 37.
  9. Hello again my friends, im back with another 2 season in our career. We have kicked things off slowly, but i can guess it can only get better. We must start hitting bigger and bigger numbers to reach our targets. First of all i forgotted to screenshot Fabio Silva just after i got Portugese job, but i remeberes to take it after 3 games. I took screens of those 3 games. And after those 3 games he had stats to show: So that means he had 3 apps and 1 goal for country after i took a job. But now lets take a loot how did team change in those 2 seasons. Total 5 signings in those 2 years. Jonny came in for 64m to play backup in every defensive position. Justin Kluivert comes for 40m to add extra winger to squad. Marc Bartra comes for 40m to play our fourth CB . We were in need of Nother target man to play back up to Silva and we take Pellegri for massive 79m. Unai simon for 35m to play back GK. Only real outgoing was Abel Ruiz to leave for 35m. Messi actualy didnt leave. So how did we peform in those 2 seasons ? Won 5of 6 trophies aviable, lost at spanish cup quaters to Real Madrid. Decent league run also. Im expecting to hit 100 league goals. Clean sweep of trophies, over 100 league goals scored, perfect season. Challenges 1. 2500 goals challenge We have scored 98 goals in first two seasons, but we really need raise goals scored. Can Fabio Silva step up and reach next level ? Fabio Silva scored 24 itn goals in first two years. Not bad, i havent found perfect tactic for them actualy and im happy with this return. And he nets 129 goals in 124 games over two years for Barcelona. I not really happy with that, as he performed better in tests. Thats putting us in real danger of failing. We really need to step him up even futher as we need those centuries to come. Overall stats Itn: 24 Club: 226 Total: 250/2500 2. 1000 assists We have started this challenge quite slowly as we have got 64 assists in first two season. How did Sancho perfom in season 3 and 4 ? He bangs 88 more assists over those 2 years. Im happy the way he is stepping up and think he can go even futher. Overall stats Club: 152/1000 Conculusion Not very best 2 seasons from my main boys to be honest. Sancho was stepping up last season. We really need to start inproving our number if we want to reach our targets. I have allready couple of more seasons in the bag, so guys i promise you 3 more double updates over next week. There will be speacial update to world cup this weekend also. Cheers fRESH
  10. Thanks for good words from everyone, thats motivation to keep it going. i have played many more seasons allready. I will give you new update tomorrow guys !
  11. Hello guys ! We are ready we can start with our journey to impossible. On this thread i will make double season updates as i dont have too much time to post. So here are the first two seasons : Season 1 Barcelona has oldening and quite slow squad, so that needed some trimming. Here are newcommers: Pogba comes in exchange deal with Arturo Vidal + 90m. He tooks straight place into my starting XI. Quite overpayed, but he irreplaceable for this tactic. Virgil comes in for big 80m. Best defender in the game- must buy. Trent comes in for 50m+ Rafinha. Young and allready very good right back. Cemented his place for years to come. Grimaldo and Gedson arrive from Benfica to provide back up to first team. Solid squad players. Fabio Silva comes in for heavy 30m. Porto wasnt accepting anything less. Asensio was exchanged for Suarez +24m. He is my favourite winger this year and has to play for me. Pavon comes for 19m. Solid backup player. Sancho comes in with swap deal for Dembele +5m. Again, pretty much. Here are the outgoings: Only big money move was Rakitic to chelsea. I wasnt planning to use him and it was last change to get decent money from him. Cillesen actualy wasnt sold, dno maybe its just a bug. Denis Suarez and Munir wasnt gona get any playing time, so they went out. Competitions We scored only 82 goals at league at our first season. Still room for improvement. We won supercup against Sevilla 4-1 We won CL against Real Madrid 3-2 We lost on Spanish cup 5-4 against Real Not perfect,but i can deal with it. Hope next season we can have clean sweep. Challenges 1. We are targeting 2500 goals with Fabio Silva. How can he kick off his career at barca ? 42 goals in 52 games. Solid. I may have overplayed him and that could have cost us some goals, but thats okey start in my opinion. Lets hope for better next season. Overall stats: Club: 42 Total:42/2500 2. We are targeting 1000 assists with young english talisman. How can he kick off ? 34 assists in 56 games. Not bad for 18 years old to be honest. Im confident he can raise next year. Overall stats: 34/1000 Season 2 We have kicked off our career. I hope it all goes uphill from now. To be on the road, we need better squad to work with, so here are the transfers. Only 3 more players arrive. Felix comes in to play back for midfield. Naughty 90 payed for him. De ligt will be partnering Virgil at the starting XI. 35m is bargain for him. Alaba comes in for main left back im exchange for Sergi Roberto+ 30.5m . Lenglet,Paco,Alba,Samper were all uwanted and have left a club to raise budget and free up budget. Arda and Douglas leave on free. Competitions: Clean sweep, 14 more goals at league, 11 less conceded. Everything is going our way. Euro Super Cup: Beat Arsenal 3-0 Spanish Super Cup: Beat Real 2-1 CL: Beat Real 3-0 Spanish Cup: Beat real 4-2 CWC: Beat Corithans 5-1 Perfect season in results, more of the same please. Challenges: 1. We kicked off with Silva at 42 goals last season. Can we better this time ? Yes ! 55 goals in 61 goals. Still with ratio under 1 gpg but its okey for 17 year old. He is turing into scoring manchine and still is improving amasinly fast. What a player. Overall stats: This season:55 Career: 97/2500 Allmost over 100 with first two seasons. Hope he countinue his raise and will be world beater in some years. Steady progress. 2. Sancho kicked of with 34 assists at his first season. He has improved a lot but can he show that in numbers aswell ? No. Injuries ruin his season as he only plays 38 games this time. But he still manages to get 30 assists in the way. I changed his training and i hope he can recover from that and get on the road once again. Overall stats: This season : 30 Overall 64/1000 After season two we also got some big news. After euros Portugal sacked their manager, i did application and guess what, they offered me a job. Dream stuff, never waited to get itn job adter just 2 seasons. Conculusion: We have had slow start to our career to be honest. But some wise guys are saying slow starts are best way to reach at the top. So lets hope Silva and Sancho can produce some magic and they can fullfill their setted targets. Cheers fRESH
  12. Hey guys ! We are finally done and dusted with testing everything and i believe we can go now . So lets take a look who we got on board this time. Club We all know it would be easiest way to go for safe PSG. But not this time, i have done enough careers with them. But who else could we play ? Bayer ? Real ? No. We are heading to my most loved club in real world. Yes, boys and girls, we will be seeing career with Barcelona ! Its pretty unusual choice for those careers, but i felt it was right for me. We take on prettt old squad and try reshape them in couple of years and make them team to beat again. Players To be honest, there was only 3 players that can make it to 2,5k of goals. Geubbels,Silva and Pellegri. I allready have had career with Geubbels this year, so he was off. I had couple of test with both Silva and Pellegri. After that it was pretty cleared out in my head. My choosen player: Safe choice, i know. But my targeted 2,5k is pretty much impossible to make it and we will need all the luck we can get. I did choose hin cause he had better fitting to my tact, he younger and i rate him better player than Pellegri this year. Lets hope Silva can produce something amasing over this yourney. We also will be challenging for 1k of assist. So i know i was in need of younger version of Asensio. I checked all the wonderkid list and it came pretty quickly to my head - choice is done. And here he is: Young english winger Sancho. I have never used him before for starting XI. But hes stats was ideal fitting to my tact so the choice was done. And i hope i will never regret it. Players and club are reaveled and now we have to do is to make history with those guys and try to fullfil my targets. I have couple of seasons in the bag allready, first season will be posted in the begging of next week. All the best- fRESH Cheers
  13. I must apologise to you guys, but i couldnt find time over the weekend to make my final tests. Allmost everything is working perfect, but i need more than perfect to complete this challenge. Im surely going to anounce details of challenge and maybe even first season this week.
  14. Thanks for all the good words guys. @smoggy90 sorry, i have totally missed your career, nice result tho. i will be running couple last test over the weekend, and will announce details monday. Cheers Fresh