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  1. That is one thing im testing right now. I have couple other thoughts in my head also. Anyway thanks for your support, it may have pushed me harder to reach orginal target .
  2. I would have done that IF Silva would have had about 100 goals more till now. I have to make Silva focal point first as otherwise he also wouldnt make it. Still i believe i will toy around and try reach as far as i can, but its not my focal point anymore. My focal point will be to beat 3000 goals in total. Lets see how we can do.
  3. After big discussion in my head i decided to throw away my idea of getting triple 1k as it seems impossible now. But i will still countinue my TT career and try to land score as high as high as i can.
  4. Great going mate, KIU ! U will smash 1k in 5-6 seasons !
  5. Season 12 How much can we hit this time around. Im sure we will finally break TT scoreline this seasons. Needing a big season. Can we get it ? 141 goals at league with is good. Defence is problem as i conceded 79. French Supercup 3-1 win against Lyon. Silva with an brace. Euro Supercup Close game as we lose on extra time to Arsenal. Geubbels with an brace. CWC Close win this time out. Pellegri and Silva both missed that game. Coupe de la ligue Heavy loss on final this time. Just got overplayed, no excuses. French Cup Lyon with an injury time winner. Close lose. CL Amasing win over Liverpool inspired by Silva and Geubbels. We got some awards: French XI World XI The assisters Wow. 57 for Asensio on his last season for PSG. Leaves us on high note for sure. Followed by Thetika with 28. Main challenge Silva with his best year of this career. Im more than happy. Hope he can really break 1000 mark. Could have been even better without injuries. Total:505/1000 Geubbels with another great season as he is closing to have 700 goals allready. 1000 is just around the corner. This guy is insane Total: 692/1000 Bit better tahn last season but still big dissapointment. He is nowhere near getting promised 1000 and he is also 29 years old at the beginning of next season. Total: 421/1000 Trio total: 1617/3000 Conculusion: We did hit 146 goals on season 11 and 165 goals on season 12. We have finally broken TT scoreline. But the main question is can we reached promised land ? I think we are left 8-10 years on these guys. Lets do some math: Geubbels (missing 308 goals) In 10 seasons - needing average 31 goals per season In 9 seasons - needing average 35 goals In 8 seasons - Needing average 39 goals This surely doable and im sure he will reach there in no time. Fabio Silva (missing 495 goals) In 10 - 50 goals per season In 9 - 55 goals per season In 8 - 62 goals per season Surely doable also. Considiring his last season perfomance he should make it. Pietro Pellegri (missing 569) In 10 - 57 goals per season In 9 - 64 goals per season In 8 - 72 goals per season I think this is a part that we fail to deliever. Just too much asked for guy who had his prime year with 48 goals. We now got some choices to do. Are we going try get the best out of Pellegri and lose on ohter guys goals scored or are we going to try hit a scoreline as big as we can ? I even dont know the answer for this question yet, but lets see. Thanks for reading !
  6. Season 11 Last time we did hit magical 170 goals. Can we do even better this time ? Or will our fall even futher away ? Lets find out. Quiet league run this time as we only hit 121 goals this time. French Supercup 5-3 win at season opener. Geubbels getting an hattrick. Euro Supercup Beat Juve inspired by another Geubbels hattrick ! This guy is unreal. CWC Even better . 7-1 on this final with Geubbels and Pellegri with braces. Coupe de la ligue We crushed out first game we played. Team had just off day and couldnt resist. French Cup Easy 4-0 win against ten men Etienne. Silva and Pellegri with braces. CL Close game as PSG take their changes and Silva hits brace. Special thanks to two very best players in their time. Best defender on game. Thanks for incredible 10 seasons ! Another guy who played out of this world. Big thanks for 211 goals and 289 assists ! We won some awards : French XI World XI One intresting player joined us this season. How is he looking like ? Fairly good midfielder. He may even get change at first team after couple of years. Best Estonian player at FMM! Who were assist kings this year ? Asensio once again with 43 to his name. Followed by wonderkid Thetika with an 24. Main challenge Can we beat 170 goals scored last season ? Silva with 5 less goals in 13 less games. Was hoping for more, but he struggled with injuries. Total : 445/1000 84 goals this time. Still insane result for TT. Cant ask for more at this guy. Total: 619/1000 Pellegri with his worst season. Big dissapointment on him. Total: 389/1000 Conculusion on season 12 update.
  7. Cg mate ! Shame he left after all you did for him. Amasing result still. Season 14 was brilliant.
  8. fRESH

    DJ Woody’s Record Store

    Most possesion in 1game. Even thought we lost this game.
  9. I hoped the same way, but injuries and underperforming are big problems for me. Just cant get Pellegri and Silva hitting those numbers after injury brakes. Update on season 11 and 12 is coming out later this week. As i have completed 11 and im on halfway on 12. But thanks for your support anyway.
  10. Amasing seasons mate. Keep it up !
  11. Thnaks for your support. I know its not easy and probably i will fail hard with it, but then atleast i can say that i tried. Update on season 11 will take a place on tomorrow probably. Didnt have much time on weekend.
  12. Intresting choice of country and player. You are smashing it, great 2 seasons, KIU !
  13. fRESH

    11 Bati's For Glory

    Shame you decided to end this career before u start. That would have been such intresting read. But i understand your reasons, as i know from myself its pretty hard to find motivation to keep posting careers if feedback from others are near to zero.
  14. Im amased, i havent seen that many goals ever at on career. Out of this world really.
  15. Those injuries are normal. Allmost every season at my TT 2/3 players got an atleast 1 month injury layout.