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  1. Thanks mate, i will try it. I have uploaded my android save file to google account. Then i think i just should put it into ios using itunes ? I really hope i can recover this save and finish my 2k attempt.
  2. Hi there ! its been long time since my last post. Sorry, didnt really have time to play fmm lately. Now if i have got time, im thinking about countinuning my career with Geubbels. But i do have problem with it. I played fmm on android last time, now i have switched to use iphone. But i still have my savegame from android. Can i import it to my iphone and how can i do it ?
  3. I just have to ask how u choose people who can take part of community events ?
  4. Hes morale was okey all season. He just had some serious problems with finishing, he just couldnt do it. Im not worryng about assist anymore, just lets see where we will finish.
  5. fRESH

    DJ Woody’s Record Store

    I think somewhere around 50 games played should be fair enough to make into leaderboard. Game number is heavily depending in league u are playing and 54 for Dutch league should count in my opinion.
  6. fRESH

    Career threads?

    There are many diffrent ways to writr career. As @kts365 said you should look arounf community and decide how u want to do it. For proof u should post screenshots, which are included in challenge rules. ( which ones you need to post ).
  7. That would be awesome. Im sure i can get him to play atleast 37-38. At my TT career he wanted to play till 38. That would give me atleast 12 seasons. Anyway thanks mate !
  8. Season 10 Hello vibe once again ! We are back with another update to our incredible career. Can we countinue our way to succes ? Lets find out . International We had euros this year also. Lets find out how we perfomed at biggest stage. We opened up things with 5-2 win over Denmark. On our second game we did beat Bulgaria 2-1. That saw us allready qualifing to next stage. At our last game we were up against England. We played out very entertaining 3-3 thriller which saw us topping group. Next we were up against Belgia. And we got solid win over them to reach quaters. Geubbels with an brace. In quaters we got drawn against Greek. Seems easy game on paper. And it was easy on the way also. Another 2-0 to reach semis. On semis we got Spain. And we destroyed them ! What an perfomance for our side. Best of the best. And we are on final once again. And also once again we face Germany. Second best team in the world. Two giants and 1 massive game. Who will come out on top ? Germany take early lead, but we cancel it with two goals from my boys and we take another Euro title ! Huh ! That was last tournament for many former stars(Pogba, Varane ). They leaved on high note. Club Transfers Lot of money spent this year, as my squad is going to need rebuild from now. Lamine is DLP to challenge for first team. I really overspent on him, but i liked him. 145m is huge money for him. Mimoum is another young midfielder for 90m. He can play all roles at my midfield. Brahimi is young LB, who will be loaned back for 1 year. He will get his change in first team next year, when Alaba and Hernandes contracts are expiring. 76m for best young LB at game, not much for him actualy. Ryan also comes in for 50m + Rabiot to play at first team. Great player. Pablo Silva da Costa is right winger to play second fiddle to Coman. 45m for him. Only real outgoings from first werr Weah and Nkuku. Both werent getting game time and i let them leave. Lot of loans this year also. Team Perfomance We did not go unbeaten this season as we lost our first game at league. We also scored lesa goals, as my team getting older and needing rebuild. But we still had clean sweep of trophies. Finals: Challenges 1. 200 itn goal challenge We started season with 116 itn goals to our name. And we ended it with 136 ! Thats means we scored 20 goals in itn stage this season. I was really expecting even more, because of euros. But as it seems, I just cant best out of Geubbels for France. Anyway steady progress and we are closing in for our target. Challenge total: 136/200 2. 2000 goals challenge We have had many great season at club. Can countinue that and have another 100+ season ? No ! Geubbels scores 25 less goals compered to last season. Real disaster actualy. He just couldnt score in february-march and i couldnt do anything. I hope we can bounce back from that and have many more 100+ seasons. Atleast we broke 1k mark this season at the age of 26. Im happy with that. Challenge total: International : 137 Club: 932 Total: 1069/2000 3. Calender year scoring Current record : 143 We scored 64 goals at the first half of year. And we got 7 itn goals to make it 71 in year. And 43 more club goals to make it total of 114 goals in year. Solid result, but not good enough for me. 4. DT Assists We have got 4 more years from both of my challengers as they want to retire after that. That means its pretty impossible to complete this challenge. But lets see how they did do this season. Only 40 assists for Asensio this time. His underperfoming was 1 of the reasons why Geubbels couldnt get more goals. Hope he can bounce back from that and hit fifties once again. Asensio total: 429 Coman had injury plagued season and got only 20 assists this. Is this the end for him ? He also got 4 month injury layout at the end of season. Coman total: 305 DT total: 734/1200 My boys only got 60 assists combined this season. Their worst result. I have given up hopes to reach DT, but im going 4 more years with those guys to get them as many assists i can. 5. Assist triple threat As this challenge is completed allready, i wont write much about it. Just trying to get best possible score.Geubbels and Kimmich had both very good season for this challenge. Asensio didnt do so great. Challenge totals: Geubbels: 152/102 Asensio: 429/162 Kimmich: 69/51 Conclusion: Overall we had quite bad season. Nobody didnt really hit their potential. Hope everyone can bounce back from that in next season.
  9. Well done mate, solid score here
  10. 2 easiest challenges completed. 3 more to go. I hoping to rise Geubbels itn goals next season as its my main reason for not hitting 140 season once again. Anyway thanks.
  11. Season 9 Hello once again vibe ! We are back with our 9th update to our career. We have had some amasing seasons in past. Can we do same good this year ? International We didnt have any major competitions, only international league. Lets see how we did. We lost at semis against Germany. That really wasnt our say, but we did create more shots and more changes, just couldnt take them. Unlucky. Third place disnt go any better. We got lucky to equalise things on added minutes. Rabiot strike on extra time gave us third place finish. Club Transfers As you can see, Pogba leaves us for free. He just didnt accept new contract due bug. He asked for 750k and i couldnt offer more than 700k. Anyways big thanks for him for great 8 seasons with us ! Surely one of the greatest midfielder on that game. I made some good deals this year. Gedson is taking Pogba place in starting line up and i brought Columbian wonderkid Copete to help him out. 40m for him was real bargain. Ocampos also joins us 28.5m to play backup for Asensio. I think he will get loaned out for year or two or aslong as Lemar can provide backup. Team Perfomance Another league season unbeaten - i will take this all day long. Clean sweep of trophies also. This getting so casual for now. Finals: Challenges 1. 200 itn goals We started year with 103 itn goals to our name. And we ended up with 116. Thats means we scored only 13 again this season. This really is dissapointing as i just cant get guys firing for france . Not enough young talent coming for my tact. Challenge total : 116/200 2. 2000 goals challenge As you can see we scored 13 itn goals this time. Can we another huge season on club ? Yes ! Another huge season for my main men as he hits 110 goals in 64 games. This guy is just unstopable for PSG . In total we scored another 123 this season. Challenge total : 963/2000 3.Calender year scoring Current record : 143 We scored mighty 58 goals at the first half of year. We scored 6 more goals at itn stage to make it 64. And another 58 at club level to make it total of 122 goals this year. Solid result. 4. Assists DT Last time we got 84 assist. Can we beat that ? Only 44 this time, but he had 2month injury layout also. He was hard to find a form after that. Anyway great season. Total: 389 But coman had a little bit better season than last time as he gets 38 assists this time. Great result for him. Total: 285 DT Total: 674/1200 5. TT assist challenge Anf finally, we completed this ! Great seasons for everyone. Challenge totals: Geubbels: 121/102 Asensio: 389/162 Kimmich: 60/51 Conculusion: Overall another great season added to our bag. Geubbels is walking it. Asensio had big injury hit and Coman and Kimmich did great. Dont forget to follow and comment. Cheers Fresh
  12. Great season @Rob. Goals really are flowing. Love ur tactic
  13. Very nice result indeed. Reaching 1k at the age of 28 is insane result. You should countinue this as you could easily reach 1.5k also. Big congrats !
  14. Wow, cg on joining 100 club mate ! KIU !
  15. fRESH

    Away Games

    Yes, this will be surely case if you very attacking formation. But i still believe if u have right balance between your attack and defence there is no diffrence. Only thing ive noticed is playing away tend to give more late winners/equalisers for opponent. And i have never seen in my fmm19 careers that any team plays same tactic for home and away. And believe me,i keep my eye on opponents tactics before every game.