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  1. NezumiStark

    FMM2019 - 2008/09 DB

    Where will I be copy pasting the changes.txt file?
  2. With all due respect, it's quite simple, really: don't play it if you don't like it anymore. FMM being the easiest to "pick up and play" doesn't mean that it shouldn't be improved to something that's more and more realistic. I myself only recently noticed the changes regarding player stamina therefore making it more necessary to rotate players. And for me, that's good. I mean, who'd want to play the same players week in week out? I'm also hard pressed for time to play the game as often as I would like because of the demands of my "real life job". But all the tweaking and adjusting and all the thinking needed behind it makes the game all the more challenging, and thus, more rewarding when my club gets that hard fought W every game. If you want instant gratification maybe you ought to play something like PES mobile instead. Cheers, mate!