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  1. Hi, this is only promotions/relegations and managerial changes :), unfortunately player changes don't work anymore.
  2. I’m not able to change everything in the game sorry.
  3. That is not possible sorry since he isn’t on the database.
  4. Unfortunately I can not add leagues to the game. All I do is just update the game where I can.
  5. Unfortunately their isn't a way to do promotions/relegations from Turkey because of League Structure changes going into the next season sorry.
  6. Unfortunately I haven't figured out a way that works to do that sorry.
  7. Version 1.2


    NEW ~ Version 1.2 - Promotions now done for; Denmark - 1. Division and Above England - National League and Above France - French National and Above Germany - 3. Liga and Above Greece - Super League 2 and Above Holland - 2nd Division and Above Italy - Serie A&B done Portugal - Second League and Above Russia - First Division and Above Scotland - League 2 and Above Tons of Managerial changes done all across Europe. I was intending this to be the final version...I could continue or wait till the next series please let me know if you want me to keep adding stuff in where I can Thanks for the downloads Android: Copy the downloaded changes.txt file into the Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021 Mobile/normal. Itunes: Open up Itunes, Click on File Sharing and on to FM21 Mobile and drag the file across into box. This is still being worked on so they're will be more updates.. Thanks!! changes.txt
  8. There seems to be a bug where a player won't appear in the squad list but will be at the club.
  9. That doesn't even work mate, I just tried it. Same thing happens
  10. I think it is a known bug, I write the code such as this "PLAYER" "Robin" "van Persie" "Feyenoord Rotterdam" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Arsenal" What happens as if I search for the player in the Player Search he appears in Arsenal Reserves with number 32 on his profile, but when i click on Arsenal and look in the reserves he's not there
  11. Hello Vibe I want to first start of by saying I am starting to recreate a database through changes.txt I understand that not everything might be possible to change but I am wondering why when I try to transfer players between teams using this method the players dissapear from the squad lists but can still find them if I search for them? Does anyone have any ideas quite happy to send a file over with Players implemented for someone to see what’s wrong. Cheers
  12. Version 1.0.0


    FMM2019 - 2008/2009 DB This Database includes the following at this moment; Leagues in England mostly up to date to that time (e.g. Bournemouth in League Two) All Names of leagues in England changed to the names of that time, plus important European competitions. Most Managers up to date at their clubs Please note this is a WIP and will be updated accordingly using changes.txt. This is compatible for iOS/Android devices Installation guide Click and drag the changes.txt in the file browser and wait a short time until iTunes has completed the copying. Then once in game go to Settings and under User Interface scroll down to Reload skin and click that. Then Voila! all completed.
  13. Great Results against Celtic and Lokomotiv Moscow is 5-0 is brilliant nice clean sheet to go with it and becoming champions as well
  14. Great Result against Roma, Lokomotiv Moscow is a easier tie but by no means a weaker side, Euro and League double would do nicely haha!