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  1. Still Buffon is just a 3.5 star manager. His tactical knowledge is nonexistent. How the hell is Leeds doing that well? In real life even if the teams are great they still need a good manager to get them to function/reach full potential (best example would be England during early 2000s)
  2. I'm in the middle of my Milan save and the Premier League is going bonkers. Leeds and Newcastle in the top 6! Out of curiosity I decided check who their managers and they turn out to be some of the least capable managers in the game. For christ sake Buffon has just 1 tactical knowledge and yet Leeds sit in top 4. I'm guessing managers are just there for nuance in this game but don't have actual impact on the team
  3. So I'm in the middle of an AC Milan save, I have promoted a fair number of players from my reserve and sent them out in loans. The players have developed pretty well and are doing recently in their loan spells. But when I check my Manager Profile my Youth Policy is just 9. Does anyone know how to improve this score?
  4. So with the leagues in Europe rapping up and the UCL final coming up soon I'm guessing it's almost time for the arrival of FMM20? Anyone got any idea as to when it will be released?
  5. Neddy

    English football

    I guess Mourinho was right about Manchester United and Pogba!
  6. No it means he has temper management issues xD
  7. Btw Sterling is on fire! Great display against Czech
  8. Faking hell m8 that be the best Messi
  9. Has anyone managed to unlock this? If so can you guys post a picture of your son? Can they be Messi/Ronaldo level good?
  10. Btw speaking about depth how important is the Stadium Capacity and the Training/Youth facilities?
  11. Aaaand Brazil drew 1-1 against Panana while Argentina got chewed alive 1-3 by Venezuela. What is life