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  1. BenDTner

    The OME Cup - Challenge 3

    well done lads lowest place was third which is still very acceptable in my eyes 😃
  2. BenDTner


    surely there is a way they can implement it in future versions
  3. BenDTner


    is there not a cloud option for saves I heard something about this from a mate maybe its only apple
  4. BenDTner

    The City Thrasher Is Back

    exactly still I find myself starting a new save now to produces more screenshots
  5. BenDTner

    The City Thrasher Is Back

    Update I should have made this clear earlier I don't have results against teams you want to see as it was on an old save that I merely tried this for a few games and saw results so I decided to share. As you can see from the post I said I would love for you guys to try it out. Obviously I understand you might not have a lot of time so in that case don't spend it on this tactic. What I wanted from this post was for people to try it out and post results or improvements. I became very annoyed and disappointed when some of you said that I was cherry picking which isn't going to convince anyone. I am not trying to convince anyone that this is the best tactic in the game merely sharing something I have found success with. If you don't have time to test it out that is fine. But I do not believe I should have to prove anything about this tactic because if you have the time then you will try it out anyway as you really have nothing to lose.
  6. BenDTner

    The City Thrasher Is Back

    I do not have the other screenshots as it is from an old save. I have created this tactic for myself and decided to share with the community why should I get comments saying I cherry picking results to show my tactic. My point is that this is what I have decided to post I cannot post anymore screenshots as I don't have any but either way I shouldn't have to if you want to try the tactic you can I feel it is not difficult to spend five minutes giving it a go and trying it yourself rather than complaining that their is no proof it works.
  7. BenDTner

    The City Thrasher Is Back

    Its clearly not for you then I made this tactic as a base for someone if they wanted to try it out I didn't make it for someone to come in and think "yeah I will have this and win everything because that is what tactics should do if there posted up here" this is simply a remake of one of my tactics last year that beat city with Leicester by 6 or so goals. If you don't like me cherry picking results go to another tactic.
  8. BenDTner

    The City Thrasher Is Back

    I don't see why I should have to persuade you with results for you to try the tactic its not going to cost you money to try it out.
  9. BenDTner

    The City Thrasher Is Back

    I don't see why cherry picking is wrong if you want to see it try it out yourself its not like Its costing you anything
  10. BenDTner

    Pep's Ultra Offensive 22141

    Is this based off the inverse wing back tactic he sometimes employs if so I believe the bbm is actually turn into a cb in the real life tactic either way great tactic
  11. BenDTner

    EPL Eleven - One player only from each team

    4-4-2 Diamond GK-De Gea (Man U) RB-Wan Bissaka (Crystal Palace) LB-Chilwell (Leicester) CB-VVD (Liverpool) CB-Alderweireld (Spurs) DM-Kante (Chelsea) CM-Lemina (Southampton) CM-Seri (Fulham) AM-Moutinho (Wolves) ST- Aguero (Man City) ST- Aubameyang (Arsenal)
  12. I have seen something like this before one of my saves but it ended up to be that a few fixtures had't been decided yet
  13. BenDTner

    11 Bati's For Glory

    really didn't it end up in the leader board as well haha that was a great career actually pretty inspiring if I was going to go for another 1k I would choose a young cb with good aerial and see what happens definitely worth a shot
  14. BenDTner

    11 Bati's For Glory

    of course it is but what I am meaning is many see it as the easiest, hell I tried with Quitongo and if i didn't accidentally reset my (excuses😃) I think i would have had it this year I thought I am just going to go with the easiest way bang out a 1k and move onto other challenges. I remember reading one of a defender, it might have actually been yours did you use Ajer?