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  1. Oddly in the rematch, I scored in the 36th minute again with the same player. Perhaps a coincidence but strange all the same.
  2. Meh I am nearly done with this game. I loaded it up and watched the saved game, there is 2nd half footage despite the game instantaneously switching to full time at half time. Rubbish.
  3. Apologies, no idea if this the right place but just got an absurd bug hit me. 2-0 up at half time as Marseille vs St Etienne, start the the 2nd half and instead of the clock counting upwards into the 2nd half, the game immediately goes to full time. The score still shows as 2-0 but on the goal scorers page it shows St Etienne scored in the 81st and 91st minute. I love this game but what the hell? I can even save the game to view but I can’t progress the game. I’ll have to quit and restart, which to me is game breaking and feels like cheating, even though I can’t actually move forward with the game. Oh and the formation page for St Etienne is just bizarre.
  4. Indifferent truth be told. I had to switch from direct to mixed and I've altered the shape. I've discovered a rather frustrating issue trying to emulate this formation. I've tinkered and I'm beginning to see the movement that typifies the tactic but the reality is in this game it's not effective for very long. I'm going back to the drawing board for the time being.
  5. First off some caveats this is very much in testing and a work in progress. Additionally I didn't truly appreciate how complex tactically Atalanta were under Gian Piero Gasperini and previous attempts were canned because they just didn't work. This was mostly down to trying to accommodate the width with which Atalanta use from defence right through to attack. Gomez, the central centreback and Goalkeeper occupy the centre of the pitch with an emphasis on wing backs always being wide unless the forwards are wide. But then there is the central midfield engine room where the two in the middle peel wide to form passing options for the wingbacks, centrebacks and forwards. So I settled on the following approaches: At home a 3-4-1-2 and away a 3-4-2-1 I created these formations because I got fed up of Tiki-Taka and possession footballing being utter pony for my Marseille team. I always struggle with Marseille on FM because I want to play champagne football with them but it always ends up being dishwater. I was using a standard 4-1-2-2-1 using control, narrow shape and short passing. I just kept giving the ball away. So this is where these came about. So rhis is most definitely not a formation based on retaining possession or playing tiki-taka. Instead I tried to emulate the Atalanta gung-ho style of getting the ball forward, always having options out wide and having a hard working midfield. Analysis 3-4-1-2: Initially I was utilising two Central Midfields in the Central Midfield, however I found with using a wide shape and direct passing focus they were almost entirely bypassed more often than not and at times got in the way of my playmaker. This is the formation I use at home. Two BBM's through the midfield centre, an AP (was using AM but found that they weren't contributing enough) one IF pushed wide (this was to accommodate the style of having a wide forward and make the most out of Thauvin). Dario Benedetto who I usually get about 12 goals a session out of, I've set him central as a TM and he can't stop scoring. Just going back to the IF, at home I'm scoring at least two goals a game with this setup and Thauvin is regularly dancing through defences scoring for fun. Analysis 3-4-2-1: It's almost entirely the same setup barring a contradiction. Here I'm using two AM's despite dropping AM in the previous setup. In this setup they tend to stay apart from each other and dart into the half spaces as well as get into the area. With a BWM and DLP behind. I should note I usually loathe to use DLP's but here this helps create space in the midfield with them dropping deep and the BWM floating. An unexpected side effect of these formations is that I'm conceding drastically less goals at the moment. I had expected to be shipping a few given I'm playing quite wide but in the last 4 matches I've conceded 1 and that was away to PSG who I beat 2-1. I'll share the results once I've completed the season. Testers most welcome.
  6. I’m 3rd, but I was 1st. Thankfully I’m only a small team. I’m using Telstar, got them promoted using your formation. Scored some gorgeous goals. Was really working a treat in the Eredivise, in my first 10 games I smashed Ajax 4-0. I’ve had to switch to a more conventional wing based game. No where near as fun to watch mind.
  7. Sadly after initial domination of matches, this has stopped working for me as I approach the end of my 2nd season. To be fair, I’ve had this before with formations I’ve been whipping teams with, regular as clockwork around December the AI gets wise. Shame as I really enjoyed using it. I’m now getting lots of 0-0 draws or being beaten 4-2. I can’t buy a win
  8. Not really. It seems to have passed now. It was odd though, every game a serious injury and always a 3 week recovery time.
  9. I do have a question, I’m currently using a team in the depths of the Spanish lower divisions. It’s worked well so far, one thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve suffered a serious injury in every game after a good start. I’ve not tweaked the training as I was actually looking to avoid injuries so I’m stumped. Unless of course it’s my physio. Anyone else experienced this?
  10. I’ve been reintroduced to Football Manager recently by the members of a forum I’m an admin for - no, I’m not looking to promote it or poach members. I’ll be honest, I’ve been struggling to ignite my interest in the game following completion of some of the challenges. I just couldn’t find a system that encapsulated tiki taka, well as a perceived it. But! This, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for and I cannot wait to give this a shot in the lower leagues. I know it’ll be a slog but I have a system that fits a vision to buy players into. Bravo guys, superb work and superb article