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  1. Just out of interest, do you use intensive or medium or light training for him. In my careers, my player keeps getting injured. It is really **** taking.
  2. IBKmaster

    Messi regen

    No, it's not because Messi is green in the cam position and can't play cm. added 0 minutes later Forgive me if I'm wrong.
  3. Amazing regen you have there, is the tactic doing better for you or is there still problems because I'm trying to make my own tactic but it is proving difficult. Good luck mate!
  4. Try TM, they seem to be really good this year. Idk if it fits ur tactic but you can give it a try
  5. Am I in the lower half of the table IN REAL life.
  6. IBKmaster

    ScottishFMM attempts 'The 100 Club'

    Good attempt so far!
  7. Amazing work once again. I'm not asking what your tactics are, just how do you make such incredible and unstoppable tactics. Is there a way you could help and explain how to make them so unstoppable, so people actually spend time making them, instead of asking 'wuts u tactic' all the time. Amazing progress so far, you are surely on target for 2k
  8. Good work, it seems to be coming along quite nicely. Hope you do get 100 points though
  9. This is absolutely fantastic, credit for you having the time and bother to actually do this. I will almost ceirtainly try this tactic because I'm deep into a Barcelona career. Once again, amazing work!
  10. IBKmaster

    3-2-2-3 EME

    It hasnt worked for me. Im really upset as i had high hopes with Macclesfield in their second season in ligue 1.
  11. Well done, but what about the tactics?
  12. What formations and tactics did you play with this?