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  1. Thanks @Kanegan. I would really like to get Pellegri to 1K as I got so close with Embolo in my DT. He’s about 2/3rds of the way there at the moment. 🤞
  2. Love the way you used your final transfer kitty weakening your rivals 🤣 Huge congratulations @Nucleus for a very enjoyable read and some outstanding records
  3. Season 10 - 2026/2027 The season started and finished with International tournaments - the World Cup and then the International League. So back to Bayern Transfers Kessié and Bustos were at the end of great careers with Bayern, and De Backer was just always injured! So the money mainly went on a new side project that I cooked up between pressing “continue” - to use Bayern’s training setup as a sort of player incubator for the Italian national team Results Significant games Triple-Threat Challenge Moise Kean Pietro Pellegri Andrea Pinamonti TT Scores And finally a farewell to a great assister in this challenge Thanks to everyone who has read and supported this challenge so far. Onwards and upwards!
  4. Wow, the Socceroos in the World Cup final!! Kudos @Kanegan 🇦🇺🇦🇺
  5. Thanks for all your support on this challenge @Nucleus @Kanegan @Rob2017 and the silent @Titjes. It really helps when “the grind get to you!” (quote stolen from @Ashez )
  6. Season 9 - 2025/2026 So the first season as manager of Bayern and Italy Transfers A sad farewell to Christensen after 8 great seasons. Results Significant Games Triple-Threat Challenge Moise Kean Pietro Pellegri Andrea Pinamonti TT Scores So finally adding international goals to their Bayern goals for the Italian trio. 😁
  7. Just 16 to go, you’ve got this 🤞 The Gareth Bale regen always seems to be 50% brilliant / 50% injured 🤔
  8. You all called it ......and I’m now a fully paid up convert to the importance of international management! 😁
  9. Thanks @Rob2017. I didn’t think Ancelotti would ever go and if he did, Conte somehow always managed to stay above me in the rankings so I thought he’d get it. Strange as I don’t really enjoy international management on FMM .... but I’ll take one for the team to count those goals from now on 😜
  10. So at the beginning of season 9, Carlos Ancelotti finally decided to relinquish control of Italy and a new manager took over 😁 The TT trio have already scored 62 international goals before this change of management.
  11. These weird challenge scenarios you are coming up with are brilliant! (Reading this quite enviously - in hindsight, I probably chose the wrong FMM18 swansong and it doesn’t feel as fun as this 😕)
  12. Season 8 - 2024/2025 Can Bayern continue to steamroller their way across Europe and through the Bundesliga? Transfers A crazy offer for a guy in the reserves funded a number of other potential talents. Results Another amazing season! Significant games Triple-Threat Challenge Moise Kean Pietro Pellegri Andrea Pinamonti TT Scores During the season this came up in my news feed - something I hadn’t seen before
  13. Thanks @Kanegan. Doesn’t everyone get a stadium unlock after a number of good seasons? In the past I’ve suggested a name - usually something that amuses me at the time 😛 This time I declined to offer a name just to see what happened and they named it after me anyway!
  14. Seasons 6 & 7 - 2022/2023 & 2023/2024 Ended up blasting through 2 season very quickly. So here there are - in a slightly condensed format 😐 Transfers Goretzka not only ran his contract down but also managed to be injured over both transfer windows so he couldn’t be sold and left on a Bosman 😡 In season 7, just one big transfer out with an offer too good to refuse for Lazare. Season 6 Results A great season in cups and league 👍 Season 7 Results Followed by another great season! 👍👍 Overall Triple-Threat Challenge Moise Kean Pietro Pellegri Andrea Pinamonti TT Scores So 2 more great seasons for Bayern....in fact they are sometimes a bit boring to manage 🤔 But Bayern’s dominance is really helping the Italian trio, so it’s all good in the end! .....and next season will be in a brand new stadium