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  1. A “4” Laurence 😱 Time to get you head in the game
  2. If you select a coaching style of General when starting a new game it rarely gets honoured. Most times it is changed to Youth. All other coaching styles seem to work correctly. (Bug was also present in FMM18)
  3. For the final spot I nominate the main man from my favourite FMM18 challenge; Laurence Maguire. (If he’s not in your database then his brother Harry)
  4. Great achievements with Dresden. Every time I read about your Little Ronaldo I had an image of a plastic toy figure in the pitch 😲
  5. Just got up to speed on the last few seasons. It has been a most enjoyable career to follow my friend. Really glad you managed to complete the 1K without regens What was your standout season(s)? The first big score by Vardy sticks in my mind. Is the AI managing the older players any better in FMM19? (In 18 they were off to regen land at about 32/33) I look forward to your next “off the beaten track” career Happy New Year
  6. I’m only managing small moments in Vibe at the moment, so I always look for a @Kanegan career first! Brilliant job this time. 😎 I’m really impressed by everyone having 5+ goals by February - you beat the master who said he managed it by March I think.
  7. Sorry I’ve been away @Kaneganand missed a few seasons but it looks like I got back just in time to see Vardy’s total not only beaten but totally blown away! Great stuff there with Vinicius Junior and congrats on joining the 100 club.
  8. Absolutely amazing achievement @Rob2017 Now you’ve got the 1KC beaten, raise the bar out of sight!
  9. Unlucky there but you nearly pulled it out of the bag. At first I thought you were just 2 goals short, then I noticed Meunier!! You’ll be back stronger next time for sure......when you can fit it in with all your other challenges.
  10. Can’t remember the CM version, but only this morning was thinking about the unbeatable “4-5-Owen” tactic
  11. Taking the GTO on a road trip around Europe? Look forward to the holiday snaps!
  12. 85M for Russians and you only get 20 games from them 😱 Some really interesting and different player choices (until Pulisic 😜) that shows what can be achieved off the beaten path. Brilliant results there @BatiGoal
  13. Wow Flores is Bale in disguise with those injuries! Really unlucky. Still possible 🤞
  14. All across the land every rockin’ band Was blowing up a storm And the guitar man got famous The businessman got rich And in Scratch’s bar there was a Superstar
  15. Glad you got your save back @fRESH A good couple of seasons considering they are all still quite young. They should kick on from here onwards.