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  1. Favourite
    URz got a reaction from Woody in Vibe Community Event: CentreBack FC   
    For the final spot I nominate the main man from my favourite FMM18 challenge; Laurence Maguire. 
    (If he’s not in your database then his brother Harry)
  2. Funny
    URz got a reaction from Mr Tree in Dynamo Dresden (11 season RTG now finished)   
    Great achievements with Dresden. 
    Every time I read about your Little Ronaldo I had an image of a plastic toy figure in the pitch 😲
  3. Favourite
    URz reacted to Mr Tree in Dynamo Dresden (11 season RTG now finished)   
    So I guess from here (assuming I go on to become a global force) I'll stick to brief updates and curios...
    Such as the story of how I plucked poor little Carlos from the streets of Barcelona, where they were barely paying him enough to cover the bus fare home...

    And helped him to, how you say, earn a little bit more  But of course, money doesn't buy you happiness kids...

  4. Favourite
    URz reacted to Mr Tree in Dynamo Dresden (11 season RTG now finished)   
    Hmm so, it's a pity I didn't start posting earlier to build up the career, as we've broken right through now!
    Season 7's transfers


    Absolutely smashed it, clinching the title with three games to go. Bayern had a down season (I actually hadn't noticed that they snuck into 2nd in the end, they were off the pace throughout) - Hoffenheim were my main competitor most of the season before tailing off. We were nowhere near as prolific in the second half of the season but ground out a fair few 1-0 wins to get the job done.
    German Cup

    The tables have turned and Dortmund have become a thorn in my side. They ended my best run yet at the semi-final stage.
    European Super Cup

    Overwhelmed poor Sevilla in a sign that we could hang with the big boys...
    Champions League
    Our first time in this competition in the modern era, and what a season it was...
    We needed penalties to beat Benfica, despite not allowing them a single shot in the second leg:

    We got past Man Utd in the quarter final to set up a semi final against bloody Bayern.... But we've really got a hold over them at the moment!

    That's my BBM with a hat-trick!! We lost the second leg 1-0 with Karius messing around to give them a goal, but obviously they never really threatened to come back.
    And so to the Final, and it was glory to Dresden...

    Kaeuper scored from the halfway line after Sczezny kicked it to him, and we barely let them have a sniff.
    Here's how my manager profile looks after seven seasons:

    Yep, not many good Germans around, although I did recruit a couple this year in Karius and Kaeuper.
    Youth policy's about right - "win nothing with kids", they said!

    (Couldn't really find a better view of the squad showing ages, sorry. And my squad seems to take up just over three screenshots)
    Here's another view of the current team (with the Champs League lineup selected):

    So yeah, loving it, and poised for a few years of glory now
  5. Favourite
    URz reacted to Mr Tree in Dynamo Dresden (11 season RTG now finished)   
    You join us halfway through Season 7... Apologies, it's taken me a while to work out how to post the screenshots "in-line" (where I want them to be) - think I've got the hang of it now!
    After my first career attempt with my Superbees (Brentford) broke down in a similarly spectacular way to their current real-life season, I decided that I wanted to give the old Bundesliga a try. I actually live near Prague, and I've made a few trips up to Dresden (about 2hrs drive away), and the team has a cool name, so let's go!!
    (just a conventional career here, I'm afraid - no gimmicks!)
    Season 1
    Well I felt good about my choice when the boys did this in one of my first preseason friendlies:

    Alas, having done zero research, I confidently told the board that they could expect a playoff push, not realising that Bundesliga 2 offers two automatic promotion places and ONE playoff spot (3rd place in B2 plays 16th place from the top league).
    It took me a while to shape the squad into my image too, with a patchy opening half of the season finally showing signs of life towards the end, but we finished well off the pace in mid-table. My initial goalkeeper was bad but had good potential, but after leaking far too many goals I brought in a competent loanee and started to realise the value of the loan system.....
    Season 2
    Much more like it, fighting for promotion from the off. I realised that my reckless "Expressive" play was not the German way, so I told the boys to rein it in and be more Disciplined, and asked my Full-Backs to remain back and not pretend they were Wing-Backs.
    Loanee stars all over got me into 3rd place, where I played Freiburg in the two-legged playoff. Bit of a bummer as my star striker was Luca Waldschmidt, loaned in from, you guessed it, Freiburg!
    Fortunately I'd got myself a cheeky Bayern Munich left-winger loanee (Timothy Tillman) in January and he inspired a memorable night at the Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion, with Dynamo crushing the top-flight team 4-0 in the second leg after a 2-2 draw in the first match. Bundesliga, here I come!
    Season 3
    We were a pretty small club with a bunch of heavyweights, so a good start gave way to a rough end - we were nowhere near relegation, but the midtable finish was soured by the poor run of form to finish the season.
    We did manage to win in Munich, with our new loanee winger bagging the game's only goal:

    Significant investment in preparation for our first season in the top flight had borne some fruit... But difficulty in finding the right calibre of player who would actually be interested in joining me led to a pivot in strategy (of which there is some evidence below too), with my scouts finding me some 1- or 2-star gems who had 4- or 5-star potential, and who fortunately were allowed to leave by their current clubs for a relative pittance...

    Rekik never actually got a sniff and was sold to F*lham six months later for a third of the price... Muhling similarly was swiftly moved on... Berrio never did much for me either... but Layun was fantastic until he retired, Nandez has been solid, and little Gonzalo and Ronaldo, well........ (more on them later)
    I only got 3 wins in the second half of the season... Completing league doubles over Munich and Dortmund 🤪

    Check out those results before the second Bayern game - my phone nearly went out the window a couple of times there, as my team continuously kicked off and immediately conceded. Dark times.
    So a lowly finish...

    But at least we earned the respect of our peers:

    Season 4
    An alarmingly similar story, even after bringing in a Russian goalkeeper who my scouts assured me was the shiz (he was not). A good start but a woeful end left me clinging on to my job. As the season drew to a close, I concluded that my donkey centre-backs were the problem, and recruited Scottish stopper Scott McKenna who has gone on to be a rock at the back for me.
    Clicking through at the end of the season, I was astonished to see this pop up:

    Frankly it's almost buggy, as there's no way someone in midtable should get these accolades.
    We were still banging in the goals, with little Ronaldo starting to flourish...

    Wait, what?!

    Season 5
    After these two similar seasons, I improved the defence as mentioned above, and also started to pay more attention to morale to try and avoid slumps. Let's say it's paid dividends...

    Season 6
    Things really clicked here, with 14 wins on the trot at one point. A slow start ultimately gave me too much to do to overhaul the evil empire...

    ...But, I did meet them in the Europa League final and... well...
    The first time I played it, this happened:

    AND THEN THE GAME JUST CRASHED. LIKE, I COULD NOT CLICK ANYTHING, I COULD NOT ADVANCE THE GAME. I could select Opposition, I could select the options below, but nothing mattered - pressing Play did not advance the game, and pressing Tactics did not bring up my team.
    Obviously, I was slightly irritated by this. But it's just a game so... Let's try again.
    And all's well that ends well:

    So from here, I will update things a little more often, but let's just zoom in on two stars, Berko and Ronaldo.
    Berko was with Dynamo at the start of the game, and I think he was my 3rd-choice winger in the first season!! He has blossomed extraordinarily, earning a place on the World Team of the Year three years in a row now. I love him because in Czech slang, "dame si brko" (pronounced "berko") means "let's roll a joint", so I say that to myself whenever he does something quality. Anyway, enough about me...

    So he might well be worth a look if you want an Inside Forward for your left wing.
    And little Ronny, bless him. Snapped up from Arsenal for 2m, although those crafty beggars put a 20% sell-on on him (some might say I didn't notice - WHAT-EVER!).
    He blossomed quite quickly, but soon got stroppy when I turned down big bids for him. I had a good group of strikers so I wasn't averse to leaving him out for weeks on end - I signed a young Italian for a pittance and sold him to Man Utd for 45m as he caught fire while Ronny sulked.
    The problem (as I've mentioned elsewhere before) is that when you get multiple bids, you can't put a sell-on on your player too, and I definitely wanted to because kid's a star.
    When he got particularly sulky, the likes of Bordeaux were kindly offering to take him off my hands for a mere 13m. On your bike, pal. 
    Finally, halfway through Season 7 now, I've got rid of the jerk - Arsenal came in on their own for 80m, I played Cool Hand Luke and got them up to 82m + 25%. The deal went through - then my news feed told me that I have to give Arsenal 20% of the fee!! Cheeky sods - but I suppose that would've happened wherever he went, so 🤷‍♂️

    Not to worry - I've got a young Argentinian and a young Togolese forward to carry on the baton (dya think the latter might be Adebayor's regen?!), and the rest of the squad's starting to fill out... Admittedly with few Germans, as my main recruitment strategy is awesome young South Americans or Spaniards.
  6. Favourite
    URz reacted to Kanegan in Hitmen of PSG Attempt 2 - Complete   
    So, since i completed my Pensioner's Challenge and i had unfinished business with this, i thought would try this again:
    If you want my previous attempt, you can find it here.
    Now what is the challenge about?? 
    So, here's my attempt:
    Transfers Out:

    Transfers In

    Season Performance

    Won the league, Champions League and Coupe de France but lost the League Cup and Trophee des Champions.
    So, my squad at the start of the season:

    Cup Runs :
    Even a Mbappe hattrick couldn't get us the win in the Trophee des Champions while a high scoring match in the League Cup ended in heartbreak via penalties. The only saving grace was the French Cup where a Neymar hattrick gave us a 4-0 win.
    Champions League
    League Performance

    Completed the challenge by February. After that, it was to get the total goals up.
    Manager Profile

    Final Goal tally

    So, total 185 goals which was not as brilliant as @Mulambo's attempt but enough to better my friend @URz tally.
    @BatiGoal, can you add me to the second position in the leaderboard.
    Thanks everyone who is reading this.
  7. Favourite
    URz reacted to ashrafrazin in Pellegri Strikes Back in the BPL -Final Update (1.5K done)   
    Season 17
    Last season sees the completion of the 1.5KC, but only able to achieve it due to international goals tally. Let's see if we can bring up the club goals total to 1.5K on its own. and what's going to happen in the contract situation? let's get into it:
    Won almost everything that we were in last season, crashing out in the sixth round of the FA Cup to liverpool. Other than that, won all of the other club competitions we were in:
    High Score Matches
    Champions of the world again, beating Argentina with a sound 5-1 score in the Finals. Other than that won the EIL.
    The Main Man
    It's more apparent that our star has slowed down somewhat over the season, with lesser hat-tricks and goals compared to his peak time. But stats wise he's still on par with the younger stars:
    In the end, he scores a decent 87 goals from 59 matches played, while grabbing another 34 goals in International matches. He only had one Injury throughout the season.
    Team Performance
    1.5KC Challenge
    Club Goals (Season): 87
    International Goals (Season): 34
    Club Goals (Total): 1409 + 87 = 1496
    International Goals (Total) = 147 + 34 = 181
    1.5KC total = 1496 + 181 = 1677/1500 (COMPLETE)
    So agonizingly close to 1.5K club goals, but in the end he settles at 4 goals lesser than the desired target, but successfully completing the challenge via international goals scored.
    So what's the ending of the contract saga?
    Pellegri did not reduce his wage demand of 750K up until the end of the season, an ended up leaving the club on a free. I tried signing him up right after, but he wasn't interested in joining. He ended up joining FCP after a few days, and again I tried signing him, but the man himself was happy with where he was and did not want to rejoin.
    A bit regretful, but as a manager I wish him well at his new club, and close the curtain on this long career. His final score for the board will be 1677 goals. Final best GPG to date would be from season 14 with 150 goals from 64 matches (2.34 Avg).
    With that I leave this career with heartfelt thanks to all that have been supporting this career, and the ones that have read through the whole journey. Here's the team records for closure.
    On a side note, I'm thinking of starting one of these:
    1. Bottoms up challenge with no transfers done.
    2. 7 Formations, 7 seasons Challenge with Celtics
    3. Everyone's a goalscorer challenge but still haven't decided the twist (something like everyone is from the same nation of some sort)
    Maybe, just maybe, I'll lean to the one with most shouts here. Do let me know in the comments.
  8. Favourite
    URz reacted to Kanegan in Pensioners Club (Season 20 Final - 1KC Complete)   
    Season 17

    I got to be a board member this season.
    Transfers Out

    Transfers In

    Season Performance

    We lose the FA Cup and Community Shield but win everything else. It's amazing how a world class striker can transform a team.
    League Performance
    Worrall takes back his place as the assist king.
    Cup Runs
    FA Cup was a disaster but Carabao Cup was a Vinicus show and the only final he missed out on scoring was Champions League one where our young homegrown players Cotterill and Lee showed their capabilities against Real Sociedad.
    Notable matches
    Vinicius won everything possible and hits a massive 59 goals in the league en route to winning back the Golden Boot for Newcastle, just 1 short of William " Dixie" Dean's record. 😖
    Main Event
    It's time for the main event. With what you have followed so far, it must hardly be a surprise that this man hit far too many but how many is the question. Firstly his profile:

    Look at those stats for a 34 year old. Wow just wow!!!

    Godly unholy performance. Vinicius Jr. smashed his way into the 100 Club with 104 goals from 64, GPG of 1.62 and we take a massive leap towards the finish line.   
    @Rob2017, mate please add this legend to the club.

    869/1000 -> 131 to go.
    We are still on track to finish this under 20 if my next 2 players can hit close to 66.
    Next Season
    I am not giving any clues as this is a player that most of you will not know. He is just a 17 yr old kid who plays for the B division of Sporting Gijon.

  9. Favourite
    URz reacted to Rob in A Strikerless 1kc attempt...completed - The End!   
    Season 13 - Full update
    After a decent last season and a solid World Cup, could Felix actually smash the 1kc?
    Our season was average.

    And I think I have done most of the transfers needed for the mid-career squad rejig.

    But there was a wonderful bit of news with my son (no, not my real one!) joining us.
    Welcome to the club Ben Sless.

    He joined in time to see the maestro Felix have some pretty decent goal bonanzas.

    All the while his attributes dropped a little during the season.

    In the coach report it now says that he is past his prime. Hopefully I’ll be able to extend his contract out a bit more to smash a great score.
    So, could he get enough goals to complete the 1kc?
    In the league he got 74, which took us past 1,000 if you include my first Portugal reign!!! 

    And I am including the goals in my current Portugal reign in the screenshot below which takes us well past 1kc.

    So, yeah, this is a Strikerless 1kc at the age of 31. Next season we will get past the 1kc on league goals themselves too unless a major distaster happens.
    Genuinely chuffed to bits. As far as most people know this is the first ever Strikerless 1kc on here. Someone may come along and better it once i have finished, but I will always be the first. Thanks to everyone who has supported me not just on this thread but in my attempts on 17. It’s been a year long learning and testing session.
    Each update following this will be minimalistic, just to see him in to retirement and see what score we can get.
    Thanks for reading.
  10. Favourite
    URz reacted to Kanegan in Hitmen of PSG (Final Update - Failed)   
    Final Update
    Coupe de la Ligue BKT

    Hubocan hits his 1st as we win our 1st trophy in the season. 
    Champions League
    Pathetic couple of matches as we rely on penalties to move to semis.
    French Cup

    Hubocan scores his second as we move further in the French Cup.
    Ligue 1
    Danilo scores his 3rd and Akpoguma gets off the mark.
    Champions League
    Another poor set of matches as we move into the final on away goals as Alves and Akpoguma gets the strikes required.
    French Cup
    Danilo scores a brace in the semis completing his 5 while the final was a WTF though we got 3 goals out of our defenders.
    Ligue 1
    Lot of goals from the defenders this month as plenty of them completes their 5 but can we do the full squad??
    Champions League Final

    We beat the Old Lady to win the Champions League via a famous extra time goal from Hubocan.

    So close but no cigar!! Unfortunately, Akpoguma and Bernat finishes on 4 apiece while Meunier fails to even open his account due to multiple injuries he suffered during the season.
    Scorer Update:
    Attack : Neymar, Moting, Mbappe,Haller, Weah
    Midfield : Draxler, Savic, Asensio, Diaby, Kehrer, Verratti, Flores, Maier
    Defense: Alves, Hubocan, Meunier, Rabiot, Akpoguma, Ambrosio, Bernat,
    Though it doesn't matter, my final tally:

    So, i failed this challenge. I was pretty unlucky with injuries and perhaps my strategy was wrong. Anyways, great challenge @BatiGoal and well done @URz for finishing this. You still remain the lone member of the leaderboard. I will come back to this once i finish my other challenges and that time i definitely plan to complete. Thanks everyone for supporting me in this career and sorry for failing to win this. 
  11. Funny
    URz reacted to zaangie in FMM19 General Discussion   
    Nothing beats CM0102 😁
  12. Funny
    URz reacted to DutchTony in FMM19 General Discussion   
    Same. Was my favourite version by a mile. Was so simple back then.
    Step 1 - Buy Robbie Keane
    Step 2 - Put him in the hole behind the 2 strikers and select 'Run with ball'
    Step 3 - Sit back and watch him score 100 goals a season 😁
  13. Funny
    URz reacted to Foxy in FMM19 General Discussion   
    I forgot which CM it was but you could set your striker to man mark the opposition GK resulting in him getting massive amounts of goals.
  14. Favourite
    URz reacted to BatiGoal in FMM's FirePower Challenge With BG   
    Part II
    Stage 7 - United Kingdom: Buy 2 UK PP. Transfer budget = €46M
     July 2021 - Jan 2022: This is a real test for you next. Starting your fourth season you have the option to buy a UK co-op. That's Power Players from England, N.Ireland, Scotland and/or Wales. How's that for some weapon diversity. Tho to be honest, it's not going to be easy to outscore the Germans or French. Not in the slightest, but there's bound to be very big points for you in this either way. Well, if you haven't forgotten how to inflict pain onto the enemy that is.  The lads came expensive which left me with a measly 6M for the squad. But they did well, Abraham in particular. Some player. And we did a +1 over the French duo too. 85pts 
    Stage 8 - China: Buy 3 Chinese PP. Transfer budget = €155M
    Jan 2022 - June 2022: We're arriving into the latter stages of the challenge and we're really upping the ante now. Perhaps not a lot of PPs to choose from per se, compared with the previous three nations, but China's huge defense budget of over $160B (Google Calculate leaves you with €155M) allows you to build a very very strong team. That in addition to not 1, not 2, but 3 Power Players of Chinese origin. Can you find the three for a quality performance? 'Quality', that remains to be seen.   I've been waiting for this moment. Finally fat funds for serious squad reinforcements. Apart from the PPs a large sum of the 155M was spent on stronger defs and mids. I was surprised how good these Chinese lads are. 101pts
    Stage 9 - Russia: Buy 3 Russian PP. Transfer budget = €95M
    July 2022 - Jan 2023: Mama. Smokin'. Mia. This power nation is the real destructive deal. It's giving us mere FMM mortals some serious options here for blood-thirsty point-collecting. Which 3 Russians should we pick. Creators? Finishers? Perhaps even a formation swap to accommodate the 3... in a mini Triple Threat? With a fairly healthy budget we need to get strategic now and force a strong finish to our final season. Plenty of Russian power people to choose from so I'm thinking: POINTS! This was an odd one due to the Qatar WC. I built a fine squad with nice Russian point collectors up front, especially Golovin, but got only 20ish games to showcase their skills. Hence a lower points total here but good nonetheless. This results in more games for the final stage. 82pts
    Stage 10 - USA: Buy 3 American PP. Transfer budget = €585M
    Jan 2023 - June 2023: Good lord, look at this. That budget!! Bonkers me!! With a real-life defense budget of close to $600B leaves the FMM Community with a jaw-dropping transfer budget of €585M. Hello, squad revamp? Let's nuke the livin' nuts out of this stage! No wonder USA had to be the nation bringing this challenge to an epic finish. The 585-million-euro question tho is "Can you buy yourself 3 Americans for the best point-plundering you've ever done in your entire life"? Here's the biggie finally. Loads of bucks to spend, which I did. These American are pretty awesome. And Pulisic is just ridiculous scoring 35 and assisting 25 as a shadow striker, glad my decision on a new formation to accommodate these heroes didn't backfire. Due to the extra games we scored massive in the last stage. 126pts
    Challenge Score: 480gls + 206ast = 686 pts
    BG stats for the interested..
    That's that. Pretty happy overall. As I said, it's probably one of those challenges that is more enjoyable to play than to follow so I still highly recommend it. One of my more entertaining rides in quite a while tbh. Big thanks to those who took the effort to drop a comment of encouragement, you'll be remembered. 😉 Cheers! 
    For now it's adding my name to the leaderboard and see you at the next one.
  15. Angry
    URz got a reaction from Nucleus in Scratch Tries: A Long Way To The Top [Complete]   
    All across the land every rockin’ band
    Was blowing up a storm
    And the guitar man got famous
    The businessman got rich
    And in Scratch’s bar there was a Superstar
  16. Favourite
    URz reacted to Kanegan in Hitmen of PSG (Final Update - Failed)   
    Update 4
    Ligue 1
    Of course, i am not worried about results just getting the necessary people to score goals. Kehrer and Rabiot gets closer with 2 goals in the month while Bernat and Alves increases their tally by 1.
    French Cup

    Absolutely boring match. Nobody finished and we had to rely on penalties to go through.
    Champions League

    We took this game by the slimmest of margins playing the long ball and parking the bus tactics.
    Ligue 1
    Rabiot and Kehrer completes their quota while Danilo scores his 1st.
    French Cup

    Danilo scores his second as we proceed to quarters.
    Champions League

    We proceed to quarters after the second game ended goalless.
    Hopeless, just hopeless. How am I supposed to finish the challenge when half of my team stays injured??

    Kehrer, Maier and Rabiot completes their 5.
    Scorer Update:
    Attack : Neymar, Moting, Mbappe,Haller, Weah
    Midfield : Draxler, Savic, Asensio, Diaby, Kehrer, Verratti, Flores, Maier
    Only Flores remain
    Defense: Alves, Hubocan, Meunier, Rabiot, Akpoguma, Ambrosio, Bernat,
    So good to see Rabiot completing his quota but still a long way to go..
  17. Angry
    URz got a reaction from Nucleus in Scratch Tries: A Long Way To The Top [Complete]   
    All across the land every rockin’ band
    Was blowing up a storm
    And the guitar man got famous
    The businessman got rich
    And in Scratch’s bar there was a Superstar
  18. Favourite
    URz reacted to Scratch in Scratch Tries: A Long Way To The Top [Complete]   
    Season 6 - Macclesfield And ...
    Macclesfield Town is now all grown up. We've won the Premier League. We've won the EURO Cup. Now we're coming for you Champions League.
    First though...
    G'Day Scotland
    As you know I've been applying (and getting rejected) for every ITN position I could. My reputation had finally grown enough that someone was willing to take a risk on an Aussie manager. And that someone was Scotland:

    I quite like the idea of managing Scotland and trying to take them as far as they can. And no one else was offering, so of course I said yes:

    First thing I did was find some young promising Scots to come join Macclesfield, so they could benefit from our top quality facilities and coaches.
    Next I checked our Fixture list and there was only one in the next 8 months:

    A chance to make the Euros! Mind you Poland will be tricky. Let's just fast forward to that bit:

    Yes, they were tricky. It needed a late surge to win the game. And it was a strange game: Only 8 shots, but they resulted in 5 goals? Anyway, that earnt us a Final against Romania:

    Another tough game, going to overtime, before our second wind kicked in. Anyway, that qualifies us for the Euros, where we'll be facing England, France and Slovakia (gulp).

    We'll leave that for another update and get back to Macclesfield Town now...
    It looks busier than it was:
    Going out:
    Pavlenka, our first choice keeper from last year. He'd already peaked when we brought him in to replace Leno, but with the improved facilities, Leno overtook him.
    Finlay Brennan, who had developed into a very good centre back, but was behind 4 other players.
    A bunch of other people who had to make way for the incoming Scots, including Immobile, signed on a free in July and sold in January to make space.
    Coming in:
    Our main Scot signing: Fraser Hornby who looks a decent striker and still had a little development left in him. Might use him for a 1KC one of the days...
    A bunch of young Scot who probably won't be in the team for a year or two. Pratto's first nationality is Argentinian, but he hasn't been capped so I'm going to pinch him.
    And that's about it this year.
    The League
    We're not a bad team now, capable of turning it on like this:

    So, no drama this year... We won easily:

    Let's see how much we can win!
    Community Shield
    Sweet revenge on Man Utd, who beat us on penalties in the FA Cup Final last year:

    Euro Super Cup
    Bayern Munich? No problem. A straightforward 2-0 win:

    League Cup
    West Ham made things difficult for us in the final. It went to extra time, where we managed the winning goal:

    Champions League
    We easily qualified in the group stages, topping the group in front of Barcelona:

    Then we beat PSG 5-2 over two legs:

    We followed that up by beating Borussia Dortmund 5-1 on aggregate in the Quarter Final:

    We finally faced some decent opposition in the form of Liverpool who took us to extra time in the Semi Final (we won in the end):

    As for the finale.... Well let's keep that to later... First, there's something we really really need to cover.
    The WTF Moment
    So... The FA Cup Final. We lost it last year and really wanted to win it this year. The other cups and shields we'd already won this year were nothing in comparison.
    But... We didn't turn up in the final. Chelsea dominated us and beat us 2-1. They didn't get the winner until stoppage time, but they clearly deserved it:

    We left the game feeling down and turned out thoughts to the Champions League Final a few weeks later.
    Then the next day while reading our email, something happened that made us fall out of the chair:

    Yes... Losing the FA Cup Final somehow gave us just enough street cred to tip over into being a SUPERSTAR MANAGER. Mission complete!! And totally unexpected.
    Very very strange feeling for it to come on the back of a gutting loss. And it left an empty feeling... What now? Do I play out the Champions League Final (yes)? Do I play the Euros with Scotland (no)? What about everything I've built here? Is it over now (yes)?
    I was expecting to be ecstatic when I got that message, but instead it felt flat and empty...
    IMPORTANT Info For Others Doing This Challenge
    I didn't see this until after I finished, but there is an achievement for this:

    It turns out that to unlock the Superstar Manager event/achievement, you have to stay at the one club for 5 years.
    I've been trying to move clubs since the beginning of this career, not knowing that it would actually slow down the unlocking of this achievement. I lucked out because it's so hard to get a move.
    I'll be updating the challenge post to include this info - I hope not too many people have been affected. @Cockers2505 I guess this means you probably won't get it until you've been at Watford 5 years? Sorry I didn't see this before.
    The Champions League Final
    I couldn't really stop without playing this, given it was our main objective throughout the whole career. I still can't believe I made it to World Class without winning either that or the World Cup.
    Anyway, I told the boys this was it, go out and win it for me. And you know what? They're good lads... They went out and beat Real Madrid 3-1:

    And that was it...
    My Stats
    Here's my history for this year:

    And the history for the league (not including this year):

    Manager of the Year for the sixth year in a row:

    And here is my profile:

    What I'm leaving behind
    I leave Macclesfield Town looking like this:

    And just so I can come back and look at the players later, here are a few of the lads:
    The Future
    As for me... I'm off to other pastures. I had some different ideas, but I think I've narrowed it down to ... a 1KC of course. I'm looking at two options, but leaning towards the one that will be a little different from what I've seen others do...

  19. Favourite
    URz reacted to fRESH in Mission impossible - triple 1k attempt by fRESH The End   
    Season 3 and 4
    First of all i wana apologise for not having any screenshots from season 3. From season 4 ive only got ending screens.

    On season 3 we did cleen sweep of trophies and won PSG them first ever CL trophy. Above is picture how did we do on season 4. We lost against Spurs on Cl quater on away goals again. We also lost on French Cup quater against Monaco(who did win this competition).
    Our league run was pretty easy. We scored 116 goals on league this time.
    We did beat monaco on Supercup 3-0
    Euro Supercup we played Liverpool and we did beat them 3-1
    Coupe De La Ligue final was played against rennes and beat them 3-1
    At CWC final we were against Santos. We did win this game 4-0
    Trouble Threat Challenge
    Our target in season 3 was 130 goals and on season 4 was targeted to hit 140.  Lets see how did our main boys do.

    Geubbels added 25 on season 3 which is big dissapointment. I tried many roles at him but still had to stick with poacher as he seems to hit best with it. Year later he added 38 goals to his name. That aint too bad considiring he played on 49 games. He has total 138 goals to his for PSG after 4 seaons. He really needs to step up at coming seaons.
    At seasons 3 Pellegri had his best return till date with 48 goals to his name. Adding 38 to his name year later. Little bit less than i expect, but i think everything is under control. He has total of 144 goals at PSG.

    Take a bow son. 54 goals on season 3 is best ive got at this career and that really is great return. He added 38 year later. 161 total to his name.
    At season 3 we did score 127 goals. That means (-3) to our plan.
    At season 4 we did hit 114 goals. Means (-26) accorind my graphic.
    We really need to step up on coming seasons to target our promised triple 1k. Only player im worried about is Geubbels as he stats isnt increasing as i was expecting. We are 44 goals behind my graphic, but i cab deal with it. Lets hope better numbers from coming seasons.
    Challenge total:
    Geubbels: 138/1000
    Pellegri: 144/1000
    Silva: 161/1000
    Total 443/3000
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    URz reacted to Kanegan in Hitmen of PSG (Final Update - Failed)   
    Update 3
    Champions League
    We wrap up our CL group stage with a loss away to Porto but we qualified for the second stage somehow.
    Ligue 1
    Another mixed campaign as we win only 2 out of 5. Diaby, Maier and Flores score their 1st this month.
    Coupe de la Ligue BKT

    A hard working win against Toulouse to qualify for the next round.
    Ligue 1
    Just two league games this month and we continue our mixed fortunes. Verratti was on top form scoring in both the games.

    French Cup

    We made difficult work of an easy match but when you are playing some awkward formations, this happens but atleast we win.
    Coupe de la Ligue BKT
    The Coupe de Ligue campaign continued though as we get to finals.

    Verratti, Asensio, Diaby and Weah complete their quota as we have now upto 10 people i.e 50% of the squad at 5 goals.
    Scorer Update:
    Attack : Neymar, Moting, Mbappe,Haller, Weah
    Striker squad complete now.
    Midfield : Draxler, Savic, Asensio, Diaby, Kehrer, Verratti, Flores, Maier
    So, only three left to complete this set
    Defense: Alves, Hubocan, Meunier, Rabiot, Akpoguma, Ambrosio, Bernat,
    Again the hard part. Moreso now because of the injuries which has put this in serious jeopardy.
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    URz reacted to BatiGoal in FMM's FirePower Challenge With BG   
    Hi guys,
    This is my first FMM19 challenge that I'm sharing with Vibe. Going to be brutally (love that word) honest with you, it's going to be rather short yet still enjoyable hopefully. A combination of time restraints and laziness has cut these updates short into only 2. Its a 5-season career and Part 1 will be posted shortly. I need my name on that leaderboard, that's basically all I care about 😎
    The Challenge
    This is the one. Read all about the rules up there. Some people have found it complicated to understand so I'm keeping this update dead easy. And I hope it inspires others to knock me off that inevitable #1 spot.
    Part I
    Stage 1 - India: Buy 1 Indian PP. Transfer budget = €44M
    July 2018 - Jan 2019: Welcome to your first stage of the challenge. We're going to test our first GFP nation; India. You need to buy your first Power Player (PP). The reason India dropped all the way down to 10th spot is due to a single factor only; Player availability in the DB. You may find as few as just one player, so not many options here I'm afraid, this results in limited damage too. Silver lining is India's chunky defense budget of $51B (€44M in FMM language) that you may use to strengthen your team with. Could this player be making the difference in the end? (PM me if you have trouble locating Sunil)  This was a simple choice really since 33yo Sunil was the only Indian player in my database for this challenge. A very cheap price ensured I could use the rest of the allocated 44M transfer budget for squad building. 26pts
    Stage 2 - Turkey: Buy 1 Turkish PP. Transfer budget = €8M
    Jan 2019 - June 2019: Next up is Turkey, for the second half of your first season. Buy a Turkish tank and do as much damage as you possibly can. In FMM terms, as many assists/goals as you can squeeze out of this Turk. Since all stages last half a season only, you'd better make the most of that precious time. Big downer here is the tiny budget we're given. It's literally nothing for us FMM dawgs, so it's going to be hunting for that quality bargain who can still deliver that killer shot.  I enjoyed playing Tosun tremendously. A no-nonsense prolific striker. A joy to have in the squad. He had to come cheap since we were only allowed 8M in funds. 43pts
    Stage 3 - South Korea: Buy 1 S.Korean PP. Transfer budget = €42M
    July 2019 - Jan 2020: You've made it into your second season and hopefully things are looking better for you at this point. Next to-be-tested nation is South Korea. There's a few decent South Koreans in your DB so make sure you pick the most destructive one with your available funds. If you're lucky they have yet to move on to bigger clubs and your pocket money is just enough for what you seek. Careful tho, stay within your budget or you will suffer severe repercussions. 20M of the 42M went to my PowerPlayer so the remaining 22M was used for extra squad men for depth. He's no Tosun but he did quite well. 36pts
    Stage 4 - Japan: Buy 1 Japanese PP. Transfer budget = €47M
    Jan 2020 - June 2020: It's Rising Sun time in these freezing winter months. There was little difference between this and the previous power nation, so you may not see a very big difference in points during the remainder of season 2. There's a fair budget to spend in this winter window, a 5M increase over your last purse, so use your pennies wisely. A few words of strategy may be in order, if the money is on the low side, why not add a lil "gift" on the side too? Player exchange anyone?  The best Japanese player I could lay my hands on was Muto. Delighted to capture his signature as he delivered nicely. Slightly better than Tosun scoring 44pts
    Stage 5 - Germany: Buy 2 German PP. Transfer budget = €39M
    July 2020 - Jan 2021: Oh dear, the Germans have arrived. Look at that stunning local industry.. uhh I meant Current Ability. Some weapon diversity.. argghh Attribute Diversity rather.. apologies. There's some serious firepower to be had in this stage. This nation means business and you are now allowed not 1 but 2 Power Players to wreak permanent havoc with. I'm expecting assists and goals to be raining down upon us. Do your homework well if this challenge means anything to you.  The fun is starting now. Two German PowerPlayers in Philipp and Volland. They came quite cheap, hehe! so I still had over 30M for squad repair work. A lovely 59pts
    Stage 6 - France: Buy 2 French PP. Transfer budget = €35M
    Jan 2021 - June 2021: Wrap up your third season with some of the best French firepower - I sense the introduction of a Double Trouble - at your disposal. Where's the increased difficulty, you wonder? Sorry to bring you this disappointing news then, this is FMM FirePower Challenge and the further we reach the more powerful we become, that's half the intention tho. I hope you're enjoying raking in the points at this point. But brace yourselves, things are only going to get bigger from here on.  Tough stage this one as I only had 35M for two French PPs. And I had to dig deep as I needed to spend the entire 35M transfer budget on my two men. This left me zero money for a squad fix. It was worth every penny tho as they delivered a brilliant performance for me. 63 gls and 21 ass for a score of 84pts
    Challenge Score: 231gls + 61ast = 292pts and counting..
    Part II
    Stage 7 - United Kingdom: Buy 2 UK PP. Transfer budget = €46M
    July 2021 - Jan 2022: Featuring a Dominic Solanke & Tammy Abraham co-op  
    Stage 8 - China: Buy 3 Chinese PP. Transfer budget = €155M
    Jan 2022 - June 2022: Yet to be decided..  
    Stage 9 - Russia: Buy 3 Russian PP. Transfer budget = €95M
    July 2022 - Jan 2023: Yet to be decided..  
    Stage 10 - USA: Buy 3 American PP. Transfer budget = €585M
    Jan 2023 - June 2023: Yet to be decided..  
    The reason I'm posting this is because it's a lot more fun than it looks. Probably because every stage lasts only 6 months so every stage is just around the corner. Downside tho is that when my players are picking up that all important momentum it's closing time and time to enter the next stage thus replacing my PowerPlayers. Slightly annoying but that keeps it exciting as well. Part II will see me try a UK co-op in Solanke and Abraham as well as triplet threats of Chinese, Russian, and American blood. The fact that those are specifically the secondary leagues I've decided to load in combo with Italian as a main, it should give me a larger pool of talent to pick from and see me pick up the most points in this challenge to finish strong. If.. my calculations don't let me down.
    Hope you understand what I'm trying to accomplish here and see you next time for the final update. Cheers!
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    URz reacted to Cockers2505 in Cockers attempts It's A Long Way To The Top 2019   
    Update Season 12
    It had to happen, why, well because I believe he is simply brilliant and deserves the high lip, which Lincoln failed to do once I was booted out!!!
    I introduce Daniele Lanza (Again)

    Still got a few Greens in the right areas, at least 2 more season from the Legend, i'm sure

    I mean, 50 goals for me, then it's an absolute insult, only 36 goals in 3 season, they should be disgraced treating a legend like that!!
    Team Report - Summary
    Still to many REDS, but at least the GREENS highlight some good traits for our side, Technically Gifted and Physically Strong to name a couple suites me
    Season Expectations 

    Well the pressure is on again, last time I posted this, I lost my Job, eek!!
    Club Finances
    We have a bit of money to spare, £189 Million to be exact, which is nothing to frown at
    A couple of big buys to bolster the side that was so successful last season, a big strong CD and BBM was brought in to help with the extra games this season. Obviously my hero as well, Daniele Lanza not to forget
    Nothing to mention, a lot of players released as not required anymore
    The usual FM CUP vs Wimbledon, this season at Cherry Red Records Stadium
    An easy win to e truthful, even though we have recently hammered them in the last few seasons, it is never a high scoring game! this time finishing 2-4 to us
    Managerial History so far
    Nice to see at least a No 1 in the Premier league after so many season trying with both Lincoln and Watford, hopefully I can tie this Challenge up in the next couple of seasons, otherwise my eventual Date will be crap compared to the likes of @Scratch and those who else try it.
    World Best XI 2029

    Mattias Hamren made the Team, I was surprised as there was better players than him last season, but eh its still all good
    Here is the surprise of the Challenge, and one that will get @Scratch's back up I guess

    Oh yes, Italy it is, I was shocked to be offered this after my Ireland exploits, but I'll take it everyday (again I will keep the INT updates separate)
    First proper game of the Season saw us take on the Community Shield for the first time vs Arsenal, not an easy game
    An excellent 3-0 win starts us off nicely for the season
    Carabao Cup vs Chelsea
    The Forth Round was a good Victory, beating Chelsea 2-1 at Vicarage Road

    Quarter Final vs Everton

    Only to lose the Quarter Final on Penalties, I mean come on, 19 shots, 8 on target yet one goal, they have 1 on target, and score it!!!! there is a definite theme going on here!!
    Our exploits Earned me my first Manager of the Month award for December

    Champions Cup First Knockout Round vs Barcelona
    A hard fought 2 legs against Barcelona saw us come unstuck, after winning away 2-0 it was all set to finish them off at Vicarage Road, but it wasn't to be...
    Eventually losing on AWAY goal rule as the game ended 1-3 to them and 3-3 on aggregate over the 2 legs, DAM!!!!
    The FA CUP
    Sixth Round vs Man Utd
    A 2-0 win highlights another Giant Killing in a cup game for us
    Semi Final vs Tottenham Hotspur
    Another Giant killing in the cup saw us beat Tottenham 4-2 at their ground taking us to the FA Cup Final
    The FA Cup FINAL vs Manchester City
    What can I say, brilliant, a 3-2 win against Man City allows us to lift the FA Cup

    We was brilliant in the first half clinching 2 early goals, but then the scare was on when they brought it back to 2-2 just before half time. Luckily we cliched it just after the half time kick off, and then shut up shop until the final whistle.
    Memorable Games
    Home wins against:
    Man Utd 2-1
    A strange 3-3 draw with Brighton, 26 shots on goal they have 4 shots, 3 on target and score on each occasion!!!
    Arsenal 4-0 
    Middlesborough 4-2
    Away Games:
    An excellent win 5-2 against Liverpool
    Aston Villa 2-0
    A sad sad loss against Lincoln 3-1 (can't let it go)
    Final League Standings 

    A little annoyed a lost a couple at the end of the season to allow Man Utd to clinch the League, it was a 2 horse race for most of it between us and Tottenham, then the dirty stinking Reds surpassed us both to clinch the Title, but second is a good finish.
    Team Stats

    A good season sees 3 Strikers all get over 20 goals a piece, Lanza obviously being one of them

    What can I say, I knew he had 2 more good seasons in him, not only scoring the goals, but helping assist a few as well, getting the most with 20 assists.
    Managerial Stats

    Still Continental

    2 Winner's out of 4 is ok, and a 2nd place is acceptable, not the best but, a working progress
    Thanks as always...
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    URz reacted to Kanegan in Hitmen of PSG (Final Update - Failed)   
    Update 2
    Champions League
    Ligue 1
    We win one and drew two from the Ligue 1 campaign this month. The positives were Haller smashing his 5th and Maxim Choupo-Moting scoring a brace on his season debut.
    Ligue 1
    Further disaster strikes as we lose for the first time in our Ligue 1 campaign and we do it back to back. Moting scores another brace while our only remaining striker, Weah scores his first. Draxler completes his 5 so that's another name struck off.
    Champions League
    Moting completes his 5 and Neymar strikes a fabulous hattrick as we win both of our home CL games to bring the campaign back on track.

    So, 4 more people joining in the 5 goals club.
    Scorer Update:
    Attack : Neymar, Moting, Mbappe,Haller, Weah
    Weah the only person left to complete his 5 so this part is easy.
    Midfield : Draxler, Savic, Asensio, Diaby, Kehrer, Verratti, Flores
    This is a tricky one. Asensio needs only one but he has suddenly started missing. Kehrer and Verratti needs 3 each but they keep getting injured. The rest are yet to open their account.
    Defense: Alves, Hubocan, Meunier, Rabiot, Akpoguma, Ambrosio, Bernat
    This is the hard part. So far, only Alves has opened with 2 goals. 
    So, until next time myself signing off.
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    URz reacted to fRESH in Mission impossible - triple 1k attempt by fRESH The End   
    Hey! Finally i got my savegame back from old phone. Only problem is i am missing any screenshots from season 3. I will give u update tonight with a seasons 3 and 4 included !
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    URz reacted to cezzz16 in The Rogério Ceni Challenge   
    SEASON 3
    We managed to stay at the mid table on our first year in PL. My man scored 4 goals including a double salvo vs Man U.. Injury bugged him this season, he had to sit on some of the matches. 
    Total of 13 now.. 

    Also I managed to grab the manager of the year. Next year would be a squad revamp especially on my defenders. Most of my matches we lost our defensive shape often.