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    URz reacted to Cockers2505 in Cockers attempts It's A Long Way To The Top 2019   
    Update Season 8
    So I am not going to lie, but I am finding this version quite hard in the sense of turning a little club like Lincoln into a Global Team of the future, yes I have done well in parts, but behind the curtains, I am getting sooooo frustrated at each season being so different from the last, but that is good, but hard at the same time. I see all the Tactis that are shared, are many working with big teams, but to get the right one for Lincoln has been hard, frustrating, annoying and satisfying (at times) all rolled into one, so believe me when I say there has been times where I simply wanted to throw the towel in, and just take the easy way out and manger PSG, Man City or Real Madrid, but NO, ill stick with this and see where we get.
    But!!!, this update will surprise all of you how this game has changed - The Shocker below!!!!!
    SO as mention earlier the ground will be changed to COCKERS stadium

    Final game of Sincil Bank is just round the corner

    Lincoln City are proud to unveil the new COCKERS Stadium, a 30000 all seater stadium as we take the Premiership by storm (hopefully)
    Team Report - Summary 
    For the first time I have more GREENS than REDS, this can only be good sign, can't it!
    Club Finances - Finances looking good

    Transfer budget of £175 Million sounds very appealing, but the wage structure is still not as appealing to those SUPER players yet
    Victor Kovalenko - Picked up a Bosman player, didn't really look for him, as more presented to me, wow have a look at his stats and his value now

    Ok 29 years old, but his stats are brilliant still, and he cost me NOTHING

    Shakhtar's loss, a Freebie!!
    World Best XI - 2025
    Lincoln are proud to announce Daniele Lanza has made the World's best team (did I mention he was FREE)

    Cup Games
    Euro. Super Cup - vs Juventus
    Our first encounter in the European Super Cup against Juventus

    We had the chances, we just didn't take them, they was lucky with a first half penalty, and then clinched it in the 68th minute
    European Championship Cup - Group G
    So our first ever Champions League place drew us against Napoli, Borussia M'gladbach and Apol. Limassol

    Could we get through the this at the first attempt
    Final Table

    We finished top, 1 loss during the 6 games is a good return for me
    First Knockout Round - vs Real Madrid. Of all teams I could get, Real Madrid one the two legs

    My first encounter at the Bernabau ended with me winning 1-0 
    Second Leg

    I couldn't keep it together, they was obviously the better team finishing me off 2-1 on aggregate
    FA Cup Semi Final vs Man City. Did well getting to the Semi Final

    Was completely outplayed by Man City, 23 chances yet they only scored 2 goals, and 1 being a penalty in the 36th minute, didn't help getting player sent off in the 30th minute!!
    Carabao Cup
    Had a really good run, got myself as far as the Semi Final vs Liverpool first

    A 2-1 win at Anfield secured my first ever Final in the Carabao Cup, but against who?
    The Carabao Cup Final vs Southampton

    Even with a man down after the 57th minute we still hung on to take a 2-1 victory over Southampton to get my first Caribao Cup
    This prompted the Board to back me for a little longer, which may surprise a few reading this, yep I was always under pressure as explained earlier!!

    Some Results to remember!!
    Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Man City at home. Also a good win away against Man City 
    Team Stats

    Lanza smashes it out of the park again with 50 Goals this season

    My new Freebie takes the top spot with 19 Assists
    Final Table
    This was a very poor ending to a reasonable season, I didn't meet the expectations set by last season

    10th and again another season where I couldn't stop conceding, no matter what tactic I play, even 5 at the back, I just can't stop conceding!!!
    Final Awards
    Daniele Lanza:
    English Players' Player of the Year
    English Footballer of the Year
    English Premier Footballer of the Year - 33 Goals

    English Premier Division Players' Team of the Year 2025/2026

    Proud to present both Lanza and Burke in the Team
    Final Managerial Stats

    So the final whistle has been blown, Lincoln have won the Carabao Cup, Semi Finalists of the FA Cup, but the League position is not at it's best, so what does all that mean in the real world?? Well let me tell you...

    Which one to choose, I'm not paying for anything, so it's Request More Time or Resign... Choices, Choices
    I'll go with Box Number 1

    And the answer is...

    The wrong one, yep that's it, SACKED after all I've done for them!!!
    Career Stats

    Stats are not that impressive taken, but to get them into the Premiership, winners of the European Cup and Carabao Cup, but so what, i'm sure they can find someone else.
    Well i'm not taking this lying down, I'll get back up, go to the JOB Centre and see if someone else out there wants me...

    Well beggars can't be choosers. get back straight on the horse and see where I can go with these, yes readers, Watford it is

    Thanks for reading, I hope you are enjoying the update, please tell me if they are to long.
    Comments as always 
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    URz reacted to fRESH in Mission impossible - triple 1k attempt by fRESH The End   
    Hello !
    Im back with an second update. Young trio is getting better and better. So what to wait from season 2 ? Only answer is more goals. I dont really care about cl and stuff as i need goals. Now lets see how our season went.
    5 more goals at league. Just couple of points more. Pretty similar league run as last year. Won easily supercup and french cup. Lost on quaters of CL to Bayer again.(i hate them) Coupe de la ligue isnt my priority as my subs play this.
    Now lets see who came in and who went out.
    I wanted to keep Di Maria, but he wanted more gametime so i had to let him leave.
    Hernandes cames in as sub left back, isak as backup striker, pavon to compete on right wing with Neymar and dilsorun came in for di maria to offer backup.

    9/11 are PSG players, pretty dominant this year. But still failed to get anybody at World XI.
    Before looking our challenge lets see who assisted them this year.
    Neymar was the king of assist with 33. Followed closly by Asensio with 31. Things really atart to clicking.
    Now lets take on our TT. Can trio break expected 120 goals ? No. They hit 109 which is just short again.
    Pellegri gets himself 36 this year. Steady progress what im happy about.

    What a season from young Portugese. 48 goals is great return from 17 old.

    Geubbels had injury plagued season. He did great when he was playing. 25 goals this season.
    Challenge total:
    Pellegri: 59/1000
    Silva: 69/1000
    Overall steady progess at players. Hoping for 130 goals next season. 
  3. Funny
    URz reacted to PriZe in Nucleus Attempts -Fábio Silva 2k Challenge - Completed   
    Thank you much
    added 0 minutes later Nah man, than i would call it something like 4321 great attack and solid defence and just change one role
  4. Favourite
    URz reacted to Nucleus in Nucleus Attempts -Fábio Silva 2k Challenge - Completed   
    Season Five
    Let’s start off with some major news! Marco Asensio is sold for £142m!! 😳😳😳 Just kidding, it’s actually a bug and I’ve reported it to the SI hierarchy, of course I wouldn’t sell Asensio, he’s arguably my best player. Pussetto and Gnagnon were sold though, which meant I needed a right winger and a central defender. Let’s go shopping!

    Andreas Christensen is our new central defender and comes in for a whopping £89m, our new right winger is promoted from the academy in the form of young Luis Caleir, he looks absolutely brilliant in my current season. I also brought in Pellegri as my backup striker for £73m.

    Supertaça - Beat Braga 2-2 (2-3 on Penalties) with Silva netting the extra time equaliser European Super Cup - Beat Leverkusen 2-1 courtesy of a Goretzka brace League Cup - Beat FC Porto 3-1 with Silva hitting a brace Taça de Portugal - Beat Rio Ave 3-0 with Silva scoring a brace League - Tore it apart again 😛 Champions League - Eliminated at the semi final stage against Real Madrid after a Paulo Dybala hatrick in the second leg deals the killer blow! Job Opportunity:-
    Manager Profile & Season History:-
    Very tasty looking profile with three 20’s on the board.

    Fábio Silva 2k Challenge:-
    I guess he’s nearly maxed out now, and he looks absolutely brilliant, high greens in all the right places.

    As for goals, well he managed 3 goals in his only 2 international appearances for me and added 89 club goals after only 50 appearances this season. That’s a total of 92 for the season which I’m buzzing with as he finally hits over my set target which was 90 for the season.

    Challenge Total:-
    Club Goals: 335
    International Goals: 3
    Total Goals: 338/2000
    Thanks for reading, as always comments are much appreciated 
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    URz reacted to ashrafrazin in Pellegri Strikes Back in the BPL -Final Update (1.5K done)   
    Season 2 Update
    Back to back update while I still have the time, as today's a holiday where I came from, before going back to work tomorrow. The wife's also expecting and the baby will come out any time now, so expect slow updates on the next ones.
    anyways, season 2 is done, and now i'm at the start of season 3. 
    Here's how it went:
    Not many coming in as there were not many better options available in the market for a good price. Coman finally comes in in a player exchange deal, with Lukaku offloaded the other way. Might be a tad pricey but wanted him nonetheless. Zivkovic went out to Werder in a 61m deal, so I did get some profit from the deal.
    Hateboer was sold as I wanted to buy better right back in Kimmich, but somehow the deal was set as accepted but the contract offer window never came up, after 3 times trying, and the same issue happened, I opted to trust Fosu Mensah and use him in the team. 
    Havertz was bought as Luis alberto and kovalenko kept getting injuries in the seasons before, and as a longer term option as he is a guaranteed future star.
    And Donnarumma came in January as option to De Gea who's slowly rising in age and will need to be replaced in the future.
    Lost the community shield to Liverpool (who's quite a thorn in my side in this career) on penalties after drawing 2-2 in normal time. Unfortunately lost to Bayern on away goals after drawing 4-4 on aggregate in the First Knockout round Won the Carabao cup by beating Chelsea 2-0 in the Finals Won the FA cup beating Middlesbrough 2-0 in the final And as for the league, here's the story: The Main Man:
    Quite a drama to end the season, but the main star was missing the whole time when it happened. As he went down on a month long injury during that time. Added with an injury at the start of the season, which also went on for a month, he managed to play 40 games in total, 14 lesser than the previous season. But the main man went guns ablazing when he did go on the pitch, scoring 50 goals in those matches, while notching 8 assists to his teammates. His form and performance won him the Player's player of the year award at the end of the season.
    Here are some of the high scoring games he had this season:
    and this is how he looked at the end of the second season, greens at the right places:
    I'm now trying to get his stamina and pace up, for him to play more, and not get tired too fast.
    With those goals, the challenge now stands at:
    1KC tally - 96/1000 (904 to go)
    Team Performance:
    Pavon still topped the assist list this season with 21, which is 6 less than his tally last year. Abel Ruiz filled in well for Pellegri while he was injured, scoring 18 goals.
    That was the 2nd season. Positive that he'll do better as he plays more in the 3rd. Fingers crossed he stays fit the whole time. That's all for now. Adios Amigos~
  6. Favourite
    URz reacted to ashrafrazin in Pellegri Strikes Back in the BPL -Final Update (1.5K done)   
    Reboot of Pellegri tries to raid the premier league - Second 1KC challenge.
    After trying out some other leagues (France, Germany, Holland, England) and testing some formations and tactics across all these leagues, I'm now rebooting this challenge as my 2nd 1KC challenge with the same player and the same club. No particular reason of not choosing other options other than feeling like having an unfinished business.
    So that's it for the re-introduction and  sense of Deja-Vu, and let's get into the first season (just finished second season at the point of writing):
    Drastic changes in the personnel, as I brought in personnel that I felt is better suited for this challenge, people with decent teamwork stats and served the formation I've decided on after multiple tests. I've wanted to try Milinkovic Savic for a while now, and this time I opted to sign him up trading Angel Gomes along with a large chunk of the budget for him.
    Our main star Pellegri came in for 40.5m and other players were best possible options for each position as most stars were too pricey or not interested to join the club (e.g. Paqueta, Bernardo Silva, Lemar)
    Pavon came in as my first choice to be the providers for Pellegri this time around while Coman didn't want to join in this season (I made a mistake in the initial post). So had to choose zivkovic instead.
    Sanchez, Rashford and Martial went out in order for us to get a bigger sum to play around with.
    Finished 1st in the league, ahead of Liverpool and Man City with 88 points total and 105 goals scored. Won the Carabao Cup (the accursed cup in the initial career) by beating Tottenham 2-1. Won the FA cup, narrowly beating Middlesbrough 1-0. Unfortunately lost the Champions Cup in the Final, losing to the noisy neighbors 3-1. A decent start to the career nonetheless, but being here before, I know it's going to get more challenging in this league from here on out. But we'll be ready for it this time around.
    The Main Man:
    He's no stranger to everyone in this community, and loads of people have used him. Here's how he is at the start and at the end of the season for those few of you wondering:
    With that stats, he went on and played 54 games in total, including substitute appearances, and scored 46 goals in total. He bagged 13 assists as well throughout the season. He also won the Young Player of the Year award and Footballer of the Year award for his performance, bagging the top goalscorer award to boot with 35 goals in the league.
    So all in all, a decent start to the career and challenge. We are now at:
    1KC tally - 46/1000 (954 to go)
    Team Performance:
    Pavon topped the assists list with 27 assists. Lukaku did well with the lesser games he played in as a sub, or when Pellegri was jaded with 30 goals in total. But as usual, he'll be off by next season to give him the playing time he deserves at another top club.
    That's it for the first season of the reboot. May this reboot be a better version of the original (which never is the case if movies were the subject). Now off to copy the screenshots of the second season from my phone.
    See you guys in the next update (soon)
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    URz reacted to Scratch in Scratch Tries: A Long Way To The Top [Complete]   
    Season 3 - Macclesfield
    Two seasons down. Two promotions achieved. It's the Championship this year - can I make it three in a row?
    Without telling you the actual outcome (yet), I'm exceptionally confident by this stage. I think I've worked out how to take a massive leap forward every year, without fail.
    The Formula
    It's pretty simple really:
    Step 1
    At the start of each season, buy the best young players you can.
    You're looking for young players with a good attribute base, who have a large difference between CA and PA as identified by your staff. Staff often get the PA wrong, but I find they are relatively accurate with the gap.
    A player with a good base and a large CA/PA gap is likely to develop a lot.
    Step 2
    Play the youngsters. As much as you can. I suspect this was always the case, but now we can actually see that it improves the players.
    I still buy way too many youngsters (can't help myself), but you need to focus on the ones doing well and grow them. At the start of the year they will be weaker than your established players, but by the end, they will be equal or better.
    Step 3
    Repeat the process.
    I find that my players get close to max development after two seasons and that's the time to say goodbye to most of them.
    The previous season's youngsters then step up to become the established players. They'll keep improving throughout the season, but you need make sure you are playing this years youngsters a LOT - because next year, they are going to replace this year's established players...
    And the cycle continues.
    Like I said pretty simple... The key of course is that each year you are getting better and better youngsters.
    The youngsters I got in L2 developed into reasonable Championship players before maxing out. The ones I got in L1 developed into decent Premiership players before maxing out. etc.
    Supercharging It
    As I mention in a separate update above, I've worked out how to pretty easily make some money (by buying and selling players at a profit) to finance the club.
    This won't help you buy established players for the next level, as they won't want to play for you. Your club's reputation climbs as slowly as yours does. However, having some extra money on hand opens up a better class of youngster to you.
    You can pay more to buy them and you can offer them a higher wage, etc. You still need to play them a lot to develop them, so the model doesn't change. And it's not that easy to find the real gems, but they are there if you spend the time looking for them.
    There are a LOT of transfers this season and it generated us some much needed cash. Believe it or not, I didn't set out to do that on purpose.
    I suffer from the 'just one more' syndrome... I find a good player who will improve the team, so I grab them. Then I see someone even better... Before you know it, I've reached the 40 player limit... So then you start to try to offload some you just brought in.
    FMM18 punished you for this ("haha, go on, try to sell them, they're gonna hate you, let's have a mutiny!"). FMM19 rewards you ("sure, go on, sell them, and why not make a bundle on them while you're at it!").
    Anyway, here's our extensive transfer dealings this year:
    We followed the strategy above and sold many of our season 1 signings. Reece Mitchell, Jordan Roberts, Anton Rodgers, Koby Arthur, Scott Wilson, Tyrone Marsh, Nathan Cameron, Jake Alley... 

    They were all first choice players last season, but they need to make way for: a) last season's youngsters who are now better or equal to them and will continue to improve this year, and b) this seasons youngsters who'll be even better yet.
    Coming in are a bunch of pretty promising players. Sander Doesberg is Huntelaar's regen and was available for only £1.5M. Dean Campbell is Peter Crouch's regen. I think Mols is Soldado and Barovero is D'Alessandro.
    They aren't all regens though. Some are real youngsters. And there are a couple of more established players:
    Bernado was the one established higher class player I could convince to join. He was great for 6 months, then outcasted himself in January and forced a move away...
    Carson is an older and solid goalkeeper (young goalkeepers seem to make too many mistakes).
    But this was not easy. I literally spent hours finding these players. For every good player I signed, there were ten others who didn't want to leave their country yet, or didn't think my team was big enough. The Interested flag in the search really needs to hide those players...
    Like I said above: "it's not that easy to find the real gems, but they are there if you spend the time looking for them."
    An Interesting Regen
    You have to love picking up good regens via your youth team - especially when you are a tiny club punching above their weight in the Championship...
    First, lets go back to my Pinamonti career in FMM18, where I posted a picture of this regen:
    Now, let's look at this youth team player (after almost a year's development):

    I've retrained him on both flanks, as that's where I'm using him. I'm 99% sure both these regens are based on the same player: Joe Cole. Now I don't have a screenshot of Joe Cole, because
    a) I neglected to take one in the Pinamonti career and
    b) Joe Cole is not in the game. I guess he's remembered from last year's version?
    EDIT: It turns out I was wrong on this: I looked for Joe Cole by loading the England default (L2 and above). He's not in that, but he IS in game with all levels of England loaded (which is what this career used) or with the US loaded.
    Anyway, this was a nice touch:

    Joe Cole's former teammate Frank Lampard is calling for Joe Cole's regen to get an England cap...
    Transfer Window Shakeup
    Oh yeah, not only did my approach get me the wheeler dealer award (so fitting), it also triggered the Transfer Window Shakeup unlockable:

    God help me now...
    We travelled to Newcastle in the second round of the League Cup and outclassed them, but couldn't score and went out on penalties.

    We did get a bit of a run going in the FA Cup...

    We beat Villa 4-1 in the third round:

    followed by a 5-1 victory over Huddersfield in the 4th round:

    then beating Middlesbrough 1-0 in the 5th round, before beating Tottenham 3-0 in the 6th round:

    Surely this is going to be our year! Nope. Arsenal bring us back to ground with a 3-1 defeat in the Semi Final...

    The League
    As always, we started off slowly as the new youngsters found their feet, then gathered momentum as the season wore on (which also explains why we do better in the FA Cup than the League Cup).
    With 10 games to go, we were second:

    The top 4 teams were only separated by a single point.
    We drew against promotion rival Preston North End (and lost our star forward Doesburg for 4 weeks), but then got into a good groove (ignoring the cup loss):

    A few too many draws though. Where did it leave us with 2 games to go? First on goal difference, with a game in hand...

    If we could win the next game, it'd be automatic promotion! And goal difference would mean the title was virtually ours. We really really wanted a win. And... We got it!

    A 93rd minute goal was needed. Lucky we have good strikers, hey? Or should that be "good we have lucky strikers"?

    That gave us promotion to the EPL, but we'd have to wait a week to wrap up the Championship. The only way we could lose it would be if we lost, Southampton won and the goal difference swung 7 points the other way.
    As it happened, we could only grind out a draw, but that was enough..

    Club Development
    I asked for better training facilities immediately after winning promotion and the board finally caved in:

    I also got an improvement to the academy. I asked again in the off season and they gave me another boost (training facilities only this time), so they are finally loosing the purse strings... We're still short of most Premier League clubs, but I was fully expecting them to continue rejecting me.
    My Stats
    Here's my history for this year:

    Manager of the Year for the third year in a row:

    And here is my profile:

    National reputation! Well, they say everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame and that was mine...
    My reputation was still Regional after promotion and winning the title. It looks like the Manager of the Year award pushed me just over into National, but it was back to Regional by early August. Fame is certainly fleeting round here...
    Other Jobs
    I applied for all the ITN jobs that came along, but none were interested, not even Nigeria (who used to be easy to get).
    The only club job I applied for was Newcastle (Lopetegui have no more success than Benetiz), but I was never going to get that. I didn't bother with any others because the reputations of the rumoured applicants (in the news message) are all higher than mine.
    The Future
    It's been really hard to improve my reputation, but bigger and better things await us in the Premier League next season.
    I have full confidence that our strategy will have us knocking down the doors for Europe after a season or so. Sooner or later we're going to win something and then I can really start to build a reputation.

  8. Favourite
    URz reacted to Kanegan in Pensioners Club (Season 20 Final - 1KC Complete)   
    Season 9
    Ok before i go ahead here's the thing i missed in last update:

    My 1st ever representation in the World XI courtesy of Simone Zaza
    Transfers Out

    Some players were sold who were not getting match time alongwith Zaza.
    Transfers In

    We broke the bank for Paqueta who is a fantastic talent. You all are wondering why Salah has been brought so the thing is just after we finalized the loan, Liverpool released Salah for free and Nice snapped him up. So, we had to go over and buy him for 3mil, doubling the profit for Nice. Ugh!!! 
    New Stadium
    Unlocked my 1st stadium. @Foxy, if you can add this to the leaderboard.
    Season Performance

    Poor poor season. We finish 4th in the league and for the first time in this career, i fail to win a league title. Cup runs also disappointed us while we managed to go one step further in the Champions League by reaching the final.
    League Performance
    The draws really hurt us the most as we incur a massive 10 of them while conceding 40 goals, again a lot. Salah continued our trend of being the top goalscorer though he netted 3 less than Zaza last season.
    Community Shield

    The only trophy we won this season with Salah opening the season with a brace.
    Carabao Cup

    Late goals have been a pretty consistent thorn this season as we have not had any answer to them. This time also, Kane's stoppage time goal broke our hearts. In fact, both of Spur's goals came in stoppage time in both the halves.
    FA Cup

    Pathetic performance. Once again, the Red Devils came to screw us in the FA Cup for the second successive season. We were never in the running to be honest.
    Champions League
    We were pretty consistent with red cards with the last three CL games all resulted in a different player being sent off. Also, Woodman, our no.1 goalie chose the fucking CL final to get injured in the entire season and my decision to not buy a goalie came to bite me in my ass as my young second choice goalie couldn't stop any ball from going in and Barcelona won the CL. The top priority next season is to secure a good stopper between the posts.
    Plenty of goalscorer awards for Salah but no MOTY for me which was understandable but how come Nottm Forest got the award i have no idea??
    Main Man

    After such a dismal season, i needed this. Salah at his mesmerizing best increasing the tally again to 60. So far, in the Premier League, we have seen the goal tally increase year after year so, let's pray that this upward trend continues.

    405/1000 -> 595 to go.
    So, we need another great to take us further up. So, next season is the ascent of the Brazilian Batman:

  9. Favourite
    URz reacted to kts365 in Bottoms up guys! (Completed)   
    Having seen @URz match my score from last year I thought I should give this challenge created by @veerus last year another go.
    Season 1 England
    First up we take a trip to London to manage Fulham. The newly promoted side spent heavily in the summer so the side should be good enough to pick up a decent points total.
    Early Results
    The season begins in earnest. Starting slowly with a loss to Everton and a 0-0 draw at home to Bournemouth and our first win being in the third game, away at Brighton.
    We were then knocked out of the Carabao cup on pens after a bore draw with Leicester.
    Things then picked up with 4 wins and 1 draw in the next 5 games. Including a.    7-0 smashing of my beloved Newcastle United a 1-1 draw away at Anfield and a wonderful 3-1 home win over Manchester City

    October to the New Year
    Having made a great start we wanted to continue in the same vein. A 1-0 loss to West Ham was not our proudest moment but we rebounded with a win over Chelsea then picking up 7 out of the next 12 points before losing away to Arsenal. We finish the rest of december very well, dropping only 2 points in the home game with Everton and magnificently destroying Man United 6-1

    The New Year
    We begin the year by beating Bournmouth in the league before then losing to them in the FA cup 3 wins in the next 4 games follow. Then a loss to Liverpool was followed by 4 draws and 1 win in the next 5 games. A tough run to be sure but I will not complain about draws with Chelsea and Man City.

    Season Close
    The final section of the season was our worst run with only 2 wins in the last 7 games amd only picking up 8 points from a possible 21 on offer.

    League Table
    All in all we had a decent year in north London with some massive results against tough teams.

    69 points and a champions league place is brilliant though.
    P.S. Mitrovic is a beast and whilst a little older is ripe for a 1kc attempt!
    England - 69 points
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    URz got a reaction from BatiGoal in The Everyone's a Goalscorer Challenge   
    Brilliantly different challenge @BatiGoal.
    I wonder if you started this with Real whether you could get the necessary 5 goals out of Bale before he got injured 😛
  11. Favourite
    URz got a reaction from Aaron55 in You Win or You Die   
    This challenge is brutal......and strangely compelling 🤔
  12. Favourite
    URz reacted to Aaron55 in You Win or You Die   
    Season Two - Part One 
    As we need to have possession of all three required trophies at the same time, only winning the league title last season meant we needed to win the treble this season to conquer Northern Ireland. To try and help achieve this aim, plenty of changes were made to the playing squad. 
    Winning the league meant we had earned a place in the Champions League qualifiers, and as mentioned before, these games could now result in player losses. Our first qualifying round opponents were Connah's Quay. 
    We would need to win the Bet McLean Cup this year or face another season battling for supremacy in Northern Ireland. We joined the competition in round two. 
    Five non required cup competitions were also played,resulting in three wins, getting knocked out of one, and still participating in the other. 
    We haven't played any Irish Cup games yet, so on to the league results so far. Will we put ourselves in a position to defend our title? 
    As we go into the next part of the season, the players we have lost leave our squad looking like this. 
    We're still in this Game of Thrones, but we need to make sure we're winning... because when you play the Game of Thrones, you win, or you die. 
  13. Favourite
    URz reacted to Rob in A Strikerless 1kc attempt...completed - The End!   
    Season 2
    As sad as it sounds already, each season now is about three things:
    Keeping Felix fit; Improving the quality of the squad; Improving Felix’s attributes  
    Everything else - trophies, job security, and more importantly goals - are the by-products. 
    Two players joined this year. Asensio is one of the best in the game and is also a brilliant back-up if Felix is injured. I think Nuke also got him cheap in his save. Bargain. Scarpa is a squad player and only plays if absolutely necessary, but the depth is required. A couple of stinking turds left.

    We won everything bar the League Cup. I had made a couple of tactical tweaks that tightened up the ship but also kept the goals flowing. 

    We scored 111 in the league which is an improvement on the 105 last year. Felix also got his first ever four goal haul. 

    He also pretty much did a clean sweep on the trophies, except for Best in Europe.

    It’s not surprising considering that at the end of the season he looked like this: 

    Those greens! The new training is weird, mind you. I focussed mostly on stamina and that barely improved, with the other time on dribbling and shooting, but everything seemed to improve at the same time. I barely trained aerial and that went to 16. He is 20 and already looked excellent.
    So how did he do? My target was that at the age of 20 he would have 100 goals. He got 48 last season so we needed 52 this season.

    58 in 58. A 0 season - a goal a game. 20 assists again with a slightly improved average rating. Job done.
    106/1000 goals scored.
    894 to go.
    Thanks for reading.
  14. Favourite
    URz reacted to Rob in A Strikerless 1kc attempt...completed - The End!   
    Strikerless challenges massively appeal to me. Getting a Strikerless 1kc, or at least in goals in to the 900s, appeals to me the most. Back in FMM2018 Asensio got 893 for me and was an utter phenomenon. He was the focal point of a Strikerless Bonanza with Lemar and Coman where we got a Strikerless Triple Threat and Double Trouble too. 
    But in this challenge I just want one Strikerless player who can smash as many goals in as possible and set a score high up @Foxy‘s leaderboard that will set a benchmark for people to try to surpass. For this I will need all the help I can get, which means:
    A big club in an easier league; A striker young enough to play for 17-20 years; A club with a good pot of cash, as this’ll need one or two big squad refurbishments; Mostly importantly, a player who fits my tactic. No point trying this if they don’t slot in properly! So which club did I pick?

    Yep, I went obvious - I opted for PSG. They play in an easier league, they have money to burn, and they are attractive enough to get whomever I want in. Their facilities and youth structure are both two grades off top notch so they’ll need improving.
    As for the player?

    I went for Joao Felix, who joined us for £54m. I liked the look of Dortmund’s English sensation Sancho, Meier from Bayern, Man City’s Foden, and even thought of going for someone a little older like Bailey, but opted for Benfica’s starlet.

    His physicals need improving, but he has the basics to turn out awesome, especially with the new focussed training system. His aerial and stamina are two of the things I hope are improvable.
    I have four mini-targets:
    100 goals when he is 20; 425 goals when he is 25; 750 goals when he is 30; 1,000 when he retires So there we go. That’s the set-up. Wish me luck!
  15. Favourite
    URz reacted to JohnyBravo in Triple challenge at Barcelona(season 6)   
    Sorry for the lack of updates, here are seasons 5 and 6.
    Teams performance:

    The players:

    TT: 794, 706 goals remaining should be done in 6 seasons
    Roberto 72/51
    Foden 261/162
    Dembele 114/101
    Roberto is 32 and is starting to decline, I will try to get him to 100 assists. Foden is doing great with 261 assists, being just 24. He should hit 500 before 30. 
  16. Favourite
    URz reacted to fRESH in Mission impossible - triple 1k attempt by fRESH The End   
    Hello !
    Im back with an first update to my TT career. What did i expect from season 1? 
    1. Survive as PSG manager -  Its pretty obvious that 16-17 years old kids cant rule a world and they wont win all as my tactic is heavily depending on them. So main target was to win league and maybe some cup would be great also.
    2. Get those 3 players to score over 100 goals. That should be doable. I created graphic to myself how to reach triple 1k and my first season target was set on 100.
    3. Create a squad that will fit my system. That cant be done in 1 year, but i must start. I can say that i forgotted to screenshot tranfers. But i will give u little update still about who came in.
    Transfer in:
    Oblak,Henrichs,Varane,De Ligt,Alaba, Diawara,Claudio Gomes, Asensio, Bernando Silva,Geubbels,Pellegri and Fabio Silva
    Transfers out: D.Alves,Marquinhos, T.Silva,Kimbepe,Bernat,Verrati,Rabiot, L.Diarra,Cavani,Jese and the other deadwood.
    Many guys left on exchange deals also. 
    That trimmed my squad to kinda little, what ruined my season ending as half of my team was injured.
    Onto our season now
    Our league perfomance had his ups and downs. We lost and draw 7 games but all of those were high scoring games. Defence seemed to be my problem and i solved it at the end of season. Better hopes at next season. We crushed out at coupe de la ligue on first round on penalties. We ended game 3-3 and misses by Silva and Geubbels cost us on shootout. Reached semis on CL and was kicked out by Bayer on away goals. 

    6 PSG players were choosen into French XI . None of them made it into World XI.
    Before looking how our trio did, lets find out who did assist them.
    Bernando leads the assist chart with 21. Followed by Neymar (16) and Asensio (15). They all had injury plagued season so im hoping for more of them in coming year.
    Now onto our challengers. Did they reach promised 100 goals ? No. They ended up year with 94 goals, which is just 6 short of my target.

    Pellegri hits just 23 this year. Big dissapoitment. He had injury problems throw the year. Fitness was also problem. Hoping for big improvement next year.
    Silva bags just 21. He also had injuries and even bigger fitness struggle. Hoping for big improvement for him also. He will also be centre striker for next season. ( i will change centre striker every year to get thwm hit similar scores)

    50 goals ! What a season by young frenchman. He was a centrepiecw this year and he took great. He saved our year.
    Challenge total:
    Pellegri 23/1000
    Silva 21/1000
    Geubbels 50/1000
    Total: 94/3000
    Overall i can be happy with way things are going. Hopelly there will be more goals at coming seasons we can reach my landmark of 120 goals.
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    URz reacted to BatiGoal in The Everyone's a Goalscorer Challenge   
    Hello people of the V, 
    I'm planning to post a few (re)new(ed) challenges this year in the hope to keep our interest and participation levels up. I'm starting it off with a very short and straightforward challenge. It only lasts 1 season long and the objective is very simple. If you're interested, read further.. 
    The Everyone's a Goalscorer Challenge
    Challenge - Score a minimum of at least 5 goals with every squad player (GKs excl.) to be eligible for a leaderboard mention. Do whatever it takes to accomplish this as long as every single outfield player in your squad - defenders, midfielders, forwards - each have been credited with 5gls or more at the end of your debut season. Your squad will have at least scored a combined total of 100 goals (=points) over the season. There's no min. or max. amount of defs-mids-fwds you must have in your squad, I leave that entirely up to you. All compies go, except INT, which leaves you roughly 60 games to accomplish this feat. 
    Score 5+ goals with 20 unique players  
    Rules - A squad must consist of no more and no less than 22 men; 2 GK + 20 outfield players of your choice. Pre-season transfers/loans are allowed as long as pre- and post-season squads are 100% identical. This rules out winter transfers, exception to this rule is when one of your 22 squad players suffers a season-ending injury (screenshot required) he may then be replaced by any other player. Also, it can be advantageous to start the challenge further into a career so in order to keep things level only 2018-19 season entries are accepted. If you're sacked before the end of the season or one of your players fail to score 5 goals it's Game Over!
    2018-2019 season entries only All nations and leagues allowed 22-player squad (20 outfield + 2 GK)  Summer transfers/loans are allowed Winter transfers are NOT allowed, unless 6+ month injury No to: Reloading/Holidaying/SD/IGE Yes to: OME/EME/Coaching Badges  
    Transfers In / Out Pre-challenge squad (gls)  Post-challenge squad (gls) Manager profile page  Lengthy injury (if required)  
    Points - Goals in all competitions totalled (no INT)
    Leaderboard :
    233pts - Mulambo - career link 185pts - Kanegan - career link 146pts - URz - career link    
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    URz reacted to Scratch in Scratch Tries: A Long Way To The Top [Complete]   
    Season 2 - Macclesfield Town
    Winning League 2 with Macclesfield was a great start to this career, but it didn't improve my reputation enough for me to get a job with a bigger club, so I head into a new season with Macclesfield in League 1.
    Our wage budget is still miniscule (£2.5K per week max, same as last season in L2) and there are no funds to speak of for transfers. Therefore our only option is the same as last year: find young players with a good attribute base and a large difference between CA and PA and try to develop them as quickly as possible.
    As an aside, I was expecting this to be a challenge where you jump from club to club every year or two, but it's really hard to improve your reputation in FMM19. I now think I'll be at Macclesfield a long time before I earn a move that's worthwhile.
    Leaving us was Paljk, our best player. He had his release clause met in February of season 1, but had to wait until the transfer window opened at the start of this season to actually leave. Apart from that, we just sold players with no future here.
    Coming in were a whole bunch of promising youngsters. Some of these will develop into champions, some of them will bomb. Amazingly, the youth system gave us Glen Johnson's regen (Owers)!
    We turned down quite a few bids throughout the year, which resulted in a couple of unhappy players. Each time we gave them a new contract, but they all now have release clauses, so sooner or later we'll lose someone.
    Player Development
    Our season 1 youngsters had developed well last year and most continued this into season 2. A few of them are looking really good for League 1:
    Our season 2 youngsters were obviously starting a fair way behind them, but a couple came on strongly enough to become fixtures in the team:
    There are a bunch of other youngsters who are coming along nicely and will probably force their way into the team next year. They played a fair bit this year already, but are still works in progress.
    Of course, none of the players you see above were like that at the start of the season, which means the pattern follows last year: We start off mid-table at best, winning some and losing some, before we gradually improve and make a late run.
    No cup success this year either. Birmingham beat us 3-1 in the third round of the League Cup:

    In the FA Cup, we beat Bolton in the second round, but AFC Wimbledon put us out in the third round, beating us 2-0:

    In the Checkatrade Trophy, we beat Wigan in the third round, but Fleetwood knocked us out in the Quarter Final, beating us 2-1:

    The League
    We started off against Barnsley, who gave us a real welcome to League 1. We were 5-0 down after 36 minutes. To our credit, we scored a couple of goals in the second half to bring it back to 5-2, but it showed us what we were up against and how far we had to go.
    It's fair to say our opening months were a bit rough, but as mentioned above, we got better near the end of the season as our players developed. Would we be able to force our way into playoff contention or even nick the title like year?
    With 12 games to go, the table looked like this:

    The title is surely out of reach this year, but we're only 3 points away from a playoff spot. And we're getting stronger! Our run in looks like this (some tough games in there):

    We put Bolton away, no worries. The next game, at home against 23rd placed Plymouth? Simple right? Not so much. Then Bristol Rovers hammered us 5-2...

    That leaves us 7 points adrift...

    Umm, we're going backwards! That's not right... Is it over? Well, there are still 9 games to go, we can't give up yet...
    We draw against Exeter, beat Oxford (sorry fellas), beat Sunderland (no apologies) and draw against Accrington:

    That leaves us... still 7 points behind:

    Hmm... 7 points to make up, with 5 games to go? Time to get serious... Big boy pants on now fellas! We play Wigan and Blackpool who are both above us, followed by Gillingham. We squeeze 1 goal victories in each game (playing the most defensive tactic possible to prevent late goals):

    That leaves us in the final playoff spot with 2 games to go:

    Surely we can do this! The next game is against Doncaster, who are mid-table with nothing to play for.

    Well, nothing to play for apart from pride... Have we blown it? We beat the big teams, then fall to one we should beat? We're 2 points behind with a game to play...

    We're facing Rochedale who have nothing to play for (sound familiar?), while Blackpool are away at Bradford City, who are 9th and can't quite catch us (if we win). So... we need to win and hope that Bradford beat Blackpool.
    Bradford start well and go ahead, so they are doing their part. Unfortunately Rochedale score in the 27th minute, leaving the table looking like this:

    Rochedale soak up the sustained pressure we apply, but have a player sent off in the 59th minute. That's our opening - we score a few minutes later. We're back up to 7th, one point behind Blackpool in the final playoff position. We need to win this game.
    We score again!

    And we're back in the final playoff position.

    We just need to hold on for another 13 or 14 minutes. All of our CBs become NNDs, WBs become DFBs, anyone who can move back down the pitch to DM or DW does so. We suck it up....

    Whew... What. A. Ride... Don't get excitement like this in a 1KC...
    I promised drama, and drama - I think you'll agree - has been delivered... So please don't get too upset when I tell you the actual playoffs were an anti-climax:
    Here's the final table (as you can see we had a lot of trouble stopping our opponents from scoring, especially early in the year):
    My Stats
    Here's my history for this year:

    Manager of the Year for the second year in a row (didn't include that last time as it came after my update):

    And here is my profile:

    Still Obscure! No improvement in my reputation at all this year, despite promotion for the second year in a row. Tough crowd... I know they are talking about me on the Totally Football League podcast... I can't actually be "obscure"!
    The Future
    Deja vu! The fact that I'm still Obscure means I'll likely have to stay at Macclesfield for a while longer. I've applied to bigger clubs in the same division as me and they just aren't interested. No one at a higher level is interested either.
    So next year I will almost certainly be trying to get Macclesfield's youngsters to develop enough for a late run at the promotion spots. To be honest, I can't see anyway out of this club until I've won a major cup or the Premier League.

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    URz reacted to Aaron55 in Ashez Plays Emenike Upgrades   
    Brilliant idea! First update please 😉
  20. Funny
    URz reacted to BatiGoal in Ashez Plays Emenike Upgrades   
    Great unique idea 👍 but not sure how you came to conclude that this challenge is based on beauty. Maybe Emenike married lady #2 for her better cooking and cleaning skills is all I'm saying. 
    Can't wait to see how you get on. 😁
  21. Favourite
    URz reacted to Ashez in Ashez Plays Emenike Upgrades   
    Ashez Plays Emenike Upgrades
    Hello Vibe and welcome to my first career of 2019! The title basically reveals I've created a new two season challenge which I'll be revealing shortly and posting for your viewing pleasure! In recent years I've loved short experiences and while I have a few big ideas up my sleeve I decided I wanted a fun save to start off the year while I find my feet and bugs are ironed out. With that out the way let's pull back the curtain and reveal this bad boy shall we!
    Emenike Upgrades

    If you've spent any time on social media in recent months I'm sure you'd have came across this image as it was everywhere, fortunately it appears to be a false rumour but it blew up regardless. Anyway this concept was enough to get the creative juices flowing as this challenge will see me using Emenike with a partner in season one and in season two I'll be replacing this partner with someone else. That's not all though as I also came up with the concept that his two partners had to be award winners two years running themselves! I decided to leave which award to use open in case anyone else wanted to attempt this challenge with different players but as this challenge is based on beauty I'll be using the Puskas award! (If people want a challenge thread let me know)

    The points system isn't anything special as it'll just be a combination of both players goals and assists. 
    The Last Two Puskas Award Winners

    Giroud will be the first partner to feature alongside Emenike and as the images reveal I'll be using Real Madrid, unfortunately I didn't have many club options considering who the 2018 winner was. 

    Salah will feature in season two! However due to his fee and the new iffy transfer systems in game I decided to lock him in during the first window (and loan him back) to ensure this save could go ahead. 
    The Tactic
    I'll be using a narrow 41212 diamond formation adapted from the Gegenpress tactic, unfortunately it's not the most optimised tactic for this save but in truth I hate building two up top systems and after loads of frustration I decided to screw it and just start playing. I did use a slightly different variant in season 2 however. 
    The Transfers
    I think that brings my opening post to an end so look forward to seeing season one in my next update which will be up in the coming days. 
    As always thank you for viewing and any comments are appreciated. 
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    URz reacted to Titjes in Titjes and the Tottenham Spine do the Galacticos en Inglés   
    Season 4 update [FINAL]
    Transfers Out & In

    La Liga

    Copa Del Rey


    Champions League

    Euro Supercup

    FIFA Club World Cup

    Fixture list
    The players
    Eric Dier

    How did he do
    Harry winks

    How did he do
    Harry Kane

    How did he do

    Barcelona --> 5 points * 2 = 10
    A. Madrid --> 5 points * 1 = 5
    25 + 25 + 0 + 50 + 25 + 25 + 15 + 10 = -----175-----
    130 + 155 +195 + 175 = -----655-----
    Thanks for following and commenting everyone
    @samhardy, add me to the leaderboard please
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    URz got a reaction from DutchTony in Titjes and the Tottenham Spine do the Galacticos en Inglés   
    Wow Spurs struck a hard bargain over Kane. Max fee and Benzema.
    Nice start and good luck for season 2 👍
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    URz reacted to Kanegan in Pensioners Club (Season 20 Final - 1KC Complete)   
    Season 8
    Transfers Out

    Zagadou was not getting match time so he was sold. Others were let go to trim the squad.
    Transfers In

    Again some much needed reinforcements as we had a lot of retirements, Shelvey in particular who was the heart of our midfield in the last 10 seasons. 
    Season Performance

    We won the Community Shield and managed to retain the title again with the fight going down to the wire. We had to endure a very tough second season with us getting eliminated from the Carabao and FA Cup but reaching the semis of Champions League in our first foray was a good achievement.
    League Performance
    Zaza was brilliant here, notching up 37 goals en route to picking up the top goalscorer award while our young Portugese midfielder Andreas Pereira supported with 15 assists.
    Community Shield

    Pereira's goal gave us the Community Shield and a good start to the season.
    Carabao Cup

    A pretty lame way to go out with fucking Southampton of all teams leveling us at 4 goals apiece before edging us out on penalties.
    FA Cup

    A lone Lukaku strike was enough to shut us down and we couldn't find an answer.
    Champions League
    We qualified from an easy group and Zaza was at it's brilliant best against his former club Roma in the first knockout round. Juventus has been my bogey team in this career and this time as well we just couldn't beat them. 
    Zaza wins plenty of awards this season while our representation in the Team of the Year increases to four from three last season.

    Another MOTY for me. 
    Main Man

    Brilliant, simply brilliant. Zaza nets in 49 from 55, falling agonizingly short of the half century mark. 

    345/1000 -> 655 to go.
    So, after that brilliant season from Zaza which has put faith in my move to Premier League, we need a premier hitman so who better than one of the top Premier League hitmans in our realm:

    And after clearance from @samhardy, we took him in a year long loan as he was not interested in a transfer to a new club.
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    URz reacted to kts365 in Bottoms Up 2019 Challenge!   
    Might have to give this another go