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Guppy McFicklestein

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  1. Guppy McFicklestein

    The Diego Maradona Napoli Challenge

    Now, this is interesting. I may pause my AFC Wimbledon career and have a crack at this
  2. Guppy McFicklestein

    Opinion: What Is The Point of FMM?

    I wonder if SI would ever put the effort into this for FMM 20 or beyond, but I'd love to see two options in the start game menu that I think would solve all this and also make for some interesting new FMM challenges: 1. Realistic, with the stamina change, this year's training, possible team talks and more advanced player roles and tactics 2. A "Quick Play" mode, which has simpler training, higher stamina and lower injuries, and possibly even a quick play button which skips in-game play entirely I think that could please a lot of people
  3. Guppy McFicklestein

    Winter Update

    The new fitness makes the game near unplayable, especially in lower leagues when I'm playing almost 2 games a week. Hope SI changes this
  4. Guppy McFicklestein

    FMM19 General Discussion

    It's really annoying I hope they find a balance in the near future
  5. Guppy McFicklestein

    Winter Update

    Nope! That's the crazy part!
  6. Guppy McFicklestein

    Winter Update

    This has been mostly negative so I'll bring a positive change I've seen: They seem to have improved defensive mids! Only a few games played but my BWM already got an 8! Hopefully this isn't just luck
  7. Guppy McFicklestein

    Winter Update Is Now Live

    3. Liga in Germany is licsenced now!!
  8. Guppy McFicklestein

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Personally, I really enjoy this year's version. Could you be more specific? What is your issue other than things being "fucked"?
  9. Guppy McFicklestein

    Winter Update

    Question about the update, Do they update player attributes or just transfers?
  10. Guppy McFicklestein

    Liverpool's Greatest

    Might give this a whirl
  11. Guppy McFicklestein

    Fun Save

    Not Europa League right away, but Sunderland is a fun team to have a crack at. With an easy first season to build up talent (hold onto Gooch and Watmore), the championship should be a breeze, so that by the time you arrive in the PL, you're an absolute Force to be reckoned with.
  12. Guppy McFicklestein

    Nothing from Ninga :)!

    I'd try and sell him for a profit if he doesn't get going by the January window
  13. Guppy McFicklestein

    Perfect Manager Challenge

  14. This is a simple challenge, but a tricky one. The goal is to get your manager attributes to 20s across the board (yes, even domestic player bias). This can be done with any team in any league you'd like, but no unlockables allowed (except you're welcome to start with a gold badge) Good luck!
  15. Guppy McFicklestein

    Nucleus Presents: FMM19: Free Transfers XI

    I want to say it starts at 17