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Guppy McFicklestein

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  1. Guppy McFicklestein

    Stateside Duo - A DT Attempt (Season 5)

    As an American I always try for weah, but PSG always wants a ridiculous fee considering how little he always plays for them
  2. Guppy McFicklestein

    FMM19 Chairman Game?!

    Don't think it's possible, mate. If it is, dibs on QPR!
  3. Guppy McFicklestein

    Which leagues do you start with?

    Typically England, Germany and two others. Often a bigger league, such as Spain, France, Italy or Holland, and a smaller one, like the US, Scotland, or China. It's not an exact science, and I like to mix it up. I would love if South American leagues were added for more save diversity
  4. Just found this treasure of a career. What a read! Keep up the good work, Tree
  5. Try training Sterling as an inside forward
  6. Guppy McFicklestein

    Football Manager Mobile 2019

    I personally prefer a simple 4-2-3-1 with control/attacking mentality and through balls, early crosses and shoot on sight. Set up the defense standard and experiment with direct passing. Key players are the wingers. They need good pace and crossing and they'll bag a ton of goals. That was a big info dump sorry
  7. Guppy McFicklestein

    Can't sell player

    Role status doesn't affect how well they play. You're fine
  8. What role do you have for Sterling? Also, if you're winning, why does it matter who scores?
  9. Should be pretty easy to score with Man City, mate. Just a simple 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 should do it
  10. Guppy McFicklestein

    Free Transfers FC

    This is gonna be a soft of trial. If I enjoy doing this type of Challenge I'll start in a lower league somewhere. Wanted a shorter save before throwing myself off the deep end entirely
  11. Guppy McFicklestein

    Free Transfers FC

    Nothing personal, mate. I just picked a random club
  12. Guppy McFicklestein

    Career Free Transfers FC

    Hello all, and welcome to the saga of Free Transfers FC, a team I've created (in place of Brentford) with My club (I made 11 crappy youth players and released them all) with, you guessed it, all free Transfers. I'll show the key players from the squad I've assembled below, with updates coming every so often on my progress. My goal is to ultimately win the Champions League with a team made entirely of free Transfers and youth players (I'm allowing myself one pre-contract signing per season). I've also maxed out the youth and training facilities because I can... here's the info screen, sorry Brentford.
  13. Guppy McFicklestein

    Manager's Son

    Don't think it does because it's in the green not the red
  14. Guppy McFicklestein

    A new challenge (Name needed)

    Problem is you won't get 20 domestic player bias because selling players of your nation lowers the number. It's a messed up system but that's how it works
  15. Guppy McFicklestein

    The Diego Maradona Napoli Challenge

    Now, this is interesting. I may pause my AFC Wimbledon career and have a crack at this