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  1. Realism, mostly. Went for leagues where I thought I could find good budget options and young talent added 0 minutes later Not 100% sure yet but I'm definitely going for 4 atb
  2. This is the first official Who to Sign guide, hopefully of many, by myself, Guppy, and we're starting out in the Bundesliga with overachievers Union Berlin. The way this works is simple. Someone suggests a team, and I take a detailed look at the squad and make an article detailing who I think can be sold, as well as some good options for signings. Enough intro, let's get cracking. I started a save, loading up the following leagues: The squad report was... less than promising, but I had a very workable budget, especially for the Bundesliga. I chose to "stay clear of relegation" The next thing I looked at was players that I thought could be sold on, and here's who I came up with: Not really the attributes I like to see in any of them, and I thought I could get more value elsewhere. These players are all very sellable, and can collectively add about $7-10 to the transfer pool. Next, I searched the free agents for any bargains and came up with this gem to replace my recently departed left back: I picked him up right away; he's a fantastic back-up option who can even play left winger in a pinch. Next, I moved on to compiling a shortlist. The first position that needed filling was attacking mid, specifically on the wings, and these are the players I came up with: There you are. That's all for now, leave your thoughts about my subpar decisions and I'll update soon with GK and Utility player recommendations, and maybe even a formation or two, as well as who I signed and why I chose them over the others. Stay tuned!
  3. I'd go with the top option. He's significantly cheaper and not really that worse than the second one. Also, check out Sergino Dest from Ajax. Could be a good option. Hear from others too though
  4. Because it's not very interesting, I'll post the Man City who to sign here. I have a passionate dislike for the side so this was difficult, but I did my best. This also won't be as detailed as some of the others because, let's face it, Man City don't really need more players. From evaluating the side I decided an extra striker wouldn't hurt, and we needed a new centre back because we only have three so if one gets injured itll be tricky. Here's the shortlist I came up with. Werner was my top choice for striker but he was poached by Bayern, and a lot of the CBs cost nearly 150 million, so eventually I settled on these two:
  5. Man City AC Milan Union Berlin Brentford Edinburgh City Couldn't have asked for a better range of teams. Should be a bit here for everyone. I'm fairly swamped but hopefully will be back with Man City in the next few days. If there are other suggestions, add them to the queue, I'll cap out around 10 for now, but if all goes well I may do more later in the year.
  6. Hey folks, Guppy here. I had (cough blatantly ripped off cough) this idea from FIFA YouTuber Docks, and I thought it could translate well to Football Manager. The concept is called Who To Sign, and how it works is somebody suggests a team and I'll go through and offer my recommendations and analysis on some realistic/smart signings for that club. It could also start some really good dialogues in the comments about potential options. If anyone is interested in this concept, or has a team in mind, let me know and I'll get cracking. Otherwise, just ignore this post. Cheers
  7. I may be significantly outnumbered here, although tbf I'm a soccer fan in america so I'm used to that, but I quite like the darker theme. Makes it easier to play in the evening without a glaring white screen. I do agree though it would be nice, and probably pretty simple for SI, to add a light and dark theme option.
  8. Hi everyone, hoping for an answer to my problem. Usually, when the game comes out, the first thing I do is unlock the no work permits option, because nothing annoys me more than trying to buy a 28 year old German or other random player but having the deal rejected because he couldn't get a work permit. The way I do this is by loading up man city and buying 20 or so Brazilians for cheap. This year, however, I did that and the achievement didn't come up. Any other way to unlock it?
  9. US Virgin Islands are not technically US states. Its like the Netherlands Antilles
  10. Mate FMM just ain't it for top realism. If you want that, play the full version
  11. Turn on player attribute masking if you want your scouts to be more important
  12. Why all the negativity? Let's wait till after release before talking shit. If it sucks, sure, go to town, but I feel like we shouldnt rush to conclusions. Frankly, the new changes look really cool as I'm more a fan of the man managing over tactics stuff, so I understand how people could be disappointed if theyre all about the tactics, but it'll add more complexity to challenges, and there's always the chance SI slips in some extra roles or instructions like they've done in the past