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  1. Nice tactic i may try with salford city in league 2 i believe they are first impressions quite solid considering no investment into player recruitment.
  2. Its a good tactic 2323. This one i do think it is for lower tier teams. Doesnt have the desired effect i wanted for the bigger teams.
  3. I think its the game in general lol. I tried with psg and it didnt work either. Neymar and mbappe where useless. Im working on one last tactic for this years fmm. I think ive uploaded enough so im going to work on 1 more.
  4. I didnt try a DLP sorry the players i had at my disposal where limited so i kept it as a BWM it worked well and no doubt with a better quality team this tactic should be a real tank.
  5. Let me know how it goes if you try it. In the TM or CF id focus on buying a striker with shooting of 17+ i just got sandro back from loan and hes firing on all cylinders at the moment. I sold richalison 88m to good to refuse.
  6. Ok guys so here is my tactic and to be quite honest i had alot of fun with it. Took a few games to get it right hence the losses at the start. But it really comes in to its own after a few games. I dominate nearly 100% of all the teams in the league on possession just everton lack a hitman striker. But the entire team jumps in with a few goals here and there. Of all my tactics i think this one was the most fun. Averaging 350+ completed passes and 9 times out of 10. 55-60% possession. *In the BPD you need to have a ball playing defender! *I trained all players on passing. Without further ado heres my Everton save. Will try this very tactic out with Dortmund in bundesliga see how it fares there. Please try it and let me know how it goes for you guys.
  7. This is a complete brand new tactic and formation my friend. Kept pretty much the same team baring a few players.
  8. Premier league match. If was using with a bigger team id be scared to see how many goals thos would get. Ill finish the season if its worthy of a post ill upload for you guys
  9. I know its only Nottingham forrest but hey just look at those passing statistics. Thats real life barcelona might be on to a decent possesion based tactic here we shall see.
  10. @Schwantz34 pleased its working gradually for you. I am going to do a new save with burnley in premier league and just rely on youth system not buy (any one) i really want to make 41212 wide variation work. And also a challenge of a medium rate team. I expect quite alot of losses but we will see lol
  11. These are all the attacking players i used.
  12. I like the game but i think i have pretty much covered almost all tactics that i can think of. I am trying a 442 formation with chelsea using Wide midfielders and a TM & P i love successful crossing tactics. And yet to achieve one this year