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  1. Second thoughts ilpost who im using lol using none other than...
  2. So after alot of deliberation and confusion umming and arrring i finally settled on my 1st player for this challenge i wanna see if people can figure it out. Hes a young striker and i dont see many using him or get a mention hes quite a known player also. Maybe he doesnt get used for a reason im sure ill find that out we shall see. Ill be using a trusty old friend see if it gets the best out of what i want to do. I love a crossing formation so ive decided to play 4222 fingers crossed
  3. Not sure how to approach this one yet going to sleep on it lol
  4. Cant wait to get this up and running not been able to play cause my health wasnt so good but im back and ready to get this badge
  5. Just to clarify, asside from the required signings. Can we sign other players too?
  6. Can i be added to leaderboard for this please @Rob thanks 👍
  7. Season #5 completed much better result this time around. Made a big change in the middle. I part ex odegaard for valverde. Paid off massivly. As odegaard was always scoring and i want it to be as much as possibly can being my striker. So i made that call. However not sure how much longer hes going to stay. As hes now become a (moody striker) and is proving difficuilt to please him. So i may have to leave at some stage and re sign him. Time will tell.
  8. Another season completed and a disapointing result in my opinion. Hes no issues scoring but very rarly will he score 3 or more. Pretty much 2-3 at most. And with his stats its a shame cause he looks a monster. season results going to shift alot of players i think and re roll the dice.
  9. Wish my convidence was like yours lol. Hes getting upset (dislikes the level of training the team expects) ect ect. And (feeling the pressure of first team football)
  10. Season #3 done. Fell short from last season and played more. My fault i tried changing to a more aggressive approach and paid for it. Done my own chart to make it easier for myself and everyone.
  11. Season 2 finished went solid all round conceded only 3 and my striker had a much better season. Will definitely recruit two new better cms. Seb villa was top assister Illyas el moussaoui Season #1 p31 s25 Season #2 41 s66 Total so far 91
  12. Well not off to a very good start may need to reshuffle the 3 CMS and sign some more Cbs maybe less Shooting IFs as i have no luck using wingers. But the player himself i mean hes ok to say the least. Not an impressive ratio thus far. I hope for much bigger things next season!!.
  13. I load 1 big country ie top devision. And i load 3 lower countrys. So that when the player seeks a bigger move or becomes up happy i go to the bigger country. I dont think theres a right and wrong choice here mate. Just matter of preference i think.
  14. Yeah ill keep them both going. However sebastians Gpg is falling way under par considering his stats. Kind of a disgrace really. 15 games 6 goals. Hes happy no concerns good moral he just isnt cutting it so far on that current season. So ill take a break go back to it with fresh eyes.
  15. So i currently have another 1KC going with esposito. However i wanted to follow the trend and go to china. @RichD inspired me to go following his tremendous free goal scoring route with fabian luzzi. Of course i couldnt choose same player. I went for someone else my only hope is to match or better richD superb masterclass. Doubtfull but hey ho. He does look all that much and hes played 3 so far only grabbing 1 goal. But im going all out aerial training on this guy. His positioning is somewhat of a concern so i may work on that also. Thanks for following all comments are greatly appreaciated. Ill post transfers and the system im using at end of season.