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  1. I just threw him there lmao
  2. How newcastle will line up next season!!!!
  3. SEASON #4 The Lads.. Andrade Diogo overall A great return this time around and huge help having hagi getting the number of assists as he is. Going to have to replace Villa on rw tho soon enough he's dropping off in numbers. Other stats. Table Won everything even the club super cup.ill post the most important matches. Transfers That concludes season 4. A whopping total far more than I expected in all honesty will definetly take some beating. I'm hoping the same will happen as it did with azon my 1kc once they both hit 21 they sky rocket here's hoping. Cheers guys for following every comment is appreciated
  4. In my opinion he never should of left to be fair. I don't get why these players feel they'd be better off elsewhere. Atletico world class team world class manager. Antoine suarez Felix that's frightening
  5. Sums up the ambition this year really to be honest which makes me think even more that this (supposed) takeover was fake news all along! I know newcastle don't generate a war chest of funds a year. But come on we generate more than 25m a year. You get like 60-70m just by staying in the prem. Typical Ashley back pocketing the dosh. Ambition hire a man who quits when the going gets tough. Recruit players on a 5-6 year contract sell for profit Aim to finish above a dog fight each year. Great season ahead for us toon fans @Rich even hamza doesn't want to join us Lol. We need more than a miracle this year every team I've seen play so far in the prem look more of a threat than us in my opinion and that's worrying. Excluding arsenal no offence to any gunners on here. Saying that arsenal will be just fine arteta just needs to find that balance and get the backing of his players.
  6. PLEASE USE FOR FUN ONLY! PLEASE USE OWN TACTICS FOR CHALLENGE ATTEMPTS! If you are doing challenges please use your own tactics and not this one. In my current DT attempt I'm 3 or 4 seasons in but I have used this consistently took a few tweaks here and there. With some good help and advice from @Rich this formation is really down to the players and the training regime you set them. Important info Cbs need tackling positioning teamwork 15+ Wbs pace stamina crossing dribbling +15 Cm & Ap passing creativity and teamwork 15+ IFs Crossing dribbling pace stamina 15+ TM+AF (both trained as target man) Aerial shooting strength movement 15+ This formation is designed to maximise goals efficiency for both strikers! NOT TRIED IN OTHER LEAGUES! STATS SHOWN BELOW REMEMBER IM 5 GAMES IN!. Assists GOALS! MANAGER PROFILE RECENT RESULTS! TABLE TACTIC. CORNER instructions NEAR POST bother strikers Attacks NEAR post. hope you enjoy and please remember THIS IS FOR FUN ONLY. Thanks and I hope you have fun with this.
  7. Season #3 Finished How the lads performed? First up Andrade Diogo A much better goal return just need to get diogos stamina up a little bit more then we are well on our way. Need a little bit more in CM tho not enough coming from them I feel. On a whole I'm impressed. My Poor attempt of a table ๐Ÿ˜† Assists Transfers in/out Table much better season from the boys andrade is proving a real pain in the ass. Keeps complaining and feels I don't appreciate his style whatever that means. And advice on this would be helpful. Having to fight off competition for both strikers all the big clubs now offering near enough every window. That's it for this season thanks guys for reading and following along also best to tag @FuddledFox as I feel I can complete this DT I feel confident
  8. Your strikerless us doing much better than my 2 strikers for DT ๐Ÿ˜† says alot lol
  9. Looking great so far @Rich luca netz is great when he develops doing great in my save
  10. 1 or 2 games at most for now before they need a rest lol
  11. Season #2 Not to shabby definetly room for improvement but there still young. Players. Andrade Diogo Overall Stats Transfers Table Thanks for reading and following guys. Comments are appreciated ๐Ÿ‘
  12. Id love a new face in a younger man like howe or someone with a bit of drive. I reckon howe could be a good fit at toon. He's the only one out there currently I think I'd have anyways
  13. Sooner bruce goes the better I think Ashley will have no choice but to get his butt in gear. We will see if this takeover is real or false. 5 or 6 games gone by and if we lose all and bruce still there it's fake news. Ashley will know this if we get relegated no owner will want to invest to get us up and stay up without fail. We need alot of investment as is
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