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  1. Season #5 chosen duo now and stats. table. transfers in/out Managerial profile
  2. Season #4 trasfers in/out still the champions league evades me somehow. i may have to recruit in some other areas such as midfield and CAM position.
  3. Season #3 fabio silva picked up alot of injuries 3 weeks here and there. So didnt get as many goals as i would of liked him to get. Zirkzee didnt do to great either. (Story of my life using him) transfers in/out season result.
  4. Season #2 went well apart from both strikers picking up multiple injuries. Below are screenshots. Goals/assists injuries picked up. Seasons transfers in/out Other noticeable matches ill start season 3 and hopefully have it done by end of monday cheers.
  5. Season #1 nothing to much to say here. Recruited naldo from free agents to bolster defence and also arda turan to add bit of experience in attacking positions. On a whole could of scored more but im reshuffling my team around trying to find the best fit to get my strikers scoring more and more. One Day i will have a striker score 100+ in one season. Anyways heres results. Both strikers got a few injuries throughout the season. Which was disappointing. Transfers in/out season
  6. So ive had to restart as i overplayed like a fool and accidently saved over my 8th season with barcelona with mason greenwood and esposito. So im forced to restart this time im going to portugal and my selected team is none other than... And my chosen front 2 for my new attempt is none other than.. spent my entire budget to get these 2 hopefully pays off.
  7. Really not impressed half asleep trying to get through my 8th season with barcelona and accidently loaded a different save and saved over my challenge attempt back to the drawing board i guess.
  8. Season 7 completed. Im going to manage in another league i think. Maybe look into italy as my two strikers really struggled to score this term also had alot of injuries between them. Sugar daddy will come in hamdy to get them both to my new club and hopefully them going as good as new. Really poor season tho from both of them.
  9. Season 6 won everything again. Only posting my chosen two strikers to save time.
  10. @Foxy Attempting the DT. but thought id get the 1000 manager one whilst im at it
  11. Yeah i realised when i was in my second season. Im suddenly losing hope tho. Greenwood and esposito got alot of injuries in season 5 neither of them like playing poacher for me but with the set up ive got i need to have one. Must just be me they dont like scoring in poacher role.
  12. Season #5 completed. other relative screenshots.
  13. Season #4 finished. total accumulated goals= 264 More screenshots. i should also ha e sugar daddy unlocked on this save now.
  14. I just edited previous career thread. Instead of man utd im now barcelona. @Foxy love this challenge!