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  1. Started the next season he's off to a slow start compared to his previous ones . I reckon at the rate he's going 80-90 goals which is a big downfall to hitting 100+ lol I think I expect to much 🤣
  2. Hope he doesn't stop lol I would for real be super mad if he retired and I didn't finish this challenge can you imagine 999 goals and he retires 🥵😡🥺 I would leave and never come back lol.
  3. Season #8 I'll try to keep this short and simple having Daniel James almost 30 and my other winger getting older now was the time to recruit two fresh faces on the wings. Nothing to fancy and also needed new cb. Here are the stats at the end of the season. Ivan Azon. Assists Transfers (in) Transfers (out) Table Comments are much appreciated and thanks for everyone's positive support this has been a very long challenge and so close to the end and my goal of finally finishing this thanks guys
  4. Well I must admit if he carrys on at this pace he's going to score a real big number!! I could be mistaken but I think there's been only 1 game so far he hasn't scored a hat trick or more. I've found a happy medium with him I think. May just be me but I think he preffers playing with the two new wingers I bought. As realised I had no good corner takers. And not play him in the champions league. Unless I know for certain he's going to be up for it. If he's resigned to not playing I won't play him. After 22 games and still got a rating of 10 is just sexy 😍
  5. I think I might pare up luzzi he did great for @Rich luzzi as poacher and ivan as a TM could be quite something. added 0 minutes later I won't get anywhere close to that matey lol 1000+ I'll consider and achievement lol
  6. Not wasting any time with this lol. Soon as I hit 1k DT next I'll prob keep this save and come back another time see how many I get. Just looking forward to having my name down on the 1KC lol
  7. Only 7 games in and he's scoring for fun right now, I have noticed however over the last season or two. For some reason he absolute despises playing in the asian champions league. Every game that's champions league in scout report he's resigned to not playing I can't complain when he does this tho in the league lol
  8. It's like @FuddledFox said on a previous thread you need to have the players for the system you want to play with. No good having players like Neymar mbappe ect as they won't get that many assists. Everywhere on my team has passing and teamwork 14 or 15 (lowest) wingers is the key area for me. Especially on the left with alejandro balde. Guys a brute. Should have a look on some of the forums that fox has done some very useful info.
  9. I have been super lucky being honest I did one attempt with another guy called ilyas el something and he took a horror injury 12 months 🤣 instantly gave up lol then I was just scourering the market looking for young prospects almost went with that young kid from dortmund but wanted to go for an unknown of sorts
  10. Season #7 another season done and dusted. Picked up a few injuries so far I've been super lucky he was out for a week so missed 2 games I wasn't going to risk playing Ivan till he was 100% so little disappointed but still he his big numbers not as good as he dig in previous season mind you. I'm hoping to get the Spain job soon so I can increase his tally a little more. XD The man... Assists Transfers (in) Transfers (out) Table hoping if I can get the Spain job should be able to achieve this in another season or 2 with some luck on my side. Thanks for reading and following my attempt guys. And also @FuddledFox just tagging you so you can see my career progress
  11. Hey @FuddledFox just managed this during my 1kc
  12. I played control/defence and signed good passing players kept the ball away from them so to speak xD
  13. Hey @FuddledFox I just remembered this during my 1kc can you add me please thanks.
  14. I can only hope! It's weird he slows down at the end of season despite being happy and not tired. But starting a season he scored 2 or 3 every game maybe 4 if I'm lucky. 112 will take some beating for sure.
  15. I cannot share tactic mate as it is for challenges. And I'm pretty sure it's just because of the league xD China is really easy to be fair. I loaded England Spain Portugal along with China. Seeing as those country's in my opinion have the best youth prospects.