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  1. Yeah ill keep them both going. However sebastians Gpg is falling way under par considering his stats. Kind of a disgrace really. 15 games 6 goals. Hes happy no concerns good moral he just isnt cutting it so far on that current season. So ill take a break go back to it with fresh eyes.
  2. So i currently have another 1KC going with esposito. However i wanted to follow the trend and go to china. @RichD inspired me to go following his tremendous free goal scoring route with fabian luzzi. Of course i couldnt choose same player. I went for someone else my only hope is to match or better richD superb masterclass. Doubtfull but hey ho. He does look all that much and hes played 3 so far only grabbing 1 goal. But im going all out aerial training on this guy. His positioning is somewhat of a concern so i may work on that also. Thanks for following all comments are greatly appreaciated. Ill post transfers and the system im using at end of season.
  3. His stats jumped up! Omg he looks brutal added 0 minutes later
  4. Yeah didnt do that great. I changed my system around a little maybe try him as a AF or PF
  5. Its all a bit of fun i dont mind if i get beat. Youve set some insane scores on previous challenges so i expect to see your score beat mine lol
  6. Was horrible to start with as the team had no relationships as signed pretty much a whole new squad so took time to develop them. Rooney didnt do to bad. But i used him in the prem for a challenge i made. With man utd so i knew where i was going to play him in this challenge. No doubt @RichD and @Ian will beat my score but im happy with my score 💪
  7. First big thank you to @Rob for bringing a much easier challenge than previous lol. I hit up the free agents list quite heavily as theres just too much good talent to let slip through, being a mid table team and all. Free agents alone is enough to get promoted with ease! Buying cristoph julian and luyindama seemed overkill in the end. Didnt even need Carroll or ritchie. Freebies done the whole thing pretty much, Few tweaks with staff and player training schedules produced a fine result. Wont be top score im sure. But definetly was fun. The man... The table... 19+14+112=145 points. Please add to leaderboard and that awesome trophy rob 👍
  8. Im doing it now currently 1st with 33 points. Really leaking the goals in but scoring more so i dont mind. Signed the trusty andy carroll and matt ritchie. But hammered the free agents market. Got a full squad and full reserves 🤣 most expensive and noticable signings are christoph julian and luyindama.
  9. Looks like my 1KC is on hold for now thankx @Rob 🤣
  10. Lol ill be happy if he scores 60-70!! 300 hed need to be like 60 rating on all stats LOL
  11. Season 2 finished and i switched back to my Ronaldo challenge formation. And must say its working like a treat for now. I may do some reshuffling on my Left attacking side. As all my assists coming from center and right so need to balance it out more. But signs certainly looking more promising. Seb esposito #2
  12. I tried the ronny challenge tactic but it just didnt click with him. Maybe i will go back to it when he develops more. Ive switched to a simple 4141 he seems to like it more for now anyways. Made some interesting signings thats for sure players ive not used before some i have. (Away from esposito for a sec) The goali feom leeds! Hes insane definitely my go to from now on. Such a young age too. Dont get me wrong donnarumma still better but costs way to much. Anyhows signs little more promising of getting somewhat decent goal tally this season. he started really well 3 games 3 hatricks. Then stopped scoring for a period of games.
  13. Im thinking the same thing. Full backs instead wingbacks WM instead of wingers. Basic 4411 nothing fancy
  14. Well.. speaks for itself 🤣🤣 as i said he doesnt avhieve anywere near those numbers for me. season 1 finished
  15. Could try BBM to give more aggressive approach. Or DLP as a more defensive approach may/may not work. Not tested
  16. Never gets those kind of numbers for me honestly.
  17. I tried this on previous version with greenwood,zirkzee,fabio silva ect and each time failed. This year i am going to re attempt it. Chosen hero! I hope Ive signed alot of youngsters first season. So i dont expect anymore than 20 goals from this guy in first season. If he does bonus but right now. Im working on building the team around him. Im thinking of training him on intensive and as a poacher. Keep the passing short hopefully with enough time he can develop into something special! Thats my hope anyways. I will continue with this career thread. And post a screenshot of him year by year. Thanks.
  18. I usually subbed him if he scored 2 goals and it got to the 50th -55min mark. You know yourself when ur playing in game weather its going in favour. If you feel he can score more keep him on. However chances he will play next game are slim as he gets jaded real fast.
  19. I feel your pain well not so much. I missed first 2 attempts by 3 or 4 goals. 1 omg that would be enough to make me want to cry 🤣 im sure youll master it next attempt rob.
  20. You can do it rob! Believe i doubted myself also really is a hard challenge @FuddledFox done great with this. I look forward to seeing you finish this challenge @Rob
  21. I was subbing on ronaldo around the 60th-70th minute mark. Then soon as jan 1st hit he started near enough every game. N played most. Certainly ran him down in stamina. Come november time tho his stamina was burned out in 50 mins or so was a nightmare.
  22. Certainly wont be a top score but im just happy ive finished it at last lol