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  1. What about foreign player restrictions like in FM? For example to play in Australia with just 4 foreign players instead of 20.. :) This would make the game more difficult and it would add a new challenge or something you need to unlock by playing...
  2. One bug i noticed but i am not 100% sure is that:if you make a sub during a hightlight there are less possibilities for the team that is attacking to score a goal(from fouls or penalties mainly).I can't remember the last time since a team have scored a goal after a hightlight with substitutes. Did you notice something like this or am I the only one?
  3. I don't think that big clubs should have these kind of difficulties.That's the point when you manage such a big club...I can't understand how it can be hard when you have the best academies,the best players ,the best training establishments and over 100+ milion transfer founds in order to cover 1-2 wicknesses.The manager's job is easy in such situations.
  4. I can't understand how a lot of people think that the game is easy.I started as unemployment with unknown reputation in Korean ,Australian,Chinese and USA league....It took me a lot of seasons to find a decent tactic and team, so i can be competitive.After 7 seasons I have changed 4 teams (2 Korean teams ,1 australian and one chinese) . i was good in Wester sydney mariners and Renhe but i was pretty bad in Korea.It is really hard to have work permit for a lot of foreign players and I think that it is more difficult to win trophies.I only managed to win one Australian Cup after this time...Also during the first years a lot of players are dissapointed because you are not an experienced player and many players are dissapointed.... The game can be easy if you choose Real,Barca,Paris ,bayern but if you choose an average team ,you will have a great challenge.
  5. I play in Australia with Western Sydney Wanderers FC. My main problems are ; 1)I can't loan young players,so i end up with a big roster and a lot of them do not get any experience 2)I can't bring any foreign players due to work permits...I only did a transfer of foreign player (German-American) while i was in my previous club in Korea 3)Too many goals in the last munites ...Especially at games that i am better ,i reallly afraid that the game will end in tie ...
  6. Do you think that for someone who is not intrested to deal with training programs is a good idea to leave it as it is?
  7. It may take me over an hour or maybe two hours to download it but it deserves it
  8. It is FM19 and contains 19 League nations! Fun fact 😂.. The changes are not massive but if the game does not have bugs, it will be fine. I think that the most important update is the new transfer negotiations. On the other hand, I feel like it was a great marketing movement to add Russia and China but it is a pity that there are some low level leagues and there no descent leagues like Mexican league, South American leagues or even Greek League
  9. I will definitely buy it but I would prefer some more infos. I think it is a bit unacceptable for the directors to announce the features of the game just 2-3 days before the release date.
  10. I think that this feature wasn't in FMM17 but I am not 100% sure. Anyway, thanks for the fast answers! Can't wait to learn more about the game!!!
  11. Hello! I have been playing FMM or Football Manager Handheld since FM2014...I created this account in order to ask some things for FMM19... Will the creators add any new leagues or any national teams??? Will they improve tactics here too?I learned that it is one of biggest updates in Classic FM 2019 too... I am quite excited because finally they managed to take Bundesliga License and also curious about the new feature of managing a random team! I hope that the game will be improved from FMM2017 cause it was the last manager i played. I was a bit skeptical about FM2018 due to the bugs so I didn't decide to buy it! To sum up,I would be happy to hear your views and your thoughts about FMM2019 too! 😃