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  1. Lavi

    FMM19: Who to Manage

    Oh no!!! I was busy for a while so I couldn't play much after getting up to Bundesliga 2, but I am scared now that someone might buy him away from me
  2. Lavi

    FMM19 Bug List

    Oh ok thanks for the info. I was scared when I saw ghost players though
  3. Lavi

    FMM19 Bug List

    Dont know if this was said but I just started a new career in South Korea and this happened for the first game... and then the next game as wel..
  4. Lavi

    FMM19: Who to Manage

    Just a heads up for anybody else who decided to pick 1860 Munich like I did, sign Jan Thielmann. The 16 year old German started off with only 1 star hot prospect, but after 14 games, he scored 17 times (3 hat-tricks) with 2 assists and is currently sitting at 4 stars. His hat-trick saved me from losing to Borussia Monchengladbach at the German Cup First Round (ended up winning 5-3). Im sure that if he is played in a higher division, it might be harder for him to do as well, but if you are going to start in the German 3rd division, might I suggest Jan Thielmann (Bought him on a free trade and now he is worth $1.4M)